Raw 94

1/3/94 Raw in Poughkeepsie, NY, Johnny Polo Commentates
Undertaker/Paul Bearer Int
Jim Cornette/Yokozuna Interview From Superstars- Yokozuna is going to face the Undertaker in a “Casket Match” at Royal Rumble.
Yokozuna vs. Dan Dubiel
Lex Luger Interview
Thurman “Sparky” Plugg Promo- Bob Holly’s promo and what a corny one it is.
Smoking Gunns vs. Bastion Booger and Bam Bam Bigelow
Royal Rumble Report
Double J vs. John Crystal
Marty Jannetty/1-2-3 Kid/Johnny Polo Interview
Razor Ramon Int
Shawn Michaels vs. Brian Walsh
1/10/94 Raw in Richmond, VA, 1 Year Anniversary Show, Randy Savage Commentates

Tag Team Title Match: 1-2-3 Kid and Marty Jannetty vs. Quebecers- The Kid and his partner pull off the upset and we have new tag team champions.
Royal Rumble Report- Aww, with our buddy, Good ol’ JR, Jim Ross.
Ludvig Borga vs. Brad Anderson- Lex Luger calls in.
Yokozuna/Undertaker Highlights
Undertaker vs. Ray Hudson
Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Bastion Booger
Quebecers/Johnny Polo Int
Randy Savage/IRS Segment
1/17/94 Raw in Richmond, VA, Crush Commentates

Owen Hart vs. Terry Austin- Bret Hart is cheering on Owen from ringside.
Owen Hart/Bret Hart Int
Tatanka vs. George Smith
Mr. Fuji/Yokozuna Interview- Paul Bearer brings out a casket to ringside and Yokozuna is totally freaked out. He opens it and inside (surprise) is the Undertaker and Yokozuna runs away.
Diesel vs. Scott Powers
Royal Rumble Report
Randy Savage vs. IRS- Several superstars come out to brawl.
1/24/94 Raw in Richmond, VA, First Show After Royal Rumble, Jim Ross Commentates his first Raw.

Lex Luger vs. Austin Steele
Royal Rumble Report
Jeff Jarrett vs. John Paul
Headshrinkers vs. Men On A Mission
Adam Bomb vs. Tommy Angel
Sparky Plug Promo- Another promo about Spark Plug Holly who we would later know as Hardcore Holly.
Doink vs. Joey Stallings
Shawn Michaels vs. Tyron Knox
1/31/94 Raw in Bushkill, PA, IRS Commentates

Marty Jannetty vs. Johnny Polo
IRS/1-2-3 Kid/Marty Jannetty/Razor Ramon Segment
Jack Tunney Announcement- There will be two WWF Title Matches at Wrestlemania.
Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Miguel Rosado
Wrestlemania 10 Coin Toss- Lex Luger wins the coin toss which meant that Bret Hart would forcefully have to face his brother Owen Hart at Wrestlemania yet would still get his title shot too.
Kwang vs. Rich Myers- Kwang didn’t last too long in the WWF, even though they thought he would be big. Owen Hart calls in and says he is happy to be able to face his brother at WM.
Wrestlemania Report
Paul Bearer Interview- Says that the Undertaker’s spirit still lives.
Earthquake vs. Corey Student
Razor Ramon/Marty Jannetty/IRS Int
2/7/94 Raw in Bushkill, PA

Bastion Booger Commentates- I like the idea of a different superstar commentating Raw every week.
Smoking Gunns vs. Barry Horowitz and Reno Riggins
Owen Hart/Bret Hart Interview
Owen Hart vs. John Paul
Paul Bearer Interview
IRS vs. Marty Jannetty- Match ends in somewhat of a brawl with Razor Ramon, Johnny Polo, and The Quebecers.
Sparky Plugg vs. Duane Gill- Holly’s debut.
Wrestlemania Report, Yokozuna/Jim Cornette Int
Crush vs. Todd Mata
Quebecers/Johnny Polo Int
2/14/94 Raw was Preempted

2/21/94 Raw in Poughkeepsie, NY

Tag Team Title Match: 1-2-3 Kid and Razor Ramon vs. Quebecers- Shawn Michaels and Diesel come out. Michaels acts like he is going to enter the ring but doesn’t.
Jim Cornette Interview- Cornette has some words for Randy Savage, who was doing commentary again.
Tom Prichard vs. Bret Hart- Owen Hart comes out and also acts like he is going to get into the ring but doesn’t.
Wrestlemania Report
Jim Cornette/Randy Savage/Yokozuna Segment
2/28/94 Raw in Bushkill, PA

WWF Title Match: Randy Savage vs. Yokozuna- Savage is about to win the title but Crush comes out and saves Yokozuna’s title. Big brawl with several superstars breaks out.
Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Mike Khoury
Earthquake vs. The Black Phantom
Wrestlemania Report
Kwang vs. John Crystal
Shawn Michaels Interview- Camera goes into the room and Michaels says he has nothing on. Camera turns away then back on Michaels and he is wearing his fake IC Title belt.
Men On A Mission vs. Brooklyn Brawler and Steve Smith
3/7/94 Raw in Poughkeepsie, NY, Ted Dibiase Commentates
Smoking Gunns vs. Owen Hart and Crush
Wrestlemania Report
Double J vs. Virgil
Doink vs. Iron Mike Sharpe
Tatanka Interview- Interview about him being a Native American. Sorry but this was pretty boring.
IRS vs. Mark Thomas
Jim Cornette Interview
3/14/94 Raw in Poughkeepsie, NY, Also Known as 1994 Road To Wrestlemania

Lex Luger vs. Jimmy Del Ray
Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Ben Jordan
Tatanka Int
Razor Ramon vs. Tony DeVito
Owen Hart Interview
Earthquake vs. Executioner
Wrestlemania Report, Yokozuna/Jim Cornette Int
Bret Hart Int
Crush vs. Bret Hart
Quebecers vs. Mike Bell and PJ Walker
Randy Savage Interview
Tatanka vs. Yokozuna
Men on a Mission Wrestlemania 10 Rap
3/21/94 Raw in Poughkeepsie, NY, Night After Wrestlemania
Bushwhackers vs. Quebecers
IRS Interview
Tatanka vs. Chris Hammrick
Diesel vs. Scrub
Bret Hart Interview
Double J vs. Koko B Ware- Double J gets Randy Savage involved at the end.
3/28/94 Raw in Poughkeepsie, NY

Rick Martel vs. Lex Luger
Owen Hart vs. Mike Freeman
Doink vs. Eric Cody
Johnny Polo/Quebecers/Lou Albano/Headshrinkers Interview
1-2-3 Kid vs. Black Phantom
Crush vs. Ray Hudson
4/4/94 Raw in Poughkeepsie, NY

Earthquake vs. Adam Bomb
Lex Luger Int
Mr. Perfect Interview- He explains his actions and why he didn’t count the three fall at Wrestlemania during Luger’s match.
Razor Ramon vs. Austin Steele
Quebecers/Johnny Polo Int
Headshrinkers, IRS, Double J, and Rick Martel vs. Tatanka, 1-2-3 Kid, Sparky Plugg, and Smoking Gunns
Heartbreak Hotel with Diesel- The debut of the legendary Heartbreak Hotel, hosted by Shawn Michaels.
Yokozuna vs. Scott Powers
4/11/94 Raw in Utica, NY

Bushwhackers Int, Men on a Mission Int, Smoking Gunns Int
Diesel vs. Virgil
King’s Court with Lex Luger- The King is carried to the ring on a chair but falls off as soon as he gets to the ring. D-Lo Brown was one of the people carrying him. I didn’t know D-Lo was around in 1994.
Sparky Plugg vs. Barry Horowitz
Tag Team Title Match: Men on a Mission vs. Quebecers- The WWF had people call in to decide the match yet had them pay like $1.50 a minute. What a cheap way to make money.
4/18/94 Raw in Utica, NY

Bret Hart vs. Kwang
Double J vs. PJ Walker
Steiner Brothers vs. Mike Khoury and Barry Hardy
Duke the Dumpster Droese Promo
King’s Court with Alundra Blayze/Luna Vachon
Earthquake vs. Mike Bell
IRS vs. Major Yates
Johnny Polo Int, Jerry Lawler Int
4/25/94 Raw in Utica, NY

Double J vs. Razor Ramon- Shawn Michaels and Diesel come in and attack Razor with powerbombs.
Shawn Michaels/Diesel Int
Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Tony DeVito
Quebecers/Johnny Polo Int
Heavenly Bodies vs. John Paul and Jason Headings
King’s Court with Nikolai Volkoff- The King is doing what he does best, talk trash.
1-2-3 Kid vs. Duane Gill
Search for Undertaker Clip- The search for Undertaker begins.
Owen Hart vs. Rich Myers
Lou Albano/Johnny Polo/Randy Savage Int
5/2/94 Raw in Burlington, VT

Tag Team Title Match: Headshrinkers vs. Quebecers- Headshrinkers become the new tag champs.
King of the Ring Report
Tatanka vs. Derek Domino
King’s Court with Diesel- Diesel now wants to go after Bret Hart for the WWF Title.
Search for Undertaker Clips
Yokozuna vs. Scott Taylor and Mike Davis
Earthquake Int- He wants a match with Yokozuna.
5/9/94 Raw in Burlington, VT

Razor Ramon vs. Kwang
King of the Ring Report
Crush vs. Ray Roy
Duke the Dumpster Droese Promo- Great, a garbage man coming to the WWF.
Doink vs. Mike Terrance
Earthquake Highlights
King’s Court with Yokozuna/Jim Cornette
Search for Undertaker Clip
Mable vs. Mike Bell
Earthquake Int
5/16/94 Raw in Burlington, VT

Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Sparky Plugg
King of the Ring Report
Diesel vs. Mike Moraldo
Search for Undertaker Clip
King’s Court with Ted Dibiase/Nikolai Volkoff
Owen Hart vs. Tony Roy
Duke The Dumpster Droese Promo
Sumo Match: Earthquake vs. Yokozuna- Took awhile to get going but it finally did with Earthquake picking up the upset.
5/23/94 Raw in Youngstown, OH

KOTR Qualifying Match: Owen Hart vs. Doink
King of the Ring Report, Diesel Int
Duke the Dumpster Droese vs. Barry Horowitz
IRS vs. Gary Sabaugh
King’s Court with Lex Luger/Crush
Ted Dibiase Interview- Says he tried to make contact with the Undertaker.
Nikolai Volkoff vs. Matt Hardy
Jerry Lawler Int
5/30/94 Raw in Youngstown, OH

KOTR Qualifying Match: Crush vs. Tatanka
King of the Ring Report, Rowdy Roddy Piper Int, Owen Hart Int
Ted Dibiase Interview- Says he bought the Undertaker.
1-2-3 Kid vs. George South
King’s Court with Bret Hart/Diesel/Shawn Michaels- Turns into a brawl as you might expect.
Smoking Gunns vs. Austin Steele and Reno Riggins
Double J vs. Chris Hammerick
Jerry Lawler Int
6/6/94 Raw in Youngstown, OH

KOTR Qualifying, Lumberjack Match: Tatanka vs. Crush
King of the Ring Report, Bret Hart Int, Rowdy Roddy Piper Int
Bam Bam Bigelow vs. John Paul
King’s Court with A Fake Rowdy Roddy Piper- The kid who imitates him sounds just like Piper.
Razor Ramon vs. Keith Davis- You would later know Keith Davis as Jeff Hardy.
Paul Bearer/Ted Dibiase Interview- So what’s the deal with the Undertaker?
6/13/94 Raw, “Countdown to the Crowning”
Quebecers vs. Headshrinkers
Jim Cornette/Yokozuna/Crush Int
Hall of Fame Highlights
Highlights of King’s Court with Bret Hart, Diesel, and Shawn Michaels
Bret Hart Int, Rowdy Roddy Piper Int
Qualifying Matches Highlights
6/20/94 Raw in White Plains, NY, Night After King of the Ring
Diesel vs. Mark Thomas
King of the Ring Report
1-2-3 Kid vs. Nikolai Volkoff
Yokozuna vs. Nick Barberri
Typhoon vs. Black Phantom
King’s Court with Duke the Dumpster Droese
Heavenly Bodies vs. Jim Powers and Ross Greenberg
Ted Dibiase Int
6/27/94 Raw in White Plains, NY

Duke the Dumpster Droese Int, Jerry The King Lawler Int
Mable vs. Bam Bam Bigelow
Ted Dibiase/Undertaker Highlights- It appears that Dibiase has brought back the Undertaker.
IRS vs. Rich Myers
King’s Court with Jim the Anvil Neidhart/Owen Hart
Headshrinkers vs. The Executioners
Kwang vs. Mike Moraldo
Lex Luger vs. Mike Bell
Ted Dibiase Int
7/4/94 Raw in White Plains, NY

Tatanka vs. Double J
King’s Court with 1-2-3 Kid
Jim Neidhart vs. Gary Scott
Duke the Dumpster Droese vs. Iron Mike Sharpe
Undertaker vs. Mike Bell- Hum, this Undertaker looks kind of short. Ted Dibiase and Paul Bearer each try to sway the Undertaker their way but Dibiase wins when Undertaker takes his money. Paul Bearer believes that something isn’t right about that.
7/11/94 Raw in Bushkill, PA
WWF Title Match: 1-2-3 Kid vs. Bret Hart
SummerSlam Report, Paul Bearer Int- The first announcement of an Undertaker vs. Undertaker match at SummerSlam
Crush vs. Matt Hardy
Razor Ramon vs. Barry Horowitz
Ted Dibiase Interview
IRS vs. Ray Hudson
Bret Hart Int
7/18/94 Raw in Bushkill, PA

IC Title Match: Lex Luger vs. Diesel- Match ends when Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon both come out and cause a brawl. Ted Dibiase watches Luger from the entrance way and then walks to the back.
Mable vs. Austin Steele
SummerSlam Report
Owen Hart vs. Reno Riggins
Sparky Plugg vs. George South
Undertaker Highlights- Shows most of the Undertaker sightings.
Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Gary Sabaugh
Ted Dibiase/Tatanka Interview
7/25/94 Raw in Bushkill, PA

Nikolai Volkoff vs. Tatanka
Macho Man Randy Savage/Ted Dibiase/Tatanka/Lex Luger Interview- So, has Luger sold out to Dibiase? He isn’t really denying it.
Headshrinkers vs. Joey Stallings and Barry Hardy
Jim Neidhart vs. Jim Powers
Alundra Blaze/Luna Interview
Yokozuna vs. Adam Bomb
SummerSlam Report
Duke the Dumpster Droese vs. Duane Gill
8/1/94 Raw in Youngstown, OH

Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon- HBK’s first match since WM 10 as these two put on a very good match here that took up half of the show.
SummerSlam Report
Women’s Title Match: Bull Nakano vs. Alundra Blayze
King’s Court with Bob Backlund
Smoking Gunns vs. George Anderson and Tom Bennett- Match goes off the air while the match is still going. I’m not ever sure what that accomplished.
8/8/94 Raw in Youngstown, OH

Ted Dibiase’s Undertaker vs. Butch Banks
Leslie Nelson Highlights- He looks for the Undertaker.
Heartbreak Hotel with Lex Luger Highlights.
Lex Luger vs. Chad Miller- Ted Dibiase cuts a promo during the match.
SummerSlam Report
IRS and Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Doink and Tatanka- Lex Luger comes out to help Tatanka but argues with Ted Dibiase. Dibiase puts money in Luger’s hand and Tatanka then turns around to see the money, furthering his theory that Luger sold out. Nothing like a good misunderstanding to move an angle!
King’s Court with Owen Hart/Jim Neidhart/Bruce Hart
Bob Backlund vs. Kevin Krueger
Lex Luger/Tatanka Backstage Segment
8/15/94 Raw in Lowell, MA

Owen Hart vs. 1-2-3 Kid
SummerSlam Report, Razor Ramon Int
Abe Knuckleball Schwartz Interview- Steve Lombardi (Brooklyn Brawler) does the baseball player gimmick where he is on strike (like the MLB). Cheap but good way to get a reaction.
Duke the Dumpster Droese vs. Nick Barberry
Leslie Nelson Segment- His Undertaker case continues.
Kwang vs. Tony Roy
King’s Court with Ted Dibiase/Paul Bearer
Mable vs. Raymond Roy
Double J vs. Scott Taylor
8/22/94 Raw in Youngstown, OH, AKA Sunday Night Slam (Before 1994 SummerSlam), Approx Time: 1:37 min

Lex Luger vs. Crush
Undertaker Highlights
Bam Bam Bigelow and IRS vs. 1-2-3 Kid and Sparky Plugg Holly
Leslie Nelson Int
SummerSlam Report, Razor Ramon/Walter Payton Int
Razor Ramon vs. Todd Becker
Leslie Nelson Int
Heidi Lee Morgan vs. Bull Nakano
Bret Hart Interview
Bret Hart Segment- “BRET!!!! Go get ‘em, Champ”. The New WWF Generation.
Diesel vs. Typhoon
Leslie Nelson Int
Ted Dibiase’s Undertaker vs. Sonny Rogers
Leslie Nelson Int
Call-in Segment
9/12/94 Raw in Lowell, MA, First Raw since SummerSlam
Kwang vs. Undertaker- The real Undertaker is finally back on Raw with Paul Bearer.
Jim Neidhart vs. Tim McNeany
King’s Court with Doink /Dink
Diesel and Shawn Michaels vs. Tony Devito and Paul Van Dale
Adam Bomb vs. Duane Gill- I’m surprised Adam Bomb never got a big push from Vince McMahon. He has a good strong look around this time and certainly had the size that Vince loves.
Bushwhackers vs. Barry Hardy and Bert Centeno
9/19/94 Raw in Lowell, MA

Lex Luger vs. The Executioner
Jerry The King Lawler vs. Duke The Dumpster Droese
Heavenly Bodies vs. Mike Bell and Steve King
Bob Backlund Interview
Bob Sparky Plug Holly vs. Richie Rich
Yokozuna vs. Phil Apollo
9/26/94 Raw in Utica, NY

IC Title Match: Tatanka vs. Razor Ramon
Paul Bearer/Undertaker Interview
Kwang vs. Rich Myers
King’s Court With the British Bulldog- Jim Neidhart comes out and offers a challenge to his brother-in-law.
1-2-3 Kid vs. Kenny David
King Kong Bundy Promo
Shawn Michaels and Diesel vs. Bob Starr and Chris Kanyon- Headshrinkers and Lou Albano come out to offer a challenge to Diesel and Michaels. Michaels holds Diesel back.
10/3/94 Raw in Utica, NY

British Bulldog vs. Jim Neidhart- The rest of the family, Bret Hart and Owen Hart get involved at the end.
Doink vs. Barry Horowitz
Undertaker/Paul Bearer Interview
King’s Court with Yokozuna/Jim Cornette
Alundra Blayze and Heidy Lee Morgan vs. Bull Nakano and Luna Vachon
King Kong Bundy Promo- I liked these promos where he was bigger than everything. Kinda like the old Rampage Video games.
Bob Backlund vs. Gary Scott
Bret Hart Int
10/10/94 Raw in Utica, NY

Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Lex Luger
Mable vs. Reno Riggins
Owen Hart vs. John Crystal- Owen and Jim Neidhart bully poor John Crystal after the match.
Undertaker/Paul Bearer Interview
King Kong Bundy vs. Mike Khoury
King’s Court- Jerry Lawler brings out one of his little mini-Kings.
Headshrinkers vs. Corey Student and JW Storm
Razor Ramon New Generation Segment
Doink/Dink Segment
10/17/94 Raw in Burlington, VT

Doink vs. Double J- Jerry Lawler brings out another mini-King.
British Bulldog vs. Roy Raymond
Bob Backlund/Lex Luger Interview
Bob Spark Plugg Holly vs. Reno Riggins
IRS vs. Tim McNeany
Heavenly Bodies vs. Nick Barbarry and Barry Horowitz
Lex Luger Int
10/24/94 Raw in Burlington, VT

IC Title Match: Yokozuna vs. Razor Ramon- Yokozuna sees a casket at ringside and runs away.
Survivor Series Report
Smoking Gunns vs. Barry Hardy and Mike Bell
Tatanka vs. Scott Taylor
Adam Bomb vs. Phil Apollo
King’s Court- Jerry Lawler brings out his three Little Kings.
Diesel vs. Ben Jordan
10/31/94 Raw in Burlington, VT, (G)

Lex Luger vs. Bob Backlund- Tatanka attacks Luger while he is in the Crossface Chickenwing until Randy Savage comes from the announce table to help him out.
Randy Savage Int
1-2-3 Kid vs. Tony DeVito
Survivor Series Report
King Kong Bundy vs. Bert Centeno
King’s Court with Paul Bearer/Undertaker
Jim Neidhart vs. Tony Roy
Lex Luger/Tatanka Backstage Brawl
11/7/94 Raw in Bushkill, PA, Jerry Lawler Commentates
British Bulldog and Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart and Jim Neidhart- One big family affair.
Survivor Series Report, Chuck Norris Int
Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Tyron Knox
Vince McMahon Interview- He announces that Randy Savage has left the WWF.
King’s Court with 1-2-3 Kid
Doink vs. Pat Tanaka
Jerry Lawler/Doink Segment
Bret Hart Interview
11/14/94 Raw in Bushkill, PA, Ted Dibiase Commentates
1-2-3 Kid vs. Bob Backlund- Bret Hart comes out to get some of Bob Backlund.
Mable vs. Blue Phantom
Survivor Series Report, Chuck Norris Int, Tatanka Int
Double J vs. Gary Sabough
IRS Int- He is picking a fight with the Undertaker.
King’s Court with Owen Hart/British Bulldog
Aldo Montoya vs. Brooklyn Brawler- The debut of Justin Credi…. I mean Aldo Montoya. Ted Dibiase tries to buy Montoya but gets turned down.
Alundra Blayze Int
11/21/94 Raw in Bushkill, PA, (G)

Razor Ramon Segment- Razor gets attacked while making his way to the ring.
Tatanka vs. Chris Canyon
Adam Bomb vs. Jason Arndt
King’s Court with his mini Kings
IRS vs. Matt Hardy
Survivor Series Report, Paul Bearer/Undertaker Interview
Diesel vs. Razor Ramon- Match ends in a big brawl.
11/28/94 Raw in Poughkeepsie, NY, Show after Survivor Series, Jerry Lawler Commentates
Highlights of Survivor Series and MSG- They show the 8 second match where Diesel defeats Bob Backlund and becomes the WWF champion for the first time, not to mention that he turns face too.
Owen Hart vs. John Paul- Bret Hart calls in during the match and talks about his match at Survivor Series.
Adam Bomb vs. IRS
Bob Spark Plugg Holly vs. Tony DeVito
Henry Godwinn’s First Promo
Lex Luger vs. Bert Centeno
Diesel Interview- His first interview after turning face and winning the WWF Title.
Heavenly Bodies vs. Gary Scott and Buck Quartermaine
12/5/94 Raw in Poughkeepsie, NY, Shawn Michaels Commentates

Double J vs. British Bulldog- The debut of The Roadie, who would later be known as the Road Dogg. He holds down the foot of the British Bulldog and Double J wins due to a count out.
1-2-3 Kid vs. Barry Horowitz
Kwang vs. Scott Taylor
King’s Court with Shawn Michaels- “The heartbreak Kid put the “Cool”, in Big Daddy. Michaels says he put all the belts around Diesel’s waist.
Hakushi Promo
Well Done vs. Bushwhackers
Bob Backlund Int
12/12/94 Raw in Liberty, NY, Shawn Michaels Commentates

Bob Backlund vs. Doink
Double J Int
Razor Ramon vs. Mark Starr
King’s Court with IRS
Hakushi Promo
Aldo Montoya vs. Nick Barbarry
King Kong Bundy vs. Bob Knight
Shawn Michaels/Santa Segment- Santa gives Michaels a replica Women’s Title belt.
12/19/94 Raw in Liberty, NY, Shawn Michaels Commentates

Lex Luger vs. IRS
Double J Segment
Smoking Gunns vs. Chris Avery and Roy Raymond
King’s Court with Bob Backlund- Backlund mention’s Diesel’s real name, “Kevin Nash” during his interview. Shawn Michaels says, Ya hear that McMahon? You know who he’s talking about?
Bob Holly vs. Chris Kanyon- Who betta than him?
Royal Rumble Report, Diesel Int
Well Done vs. Bushwhackers
Mable/Santa Int
Jim Neidhart vs. Nick Barbarry
12/26/94 Raw in Liberty, NY, Shawn Michaels Commentates

Tatanka vs. British Bulldog- Lex Luger comes out to save British Bulldog from a Ted Dibiase’s Corporation beatdown.
Royal Rumble Report, Shawn Michaels Int, Bret Hart Int
Henry O Godwinn vs. Mike Khoury- The debut of the first Godwinn.
Hakushi Promo
King’s Court with Diesel
Kwang vs. Rich Myers
Vinny Pazienza Interview
Kama Promo
Undertaker vs. Brooklyn Brawler Unless they know the white house has their backs, they’re not willing to go justbuyessay.com to the mattresses at this point, he said

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