ECW TV 2008

1/1/08 ECW TV in Richmond, VA

Armando Estrada/Chavo Guerrero/CM Punk Interview
John Morrison, Miz, and Layla vs. Jimmy Wang Yang, Shannon Moore, and Kelly Kelly
Colin Delaney vs. Big Daddy V- Colin gets some more mic time this week.
Shelton Benjamin vs. James Storm- Two squashes in a row? Is this becoming the new Wrestling Challenge of 2008?
Chavo Guerrero vs. CM Punk
1/8/08 ECW TV in Wilkes-Barre, PA

15 Minutes of Fame, Tag Team Title Match: Jimmy Wang Yang and Shannon Moore vs. John Morrison and The Miz
Colin Delaney vs. Mark Henry
Kofi Kingston Promo
Dance Off: Kelly Kelly vs. Layla vs. Lena- Lena makes her debut and of course, the crowd boos her.
Shelton Benjamin Int
CM Punk vs. Chavo Guerrero
1/15/08 ECW TV in Birmingham, AL

Cutting Edge with CM Punk/Chavo Guerrero- Nice to see Punk get more than 2 lines in.
Miz and John Morrison vs. Highlanders
Kofi Kingston Promo
Kelly Kelly Segment
Colin Delaney vs. Kane
Shelton Benjamin vs. Nunzio
CM Punk vs. Chavo Guerrero
1/22/08 ECW TV

Over the Tope Rope: Kane vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. John Morrison vs. Shelton Benjamin
Hotbody Contest: Kelly Kelly vs. Layla vs. Lena Yada
Kofi Kingston vs. David Owen- Kofi makes his debut. A decent debut, nothing fantastic but nothing horrible either.
Edge/Vicky/Chavo Guerrero Int
Royal Rumble Video- Very cool video of the history of the Royal Rumble match, showing and telling many stats and records from it’s history.
Royal Rumble Card Video
Colin Delaney vs. Great Khali
ECW Title Match: Chavo Guerrero vs. CM Punk- Chavo wins the title. I shouldn’t care but I do, Chavo sucks and nobody cares to see him. He’s still mootching whatever heat he does have from Eddie and trying to get it from Edge now. Maybe this allows Punk to move on to bigger matches and better titles.
1/29/08 ECW TV in Reading, PA

Kane vs. Shelton Benjamin
Kelly Kelly vs. Victoria
John Morrison and The Miz vs. Colin Delaney- I don’t get why Colin gets put in these uphill matches every week but outside of the non-explaination, I love his segments every week. He took his beatings again but after the match, Tommy Dreamer comes out to chase off the tag champs as it finally looks like Colin has some help.
CM Punk vs. Elijah Burke
Kofi Kingston vs. Scrub- Kofi looks a little better this week. Ther verdict is still out on him.
Chavo Guerrero Title Celebration- CM Punk disguises himself as part of the mariachi mand and cracks Chavo with a guitar.
2/5/08 ECW TV in Corpus Christi, TX

CM Punk/Chavo Guerrero Interview
Victoria and Layla vs. Michelle McCool and Kelly Kelly
Tommy Dreamer vs. John Morrison
Stevie Richards Int
Kofi Kingston vs. James Curtis
Gulf of Mexico Match: CM Punk vs. Chavo Guerrero
2/12/08 ECW TV in Houston, TX

Chavo Guerrero/Armando Estrada Interview
Stevie Richards vs. Scrubn- So it looks like the E might push Stevie a little bit. Let’s see how long that lasts.
Layla vs. Kelly Kelly
Kofi Kingston vs. Mike Knox
John Morrison vs. Tommy Dreamer
CM Punk vs. Mark Henry
2/19/08 ECW TV in San Diego, Ca

Ric Flair/Elijah Burke/Shelton Benjamin Interview- The heels start beating down on Flair until CM Punk makes the save.
Kofi Kingston vs. Jason Riggs
Miz vs. Tommy Dreamer
Stevie Richards vs. James Curtis
Raw Rebound
Ric Flair and CM Punk vs. Elijah Burke and Shelton Benjamin
2/26/08 ECW TV in Tuscon, AZ

Kelly Kelly and Kofi Kingston vs. Layla and Santino Marella
Stevie Richards vs. Mike Knox
Tommy Dreamer/Colin Delaney Int
John Morrison and The Miz vs. Tommy Dreamer and Colin Delaney
Wrestlemania Press Conference Highlights
John Morrison/Miz Int
CM Punk vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Elijah Burke- CM Punk wins another number one contender’s match to face Chavo Guerrero… again.
3/4/08 ECW TV in Cleveland, OH

Tag Team Title Match: Tommy Dreamer and Colin Delaney vs. John Morrison and The Miz
Shelton Benjamin vs. Stevie Richards- Richards loses so it looks like its back to jobbing for him.
Kelly Kelly/Kofi Kingston/Layla Int
Kane vs. James Curtis
Raw Rebound, CM Punk Int
ECW Title Match: CM Punk vs. Chavo Guerrero- Great match but Punk loses. I don’t know what Vince sees in Chavo but he remains the champion.
3/11/08 ECW TV in Chicago, IL

Tag Team Title Match: Tommy Dreamer and Colin Delaney vs. Miz and John Morrison
Great Khali vs. Stevie Richards- Weren’t they just pushing Richards? Now they have him get squashed but the big dud Khali? And why does Khali keep popping up? Doesn’t he go away for a reason? I hate the E sometimes.
Kofi Kingston vs. Deuce
Raw Rebound, Wrestlemania Card Video, CM Punk Int
Festus vs. Elijah Burke- Again, wtf is going on? Not to knock Festus, but why is Burke jobbing? They are jobbing the wrong people tonight. Dreamer, Richards, and now Burke.
MITB Qualifying Match: CM Punk vs. Big Daddy V- Punk wins via a quick count out. Right guy won but by the wrong way. This show sucked ass.
3/18/08 ECW TV in Biloxi, MS

Kane vs. Elijah Burke
Chavo Guerrero/Armando Estrada/Colin Delaney Int
Floyd Maywather Video
Kofi Kingston vs. James Curtis
CM Punk/Jesse/Festus Int
JOhn Morrison, Miz, and Shelton Benjamin vs. CM Punk, Jesse, and Festus
Wrestlemania Card Video, Big Show Video- Good video from Big Show.
Colin Delaney vs. Chavo Guerrero
3/25/08 ECW TV in Fayettevlle, NC

12 on 12- Won by Snitsky who pinned Tommy Dreamer.
Tommy Dreamer/Colin Delaney/Chavo Guerrero Int
Carlito vs. Shelton Benjamin
Gordon Colie Video/HOF Promo
Mike Knox and Layla vs. Stevie Richards and Kelly Kelly
Chavo Guerrero vs. Tommy Dreamer- What did Dreamer do to piss someone off where they book him to lose twice on the same day? Another forgetable ECW show.
4/1/08 ECW TV in Miami, FL

Kane/CM Punk/Chavo Guerrero/Shelton Benjamin Interview
Wrestlemania Highlights
Stevie Richards vs. Mike Knox
HOF Highlights
Big Show vs. COlin Delaney- Graffic shown for The Big Show said he was from Smackdown but here he is on ECW, and he was on Raw last night. Who else besides me is confused?
Ric Flair Highlights
Chavo Guerrero and Shelton Benjamin vs. CM Punk and Kane
4/8/08 ECW TV in Boston, MA, Approx Time: 46 min

CM Punk vs. Miz- John Morrison does commentary and is actually pretty fun to listen to during this but gets kicked out by the referee when he tries to distract Punk.
Armando Estrada/Colin Delaney/Tommy Dreamer Int
Contract Signing with Kane/Chavo Guerrero/Armando Estrada
Elijah Burke vs. Nunzio- Finally, Burke gets on the winning track and maybe, they will finally push him.
Kofi Kingston vs. Domino- This could have been a squash match but instead, Kofi took some offense from Domino, which is good to show that he can take a beating. People are starting to react to Kofi as he does show some promise.
Kelly Kelly/Layla/Eve Int
Colin Delaney vs. Tommy Dreamer
4/15/08 ECW TV in London, England, Approx Time: 49 min

Joey Styles/Tazz/Mike Adamle Segment- Adamle replaces Styles on ECW and was horrible as the play by play guy. He can’t seem to get any names right and he just comes across as someone who has never watching wrestling in his life until he was hired recently.
CM Punk, Jimmy Wang Yang, Shannon Moore, and Kofi Kingston vs. Elijah Burke, Deuce, Domino, and Shelton Benjamin
Diva Segment
Colin Delaney vs. Mike Knox
John Morrison/Miz Int
John Morrison and The Miz vs. Undertaker and Kane
4/22/08 ECW TV in Greensboro, NC, Approx Time: 47 min

Kelly Kelly and Tommy Dreamer vs. Mike Knox and Layla
Clinton/Obama/McCain/Raw Highlights
John Morrison vs. Jimmy Wang Yang
Raw Rebound/KOTR Highlights
Kofi Kingston/Shelton Benjamin Int- It will be interesting to see Kofi later in his career when he gets involved in feuds and someone pisses him off so bad that he loses that smile of his.
Kofi Kingston vs. Shelton Benjamin
More Raw/Presidential Highlights
Mark Henry vs. Nunzio
Cutting Edge with Kane- Edge and his goons all attack Kane and give a few conchairtos to Kane’s knee.
4/29/08 ECW TV in Atlantic City, NJ, Approx Time: 44 min

Kofi Kingston vs. Shelton Benjamin
Tommy Dreamer vs. Mike Knox
Matt Striker’s Classroom with Mick Foley- Segment went a little long for me but still wasn’t bad, I’m just not sure what they were trying to accomplish. Just advertising Foley as the color commentator for Smackdown now? If that’s why, then they should have put this or something like it on Raw where way more people will watch it than ECW. After Foley puts Mr. Socko down Striker’s throat, he throws it to Mike Adamle. Adamle picks it up and puts it in his mouth, trying to be funny but that’s kinda gross. He then makes a comment that some people would like him to keep it in his mouth… He’s right for once, atleast on that point.
CM Punk vs. Chuck Palumbo- Palumbo ignores the warnings from the referee to get Punk out of the corner but Palumbo doesn’t listen, causing a DQ.
Kane vs. Chavo Guerrero and Bam Nealy- Before the match Mike Adamle leaves the announce table and starts walking to the back with no reason why and then soon after, Tazz follows. WWE going shoot style.
5/6/08 ECW TV in London, Ontario, Canada, 100th Episode on Sci Fi, Approx Time: 49 min

Mike Adamle Interview- Fans boo him pretty hard. It sucks that the E is going to push him on us but we have no choice. I really hope that Sci Fi doesn’t extend ECW’s contract after this year.
Hardcore Match: Tommy Dreamer vs. Mike Knox
Kelly Kelly/Layla Segment
Chuck Palumbo Int
Matt Striker vs. Kofi Kingston
Colin Delaney vs. Armando Estrada- Colin wins and is now has an ECW contract. He runs around the ring, slaping hands with the fans as he celebrates.
Smackdown Rebound
Chavo Guerrero and Bam Neely vs. Kane and CM Punk- OK, I’m fully convinced that Mike Adamle has photos of Vince McMahon caught in the act of something not G rated, because there is no way that Vince can justify keeping this guy on the air. He’s so bad that I feel sorry for him for the E throwing him out there when he isn’t ready. However I don’t feel bad enough that I would keep him as an announcer. CM Punk is just too big for this show but then again, he may be the only reason most people watch.
5/13/08 ECW TV in Grand Rapids, MI, Approx Time: 46 min

Armando Estrada/Colin Delaney Int
CM Punk vs. Miz- Punk is the Money in the Bank winner but he can’t beat Miz…. yeah ok. What a joke. It’s like the WWE wants me to hate ECW or something.
Kelly Kelly, Michelle McCool, and Cherry vs. Layla, Victoria, and Natalya
Shelton Benjamin/Kofi Kingston Int
Judgment Day Card Video, Raw Highlights
Colin Delaney vs. Mike Knox- Armando Estrada comes out to get a quick pinfall on Delaney after this squash.
Kane vs. John Morrison- Man… I hate ECW… no let me say it again…. I hate ECW. This show just sucks so hard. The only reasons I record it is because I am making a CM Punk compilation as we go and because I don’t want to have to pay or trade for these later. Mike Adamle is brutal and nothing makes any sense on this show. Nothing. The Termination of this show can’t come soon enough.
5/20/08 ECW TV in Des Moines, IA, Approx Time: 49 min

Armando Estrada Interview
The Miz vs. Kane
Shelton Benjamin vs. Kofi Kingston- Shelton wins and so goes the winning streak of Kofi’s.
Colin Delaney and Kelly Kelly vs. Mike Knox and Layla
Raw Rebound- Addition footage is shown where William Regal goes to his limo but it takes off without him.
CM Punk and Tommy Dreamer vs. John Morrison and Chavo Guerrero
5/27/08 ECW TV in Colorodo Springs, CO, Approx Time: 44 min

Tommy Dreamer vs. Big Show
Mike Knox vs. Kofi Kingston- Shelton Benjamin does commentary and after the match, he and Knox attack Kofi.
Chavo Guerrero vs. CM Punk- Punk loses again. Punk sure is losing a lot for a guy who is promised a Title shot within the next 10 months and might even possibly get a title feud out of it. Of course the more he loses, the more it looks like the genius writers and Vince are going to have him cash in for an ECW title match, which quite frankly, nobody gives a damn if he wins or loses that title match.
Raw Rebound, Colin Delaney Int
Kane vs. John Morrison and The Miz
6/3/08 ECW TV in Los Angeles, CA, Approx Time: 49 min

Armando Estrada/Teddy Long Int- Estrada gets the boot at ECW GM.
CM Punk vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. John Morrison- Punk wins, giving him a shot at Kane tonight.
Armando Estrada/Teddy Long Int
Shannon Moore vs. Matt Sydal- Kofi Kingston comes out for commentary as Shelton tosses Sydal into Kofi, causing a DQ and causing Kofi to get pissed off and go after Shelton.
Matt Hardy vs. Armando Estrada
Colin Delaney vs. Armando Estrada
Armando Estrada/Teddy Long/Ron Simmons Int, Raw Highlights
Kane vs. CM Punk
6/10/08 ECW TV in Fresno, CA, Approx Time: 49 min

Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne vs. Shelton Benjamin and Mike Knox- Matt Sydal, an Indy guy, is going under the name of Evan Bourne and not only gets in some offense but picks up the win.
Armando Estrada/Teddy Long/Tiffany Int, Raw/Vince/Million Dollar Mania Highlights
Kelly Kelly vs. Victoria
Finlay vs. Armando Estrada- Estrada is weak as a wrestler. Let’s bring back the days of managers and have him manage somebody again.
Armando Estrada vs. Colin Delaney- 3 Second match.
Armando Estrada vs. Hornswaggle- 5 Second match.
Mark Henry/Big Show Interview
Tag Team Title Match: CM Punk and Kane vs. John Morrison and The Miz
6/17/08 ECW TV in San Jose, CA, Approx Time: 48 min

Hornswaggle vs. Armando Estrada
Matt Striker vs. Evan Bourne
Kofi Kingston vs. Mike Knox
Raw Highlights, Teddy Long/John Morrison/Miz/Finlay Int
CM Punk vs. John Morrison
Teddy Long/Kane/Big Show/Mark Henry Interview/Segment
6/24/08 ECW TV in Houston, TX, Approx Time: 47 min

Matt Hardy and CM Punk vs. John Morrison and The Miz
Extreme Rules: Shelton Benjamin vs. Kofi Kingston
Night of Champions Card Video
Mike Knox vs. Evan Bourne
Mark Henry vs. Kane
7/1/08 ECW TV in Tulsa, OK, Approx Time: 46 min

Mark Henry/Tommy Dreamer Interview
Finlay, Matt Hardy, and Hornswaggle vs. John Morrison, The Miz, and Chavo Guerrero
Raw Rebound, Tommy Dreamer/Colin Delaney Int
Teddy Long/Armando Estrada/Altas Ortiz Int
Armando Estrada vs. Atlas Ortiz- Atlas Ortiz makes his debut but putting your opponent in a headlock for the first 2 minutes isn’t the best way to impress the audience. He does have the fro going though.
Colin Delaney vs. Mark Henry
7/8/08 ECW TV in Baton Rouge, LA, Approx Time: 46 min

John Morrison/Miz Interview
Miz vs. Finlay
Teddy Long/Armando Estrada/Braden Walker Int- Chris Harris from TNA makes his WWE debut as Braden Walker. Nice belly buddy. Mix in a couple of sit-ups.
Braden Walker vs. Armando Estrada- Estrada is a tired act in the ring. He needs to go back as manager.
Teddy Long/Tony Atlas/Mark Henry Int
Ricky Ortiz Int- Last week he went as Atlas Ortiz but his friends call him Ricky, so now we will too.
Tony Atlas/Tommy Dreamer/Colin Delaney Int
Evan Bourne vs. Nunzio
Tommy Dreamer vs. Mark Henry- Tony Atlas attacks Colin Delaney and appears to be siding with Henry. ECW has pretty much become WWE’s minor league on national TV with no star power and a bunch of new comers as well as an announcer who after several months, still hasn’t improved and has the strangest, longest pauses when he is trying to make a statement. Of course I mean Mike Adamle.
7/15/08 ECW TV in Charlotte, NC

Tony Atlas/Mark Henry/Tommy Dreamer Interview
Mike Knox vs. Shannon Moore
Chavo Guerrero vs. Evan Bourne
Jeff and Matt Hardy vs. The Miz and John Morrison
7/22/08 ECW TV in Philadelphia, PA, Approx Time: 50 min

Tony Atlas/Mark Henry/Colin Delaney/Tommy Dreamer Interview
Tommy Dreamer vs. Colin Delaney
The Miz/John Morrison Int
Evan Bourne vs. James Curtis
Ricky Ortiz/Teddy Long Int, Matt Hardy Int
The Miz vs. John Morrison vs. Finlay vs. Matt Hardy- Matt Hardy wins and will face Mark Henry at Summerslam for the ECW Title.
7/29/08 ECW TV in Hershey, PA, Approx Time: 47 min

Matt Hardy/Tony Atlas/Mark Henry Interview
Chavo Guerrero vs. Ricky Ortiz
Colin Delaney/Mark Henry/Tony Atlas Int
The Miz and John Morrison vs. Hornswaggle and Finlay- Mike Knox comes out to attack Finlay.
Mike Knox Int, Braden Walker/Matt Hardy Int
Matt Hardy vs. Colin Delaney
8/5/08 ECW TV in Atlanta, GA, Approx Time: 45 min

Chavo Guerrero and Bam Neely vs. Evan Bourne and Ricky Ortiz
Mike Knox/Finlay Interview
Raw Rebound
Tommy Dreamer vs. Armando Estrada
Colin Delaney/Armando Estrada Int, Summerslam Card Video
Braden Walker vs. James Curtis- The Artist formerly known as Chris Harris wins his last match as WWE would release him later in the week.
The Dirt Sheet with Mark Henry/Tony Atlas/Matt Hardy- John Morrison and The Miz debut their show on TV.
8/12/08 ECW TV in Norfolk, VA, Approx Time:

Tommy Dreamer vs. Colin Delaney- Delaney makes his last appearance as he is released days after this aired.
John Morrison/Miz Int, Smackdown Rebound
Evan Bourne vs. Bam Neely
Armando Estrada/Teddy Long Int
Finlay vs. Armando Estrada
Teddy Long, Ricky Ortiz Int, Summerslam Card Video
The Miz and John Morrison vs. Mark Henry and Matt Hardy
8/19/08 ECW TV in Moline, IL, Approx Time:

Miz, John Morrison, Chavo Guerrero vs. Tommy Dreamer, Evan Bourne, and Super Crazy
Ricky Ortiz vs. Gavin Spears
Finlay/Hornswaggle/Mike Knox Interview/Segment
ECW Title Match: Matt Hardy vs. Mark Henry
8/26/08 ECW TV in Wilkes-Barre, PA, Approx Time:

Teddy Long Int
ECW Title Scramble Qualifying Match: Matt Hardy vs. John Morrison
Teddy Long/Mark Henry Int
ECW Title Scramble Qualifying Match: Evan Bourne vs. The Miz
ECW Title Scramble Qualifying Match: Tommy Dreamer vs. Chavo Guerrero
ECW Title Scramble Qualifying Match: Finlay vs. Mike Knox
9/2/08 ECW TV in Pittsburgh, PA, Approx Time: 49 min

The Dirt Sheet with Mark Henry/Chavo Guerrero/Matt Hardy
Gavin Spears vs. Super Crazy
Ricky Ortiz vs. Ryan Braddock
Raw Rebound, Unforgiven Card Video
Matt Hardy, Tommy Dreamer, Evan Bourne, and Finlay vs. Chavo Guerrero, mark Henry, John Morrison, and the Miz
9/9/08 ECW TV in Milwaukee, WI, Approx Time: 46 min

Matt Hardy/Mark Henry/Tony Atlas Interview/Segment
John Morrison vs. Evan Bourne
Mike Knox/Finlay Highlights
Jack Swagger vs. Josh Daniels
Ricky Ortiz/Hornswaggle Int
Mark Henry and Mike Knox vs. Matt Hardy and Finlay
9/16/08 ECW TV in Nashville, TN, Approx Time: 48 min

Matt Hardy vs. Mike Knox
Tony Atlas/Mark Henry Int
Miz and John Morrison vs. Ricky Ortiz and Evan Bourne
Raw Rebound
Jack Swagger vs. Chase Stevens
Mark Henry vs. Finlay
9/23/08 ECW TV in Columbus, OH, Approx Time: 47 min

Miz/John Morrison/Teddy Long/Ricky Ortiz Interview
Tiffany/Teddy Long/Ricky Ortiz Int
Finlay vs. Bam Neely
Maryse vs. Michelle McCool
Mark Henry Int
Chase Stevens vs. Mike Knox
Smackdown Rebound
Miz vs. John Morrison- Double Countout. Ricky Ortiz runs in to attack both guys.
9/30/08 ECW TV in Green Bay, WI, Approx Time: 41 min

Teddy Long/Tiffany/Matt Hardy/Mark Henry/Miz/John Morrison Interview
John Swagger vs. Lenny Lane
Tommy Dreamer vs. Mike Knox
No Mercy Card Video
John Morrison, Miz, and Mark Henry vs. Matt Hardy, Evan Bourne, and Ricky Ortiz
10/7/08 ECW TV in Spokane, WA, Approx Time: 41 min

Tommy Dreamer and Finlay vs. Jack Swagger and Mike Knox
Jamie Noble/Teddy Long/Tiffany/Mark Henry
Mark Henry vs. Jamie Noble
Raw Rebound
CM Punk, Evan Bourne, Ricky Ortiz, Kofi Kingston vs. John Morrison, Miz, Cody Rhodes, and Ted Dibiase Jr
10/14/08 ECW TV in Las Vegas, NV, Approx Time: 42 min

Mark Henry/Tony Atlas/Teddy Long Interview
Evan Bourne vs. Chavo Guerrero
Teddy Long/Tiffany/Jack Swagger/Tommy Dreamer Int
John Morrison vs. Finlay
10/21/08 ECW TV in Taredo, TX, Approx Time: 42 min

Matt Hardy/Finlay/Evan Bourne/Mark Henry Interview
Jack Swagger vs. Brett Badery
Miz/John Morrison Int
Chad vs. Miz
John Cena Highlights, Ricky Ortiz/Hornswaggle/Tiffany/Teddy Long Int
Finlay vs. Evan Bourne vs. Mark Henry
10/28/08 ECW TV in San Diego, CA, Approx Time: 39 min

Evan Bourne, Matt Hardy, and Finlay vs. Chavo Guerrero, Bam Neely, and Mark Henry
John Cena Highlights, Tommy Dreamer Int
Tommy Dreamer vs. Jack Swagger
The Dirt Sheet- John Morrison and The Miz make fun of DX.
11/4/08 ECW TV in Orlando, FL, Approx Time: 42 min

Matt Hardy vs. Bam Neely
Matt Hardy/Finlay/Mark Henry Interview
Ricky Ortiz vs. Jon Davis
Jack Swagger Interview
Raw Rebound
Mark Henry vs. Finlay- Finlay wins to become the number one contender to Matt Hardy’s belt.
11/11/08 ECW TV in the UK, Approx Time: 42 min

The Miz, John Morrison, and Jack Swagger vs. Cryme Tyme and Tommy Dreamer
Matt Hardy Int, John Cena Highlights
Mark Henry vs. Oliver Biney
ECW Title Match: Finlay vs. Matt Hardy- Not too shabby of a match.
11/18/08 ECW TV in Atlanta, GA, Approx Time: min

John Morrison/Miz Interview
DJ Gabrial vs. Scrub- Debut for DJ Gabrial, who comes out with the former wedding planner, Alicia Fox. His gimmick is lame as he feels compelled to dance most of the time.
Amateur Wrestling Match: Jack Swagger vs. Tommy Dreamer
John Cena Highlights
Ricky Ortiz/Teddy Long/Jack Swagger Int, Matt Striker Int
Matt Hardy, Finlay, and Kofi Kingston vs. Mark Henry, William Regal, and Cody Rhodes
11/25/08 ECW TV in Providence, RI, Approx Time: 43 min

Extreme Rules: Tommy Dreamer vs. Jack Swagger
John Morrison/Miz/Boogeyman Int- Morrison and Miz have given themselves about 20 nicknames.
Matt Hardy/Jack Swagger Int, Mark Henry Int
DJ Gabriel vs. Scrub
Finlay vs. Mark Henry
12/2/08 ECW TV in Washington, DC, Approx Time: 39 min

Jack Swagger/Teddy Long/Tiffany/Ricky Ortiz Interview
Jack Swagger vs. Ricky Ortiz
Finlay/Mark Henry Interview
DJ Gabriel vs. Josh Daniels
Matt Hardy vs. MVP
12/9/08 ECW TV in Bridgeport, CT, Approx Time: 43 min

Tommy Dreamer/Vladimir Kozlov/Jack Swagger Interview/Segment
Jimmy Wang Yang and Kung Funaki vs. John Morrison and The Miz
Mark Henry/Tony Atlas Int, Matt Hardy Int
Boogeyman vs. Scott Reid
Finlay and Hornswaggle vs. Mark Henry and Tony Atlas
12/16/08 ECW TV in Baltimore, MD, Approx Time: 42 min

Matt Hardy/Chavo Guerrero/Teddy Long Interview
ECW Title Match: Chavo Guerrero vs. Matt Hardy
Raw Rebound
Finlay vs. Gavin Spears
CM Punk/Kofi Kingston/Ricky Ortiz/Tiffany Int
John Morrison, The Miz, and Jack Swagger vs. CM Punk, Kofi Kingston, and Ricky Ortiz
12/30/08 ECW TV in Manchester, NH, Approx Time: 45 min

The Dirt Sheet with Finlay/Hornswaggle
Mark Henry vs. Matt Hardy- Jack Swagger gets involed in the end.
DJ Gabriel vs. Paul Burchill
Raw Rebound
Finlay and Boogeyman vs. John Morrison and The Miz

Most of which will be either confirmed or denied when we get our get turned here first glimpse of the firmware in june at wwdc 2014

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