Full Impact Pro 2015

FIP Fallout 2015 Triple Blu-ray Set – 10/23/2015 and 10/24/2015

FIP Fallout 2015 held over two days!

Ybor City, FL – 10.23.15

Oviedo, FL – 10.24.15

Fallout 2015: Interpromotional Six Man Showcase

48 Men; 16 Teams; 2 Nights; 1 Winner!

Teams Announced:

1. Team Full Impact Pro (FIP): The Submission Squad of Gary Jay, Evan Gelistico & Pierre Abernathy

2. Team American Combat Wrestling (ACW): ACW Tag Team Champion Jason Cade, ACW Heavyweight Champion Sideshow & Jayson Falcone

3. Team Tier 1 Wrestling: Sonny Kiss, Rudeboy Riley & “The Carnivore” Alex Mason

4. Team Freelance Wrestling: “The Definition” Isaias Velazquez & Four Star Heroes of “Marvelous” Matt Knicks & “Big C” Chris Castro

5. Team Premiere Wrestling Xperience (PWX): Inaugural X16 Tournament Champion Ethan Case, PWX Tag Team Champion Corey Hollis & PWX World Heavyweight Champion John Skyler

6. Team Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment (AWE): “The Hierarchy” of Murder One, Jimmy Rave & Chip Day

7. Team Maryland Championship Wrestling (MCW): Lio Rush, Ken Dixon & Joe Keys

8. Team Viking War Party: “The American Viking” Alexander Rudolph, “The Gordiest Viking” Frank Wyatt & “The Littlest Viking” Jake Parnell

9. Team Inspire Pro Wrestling: Davey Vega, “Just” Steve’O Reno & Jojo Bravo

10. Team Outlaw Wrestling: Bull Bronson & The Hooligans of Devin & Mason Cutter

11. Team Ronin Pro Wrestling: Edward Malken & T.E.C.H. of Mike Monroe & Trevor “TC” Read

12. Team Independent Wrestling Association Mid-South (IWA MS): Reed “By God” Bentley, John Wayne Murdoch & Trik Davis

13. Team Proving Ground Pro (PGP): “Dirdey” Jake Dirden & PGP Tag Team Champions Team IOU of Nick Iggy & Kerry Awful

14. Team Trans-South Wrestling (TSW): Chase “Cauliflower” Brown, Peter Kaasa & Kameron Kade

15. Team I Believe in Wrestling (BELIEVE): Aaron Epic, Josh Hess & Rhett Giddens

16. Team World Wrestling Alliance 4 (WWA4): Odinson, Stitch Osiris & Black Baron


Ring Warriors Tag Team Attraction Match
The Slambinos of Francisco “Frankie The Thumb” Ciatso & AJ “Bootsy” Janazzo w/ Tommy “Sweets” Pinerelli & “The Don” Pete Cannon vs. Canadian & Colossal (C2) of Kennedy Kendrick & Bucky Wells


Plus FIP World Heavyweight Champion Caleb Konley has demanded a microphone to address what he is calling the lack of respect by FIP Officials to not promote Fallout around a major title defense by him.

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