Kenta Kobashi

Kenta Kobashi – Burning Spirit 5 DVD Set

Kenta Kobashi was one of the most prolific wrestlers in Japan. Relive his rise to greatest as he demonstrates his “Burning Spirit” that connected with wrestling fans around the globe in this special 5 disc collection.

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Kenta Kobashi vs. Toshiaki Kawada (7/1/89)

Kenta Kobashi vs. Ricky Fuyuki (07/11/89)

Kenta Kobashi & Jumbo Tsuruta vs. Stan Hansen & Genichiro Tenryu (7/15/89)

Kenta Kobashi vs. Johnny Ace (9/2/89)

Kenta Kobashi vs. Great Kabuki (1/3/90)

Kenta Kobashi & Tiger Mask II (Mitsuhara Misawa) vs. Dynamite Kid &
Davey Boy Smith (1/20/90)

Kenta Kobashi vs. Tiger Mask II (Mitsuhara Misawa) (3/6/90)

Disc Two

Kenta Kobashi & Tsuyoshi Kikuchi vs. Jumbo Tsuruta & Akira Taue looking for ? not a problem! click here to buy baclofen baclofen – order online now! guaranteed worldwide shipping discreet pac. ****1/4 (1/26/92)

Kenta Kobashi vs. Terry Gordy (5/21/93)

Kenta Kobashi vs. Steve Williams (4/15/94)

Kenta Kobashi vs. Triple Crown Champion Toshiaki Kawada (60:00) ****3/4 (1/19/95)

Disc Three

AJPW Tag Team Champions Kenta Kobashi & Mitsuhara Misawa vs. Steve Williams & Johnny Ace ***** (3/4/95)

AJPW Tag Team Champions Kenta Kobashi & Mitsuhara Misawa vs. Toshiaki Kawada & Akira Taue ***** (6/9/95)

Kenta Kobashi vs. Triple Crown Champion Akira Taue (Kobashi wins Triple Crown, 7/24/96)

Triple Crown Champion Kenta Kobashi vs. Stan Hansen (9/3/96)

Disc Four

Kenta Kobashi vs. Triple Crown Champion Mitsuharu Misawa ***** (10/21/97)

Kenta Kobashi vs. Triple purchase discount medication! can i online . express delivery , generic forms of prednisone. Crown Champion Toshiaki Kawada ***** (Kobashi wins title, 6/12/98)

Kenta Kobashi & Jun Akiyama vs. AJPW Tag Team Champions Mitsuharu Misawa & Yoshinari Ogawa (Kobashi & Akiyama win titles,10/23/99)

Kenta Kobashi vs. purchase discount medication! buy zoloft cheap . express delivery, buy canada. Triple Crown champion Vader (Kobashi wins title, 2/27/00)

Disc Five

Kenta Kobashi vs. Jun Akiyama (12/23/00)

Kenta Kobashi & Mitsuhara Misawa vs. Jun Akiyama & Yuji Nagata (2/17/02)

Kenta Kobashi & Kotaro Suzuki vs. Masao Inoue & Yoshinobu Kanemaru (7/5/02)

Kenta Kobashi & Kentaro Shiga vs. Jun Akiyama & Yoshinobu Kanemaru (Kobashi debuts new finisher, 10/17/02)

Kenta Kobashi vs. Mitsuhara Misawa (3/1/03)

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