NXT 2010

All DVDs are in EX condition. Unless otherwise noted.

NXT 2/23/2010 – (Debut Show, NXT Season 1)

The Miz/The NXT Rookies Int- Miz told Daniel Bryan to go out to the ring and introduce himself.

Matt Striker Int

Daniel Bryan/Miz Interview- Miz slaps Daniel Bryan for not doing it well enough.

Daniel Bryan Int

Carlito Int

Michael Tarver Video, Heath Slater Video

Carlito and Michael Tarver vs. Christian and Heath Slater

David Otunga Video

Darren Young vs. David Otunga

Raw Rebound

Chris Jericho/Wade Barrett Int

Chris Jericho vs. Daniel Bryan

Matt Striker/The NXT Rookies Int

NXT 3/2/2010

David Otunga vs. Darren Young

Daniel Bryan Video- American Dragon Bryan Danielson right here is my pick to win this NXT thing.

Daniel Bryan/Miz Int, David Otunga/R-Truth Int/Brawl

Chris Jericho Int

Wade Barrett Video

Wade Barrett vs. Daniel Bryan

Raw Rebound

Christian/Heath Slater Int, Justin Gabriel/Matt Hardy Int

Skip Sheffield Int

William Regal and Skip Sheffield vs. Matt Hardy and Justin Gabriel

Matt Striker/The NXT Rookies/Calito Int- Carlito spits spit apple in Heath Slater’s face and says That’s Cool! as the show ends.

NXT 3/9/2010

Matt Striker Int

Miz/Daniel Bryan Int

R-Truth and David Otunga vs. The Miz and Daniel Bryan

Heath Slater Int, Miz/Daniel Bryan Int, Justin Gabriel Video

Matt Hardy/Justin Gabriel/Chris Jericho/Wade Barrett Int

Carlito/Heath Slater Int

Heath Slater vs. Carlito

Darren Young Video

SES/Darren Young Int, Raw Rebound, WrestleMania 26 Card Video

Wade Barrett vs. Justin Gabriel

NXT 3/16/2010

Matt Striker Int

CM Punk and Darren Young vs. Matt Hardy and Justin Gabriel- SES takes out everyone including Darren Young.

Daniel Bryan vs. The Great Khali- After the match Big Show comes in to chockslam Daniel Bryan.

Raw Rebound, WrestleMania 26 Card Video, David Otunga Video

Heath Slater vs. Michael Tarver

William Regal/Skip Sheffield Int

Wade Barrett vs. Skip Sheffield

NXT 3/23/2010

Matt Striker Int

Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel vs. Skip Sheffield and Wade Barrett

Daniel Bryan Video, Shawn Michaels/Undertaker Highlights Video, Bret Hart/Vince McMahon Highlights Video

Darren Young Video, WrestleMania 21 Highlights, John Cena/Batista Highlights

David Otunga and Darren Young vs. Daniel Bryan & Michael Tarver

NXT 3/30/2010

Matt Striker/NXT Rookies Interview- The Pro Poll looks like this: Darren Young was #8, Michael Tarver was #7, Skip Sheffield was #6, David Otunga was #5, Heath Slater was #4, Justin Gabriel was #3, Wade Barrett was #2, and Daniel Bryan scored #1

Wade Barrett, CM Punk, Matt Hardy and R-Truth vs. Miz, Christian, Carlito and William Regal- Chris Jericho does guest commentary.

Shawn Michaels Retirement Speech Highlights Video

NXT Rookies Battle Royal- David Otunga wins the battle royal by eliminating Justin Gabriel and will get to guest host Raw next week.

NXT 4/6/2010

NXT Rookies Interview

Keg Challenge- Heath Slater finished faster than the other NXT Rookies to win the weekly challenge and gets to main event this show against Kane.

Raw Rebound, Skip Sheffield Int

Daniel Bryan vs. Darren Young

Michael Tarver vs. Justin Gabriel

Wade Barrett vs. David Otunga

Kane vs. Heath Slater

NXT 4/13/2010 – (In The UK)

NXT Rookies Interview

Talk The Talk Challenge- Wade Barrett won the promo challenge.

Raw Rebound, Extreme Rules Card Video, Darren Young/CM Punk/Luke Gallows/Serena Int

Christian vs. Wade Barrett

David Otunga Video, The Miz/Daniel Bryan Int

William Regal vs. Daniel Bryan

Luke Gallows vs. Darren Young

NXT 4/20/2010

Rick Em’ Sock Em’ Rookies Quarterfinals- Heath Slater vs. David Otunga

Rick Em’ Sock Em’ Rookies Quarterfinals- Skip Sheffield vs. Wade Barrett

Justin Gabriel vs. David Otunga

Rick Em’ Sock Em’ Rookies Semi Finals- Skip Sheffield vs. Heath Slater

Rick Em’ Sock Em’ Rookies Semi Finals- Darren Young vs. Daniel Bryan

Michael Tarver/Carlito/Skip Sheffield/SES/Darren Young Interview

Skip Sheffield vs. Michael Tarver vs. Darren Young

Heath Slater Video

Rick Em’ Sock Em’ Rookies Finals- Skip Sheffield vs. Darren Young- Skip Sheffield wins this compitition.

Skip Sheffield Int

Heath Slater vs. Chris Jericho- Slater pulls off the upset.

NXT 4/27/2010

Seal The Deal Challenge- Skip Sheffield

Christian and Heath Slater vs. Chris Jericho and Wade Barrett

Seal The Deal Challenge- Daniel Bryan

Michael Tarver/Carlito Int

Seal The Deal Challenge- Justin Gabriel

Michael Tarver Video

Darren Young vs. Michael Tarver

Seal The Deal Challenge- David Otunga

Raw Rebound, Justin Gabriel Video, R-Truth/David Otunga Int

Seal The Deal Challenge- Heath Slater, Seal The Deal Challenge- Darren Young, Seal The Deal Challenge- Michael Tarver, Seal The Deal Challenge- Wade Barrett

Daniel Bryan Video, David Otunga Int- The winner of todays contest is Otunga and he wants to meet R-Truth in the ring one on one next week.

Miz Int- He says that he will not be able to compete because Big Show hit him in the face.

Daniel Bryan vs. Skip Sheffield

NXT 5/4/2010

Matt Striker/NXT Rookies Interview

Obstacle Course Challenge- Daniel Bryan

Miz/Daniel Bryan Int

Daniel Bryan vs. Michael Tarver

SES/Darren Young Int

Obstacle Course Challenge- Heath Slater, Obstacle Course Challenge- Darren Young, Obstacle Course Challenge- Justin Gabriel, Obstacle Course Challenge- David Otunga

David Otunga vs. R-Truth

Obstacle Course Challenge- Wade Barrett, Obstacle Course Challenge- Skip Sheffield, Obstacle Course Challenge- Michael Tarver- Justin Gabriel wins the challenge this week and he is immune to getting eliminated next week.

NXT Rookies Interviews/Segment

NXT 5/11/2010

Matt Striker/NXT Rookies Interview- Michael Tarver and Daniel Bryan is both eliminated.

Heeth Slater vs. Wade Barrett

Michael Tarver Int

Skikp Sheffield vs. Darren Young

Smackdown Rebound, Over The Limit Card Video

Daniel Bryan Int

Justin Gabriel vs. David Otunga

Matt Striker/NXT Rookies Interview- Skip Sheffield is the next to go.

NXT 5/18/2010

Miz/William Regal/CM Punk/Christian/Matt Hardy/Chris Jericho Interview

Wade Barrett vs. Darren Young

David Otunga Video

Michael Tarver Int, Daniel Bryan/Miz/Michael Cole Interview/Segment

Heath Slater vs. Justin Gabriel

Skip Sheffield Int, Over The Limit Card Video

Darren Young Video

NXT Rookies Segment- Darren Young is gone.

Darren Young Interview

NXT 5/25/2010

NXT Rookies Interview

Christian and Heath Slater vs. R-Truth and David Otunga

Daniel Bryan/Michael Cole/The Miz Interview/Segment- Bryan/Cole II.

Justin Gabriel vs. Wade Barrett

Raw Rebound

NXT Rookies/Christian/Miz/R-Truth/Chris Jericho Interview- Heath Slater is voted off.

NXT 6/1/2010 – (Season Final Of NXT Season 1)

Matt Striker/NXT Rookies/Pros Interview

John Morrison Int, Eli Cottonwood Video- The Pros and Rookies for NXT Season 2 are revealed.

Elimination Match- Wade Barrett vs. David Otunga vs. Justin Gabriel

M.V.P. Int, Percy Watson Video

Zack Ryder Int, Titus O’Niel Video

NXT Rookies Int/Segment- Justin Gabriel is gone.

LayCool Int, Kaval Video- Kaval is Low Ki and is my pick to win NXT Season 2.

Mark Henry/Lucky Cannon Int

David Otunga/Wade Barrett Interview

Kofi Kingston Int, Michael McGillicutty Video- This is Mr. Perfect’s son.

The Miz Int, Alex Riley Video

NXT Rookies/Pros Interview- Wade Barrett wins the competition with David Otunga finishing number 2.

NXT 6/8/2010 – (Debut Show, NXT Season 2)

NXT Rookies/Pros/Matt Striker Interview- We get our first real look at the NXT Season Two Lineup.

John Morrison and Eli Cottonwood vs. Zack Ryder and Titus O’Neil

Alex Riley Video

Cody Rhodes and Husky Harris vs. M.V.P. and Percy Watson

Michael McGillicutty Video

NXT Rookies/Pros/Matt Striker Interview/Segment- The NXT Pros attack the rookies as retaliation for what the Season One Rookies did on last night’s show (attacking John Cena, CM Punk, and whoever/whatever was at ringside).

NXT 6/15/2010

NXT Pros/Rookies Interview

Kaval Video

Kaval vs. Alex Riley

Eli Cottonwood Video

Raw Rebound, Zack Ryder/Titus O’Neil Int, Husky Harris Video

Kofi Kingston and Michael McGillicutty vs. Mark Henry and Lucky Cannon

Kofi Kingston/Cody Rhodes/Lucky Cannon/M.V.P./Matt Striker Interview/Segment- They set up Season 2′s first Rookie vs. Pro for next week’s show.

NXT 6/22/2010

M.V.P. and Percy Watson vs. The Miz and Alex Riley

Titus O’Neil Video

Titus O’Neil vs. Michael McGillicutty

Kaval vs. Eli Cottonwood

Lucky Cannon Video, LayCool/Kaval Int

Cody Rhodes vs. Lucky Cannon

NXT Rookies Interview- Each of the season 2 NXT rookies get their 45 seconds to explain why they are the next WWE Breakout Star.

NXT 6/29/2010

Keg Carrying Contest- Won by Lucky Cannon.

Percy Watson Video

M.V.P. vs. Husky Harris

Eli Cottonwood, Alex Riley, and Titus O’Neil vs. Michael McGillicutty, Kaval, and Lucky Cannon

Raw Rebound

NXT Rookies Segment- Titus O’Neil is tanked 8th and is out of the competition.

NXT 7/6/2010

NXT Rookies Interview- Percy Watson wins the verbal competition, based on fan reaction.

Percy Watson vs. Michael McGillicutty

Titus O’Niel Video

Kaval vs. The Miz

Eli Cottonwood Video, Raw Rebound, Money In The Bank Card Video, Husky Harris Video

Cody Rhodes and Husky Harris vs. Mark Henry and Lucky Cannon

NXT 7/13/2010

Mark Henry and Lucky Cannon vs. The Miz and Alex Riley

Alex Riley Video

The Showtime Percy Watson Show with /M.V.P.

Battle Royal- NXT Rookies vs. NXT Pros vs. The Nexus- Won by The Nexus.

NXT 7/20/2010

VIP Lounge with Percy Watson/Cody Rhodes/Husky Harris

Lucky Cannon Video

M.V.P. and Percy Watson vs. Cody Rhodes and Husky Harris

Michael McGillicutty Video

Lucky Cannon/Alex Riley/The Miz Interview

Alex Riley vs. Lucky Cannon

Raw Rebound

NXT Rookies/Pros Interview

NXT Rookies/Opstacle Course Segment- Michael McGillicutty wins with the fastest time.

NXT 7/27/2010

NXT Rookies Interview

Percy Watson Video

Zack Ryder vs. Percy Watson

John Morrison/Eli Cottonwood Int

Michael McGillicutty vs. Eli Cottonwood

Kaval Video

Husky Harris/Kaval/LayCool Int

Kaval vs. Husky Harris

Raw Rebound

NXT Elimination- Next to go home, Eli Cottonwood.

NXT 8/3/2010

NXT Rookies/LayCool Kissing Contest- LayCool brings out this ugly woman for the men to kiss, instead of them. Lucky Cannon wins this.

Kaval vs. Husky Harris

Michael McGillicutty/Kofi Kingston/Mark Henry/Lucky Cannon/Miz Int

Michael McGillicutty vs. Lucky Cannon

SummerSlam Card Video

NXT Pros Interviews

Percy Watson Int

Alex Riley vs. Percy Watson

The Miz vs. Michael McGillicutty

NXT 8/10/2010

Michael Cole/Josh Mathews Segment- Cole lose the challenge.

Power Of The Punch: Michael McGillicutty, Kaval, Percy Watson, Lucky Cannon, Husky Harris, Alex Riley- Winner of this was Alex Riley.

Alex Riley Int

Miz/John Morrrison Int

Kaval, “Showtime” Percy Watson and “Lucky” Cannon vs. Michael McGillicutty, Husky Harris and Alex Riley

Raw Rebound

The Miz vs. John Morrison

NXT Elimination- Lucky Cannon must go home.

NXT 8/17/2010

NXT Rookies Interviews- “Showtime” Percy Watson is the next to get eliminated.

Zack Ryder vs. Michael McGillicutty

Kaval/Lay-Cool/Husky Harris Int

Kaval vs. Husky Harris

Alex Riley vs. Kofi Kingston

Raw Rebound

Michael Cole/Josh Matthews Interview- They both think that Alex Riley will win NXT Season 2 and that Kaval should be the one to be eliminated.

NXT Elimination- Husky Harris is the next to go home. Big brawl breaks out with both the Pros and the NXT Rookies.

NXT 8/24/2010

NXT Rookies Michael McGillicutty/Alex Riley/Kaval/Cody Rhodes/M.V.P. Interview

WWE Trivia Challenge- Kaval won the challenge.

Raw Rebound

“Dashing” Cody Rhodes vs. M.V.P.

NXT 8/31/2010 – (Season Final Of NXT Season 2)

Alex Riley/Miz/Kaval/Lay-Cool/Michael McGillicutty/Kofi Kingston Interview/Brawl

Kelly Kelly Int, Naomi Video

Alex Riley vs. Kaval vs. Michael McGillicutty- Alex Riley steals the win.

Alicia Fox Int, Maxine Video, Goldust Int, Aksana Video

Eliminated NXT Season 2 Rookies Interview- They were all asked, who they think will win NXT Season 2.

NXT Elimination- Alex Riley is the next to go home.

Bella Twins Int, Jamie Video, Primo Int, A.J. Video

Michael McGillicutty/Kaval Interview

Vickie Guerrero Int, Aloisia Video

Final NXT Season 2 Elimination- Michael McGillicutty gets eliminated and Kaval (Low Ki) is the winner of NXT Season 2!.

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