Blood, Sweat & Ears

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Blood, Sweat & Ears – Wrestling & Music Fest…Date (August 28, 05)

Turantula Gomez Vs. Ash

Flesh Vs. Jake O’ Reilly

Vlad The Penetrator, Anton Arakas & Michael Elgin Vs. Xtremo, Otis Idol & El Sombra

The Blackouts Vs. Twisted Steele

Tiana Ringer Vs. Shantelle Taylor

James Champagne Vs. Bobby Roode

NWATNA X Division Title Match- Petey Williams Vs. Christopher Daniels Vs. Chris Sabin

Blood, Sweat & Ears – Devils Night 10/30/05

TNT Vs. Otis Idol & Cody Deaner

Flesh, Shawn Spears & Vlad The Penetrator Vs. Kobra Kai, Sombra & El Vigote

Michael Elgin Vs. Ash

Pierre Shadows Vs. Bobby Roode

Terror Unit Vs. Suicide Kidz

Traci Brooks Vs. Tiana Ringer Vs. Shantelle

James Champagne Vs. Kanyon

Petey Williams Vs. Chris Sabin

Bonus Match- Chris Sabin Vs. Amazing Red

Blood, Sweat & Ears – Fallen Angel Returns 2/26/06

Michael Elgin & Vlad The Penetrator Vs. Sombra & Angel De Guerra

Anton Arakis Vs. Shawn Spears

Pierre Shadows Vs. Vain Vs. Mr. Black Vs. Kobra Kai Vs. Cody Steele Vs. Otis Idol

Shantelle Taylor Vs. Tiana Ringer Vs. Danyah

TNT Vs. Suicide Kidz

James Champagne Vs. Tarantula Gomez Vs. Ash Vs. Eric Young

Petey Williams Vs. Christopher Daniels

Blood, Sweat & Ears – Gold Rush 2007

Ash Vs. Franky The Mobster Vs. Anton Arakis Vs. Kobra Kai Vs. Tigerstar Vs. Bang-Bang Pete

James Champagne Vs. Big Brian Youngblood

Robert Roode Vs. Kris Chambers

TNT & The Blackouts Vs. The Suicide Kidz & Brute Issei & Akira & Raijin

Christopher Daniels Vs. Lance Storm

Traci Brooks & Miss Danyah Vs. Kelly Couture & Angel Williams

Kurt Angle Vs. Christian Cage

Blood, Sweat & Ears – Xtreme Xmas 12/3/06

Jake O’Reilly Vs. El Vigote Dos Vs. Dancing Pete

Flesh Vs. El Sombra

The Blackouts Vs. The All-Starters

Frankie the Mobster Vs. Kobra Kai

T-Unit Vs. The Suicide Kidz

Angel de Guerra Vs. Kris Chambers Vs. Ash Vs. Don Paysan

Kelly Couture & Traci Brooks Vs. Tiana Ringer & 21st Century Fox

James Champagne & Robert Roode Vs. Tyson Dux & El Tornado

Christian Cage Vs. Lance Storm

Bonus Material:

-Rogers Television Interviews & Profiles

-Students of the Squared Circle

-James Champagne Vs. Cody 45

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