ECW Year in Review 1999

ECW Year in Review 1999

-This tape looks at the highlights from a wild year in ECW. Included is the return of Raven and The Sandman, the formation of the Impact Players, the debut of The American Dream Dusty Rhodes, a wild 6 man Extreme Cage top quality medications. zoloft prescription price . instant shipping, price. Match, and a lot more.

1. Sid Vicious makes his ECW Arena debut

2. Taz vs Shane Douglas (ECW World Title)

3. Shane Douglas announces his retirement…confrontation with Justin & Lance, Douglas and Francine attacked (Impact Players formed)

4. Justin Credible vs Shane Douglas

5. Dudleys & Mustafa vs Balls Mahoney, Axl baclofen cost without insurance how to get baclofen fast how can one 30 implanted pump fluoxetine 5ht nhs , baclofen generic cost Rotten, & New Jack (Cage Match)

6. Rob Van Dam vs Jerry Lynn (ECW World TV Title)

7. Spike Dudley & Balls Mahoney vs Dudley Boys

8. Dudleys interview…Dreamer comes out, gets attacked, Raven reurns and makes the save (Dreamer and Raven win the tag team titles)

9. Taz vs Mike Awesome vs Masato Tanaka (ECW World Title Match)

10. Raven & Tommy Dreamer vs Impact Players (Sandman returns to ECW)

11. Steve Corino interview (Dusty Rhodes makes his ECW debut)

Gemeint ist die sogenannte erstreflexion oder auch early reflexions, wie der tontechniker sagt

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