ECW TV 2006

6/7/06 WWF vs. ECW USA special in Dayton, OH, Approx Time: 1:31 hr

Rob Van Dam vs. Rey Mysterio- I haven’t seen RVD wrestle like this since the ECW days. I guess ECW is really coming back. Great match here that really got me pumped up for the night.
Kurt Angle/Randy Orton Interview- Announced in here was Ortons change to Raw.
Jazz vs. Mickie James- Mickie James looked so hot tonight.
John Cena Int- One of Cena’s best promos in a long time.
Paul Heyman Int, Kurt Angle Int, Big Show Int
20 Man Battle Royal- Won by ECW when Big Show turns out to be a part of ECW and throws out Randy Orton.
Edge vs. Tommy Dreamer- Listening to the announcers fight is just as entertaining as ther action in the ring.
See No Evil Trailor- Damn, we just couldn’t get through a WWE show without seeing a trailor that’s going to be pulled from the theaters any day now.
Mick Foley Interview- Foley gives an intense interview about being a whore.
Tazz/Jerry Lawler Brawl
John Cena vs. Sabu- Brawl breaks out to end the show.
6/13 ECW TV in Trenton, NJ, First ECW TV show in over 5 years! Show After One Night Stand. Approx Time: 45 min

Paul Heyman/Rob Van Dam/Edge Interview- Heyman gives RVD the old ECW title belt but RVD still wants the WWE one also as he turns the “WWE” logo in the middle and says, “it spins!” That was funny. John Cena comes in to add to a brawl that breaks out.
Sandman vs. “A Zombie”- Must be the Sci-Fi network.
Kelly Int
Tazz/Jerry Lawler Match from One Night Stand
Kurt Angle vs. Justin Credible- Angle then accepts Randy Orton’s Challenge for Vengeance.
Paul Heyman Int
Kelly Segment- Some hot blonde strips (not all the way of course) then leaves.
10 Man Battle Royal- Won by Sabu who managed to get Big Show over the ropes as he will face John Cena at Vengeance. Decent show but it felt like watching Raw a bit. It was more of a WWE style to it rather than a ECW style. Not strange promos like the old ECW TV shows had, no good matches like ECW TV had, and the highlights were very WWE-like too. I hope this will all change in the weeks to come and hopefully, they will stay out of Raw and just concentrate on their own guys and their own product.
6/20 ECW TV in Albany, NY

Sabu vs. Tony Mamaluke
Big Show/Tommy Dreamer Brawl
Macho Libre vs. Sandman
John Cena/Paul Heyman/Sabu Int
Kelly Segment- Wow. ECW’s tv shows have been a bust so far and eventhough I’m not much for blondes.. Um. all I can say is … Wow. This one’s a keeper. This girl can move!
Edge and Randy Orton vs. Rob Van Dam and Kurt Angle
6/27 ECW TV in Roanoke, VA

Sabu vs. Roadkill
Tommy Dreamer/Big Show Brawl
Mike Knox/Kelly Int, Kurt Angle Int
Mike Knox vs. Danny Doring- Kelly does her expose again. Will she do this on ppv some day and atleast show something that we all know she can’t show on tv? OR will this be the same thing for the next year (or until the ECW show is cancelled).
Sandman/Male Striper Segment
Paul Heyman/Rob Van Dam Int, Edge Int
Rob Van Dam vs. Kurt Angle- RVD picks up another big win. This show was another step in the right direction.
7/4 ECW TV in Philadelphia, PA

Paul Heyman/Big Show Int
Kelly Expose
Mike Knox vs. Little Guido- Well finally, a crowd that somewhat resembles the old ECW crowd. The crazy chants are finally here!
RVD/Big Show Int
Sandman Segment
RVD/Paul Heyman Int
Test vs. Al Snow- Test makes his ECW debut and WWE return as he picks up the easy win over Al Snow.
CM Punk Int- Finally, I get to see who this guy is. I’ve read his name all over the internet for the last 2 years but he finally makes his WWE errr oh wait, I mean ECW debut.
ECW Title Match: Big Show vs. Rob Van Dam- RVD loses his two titles in two nights thanks to his addiction to pot. Oh wait, but marijuana isn’t addicting right? Riiiight. Hope it was worth it RVD.
7/11 ECW TV in Minneapolis, MN

Paul Heyman Interview
Tommy Dreamer/Paul Heyman Int
Tommy Dreamer vs. Test
Kelly/Candice/Mike Knox/Sandman Segment
CM Punk Int
Sabu vs. Justin Credible- Credible jobs but hey, atleast he got a ring intro.
Balls Mahoney Int, Ric Flair Int
ECW Title Match: Ric Flair vs. Big Show- Both Big Show and Flair fall into thumbtacks. Match somewhat was hardcore, something we havent seen much of on ECW yet.
7/18 ECW TV in Corpus Christy, TX

Kelly Expose
Mike Knox vs. Sandman
Paul Heyman/Tommy Dreamer/Test Interview/Segment
Ball Mahoney Int
Sabu vs. Stevie Richards- People may bash Vince as well they should, but he’s smart by pushing Sabu still because Sabu is funy to watch, even if he doesn’t get hardcore.
ECW Title Match: Undertaker vs. Big Show- Undertaker’s first TV match in a long time.
7/25 ECW TV in Detroit, MI

Mike Knox/Kelly/Sandman/Test Segment
Paul Heyman/Little Guido Segment
Kevin Thorn vs. Little Guido- The Vamp’s woman is very volumptous.
CM Punk Int
Balls Hahoney vs. Justin Credible
Big Show/Paul Heyman Int
ECW Title Match: Kane vs. Big Show
8/1 ECW TV in New York, NY

Sandman and Tommy Dreamer vs. Test and Mike Knox- Decent hardcore match with Dreamer and Sandman getting great ECW reactions from the pure ECW crowd in New York. Dreamer goes through barbedwire a few times.
Paul Heyman/Sabu Int
CM Punk vs. Justin Credible- Credible actually looked, well, credible as this wasn’t a total squash in CM Punk’s debut. Punk got a great reaction from the crowd. Wasn’t a great debut as far as showing what he can do but having the crowd behind him didn’t hurt.
Brooklyn Brawler vs. Kurt Angle- Angle returns.
Kevin Thorn Int
ECW Title Match: Batista vs. Big Show- This match may work elsewhere but not in the Hammerstein Ballroom in NY. Chants of “Boring”, “Same old shit”, and “Change the Channel” broke out here as the crowd was hoping to see RVD.
8/8 ECW TV in Nashville, TN

Mike Knox vs. Tommy Dreamer
Sandman vs. Mike Knox and Test
Sabu Int, Balls Mahoney Int
Kevin Thorn vs. Al Snow
Rene Dupree Int
Big Show Interview
CM Punk Int
Kurt Angle vs. Sabu- Rob Van Dam returns to attack both guys (he messed up on Van Daminator) to claim that he should be the number on contender.
8/15 ECW TV in Washington, DC

Paul Heyman Int
Mick Foley/Melina/Kelly Kelly Segment- In Foley’s words, they have a three way dance until Ric Flair breaks it up. Watching Foley dance is on the same level as listening to Steve Austin sing.
CM Punk vs. Justin Credible
Rob Van Dam Int
FBI vs. Mike Knox and Test
Sabu Int, Paul Heyman/Kurt Angle/Big Show Segment
Ladder Match: Rob Van Dam vs. Sabu
8/22 ECW TV in Wilkes Barre, PA

Torrie Wilson/Kelly Kelly Segment
Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, and Torrie Wilson vs. Kelly Kelly, Mike Knox, and Test
Big Show/Paul Heyman Int, Matt Striker Int
ECW Rules: Kevin Thorn vs. Balls Mahoney
CM Punk vs. CW Anderson
The Marine Trailor- Something isn’t right about playing a John Cena movie trailor during a “ECW” tv show based on the reaction he received at One Night Stand.
Rob Van Dam vs. Danny Doring- Hardcore Holly comes in to attack RVD and Doring, showing that Holly is here in ECW.
Rene Dupree Int
ECW Title Match: Sabu vs. Big Show- The First real ECW chant by a *cough* Smackdown *cough errr I mean, Smackdown/ECW crowd so far. Sabu gets DQd. I understand not wanting every match to be no rules but anytime the ECW Title is on the line, it SHOULD BE no DQ. It’s just a lame way of getting out of title matches without a real winner and loser but that was never the real ECW way. Then again, this isn’t the real ECW so whatever.
8/29 ECW TV in Reading, PA

Rob Van Dam vs. Hardcore Holly
Rene Dupree- This guy has a chance to be a great heel magnet.
Big Show Interview
CM Punk vs. Stevie Richards
Matt Striker/Sandman Interview/Segment
Kelly Kelly/Balls Mahoney Int
Sabu vs. Paul Heyman- But more like Sabu and Rob Van Dam vs. Hardcore Holly, Paul Heyman, Big Show, and Heyman’s enforcers.
9/5 ECW TV in Columbus, GA

Rob Van Dam and Sabu vs. Test and Mike Knox- Finally, a real ECW match. Was a little WWE (fast) paced but other then that, it had a lot of ECW qualitys. Lot of cool spots but wasn’t just spot after spot like most WWE hardcore matches. Good stuff here.
Kevin Thorn/Ariel Int
Matt Striker Interview- Once again, he puts down the audience until Sandman chases him off. Out of the 10-12 ECW shows so far, I think Sandman has done this thing where he chases someone off and does nothing else for almost half of those shows now.
Balls Mahoney vs. Stevie Richards- I think I was 14 years old the last time Stevie Richards got a win on TV.
Shannon Moore/CM Punk Int, Paul Heyman Int
Big Show vs. DX- Almost 2 no DQ matches in the same ECW show… Almost, until Heyman changes it.
9/12 ECW TV in New York, NY (MSG)

Paul Heyman Interview- Sabu runs out to attack Heyman.
Rob Van Dam vs. Hardcore Holly- These two end with a DQ again which made no sense. Why did Test, Mike Knox, and Stevie Richards run in to attack RVD?
CM Punk vs. Shannon Moore- Moore jobs in his debut. Short match but Punk was way over. The East Coast knows him well.
CM Punk/Kelly Kelly Int
Balls Mahoney vs. Rene Dupree
Matt Striker Int, Raw Highlights
ECW Title, Extreme Rules Match: Sabu vs. Big Show
9/19 ECW TV in Worcester, MA

Paul Heyman/Booker T Int
Sabu, Sandman, and Tommy Dreamer vs. Test, Mike Knox, and Matt Striker
Booker T/Paul Heyman/Balls Mahoney Int
Kevin Thorn vs. Balls Mahoney- Mahoney loses quick but notable here, we finally see Francine on ECW TV. I have read that she hasn’t been on because Vince doesn’t like her but, she is on the payroll, why not use her? Some people know how she is and it isn’t going to make people change the channel just because she isn’t the typical WWE diva.
Paul Heyman/Booker T/CM Punk Int
Shannon Moore vs. CM Punk
Paul Heymanh/Booker T/Sharmell/Rob Van Dam Int
Renee Dupree Int, Marine Trailor
Extreme Rules: Rob Van Dam vs. King Booker
9/26 ECW TV in Tulsa, OK

Jim Ross/Matt Striker/Sandman Interview/Segment
Extreme Rules Match: Rob Van Dam vs. Hardcore Holly- Wow, I never thought I would love a match with Holly involved. He suplexes RVD to the outside and through a table. They come back from commercial and he has a huge gash on his back and you literally see blood pouring out. He continues the match and takes several shots to the back and dishes it out with RVD. I was actually pulling for Holly by the end only because this was so crazy. Awesome.
CM Punk/Kelly/Mike Knox Int- Great segment here. CM Punk’s future is so bright.
Francine vs. Ariel- Match was nothing but did prove that Francine’s appearance last week wasn’t a one time deal.
Big Show/Paul Heyman Int, Renee Dupree Int
ECW Title Match: Sandman vs. Big Show- Match made Sandman look weak.
10/3 ECW TV

Paul Heyman/Hardcore Holly/Test Int/Segment
Sandman and Sabu vs. Matt Striker and Big Show
Kelly Kelly/Trinity Int
Kevin Thorne vs. Tommy Dreamer
Maria Int
CM Punk vs. Danny Doring
CM Punk/Kelly Kelly/Mike Knox Segment
Ashley/Krystal Int
Test vs. Rob Van Dam
10/10 ECW TV

Diva Strip Poker- Lame… Just so F’n lame.
CM Punk vs. Renee Dupree- Dupree takes his first loss in ECW.
Kevin Thorne vs. Tommy Dreamer- Thorne takes his first loss as well. I guess Vince/Heyman are thinking that too many people have unbeaten streaks to it’s time to drop some of them.
Rob Van Dam, Sandman, and Sabu vs. Matt Striker, Test, and Big Show
Diva Strip Poker Segment- It’s over! Maria and Candice Michelle strip each other but the goods are blurred out.
10/17 ECW TV in Jacksonville, FL

Singapore on a Pole Match: Sandman vs. Matt Striker
CM Punk vs. Rene Dupree
Rob Van Dam Int, Test Int
Test vs. Balls Mahoney
Shannon Moore vs. Sabu
Rob Van Dam vs. Big Show- Hardcore Holly actually helps RVD win and get a title shot. Looks like Holly is turning face as the crowd was hot tonight. Not a old ECW crowd hot but a WWE fanbase hot.
10/24 ECW TV in St. Louis, MO

Rob Van Dam/Paul Heyman Interview
CM Punk vs. Matt Striker
Hardcore Holly vs. Test
Sandman Int
Ladder Match: Rob Van Dam vs. Big Show- That’s great that RVD has beaten Big Show twice now, but now the mystic of Big Show not losing is gone so when he does finally lose the title, it won’t seem as big. The booking on this doesn’t make sense.
10/31 ECW TV in Milwaukee, WI

Paul Heyman Int- Paul announces that at the next ECW ppv, there will be an Elimination Chamber match for the ECW title.
Sabu vs. Kevin Thorne
Sandman Int
Shannon Moore vs. Daivari- Daivari and The Great Khali make their ECW debut as Daivari wins. As long as Khali’s wrestling is “extremely” limited, then I’m ok with this move; keep that guy as a bodyguard only please.
Rob Van Dam Int
Diva Costume Contest- Besides the obvious, this actually had some story with it where Kelly Kelly dresses up like CM Punk, which would bring out Mike Knox and then CM Punk for a 10 second brawl. This show is already way better than yesterday’s Raw.
Mike Knox Int
Rob Van Dam and Hardcore Holly vs. Test and Big Show
11/7 ECW TV

CM Punk vs. Mike Knox- This match was better than any match Raw has had in a long time. Punk wins and will be in the Elimination Chamber match at the next ECW ppv.
Elijah Burke/Sylvester Terkay Int- Most people don’t like this move but I think it’s a good one. Not sure about Terkay but I think Burke has some potential.
Paul Heyman Interview
Little Guido vs. Daivari- Like I said last week, keep Khali at ringside and these two will get over. Once they put him back in the ring, their heat will die because everyone can see that he shouldn’t be in there.
TommY Dreamer vs. Test
Rob Van Dam and Hardcore Holly vs. Big Show and Paul Heyman- Holly gets tagged in but turns on RVD and goes back to being a heel. This made sense as ECW continues to be the best WWE show everyweek. Holly wasn’t going to get over well as a face but as a heel, could be good.
11/14 ECW TV in Manchester, England

Paul Heyman/Big Show/Hardcore Holly/Bobby Lashley Segment- Lashley takes the last spot in the Elimination Chamber match. Too me, this sucks. To me, Lashley was 100% Smackdown and didn’t resemble ECW a bit but now he’s in ECW. Yuck.
CM Punk vs. Mike Knox- Might have been better than last weeks match. CM Punk is over huge here in England, dispite the awesome interview he did when in FMW on Raven (check it out on google video).
Matt Striker Int, CM Punk Int
Daivari vs. Tommy Dreamer- Dreamer gets the win via dq. Atleast he didn’t job.
Bobby Lashley vs. Hardcore Holly- Should have been no DQ to let Bobby show that he can do some hardcore stuff. Would help to prove that he belongs in the Chamber match. England crowd was hot for the ECW product, even a WWE watered down version.
11/21 ECW TV in Long Island, NY

Bobby Lashley vs. Matt Striker
FBI vs. The Hardy Boys- The Hardys tag for the first time in about 4 years.
Paul Heyman/Rob Van Dam Int
CM Punk vs. Kevin Thorne
Big Show/Paul Heyman Interview
Extreme Rules: Rob Van Dam vs. Hardcore Holly- The last very last 20 seconds of the show are cut off. Match is complete.
11/28 ECW TV in Buffalo, NY

Paul Heyman Interview
Rob Van Dam vs. Sabu- Good match, as it should have been.
Hardy Boys vs. Sylvester Terkay and Elijah Burke
CM Punk vs. Test- Both guys are protected for the ppv with a double countout.
December to Dismember Card Video- OK, everyone is going to be jumping on this (and has been) so I will to because I can’t help it. This ppv has been built off of 2 matches and one of them (Hardys vs. MNM) has no guys even on the offical ECW roster. Two matches is going to fill over 2 hours and 30 minutes and be worth $40? I .. I just don’t know what to say… except… that I am still ordering the ppv so wtf. Their strange booking and strategy to sell a ppv worked on me atleast.
Big Show vs. Bobby Lashley
12/5 ECW TV in Charleston, SC, Show after December to Dismember

Paul Heyman Interview- Heyman is crying and says he’s out of here. Work or Real? We’ll know later.
Rob Van Dam and CM Punk vs. Test and Hardcore Holly- Sabu appears, saving RVD and Punk from a Bashams attack. I thought Sabu was punished last night? This wasn’t something that Vince would have a punished guy do (make the save). I don’t get it.
Tommy Dreamer vs. Daivari
Big Show Int
Kelly Kelly vs. Ariel- Kelly wins the 20 second “match” and then her ex-boyfriend Mike Knox comes out to say he is sorry, sorry that he didnt dump her earlier. Then he throws roses at her and hits her with his finisher. Taz gets up as Knox walks out.
ECW Title Match: Big Show vs. Bobby Lashley- Yes, Lashley is ECW champion and not too many people care. Where was his “quest for the title?” Again, the E just throws a title on someone with no build.
12/12 (aired on 12/16) ECW TV in Boston, MA

Test vs. Rob Van Dam- Decent match with a hot crowd but RVD loses. Is RVD on his way out of the E?
Matt Striker/Balls Mahoney Interview/Segment
Elijah Burke/Sylvester Terkay Int
CM Punk vs. Hardcore Holly- Wow, what a reaction for Punk! And what a no reaction for Holly… Yet Vince still pushed the scrubs like Holly and Test that get no reaction and Van Dam and Punk just float. Crowd didn’t react much to the end of the match though.
Tommy Dreamer vs. Daivari
Bobby Lashley vs. Heyman’s Enforcers
12/19 ECW TV in Hampton, VA, Last minute is cut off but nothing important is missed.

Bobby Lashley vs. Rene Dupree- I sure have become a Lashley hater in the last few weeks.
Matt Striker vs. Balls Mahoney Int
Test Int, RVD Int
CM Punk vs. Hardcore Holly- Punk has 3 minutes to make Holly tap but can’t do it.
Shannon Moore/Daivari Int
Shannon Moore/Great Khali/Daivari/Tommy Dreamer Segment
Test vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Sabu- Sabu and RVD job again but RVD does win an online poll to face Lashley for the ECW title in 2 weeks. RVD will then job again I’m sure.
12/26 ECW TV

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