ECW TV 2007

1/2 ECW TV in Lakeland, FL

Test vs. Sabu
FBI vs. Sylvester Terkay and Elijah Burke
Tommy Dreamer Int, Rob Van Dam Int
Kevin Thorne vs. Balls Mahoney
Bobby Lashley Int
ECW Title Match: Rob Van Dam vs. Bobby Lashley- Just as a WWE-based crowd chants “ECW”, the ref calls the match off due to “injury”. How pathetic.
1/9 ECW TV in Peoria, IL

CM Punk vs. Hardcore Holly- Well, Punk finally takes a pinfall… to Holly? Hmmm.
Test Int
Elijah Burke/Sandman Segment- Sandman finally gets some TV time. He could be popular with the WWE fans if Vince would just give him a chance.
Tommy Dreamer vs. Great Khali- WOW, Khali destoryed Dreamer!!! Khali is so dominant. He should be WWE champion! In fact, he should hold all the titles because he is so big. It doesnt matter if he can wrestle, he’s big so he should be champion! PPV buyrates will go through the roof while live gate attendances will sore like never before! KHALI KHALI KHALI!! (thats sarcasm btw).
Rob Van Dam Int
Kevin Thorne vs. Shannon Moore
ECW Title Match: Rob Van Dam vs. Bobby Lashley- Test causes a DQ.
1/16 ECW TV in Little Rock, AR

Kelly Kelly/Matt Striker Interview
Matt STriker vs. CM Punk
“The Alpha Male” Marquis Cor Von vs. Cassidy Riley- As write this, I have no idea who Marquis is but this is his debut. After he wins, he cuts a small promo about who he is. Not too bad on the mic and in the ring, which is a good sign.
Bobby Lashley Int, Elijah Burke Int
Sandman vs. Elijah Burke
Ariel/Kevin Thorne Int
ECW Title, No DQ Match: Rob Van Dam vs. Test vs. Bobby Lashley- Sloppy match and a crappy ending with RVD getting pinned by the big dummy Bobby Lashley. This means there will be a Test vs. Lashley match soon. How lame.
1/23 ECW TV in Mobile, AL

Over the Top Rope Challenge: Sandman vs. Sabu vs. Kevin Thorne vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Tommy Dreamer- You’d have to think that if Vince knew that RVD wanted to go to TNA soon, that he wouldn’t let RVD win matches, even this one. How would the internet world know RVD wants to leave but yet Vince doesn’t?
Marquis Cor Von vs. Wes Adams
Extreme Expose- Your dancers are Kelly Kelly, Leylah El, and Brooke. Brooke is a new one (I think) and she is hot, Kelly Kelly is super sexy, but I still hope Leylah is gone soon.
CM Punk vs. Elijah Burke- It looks like Elijah is going to win but Punk reverses it for the victory. Punk is still being pushed but I also want to see Eljiah make it as well. He is a good talent and should do well if allowed to.
Bobby Lashley vs. Test- They must have something funny planned for their match at Rumble. Why have this match with Lashley going over cleanly on Test and still have their title match at the Rumble?
1/30 ECW TV in Houston, TX

Vince/Sandman/Marcus Cor Von Int- Vince and Sandman in a segment together for the first time. Can I have more of these please?
CM Punk vs. Matt Striker- Punk loses to Striker. Well that sucks. Seems kinda pointless but whatever.
Vince/Tommy Dreamer Inr
Rob Van Dam vs. Hardcore Holly- RVD jobs too.
Vince/Sabu Int, Vince/Balls Mahoney Int
Vince/Elijah Burke Interview- ECW Originals come out to beat up Elijah Burke. I’m interested to see what the point of this was but it was ok that Vince somewhat put them all over.
ECW Title Match: Test vs. Bobby Lashley- Quick squash. I don’t think I liked this show. Undertaker did make a brief appearance.
2/6 ECW TV in Omaha, NE

Vince Interview- Vince is putting the ECW originals in action tonight.
Kevin Thorns vs. Tommy Dreamer
Hardcore Holly Int, Bobby Lashley Clip
Hardcore Holly vs. Bobby Lashley
Balls Mahoney vs. Marcus Cor Von
Rob Van Dam vs. Elijah Burke- All the ECW originals lose their matches with the New Breed not playing by the rules. It will be interesting to see if CM Punk gets involved in this angle. Who would he side with?
2/13 ECW TV in Seattle, WA

Extreme Rules: Bobby Lashley vs. Hardcore Holly
Extreme Expose
Tommy Dreamer and Sandman vs. Kevin Thorn and Marcus Cor Von
CM Punk Video
CM Punk vs. Mike Knox- Punk gets a week off from the show (after a loss) and comes back with not only a win, but a video package as well.
Rob Van Dam and Sabu vs. Elijah Burke and Matt Striker
2/20 ECW TV in San Diego, CA

Elijah Burke Interview
Rob Van Dam vs. Kevin Thorne- RVD gets a win! Big because rumors are flying that RVD wants out and because an ECW original finally picks up a win against a New Breed.
MITB Qualifying Match: CM Punk vs. Johnny Nitro- Punk is going to WM!
La Resistance vs. Scrubs- La Resistance is back.
Mr. Kennedy/Hardcore Holly Int, Bobby Lashley Video
ECW Title Match: Hardcore Holly vs. Mr. Kennedy vs. Bobby Lashley
2/27 ECW TV in San Jose, Ca (I was there!)

MITB Qualifying, Extreme Rules Match: Sabu vs. Mr. Kennedy- Suprisingly, Sabu was pretty over with the San Jose crowd. I cheered for both guys so I didn’t care who won.
Balls Mahoney vs. Matt Striker
Vince Int
Rob Van Dam and Tommy Dreamer vs. Marcus Cor Von and Kevin Thorn- Seeing RVD live was great. I also got a really nice shot of Ariel doing her ring entrance.
Hardcore Holly Int
CM Punk vs. Stevie Richards- Thank god for this match! I didn’t think I would get to see Punk live. I had a sign at the show that read “CM Punk is Money xxxxxx Bank on it and before the match started, he stood up on the ring corner, saw my sign, and pointed at me. Woo Hoo!!!
Extreme Expose Segment, Jerry Lawler Highlights
Steel Cage, ECW Title Match: Hardcore Holly vs. Bobby Lashley- What do you do when you go to a live event and you don’t like either guy? You boo the hell out of them, just like I did, especially with Lashley. Lashley would dive out, breaking the cage and land on top of Umaga, which was a cool spot but then I quickly went back to hating Lashley as the show closed.
3/6 ECW TV in Tucson, AZ

Vince/Bobby Lashley Interview
Balls Mahoney vs. Hardcore Holly
CM Punk/Elijah Burke/Rob Van Dam- Looks like Punk will have to decide, Originals or the New Breed?
Rob Van Dam vs. Elijah Burke- If RVD was really going to TNA, would he be the only ECW original picking up wins?
Extreme Expose
Steve Austin Interview- Austin cuts a promo after being named the special guest referee for the Trump/McMahon match last night on Raw.
3/13 ECW TV in

Edge/Randy Orton Int
Battle Royal: ECW Originals vs. New Breed- It looked like Rob Van Dam messed up by getting eliminated too early. Tommy Dreamer made it all right by winning though as finally someone other than RVD gets a win for the originals.
Extreme Expose
Sntisky vs. Scrubs
Elijah Burke/CM Punk Int
Bobby Lashley vs. Randy Orton- Chants of boring. Why? Because Lashley sucks and the East Coast fans are smart enough to know it.
3/20 ECW TV in Cleveland, OH

Rob Van Dam and Sabu vs. Kevin Thorn and Marcus Cor Von
Snitsky vs. Scrub
CM Punk vs. Hardcore Holly- Punk wins thanks to help from Kevin Thorn and Elijah Burke. Will this make Punk want to join the NB soon?
Elijah Burke/CM Punk Int
Tommy Dreamer vs. Elijah Burke
Chris Masters vs. Bobby Lashley- Some more chants of Boring. Keep it up smarks, Vince will eventually hear them. Lashley sucks.
3/27 ECW TV in Grand Rapids, MI

Rob Van Dam vs. Elijah Burke- Nice match between the two. RVD seems to be getting a lot of wins so I can’t possibly see how he “gave his notice to the E” about leaving. Pshhhh! Silly internet rumors.
Extreme Expose, Hardys/CM Punk/Edge Int
Snitsky vs. Balls Mahoney
Randy Orton/Mr. Kennedy/Finlay/King Booker Int
Vince/Bobby Lashley Interview- After Vince is going off on Lashley for two minutes, Lashley comes back with a “Listen you old bastard. At Wrestlemania, you’ll be leaving one bald-headed son of a bitch!” WOW. The mic skills on this guy is amazing.
Edge, CM Punk, Jeff and Matt Hardy vs. Mr. Kennedy, Randy Orton, King Booker, and Finlay- Punk takes most of the beating and the pinfall when distracted by Edge bailing out on his teammates. A Brawl breaks out and the show closes with both Hardys on top of the ladder, looking at eachother.
4/3 ECW TV in Fort Wayne, IN

Damn I can’t stand this guy. He sucks.. Oh wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.
Bobby Lashley Interview- Damn I can’t stand this guy. He sucks. I could actually tolerate him just a little during this interview but I still think he is a lame champion and proves that if you take steroids but can stay ahead of the curve, you can stay in the E and make some money for having no talent.
CM Punk vs. Stevie Richards- Punk is still on a roll. Not that beating Richards is impressive but the E quickly covers up his WM loss with a quick win.
CM Punk/Matt Striker/Marcus Cor Von Int
Extreme Expose, WM Highlights
Hardcore Holly vs. Snitsky- Great, one big dud from lashley and then we go to Snitsky. Who else is going to buy the ppv headlined by Lashley vs. Snitsky for the most sought after belt ever, the ECW title? Can’t wait.
Extreme Rules Match: Rob Van Dam, Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, and Sabu vs. Matt Striker, Elijah Burke, Kevin Thorn, and Marcus Cor Von- This match was fun and made me think a lot of the old ECW days. We can only hope that Vince hears the reaction this main event got and the one Raw got and that he gets a better idea of what we want and not what he (Vince) wants.
4/10 ECW TV in Providence, RI

Vince Interview- Great, so we get two shows a week where Lashley and the McMahons are featured. Yup, it’s almost time to stop watching and enjoy a break from the E.
CM Punk/Rob Van Dam/Elijah Burke Int- Punk is going to make his decision tonight.
Tommy Dreamer vs. Kevin Thorn
CM Punk vs. Stevie Richards- CM Punk is seriously the saving grace of the E right now and the fact that he is getting a push is what makes it even better.
Extreme Expose- More Snitky, just what I wanted. Folks, he is the reason why the WWE won’t be in High Definition anytime soon. I can see his backne just fine in standard-def.
Rob Van Dam vs. Marcus Cor Von- After the match, CM Punk runs in the ring as it looks like he has joined the New Breed. It will be interesting to see if he swerves them in the next few weeks because this heel turn stunk. I won’t like it unless he starts ripping on the crowd for not being straight edge. That will make for some good tv.
4/17 ECW TV in Milan, Italy

Elijah Burke/CM Punk/Rob Van Dam Interview- Looks like some friction between Burke and Punk already.
Little Guido vs. Snitsky
CM Punk/Elijah Burke Int
Sandman and Tommy Dreamer vs. Kevin Thorn and Marcus Cor Von- Dreamer picks up the win. There’s a shocker.
CM Punk/Matt Striker Int
Bobby Lashley/Santino Marela Interview- Turns out that the fan last night on Raw was training to be a wrestler. What a shocker!
CM Punk/Elijah Burke Int
Rob Van Dam vs. Elijah Burke- CM Punk “accidently” slides a chair to far into the ring allowing RVD to clobber Burke with it.
4/24 ECW TV in London, England

Umaga vs. Bobby Lashley- Lashley beats Umaga. Yay.
CM Punk/Elijah Burke/New Breed Int
Snitsky vs. Balls Mahoney
CM Punk/Elijah Burke/New Breed Int
New Breed vs. ECW Originals- Burke makes CM Punk sit on the outside. Near the end, Punk kicks Burke helping the Originals win and then gives Burke the GTS to close the show. Is Punk turning on just Burke or the whole New Breed or.. ?? Wait and find out.
5/1 ECW TV in Birmingham, AB

Bobby Lashley/AAE Interview
Elijah Burke/New Breed Int
CM Punk vs. Kevin Thorn
New Breed Int- Thorn leaves the New Breed.
Extreme Expose
Matt Striker and Marcus Cor Von vs. The Major Brothers- The jobbers pin striker as the New Breed are having a rough night.
Vince/ECW Originals Interview
Extreme Rules Match: Rob Van Dam vs. Sabu vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. Sandman- Fun match. RVD wins and will face Vince next week for the ECW title.
5/8 ECW TV in Pittsburgh, PA

Bobby Lashley/AAE Segment
CM Punk vs. Marcus Cor Von
Snitsky vs. Sandman- Sandman jobs in 20 seconds? Wtf…. come on.
Vince/Umaga/Shane Int, Extreme Expose, Elijah Burke/Matt Striker Int
Elijah Burke vs. Brian Major
Kevin Thorn/Ariel Int
Rob Van Dam vs. Vince, Umaga, and Shane- Well, RVD did get plenty of offense in here atleast.
5/15 ECW TV in Baltimore, MD

Vince Int
Rob Van Dam vs. Snitsky
CM Punk vs. Stevie Richards
Kevin Thorn vs. Ariel- Ariel’s last spot on TV before given the boot by the double double E.
Extreme Expose, Bobby Lashley Int
Bobby Lashley vs. Elijah Burke, Marcus Cor Von, and Matt Striker
5/22 ECW TV in Des Moines, IA

Snitsky vs. Tommy Dreamer
Timbaland Music Video
Kevin Thorn vs. Scrub
Elijah Burke/Marcus Cor Von/Matt Striker Int
Matt Striker vs. Brett Major
Rob Van Dam and CM Punk vs. Elijah Burke and Marcus Cor Von
5/29 ECW TV in London, Ontario, Canada

Randy Orton/Tommy Dreamer Interview
No DQ: CM Punk vs. Elijah Burke- Marcus Cor Von helps Burke pick up the win.
Vince/Bobby Lashley Interview
Extreme Expose
Kevin Thorn vs. Balls Mahoney
Major Brothers/Matt Striker Int
Tommy Dreamer vs. Randy Orton- Rob Van Dam runs out to get another head shot by Orton.
6/5 ECW TV in Orlando, FL

No DQ: Bobby Lashley vs. Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, and Balls Mahoney- Yeah so Lashley beats the ECW originals all by himself. Fuck Lashley man, and fuck Vince for pushing his gimp ass.
Kevin Thorn vs. Stevie Richards
Extreme Expose, Randy Orton/RVD/One Night Stand Highlights
Major Brothers vs. Elijah Burke and Marcus Cor Von
CM Punk vs. Matt Striker
6/12 ECW TV in Philadelphia, PA

Vince/Raw Highlights
Extreme Rules: Tommy Dreamer vs. Balls Mahoney- They try to bring a little old school back to ECW in Philly…
Boogeyman vs. Matt Striker- Yet any momentum they tried to gain was negated with the Boogeyman.
CM Punk and Chris Benoit vs. Elijah Burke and Marcus Cor Von
6/19 ECW TV in Charlotte, NC

Chris Benoit vs. Elijah Burke
Boogeyman vs. Sean Alexander
Tommy Dreamer vs. Kevin Thorn
Johnny Nitro vs. Nunzio
Elijah Burke/Marcus Cor Von Int, Extreme Expose Int
CM Punk vs. Marcus Cor Von- Punk wins and gets a title shot for the vacant ECW Title at Vengeance.
6/26 ECW TV in San Antonio, TX

Vince Int- Vince says in a way that they made a mistake by doing a Chris Benoit tribute show and that this would be the only time that Benoit’s name would be mentioned as the WWE begins their healing process.
John Cena vs. Johnny Nitro
Rowdy Roddy Piper/Matt Striker/Boogeyman Interview/Segment
Johnny Nitro Int
2 of 3 Falls Match: CM Punk vs. Elijah Burke- Dispite some sloppy moments, the match was good as Punk wins to become the number one contender to the ECW Title. I would hope Punk gets his title shot at Summerslam instead of Great American Bash.
7/3 ECW TV in Dallas, TX

Johnny Nitro vs. Tommy Dreamer
ECW Title Match: CM Punk vs. Johnny Nitro- From Vengeance.
CM Punk vs. Kevin Thorn
7/10 ECW TV in New Orleans, LA

Matt Striker/Boogeyman/Viscera Interview/Segment- Viscera is now being known as Big Daddy V. He must still be bitter from losing the match against Diesel at Summerslam in 95.
Elijah Burke vs. Balls Mahoney
CM Punk vs. Stevie Richards- Once again, Richards loses to Punk but this was a competitive match.
Extreme Expose/Miz Int
The Miz vs. Nunzio
Extreme Expose Segment
ECW Rules: Johnny Nitro vs. Tommy Dreamer- Not too bad.
7/17 ECW TV in Laredo, TX

CM Punk vs. Elijah Burke
Big Daddy V vs. Scrub
Miz/Extreme Expose Segment
Kevin Thorn vs. Tommy Dreamer
John Morrison Interview- CM Punk comes out as the former Johnny Nitro (now known as John Morrison) gives him a good old fasion sneak attack.
7/24 ECW TV in Fresno, CA

John Morrison Segment
Kevin Thorn vs. Steven Richards- Instead of a squash for Thorn, Richards gets the pinfall. For a “jobber” though, he has been getting in a lot of offense even when he loses so maybe they plan to elevate him a little bit.
Miz vs. Nunzio
Big Daddy V vs. Scrubs- If the E wants the ratings to come up for ECW, maybe they should have more compelling storylines during the show. Here we have basically 3 squash matches in a row and even though Richards pulled off an upset, at first glimpse it looked like a squash and that alone is going to cause people to change channels.
CM Punk and Tommy Dreamer vs. Elijah Burke and John Morrison
7/31 ECW TV in Pheonix, AZ

John Morrison/Elijah Burke/Tommy Dreamer/CM Punk Interview
Kevin Thorn vs. Steven Richards
Big Daddy V vs. 3 Scrubs
Extreme Expose Segment
Balls Mahoney vs. The Miz
Tommy Dreamer vs. CM Punk vs. Elijah Burke
8/7 ECW TV in Youngstown, OH

Boogeyman vs. Scrub- Boogeyman has a little different look to him this time but gets attacked by King Mable, or as the WWE wants to call him now, Big Daddy V.
Elijah Burke vs. Tommy Dreamer
John Morrison Int
The Miz vs. Balls Mahoney
CM Punk Int, Raw Rebound
Stevie Richards/Kevin Thorn Segment
15 Minutes of Fame Challenge: CM Punk vs. John Morrison- Punk wins and will get his title shot at Summerslam.
8/14 ECW TV in

Coach/Armando Estrada/John Morrison/CM Punk Interview- Armando is named the new ECW GM as Punk and Morrison have a contract signing here.
CM Punk vs. Big Daddy V
Tommy Dreamer/Armando Estrada Int
Tommy Dreamer vs. Big Daddy V
Extreme Expose/Balls Mahoney/Miz Int
Steven Richards vs. Kevin Thorn
John Morrison vs. Boogeyman
8/21 ECW TV in University of South Carolina

Extreme Rules Match: Big Daddy V vs. Tommy Dreamer
Vince/Coach Int, CM Punk Video
Elijah Burke vs. Balls Mahoney- Mahoney pulls off the upset.
Balls Mahoney/Miz/Extreme Expose Int, Stevie Richards/Kevin Thorn Int/Brawl, Vince/Coach/CM Punk Int
CM Punk and Boogeyman vs. Miz and John Morrison- Good match, thanks to CM Punk staying in the ring most of the time.
8/28 ECW TV in Albany, NY

John Morrison Interview
Steven Richards vs. Kevin Thorn- So Thorn wins but where are they going with this?
Miz/Balls Mahoney/Extreme Expose Int, John Morrison/CM Punk/Armando Estrada Int
Balls Mahoney vs. Elijah Burke- Balls wasn’t in full jobber mode, so that’s good.
CM Punk vs. Boogeyman vs. Miz vs. Big Daddy V- Punk wins and once again is the number one contender. I love Punk but he’s getting way too many shots at the ECW Title.
9/4 ECW TV in Cincinnati, OH

Boogeyman vs. Matt Striker
CM Punk/Armando Estrada Int
Miz vs. Balls Mahoney
John Morrison Int
Kevin Thorn and Elijah Burke vs. Steven Richards and Tommy Dreamer
ECW Title Match: CM Punk vs. John Morrison- Punk wins his first Championship in the WWE but why have him win it here instead of a ppv? Congrats to Punk though, well deserved.
9/11 ECW TV in Minneapolis, MN

Armando Estrada/CM Punk/Elijah Burke Interview
Miz vs. Tommy Dreamer
Balls Mahoney/Kelly Kelly Int
Nunzio vs. Matt Striker
Vince/Raw Highlights
Mike Knox vs. Balls Mahoney
CM Punk and Steven Richards vs. Elijah Burke and Kevin Thorn
9/18 ECW TV in

Elijah Burke/Kevin Thorn/Tommy Dreamer/Stevie Richards/Armando Estrada Interview
Elijah Burke vs. Kevin Thorn vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. Stevie Richards
Raw Rebound, CM Punk/Elijah Burke Int
Extreme Expose Segment
Mike Knox vs. Ball Mahoney
Viscera Video
Boogeyman vs. Viscera
9/25 ECW TV in Indianapolis, ID

Tommy Dreamer vs. Elijah Burke vs. Kevin Thorn
CM Punk/Matt Striker/Viscera Int, Raw Rebound
Nunzio vs. Mike Knox
Miz vs. Silas Young
Tommy Dreamer/Elijah Burke Int
CM Punk vs. Matt Striker
10/2 ECW TV in Dayton, OH

Vince Interview- Vince announces that Cena is out for 6 months to a year. A lot of people are happy about this but who is there to carry the torch? Who will Vince make the next champ? Snitsky? Viscera? Umaga? There just isn’t anyone else I want to see as champ right now, especially because some of Raw’s top talent has been burried so much recently on Raw ie Mr. Kennedy, Carlito.
CM Punk/Matt Striker Interview
CM Punk vs. Mike Knox
Balls Mahoney/Miz/Extreme Expose Segment
Tommy Dreamer vs. Elijah Burke
Big Daddy V vs. Tommy Dreamer- Armando Estrada sneaks Viscera in and V wins the match and is the number one contender. Great…
10/9 ECW TV in Detroit, MI

Viscera vs. Tommy Dreamer- I tell you, Viscera is NOT being pushed because he is just big. He is being pushed because he is a physcial speciman and a beast. He is loaded with charisma and can most certainly sell out arenas across the globe……………
Kevin Thorn vs. James Curtis
Balls Mahoney vs. Miz
John Morrison Video, Raw Rebound
John Morrison vs. CM Punk
10/16 ECW TV in the United Kingdom

John Morrison/Miz/Big Daddy V/Matt Striker/CM Punk Interview
CM Punk and Kane vs. John Morrison, Miz, and Big Daddy V
Miz/John Morrison Int, Balls Mahoney/Kelly Kelly Int
Armando Estrada/Vicky/Jesse Int- Big segment here. Smackdown and ECW have signed a deal for superstars to compete on eachother’s show. That probably means that ECW is done after this year and they only means the Smackdown and Raw will each bulk up a little.
Elijah Burke and Nunzio vs. Jesse and Festus
Raw Rebound
Miz vs. John Morrison
10/23 ECW TV in Kansas City, MO

Miz/John Morrison Interview
Big Daddy V vs. Kane
CM Punk/Balls Mahoney Int
Elijah Burke vs. Nunzio
Balls Mahoney and CM Punk vs. John Morrison and Miz
10/30 ECW TV in Long Island, NY

Elijah Burke vs. Jimmy Wang Yang
Nunzio vs. Tomy Dreamer
Miz vs. John Morrison
CM Punk vs. James Curtis
Big Daddy V vs. Kane vs. Great Khali vs. Mark Henry
11/6 ECW TV in Bakersfield, CA

Kane vs. Mark Henry
Jamie Noble vs. Nunzio
Layla vs. Kelly Kelly
Elijah Burke vs. Shannon Moore
Fabulous Moolah Video, Miz/John Morrison Int, Randy Orton/William Regal Int
ECW TV Title Match: John Morrison vs. CM Punk
11/13 ECW TV in Wichita, KS

Matt and Jeff Hardy vs. MVP and Mr. Kennedy- MVP saves Matt Hardy from a Mr. Kennedy chair shot attempt.
Matt Striker/Kane Interview/Segment
Kelly Kelly and Michelle McCool vs. Layla and Melina
CM Punk vs. Jamie Noble- John Morrison and Miz were entertaining at the announce table during the match.
11/20 ECW TV in Tampa, FL

CM Punk vs. Kenny Dykstra
Tommy Dreamer vs. Shelton Benjamin
Deuce and Domino vs. Jesse and Festus
Layla/Kelly Kelly Segment, Raw Rebound
Kane vs. Big Daddy V and Matt Striker
11/27 ECW TV in Roanoke, VA

Kelly Kelly vs. Layla
John Morrison and Miz vs. Jesse and Festus
Smackdown Rebound, Elijah Burke/Shelton Benjamin Int
Shelton Benjamin vs. Shannon Moore
Extreme Rules Match: Big Dadddy V vs. Kane
12/6 ECW TV in Florence, SC

John Morrison and Miz vs. Major Brothers
Kofi Kingston Promo, CM Punk Int
Victoria and Kenny vs. Kelly Kelly and Balls Mahoney
Shelton Benjamin vs. Jimmy Wang Yang
Kevin Thorn vs. Jeff Lewis
CM Punk vs. Mark Henry
12/11 ECW TV In Boston, MA (end of show is missing)

CM Punk and Kane vs. Deuce and Domino
Shelton Benjamin Int
Miz and John Morisson vs. Jimmy Wang Yang and Shannon Moore
Kofi Kingston Promo- same as last weeks?
Victoria and Leyla vs. Kely Kelly
Raw Rebound, Matt Striker/Big Daddy V/Mark Henry Int
Batista vs. Elijah Burke- The end of this match and the show is missing. Show went well into 10 minutes past the hour, which is completely pointless.
12/18 ECW TV in Rochester, NY

Jimmy Wang Yang and Shannon Moore vs. John Morrison and Miz- Yang and Moore defeat the tag team champs.
Kofi Kingston Promo
Kenny Dykstra vs. Nunzio
Raw Rebound
CM Punk vs. MVP- Weak DQ ends the match. Chavo Guerrero returns to attack Punk but we don’t know why. Without hit website further ado, let’s dive right into the list

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