- – Hardcore Homecoming – -
June 10, 2005 in Philadelphia, PA
Approx Time: 3:15 hr
This was show was the first “ECW” reunion, 2 days before WWE did their One Night Stand.

Simon Diamond and CW Anderson vs. Chris Chetti and Mikey Whipwreck
Blue Meanie vs. Tracy Smothers
”Fallen Heroes of Hardcore” Tribute
2 Cold Scorpio vs. Kid Kash
Axl and Ian Rotten vs. Kronus and New Jack
Justin Credible vs. Jerry Lynn
Sandman vs. Raven
No Rope, Barbedwire Match: Sabu vs. Terry Funk vs. Shane Douglas- Funk and Sabu are crazy.
- – ECW: One Night Stand 2005 – -
June 12 in New York, NY
Joey Styles and Mick Foley Commentate.
Lance Storm vs. Chris Jericho- Storm wins his “last match” (we’ll see) with the help of Justin Credible. The crowd is as hot as all ECW crowds.
Tajiri vs. Little Guido vs. Super Crazy
Psychosis vs. Rey Mysterio Jr
Joel Gertner/Kurt Angle/JBL Interview- Vince just has to have the presence of the WWE here.
Rob Van Dam Interview- RVD is back on TV after being out several months and cuts a promo about ECW and that not being able to wrestle this show sucks more than not wrestling at Wrestlemania. Rhyno comes out to nail RVD leading to…
Rhyno vs. Sabu- Sabu looks like he is 50 now but he’s still a nut. The crowd lets Rhyno know that he was fired incase he forgot.
Chris Benoit vs. Eddie Guerrero- Should have been better.
Joel Gertner/Eric Bischoff Interview
Mike Awesome vs. Masato Tanaka- The craziest match of the night where Both men go through many tables.
Paul Heyman Interview- The second shoot of the night (RVD was 1st), Heyman shows his emotion as the crowd chants “Thank You Paul”. Paul E then rips on Edge and JBL while giving the quote of the year “The only reason you were champion for a year, is because Triple H didn’t want to work Tuesdays.”
Dudley Boyz vs. Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman- Sandman makes about a 5 minute entrance while the whole crowd is singing his Metallica entrance song. Great PPV, great night and might be the best PPV in 5 years, outside of Wrestlemanias. The crowd was hot all night and showed that there is still a craving for EC F’n W.

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