ECW PPV/Supercards 93

WWA & ECW 1/23/93 Battle of the Belts DVD

Ray Odyssey vs. Chris Evans

ECW Tag Champs The Super Destroyers vs. The Lords of Darkness (Duane Gille & Barry Hardy)

Kerry Von Erich vs. Salvatore Bellomo

Johnny Hotbody vs. Tony Stetson (Brass Knuckles Bullrope Cowbell Match)

Davey Boy Smith vs. The Masked Superstar.

ECW Champ The Sandman vs. WWA Champ The Spider

Terry Funk vs. Eddie Gilbert (Texas Death, I Quit Match)


- – 1993 Super Summer Sizzler Spectacular – -
June 19 in Philadelphia, PA
(G) Approx Time: 1:31 hr
TV Title Match: JT Smith vs. Superfly Jimmy Snuka
First Blood Match: Larry Winters vs. Tony Stetson
Peaches vs. Tigra
TV Title Match: Tommy Cairo vs. Superfly Jimmy Snuke
Street Fight: Rockin Rebel vs. The Sandman
Don Muraco vs. Dark Patriot
Johnny Hotbody, Chris Michaels, and Hunter Q Robbins III vs. Stevie Wonderful, Sal Bellomo, and Super Destroyer 1
Texas Death Match: Terry Funk vs. Eddie Gilbert
- – 1993 Ultra Clash – -
September 18 in Philadelphia, PA
(G) Approx Time: 1:44 hr
Public Enemy vs. Jason Knight and Ian Rotten
Tommy Cairo vs. Tony Stetson
Super Destroyer 1 vs. Super Destroyer 2
Scaffold Match: JT Smith vs. Dark Patriot
Abdullah The Butcher and Kevin Sullivan vs. Stan Hansen and Terry Funk
Battle Royal: Sensational Sherri vs. Angel vs. Tigra vs. Jay Sulli vs. Don E Allen
Richard Michaels vs. Sal Bellomo
ECW Title Match: The Sandman vs. Shane Douglas
Headhunters vs. Crash The Terminator and Al Perez
- – 1993 Bloodfest – -
October 1 and 2 in Philadelphia, PA
(G/VG) Approx Time: 2:05 hr
Ian and Axl Rotten vs. Chad Austin and Todd Shaw
Don E Allen vs. Rockin Rebel
Public Enemy vs. Silver Jet and Gino Caruso
Malia Hosaka vs. Molly McShane
Badd Company vs. Ian and Axl Rotten
Sandman vs. Metal Maniac
Abdullah the Butcher, JT Smith, and Terry Funk vs. Jimmy Snuka, Kevin Sullivan, and Don Muraco
Sabu vs. The Tazmaniac
Tag Team Title Match: Badd Company vs. Tony Stetson and Johnny Hot Body
Rockin’ Rebel vs. Richard Michaels
TV Title, Steel Cage Match: Terry Funk vs. Jimmy Snuka- Terry Funk wins the ECW Title.
Terry Funk Int
ECW Title Match: Sandman and JT Smith vs. Tony Stetson and Johnny Hot Body
The Tazmaniac vs. Tommy Dreamer
Kevin Sullivan vs. Gino Caruso
ECW Title Match: JT Smith vs. Shane Douglas
Badd Company vs. The Public Enemy
Richards Michaels vs. Rockin’ Rebel
Ian and Axl Rotten vs. Don E Allen and Chad Austin
Don Muraco and Jimmy Superfly Snuka vs. The Public Enemy
ECW Title Match: Sabu vs. Shane Douglas
Jimmy Superfly Snuka vs. Chad Austin
Steel Cage Match: Public Enemy vs. Ian and Axl Rotten vs. Badd Company

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