ECW TV 2010

1/5/10 ECW in Louisville, KY, Approx Time: 48 min

Christian/CM Punk Interview
Shelton Benjamin vs. Chavo Guerrero
Zack Ryder Interview
Raw/Bret Hart Highlights
Vladimir Kozlov vs. Ezekial Jackson- After the match, William Regal teams up with Jackson to beat up Kozlov.
Mark Henry/Tony Atlas Int
Mark Henry vs. CM Punk
1/12/10 ECW in Greenbay, WI, Approx Time: 48 min

Zack Ryder/Rosa Mendez/Hurricane Interview
Zack Ryder vs. Hurricane
CM Punk Int
Goldust vs. Trent Barreta
Ezekial Jackson/William Regal Int
Battle Royal: Vance Archer vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Kane vs. Yoshi Tatsu vs. Matt Hardy vs. Ezekial Jackson vs. Evan Bourne vs. CM Punk- Christian does guest commentary.
1/19/10 ECW in Greenville, SC, Approx Time: 46 min

Santino Marella/Tony Atlas/Vladimir Kozlov Interview- This segment was just odd.
Yoshi Tatsu and Goldust vs. Trent Barreta and Caylen Croft
Zack Ryder/Rosa Mendes/Hurricane Segment
Christian vs. William Regal
1/26/10 ECW in Cincinnati, Approx Time: 46 min

Ezekial Jackson/Christian Interview
Christian and Kane vs. William Regal and Ezekial Jackson
Shelton Benjamin/Vance Archer Segment
Zack Ryder, Trent Barreta, and Caylen Croft vs. Goldust, Yoshi Tatsu, and Hurricane
2/2/10 ECW in Memphis, TN, Approx Time: 45 min

Abraham Washington Show with Christian/Zack Ryder
Shelton Benjamin vs. Vance Archer
Raw Rebound
Yoshi Tatsu vs. Trent Barreta
Vince McMahon Interview- Vince announces that ECW will soon go off the air and that the show will be replaced by a new show, NXT.
Gregory Helms/William Regal/Ezekial Jackson Segment
Christian vs. Zack Ryder
2/9/10 ECW in Baton Rouge, LA, Approx Time: 48 min

Tiffany/ECW Lockeroom/Zack Ryder Int
Goldust and Toshi Tatsu vs. Trent Barreta and Caylen Croft
Ezekial Jackson vs. Perry Wallace
William Regal/Ezekial Jackson Interview
Raw Rebound, Christian Int
Shelton Benjamin vs. Vance Archer
2/16/10 ECW in Kansas City, MO, Last ECW Show, Approx Time: 48 min (last 5 seconds are cut off)

Tag Team Title Match: Yoshi Tatsu and Goldust vs. Big Show and Miz
Abraham Washington Show with Various ECW Stars.
Elimination Chamber Hype Video
Christian Interview
ECW Title, No DQ Match: Ezekial Jackson vs. Christian- Ezekial closes ECW as the last ECW Champion. The last 5 seconds of this show was clipped off.

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