Raw 97

1/6/97 Raw in Albany, NY

Mankind vs. Owen Hart- Mankind picks up a clean victory.
Shawn Michaels/Jose/Pete Lothario Interview
New Diesel and New Razor Ramon vs. Doug Furnas and Phil LaFon- This is the last Raw episode that the fake Razor and Diesel were on.
Bret Hart Int
Sycho Sid Interview
Bret Hart vs. Vader- Shawn Michaels does commentary during the match. After the match, Sycho Sid powerbombs Pete Lothario backstage onto a table causing Shawn to run to the back to check on him. The table had no give.
1/13/97 Raw in Albany, NY

Marc Mero and Goldust vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Jerry Lawler
Sycho Sid Interview
Shawn Michaels Interview
British Bulldog vs. Rocky Maivia- Bret Hart< does commentary while Owen Hart is just starring at him.
Faarooq/Crush Int
Undertaker vs. Crush- Vader comes out and attacks the Undertaker with the Nation but Ahmed Johnson comes in to make the save. Well, at least he attempts to.
1/20/97 Raw in Beaumont, TX, Night After Royal Rumble (G)

Bret Hart Interview- Bret Hart says that he is tried of getting screwed out of the WWF Title (so what else is new?) and so “he quits” but would later come back in the show.
Steve Austin Interview- “Ever since you came back, you ain’t done nothin’ but cry”.
British Bulldog and Owen Hart vs. Doug Furnas and Phil LaFon
Faarooq vs. Bart Gunn
Gorilla Monsoon/Vince McMahon/Steve Austin Interview- Gorilla announces the Final Four main event at the next In Your House. Leads to a brawl with Steve Austin and Bret Hart.
Steve Austin vs. Undertaker- Vader and Bret Hart all come out and all four men begin brawling.
1/27/97 Raw in Beaumont, TX (G)

Ahmed Johnson vs. Crush
Shawn Michaels/Bret Hart/Undertaker/Steve Austin Interview- It seems everyone wants to face Shawn for the WWF Title.
British Bulldog vs. Doug Furnas
Savio Vega/Nation Highlights- Shows Savio Vega joining the Nation.
Vader and Mankind vs. The Godwinns
2/3/97 Raw in Toronto, Canada, 1st 2 hour Raw

Vader vs. Steve Austin- Bret Hart gets into a brawl with both wrestlers before the match.
Savio Vega vs. Flash Funk
Sycho Sid Interview
British Bulldog and Owen Hart Int
Tag Team Title Match: Doug Furnas and Phil LaFon vs. Owen Hart and British Bulldog- The Tag Team champs seem to have their problems during this match.
Ahmed Johnson Int, Ahmed Johnson/Undertaker Int
Crush vs. Goldust
Blackjacks Promo
Shawn Michaels/Bret Hart Interview- Bret Hart calls Michaels a degenerate (a hint of things to come, huh?) which also leads to a Bret Hart/Steve Austin Brawl.
Tiger Ali Singh Int- He signs with the WWF. What a scrub he turned out to be.
IC Title Match: Marc Mero vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley
NO DQ: Mankind and Faarooq vs. Ahmed Johnson and The Undertaker
2/13/97 Thursday Raw Thursday in Lowell, MA

IC Title Match: Rocky Maivia vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley- You could hear the crowd chant “Rocky sucks”. He wins the title here for his first time.
Godwinns Highlights/Int
Headbangers vs. Bob Holly and Aldo Montoya
Shawn Michaels Interview- Michaels goes for a Hollywood role by acting emotional and forfeits the WWF title due to “losing his smile” and a bad knee. Camera was showing some women in the crowd almost in tears.
Savio Vega vs. Undertaker- Ahmed Johnson comes in to help out Taker against The Nation.
Steve Austin vs. Sycho Sid- Both are heels but they both get their share of fans. Bret Hart comes out again to brawl with Sid.
Vader Int
Tag Team Title Match: Crush and Faarooq vs. Owen Hart and British Bulldog- Bret Hart cuts a promo during the match.
Undertaker Int
Vader vs. Bret Hart
2/17/97 Raw in Nashville, TN, Night After Final Four

WWF Title Match: Sycho Sid vs. Bret Hart- Steve Austin comes in before the match and attacks both men which delayed the match.
Shawn Michaels Highlights, Final Four Highlights, Sycho Sid Int
Marc Mero vs. Savio Vega
Bret Hart Int
IC Title Match: Leif Cassidy vs. Rocky Maivia- Hunter Hearst Helmsley cuts a promo during this.
Jerry Lawler Int- He takes a sign away from a fan that says, ECW Rules and makes fun of ECW. He calls out ECW to come to Raw next week. This may seem like a small segment but oh, just you wait. It started something big.
Goldust/Marlena Interview- Hunter Hearst Helmsley comes down to the ring and gives Goldust the Pedigree. Some amazon who was later to be named Chyna shakes the life out of Marlena. I believe this is Chyna’s Raw debut.
Hardy Boys vs. Headbangers- The Hardys look weird. Jeff Hardy has shorter blonde hair and they have no charisma and get no reaction like they would later in their careers. They just totally job to the Headbangers.
Sycho Sid/Bret Hart/Steve Austin Brawl, Gorilla Monsoon Int
Flash Funk vs. Owen Hart- Paul E Dangerously calls in to answer Jerry Lawler’s challenge. Steve Austin cuts a promo during the match as well.
Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Bart Gunn
WWF Title Match: Sycho Sid vs. Bret Hart- The match finally happens as it was delayed the entire show and attempted several times. Sycho Sid wins the title from Bret Hart for the second time, thanks to a chair shot from Steve Austin while the referee wasn’t looking. Undertaker comes out to stand face to face as the show comes to a close.
2/24/97 Raw in New York City, NY (where Raw was born)

The Godwinns vs. The New Blackjacks
ECW Segment- Paul E Dangerously hits the ring and ECW takes over with the debut of the BWO, The Blue World Order. Jerry Lawler if course is flapping his gums the whole time. Goldust cuts a promo during this.
Sunny Int
ECW Match: Little Guido vs. Big Stevie Cool
Arm Wrestling Match: Sunny vs. Marlena- Same things happens that always happens in all arm wrestling matches.
Savio Vega vs. Goldust
Ken Shamrock Segment- Ken is just a fan in the crowd and not a WWF wrestler yet. Jerry Lawler acts like they know each other and Ken says, “I don’t know you”.
ECW Match: Mikey Whipwreck vs. Taz
Headbangers vs. LOD- The Legion of Doom return to the WWF! Huge “Nitro Sucks” and “Bischoff Sucks” chants break out.
Shawn Michaels Tell Me a Lie Music Video
ECW Match: D-Von Dudley vs. Tommy Dreamer- Undertaker cuts a promo during the match while Sandman and Buh Buh Ray Dudley come in to the ring at the end. Paul E Dangerously and Jerry Lawler have a little bitch fit as well.
Sycho Sid/Bret Hart/Steve Austin Highlights- From last week. Also shows Bret going postal again after he lost his title last week. That’s funny how Bret lost the title 5 times and of 3 of those times, he would cry and complain about it.
Ken Shamrock Interview
Undertaker vs. Faarooq- Legion of Doom come out to fight off the Nation of Domination.
3/3/97 Raw in Deutschland Halle, Germany

Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Bret Hart
IC Title Match: Vader vs. Rocky Maivia
ECW/Raw Highlights- From Last Week.
The Sultan vs. Flash Funk- Jerry Lawler and Paul E Dangerously call in and talk to Vince McMahon over the phone to talk about what happened last week.
Steve Austin Highlights, Sycho Sid Int
Ahmed Johnson Interview- Ahmed accepts the challenge made by Faarooq about the street fight at Wrestlemania 13.
LOD Shotgun Highlights, Mankind Int
WWF Title Match: Mankind vs. Sycho Sid- Steve Austin cuts a promo during this match.
Steve Austin Interview
European Title Match: Owen Hart vs. British Bulldog- This is the first match for the European title. The British Bulldog wins this match and becomes the first European Champion. Good match.
3/10/97 Raw in Worcester, MA, First Show with a Titantron and more current set

Sycho Sid/Undertaker/Paul Bearer Interview- This was the debut of the current design for Raw and the debut of “Raw is War/Warzone”.
Rocky Maivia vs. Tony Kucker
Heavy Metal, Pentagon, and Pierroth vs. Hector Garza, Octagon, and Latin Lover- Brian Pillman cuts a promo during this.
Ahmed Johnson vs. Roy Raymond
Faarooq/Ahmed Johnson/Legion of Doom Interview- The match is on for WM.
Tag Team Title Match: New Blackjacks vs. Owen Hart and British Bulldog- Vader cuts a promo about his destiny at Wrestlemania. Taz also cuts a promo during this.
ECW/Jerry Lawler Brawl- Lawler sure does like to stir up shit. Sabu goes through a table while trying to hit Lawler but he misses him.
Leif Cassidy vs. Miguel Perez
Sycho Sid Int
Ken Shamrock/Steve Austin/Bret Hart Interview- Ken is going to referee the Austin/Hart Match at Wrestlemania and both wrestlers tell him to be a fair referee. Bret Hart talks about all the people that have screwed him in the past.
Billy Gunn vs. Aldo Montoya- The Honky Tonk Man brings back Billy Gunn.
Mankind Int
Goldust vs. Tim McGeeny- Marlena and Chyna mix it up again. Chyna tosses the referees around.
The Great Debate: Jerry The King Lawler vs. Paul E.- The two have a debate about ECW and give each other some shoot comments. Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman come out and attack the King (sort of).
Vader and Mankind vs. Sycho Sid and Undertaker
Bret Hart Int- Vince McMahon asks how Bret got his title match. “How did I get it? I guess I got it by crying”- Bret.
3/17/97 Raw in Syracuse, NY

Legion of Doom vs. Crush and Savio Vega- Brawl breaks out at the end.
Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Flash Funk
Mini Vader and Mini Mankind vs. Mini Goldust and Mascarita Sagrada, Jr
Gorilla Monsoon Int
Bret Hart Interview- He says he is the best and that he always gets screwed.
Sultan vs. Mike Bell- Rocky Maivia does commentary.
Shawn Michaels Interview- He says he should be back in the ring in a couple of months.
Vader vs. British Bulldog
Billy Gunn vs. Aaron Ferguson- Billy calls out Ken Shamrock who was on commentary and the two “get it on”. Shamrock dominates.
Steve Austin Int, Sycho Sid Int
WWF Title, Steel Cage Match: Bret Hart vs. Sycho Sid- Huge match, right before Wrestlemania that could have changed everything. Steve Austin and The Undertaker come out and get involved but Sid is able to keep his title.
Bret Hart/Steve Austin Interview- This happens directly after the match. Bret Hart says, “this is bullshit” on live TV! He again talks about how he was screwed. He is not happy A huge brawl break out after the interview as Shawn Michaels comes out and teases getting involved.
3/24/97 Raw in Rockford, IL, Night After Wrestlemania 13

Tag Team Title Match: Headbangers vs. British Bulldog and Owen Hart- The tag team champs begin to fight each other as it looked like they were going to break up. Owen challenges The Bulldog to a European title match and Davey Boy accepts.
Mankind Int
Bart Gunn vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley
Slammy Award Highlights
El Mosco, Hysteria, and Abismo Negro vs. Venum, Super Nova, and Discovery
Rocky Maivia/Rocky Johnson Int
Flash Funk vs. Brooklyn Brawler
Ken Shamrock Int- He explains why he stopped the match with Bret and Austin at WM 13.
Bret Hart/Shawn Michaels Interview- Bret apologizes to his fans everywhere in the world except to the American fans. This is where the big America vs. Canada feud began. He cries, he complains, and he bitches as only Bret Hart can and does. Michaels comes out and they exchange some words. Bret then attacks HBK’s injured knee, Sycho Sid comes out and chases Bret away as the crowd really turns on the heat towards Bret Hart.
Leif Cassidy vs. Rocky Maivia- Bret Hart comes out to do commentary and then attacks the knee of Rocky Maivia the way he did to Michaels.
Ahmed Johnson vs. Savio Vega- Ahmed wants the Nation gone but nothing ever came from his challenge.
Undertaker/Mankind/Paul Bearer Interview- Show cuts out as the interview is still going. It made for a very odd interview.
3/31/97 Raw in Peoria, IL

European Title Match: Owen Hart vs. British Bulldog- Bret Hart comes out and stops the match. He reunites with his brother for the first time in over 3 years and also with The British Bulldog and reforms the Hart Foundation. Jerry Lawler is doing commentary and acts like it’s such a touching moment. It was pretty comical.
El Mosco vs. Super Nova
Legion of Doom Interview
Jesse James vs. Jerry Fox
Jesse James/Honky Tonk Man- James turns down Honky Tonk Man’s offer to join him.
Crush and Savio Vega vs. Rod Bell and Adam O’Brien- Shawn Michaels calls in and says he will talk to Bret Hart next week on Raw.
Ken Shamrock Video
Paul Bearer/Undertaker Interview- Mankind throws a fireball in the Undertaker’s face.
Sycho Sid Int
Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Goldust- Chyna goes after Goldust and overpowers some of the referees.
Steve Austin/Bret Hart Interview- Austin receives a lot of cheers but is trying to ignore them.
IC Title Match: Bret Hart vs. Rocky Maivia- Hart Foundation, Steve Austin, and Legion of Doom all run in.
4/7/97 Raw in Muncie, IN

Tag Team Title Match: Godwinns vs. Owen Hart and British Bulldog- After the match, the Godwinns grab their buckets of goop and attempt to hit Owen and Davey Boy with them but they miss and hit the Legion of Doom instead. This causes the Road Warriors to brawl with the Godwinns.
Owen Hart/British Bulldog Int- They cut another interview during the next match.
Steve Austin vs. Billy Gunn- Billy does a Ric Flair-like “flop” and you can see and hear the crowd laugh. Billy Gunn punches Honky Tonk Man in the face after the match.
Truth Commission Leader Interview- This is really dumb.
Bret Hart Int
Shawn Michaels Interview- He talks about Bret Hart and why he came back several months ago and other items about Bret.
Headbangers vs. Barry Horowitz and Freddie Joe Floyd
NO DQ: Ken Shamrock vs. Vernon White- Shamrock’s WWF wrestling debut. Quick Match, of course. Vader comes out for his match but gets in Shamrock’s face.
Mankind Int
Vader vs. Frank Giletto
Steve Austin/Gorilla Monsoon Int- Steve Austin gets another match with Bret Hart at the next In Your House, Revenge of the Taker.
Mankind/Undertaker Interview
Steve Austin vs. Mankind- Owen Hart and British Bulldog cut another interview during this saying that Bret got screwed. Vader comes out but accidentally hits Mankind and the two start to brawl but then make up.
4/14/97 Raw in USA and South Africa

Legion of Doom vs. Godwinns
Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Jesse James
Rocky Maivia vs. Savio Vega- The Nation of Domination come in to attack Rocky until Ahmed Johnson runs out to save him.
Steve Austin Interview
Goldust vs. The Sultan- Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Chyna come out to attack Goldust.
Bret Hart Segment
Mankind and Vader vs. Headbangers
Undertaker Int
Slammy Awards/Bikini Contest Highlights
Truth Commission Leader Interview
Ahmed Johnson vs. Crush- Faarooq makes a challenge to Ahmed.
4/21/97 Raw in Binghamton, NY, Night After Revenge of the Taker

Steve Austin/Bret Hart Interview- Steve Austin is going to get a title shot at the next In Your House, A Cold Day In Hell.
Ahmed Johnson vs. The Sultan
Bret Hart/Steve Austin Backstage Segment
Vader Segment- Highlights of Vader on a TV show where he was arrested legitimately when he was in Kuwait.
Ken Shamrock Interview- Kenny challenges Mike Tyson, but nothing ever comes of this. Just a publicity stunt.
Street Fight: Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart- The Hart Foundation attacks Austin right at the beginning but Shawn Michaels comes in to make the save and make the match one on one again. Steve Austin puts the sharp shooter in Bret and holds if for about 2 minutes. They take Bret Hart away on a stretcher and then to an ambulance and the driver was Steve Austin himself who attacked Bret Hart again.
Tiger Ali Singh vs. Salvatore Sincere- More footage of Bret is shown during this match.
Hart Foundation Segment
Jesse James vs. Rock-a-Billy- A battle between future tag team champions/partners.
Shawn Michaels/Steve Austin Int, Mankind Int
Undertaker vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley- Mankind comes in and attempts to burn the Undertaker. Big brawl breaks out after the match.
Steve Austin Interview- Steve Austin puts down the crowd for cheering him yet the crowd still cheers?? I don’t get it. Owen Hart and British Bulldog come in and jump Austin and again, Shawn Michaels makes the save. Brian Pillman makes his return to attack Austin as well.
4/28/97 Raw in Omaha, NE

Brian Pillman/Steve Austin/Owen Hart Interview- Pillman “prays” for Austin and tries to set up a trap for him.
Brian Pillman Int
Flash Funk vs. Rock-a-Billy
Bret Hart Interview
Steve Austin Backstage Segment
Legion of Doom vs. Doug Furnas and Phillip LaFon
Ahmed Johnson Int
IC Title Match: Owen Hart vs. Rocky Maivia- Owen wins his first WWF singles gold as he takes home the WWF Intercontinental championship. Bret Hart looks on from the ramp.
Steve Austin Interview
Vader/Ken Shamrock Video- Getting everyone ready for the next IYH
Jesse James vs. Vader
Vader Interview- Ken Shamrock comes in and the two have a quick brawl.
Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Goldust
Undertaker Int, Brian Pillman Int
British Bulldog vs. Undertaker- Steve Austin comes out and he and Taker brawl. Jim Neidhart makes his return to attack Austin and join the Hart Foundation.
5/5/97 Raw in Green Bay, WI

Bret Hart Interview- The Hart Foundation is complete.
Ahmed Johnson vs. Rock-a-Billy
Hart Foundation Backstage Segment
Ken Shamrock Video- These videos about Kenny are kind of boring.
Vader vs. Goldust- Big brawl breaks out after the match.
Dustin/Terri Runnels Interview
Gauntlet Match: Crush vs. 2 Jobbers and Ahmed Johnson
Shawn Michaels/Bret Hart Interview- The Hart Foundation run in to attack Michaels but Legion of Doom come in to run them off.
Legion of Doom vs. Doug Furnas and Phillip LaFon
Hart Foundation/Shawn Michaels/Steve Austin Backstage Brawl
Undertaker Interview
Steve Austin vs. British Bulldog- A big brawl breaks out after the match, mainly with Undertaker going after Austin.
5/12/97 Raw in Newark, DE, Night After Cold Day in Hell

Bret Hart Interview
Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Ahmed Johnson
Steve Austin Interview
Leif Cassidy vs. Scott Putski
Legion of Doom Int
Legion of Doom vs. PG-13
Mankind/Paul Bearer Interview- Paul Bearer says that if Undertaker does not reunite with him, then he will reveal a secret and that Taker knows that he is telling the truth. I believe this is the first mention of anything that has to do with Kane.
Faarooq Interview- Faarooq is the number one contender for the WWF title. Faarooq makes it a racial thing about blacks not being champions.
Savio Vega vs. Undertaker
Jerry Lawler/Rob Van Dam Int
Rob Van Dam vs. Jeff Hardy- RVD’s WWF debut as he came out as “Mr. Monday Night”. He looked awesome and in my mind, it’s too bad he didn’t stay in the WWF for very long this time around.
Dustin Runnels Interview- Yawn!!!
Undertaker Int
Owen Hart and British Bulldog vs. Doug Furnas and Phillip LaFon vs. Headbangers vs. New Blackjacks
Bret Hart/Shawn Michaels Interview/Segment- Bret is in a wheelchair and rips on Shawn Michaels while he is standing right there, listening to him. Raw then goes off the air so in order to see the result of Bret’s verbal abuse towards Michaels, you have to see the highlights during the next Raw show.
5/19/97 Raw in Mobile, AL

Bret Hart/Shawn Michaels Highlights- From last week. Shows what happened when Raw went of the air which was Bret telling Michaels that he knows he wants to hit Bret but he “doesn’t have the inside to do it”. HBK then gives Bret Hart some Sweet Chin Music as Bret falls back over his chair.
Steve Austin/Shawn Michaels/Hart Foundation Interview- Austin and Michaels go face to face, yelling at each other, and then brawling, when the Hart Foundation begin to laugh at them. They then brawl again as it’s kind of funny to see them yell, brawl, yell, team up, brawl, team up, yell. etc.
Crush vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley
Owen Hart vs. Bob Holly
Shawn Michaels/Ken Shamrock Int
Mankind Interview- They talk about him and his life growing up as Mick Foley.
Leif Cassidy vs. Scott Taylor
Steve Austin/Sable Int
Hart Foundation/Shawn Michaels Interview- Bret Hart challenges Shawn Michaels to a match at the King Of The Ring. “You couldn’t go 10 minutes in any situation, if you know what I mean” – Michaels to Bret Hart.
Goldust Interview- Goldust brings his wife and kid to the ring… Can you say, sympathy card?
Goldust vs. Rock-a-Billy
Ahmed Johnson Interview
Steve Austin Int
Rocky Maivia vs. Faarooq
Hart Foundation Attack Bob Holly Backstage
Undertaker/Paul Bearer Interview
Jim Neidhart vs. Steve Austin- Short Match. The Hart Foundation and Shawn Michaels come in at the end. HBK and Austin argue again and then brawl.
5/26/97 Raw in Evansville, IN

Steve Austin/Shawn Michaels/Legion of Doom Interview- Michaels and Austin yell again but finally, they don’t exchange any punches.
Legion of Doom vs. Brian Pillman and Jim Neidhart- Match ends with a huge brawl. Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels brawl again! I guess it was too good to be true.
Paul Bearer Int
D-Lo Brown vs. Bob Holly- D-Lo finally wrestles on Raw. Faarooq does commentary at ringside.
Undertaker Int, Jerry Lawler Int
Goldust vs. Jerry The King Lawler- The King gets a loud reaction.
Hart Foundation/Steve Austin Brawl
Flash Funk vs. Rocky Maivia- Rocky walks to the ring real slowly and looks lazy. Not a good way to try to get fan reaction, especially when the crowd already doesn’t care for you.
Mankind Interview- He talks about his injured testicles, earlier in his life and how girls finally looked at his genitalia and that that was the happy day of his life??? Kind of funny in a weird sort of way.
Hart Foundation Int
Vader vs. Ahmed Johnson
Paul Bearer Int
Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Rock-a-Billy
Undertaker Int
Mankind Interview- Shows video clips of Mick Foley in his past, wrestling at his house and shows him in a few of those barbed wire matches.
Tag Team Title Match: Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels vs. Owen Hart and British Bulldog- Michaels returns to the ring after being out for about 4 months. He shows no signs of ring rust as he and Austin win the tag titles. They then argue again after the match as that’s what they do best.
Shawn Michaels/Steve Austin Int
Paul Bearer/Undertaker Interview- It appears that Paul Bearer has forced Taker to return to him.
6/2/97 Raw in Huntington, WV

Undertaker/Paul Bearer/Sycho Sid/Faarooq Interview- Sid returns! There is going to be a rematch of the main event from Wrestlemania 13, later in this same show.
Faarooq/Ahmed Johnson Highlights
Faarooq vs. Ahmed Johnson- Their almost one year long feud continues. A brawl breaks out between The Nation and Undertaker.
Hart Foundation/Steve Austin/Shawn Michaels Interview- Bret Hart says he can’t wrestle at the King Of The Ring.
IC Title Match: Bob Holly vs. Owen Hart
Shawn Michaels Int
Mankind Interview
Head Bangers/Honky Tonk Man Segment
Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Goldust- Again???
Legion of Doom Int
Tag Team Title Match: Legion of Doom vs. Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin- Match ends in a count out because Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels began to brawl on the outside.
Mankind Interview
Savio Vega vs. Mankind- Savio Vega and Crush brawl. The two would later begin their own factions.
WWF Title Match: Sycho Sid vs. Undertaker- Faarooq and the Nation come out to ruin the match and attack Undertaker.
6/9/97 Raw in Hartford, CT, Night After King Of The Ring.

Legion of Doom and Ahmed Johnson vs. Faarooq, Crush, and Savio Vega
Hunter Hearst Helmsley/Mankind/Chyna Interview- Hunter said that he should have won the KOTR in 1996, which what was going to happen but because of the famous MSG scene, he we de-pushed.
European Title Match: Goldust vs. British Bulldog
Faarooq Interview- Faarooq kicks Crush and Savio Vega out of the Nation of Domination.
Doug Furnas and Phillip LaFon vs. Headbangers- We see Paul E Dangerously and Tommy Dreamer walk through the crowd.
Jerry Lawler/Rob Van Dam Int
Steve Austin Interview
Rob Van Dam vs. Flash Funk- RVD is really impressive in the WWF. Brawl breaks out after the match with Tommy Dreamer and Jerry Lawler.
Sycho Sid vs. Owen Hart- Sid picks up the win in a non-title match.
Mankind Interview- He puts the mandible claw on Jim Ross.
Rock-a-Billy vs. Bart Gunn
Brian Pillman vs. Steve Austin- Match never happens because Austin is attacked by The Hart Foundation on his way to the ring. For some reason, Mankind comes down, leading to….
Brian Pillman vs. Mankind- Your usual brawl breaks out in the end like they always seem to do lately involving Steve Austin, Ken Shamrock, and Hart Foundation. Austin then turns around and stuns Shamrock.
6/16/97 Raw in Lake Placid, NY

Steve Austin/Mankind/Ken Shamrock Interview
Brian Pillman Int
Tag Team Title Match: Blackjacks vs. Owen Hart and British Bulldog
Nation of Domination Last Week Highlights
Undertaker/Paul Bearer Int, Ken Shamrock Int
Phineas Godwinn vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley
Faarooq Int
Brian Christopher vs. Chris Candido- Paul Heyman is at the announce table.
Ahmed Johnson Int, Jim Neidhart Int
Goldust vs. Jim Neidhart- Goldust wins but British Bulldog’s music starts playing… Music dude, you’re fired!
Steve Austin Int
Steve Austin vs. Brian Pillman- Ken Shamrock comes out to get him some of Austin. Legion of Doom come out to settle things down. Goldust comes out to say that what they are doing right now (fighting between themselves) is exactly what the Hart Foundation wants.
Hart Foundation Int
Tommy Rogers vs. Bobby Fulton- Sable is the guest ring announcer as Marc Mero comes out after the match to take her to the back. His jealous streak is starting to show after last week, he did the same thing.
Headbangers vs. Jerry Lawler and Rob Van Dam
Ahmed Johnson/Paul Bearer Int
Ahmed Johnson and Undertaker vs. Kama Mustafa and Faarooq- Ahmed joins the Nation of Domination after attacking the Undertaker. After kicking out Crush and Savio Vega, The Nation of Domination is now made up of Faarooq, Kama, D-Lo Brown, and Ahmed Johnson.
6/23/97 Raw in Detroit, MI

Nation Of Domination/Crush Interview- Ahmed Johnson said he joined the Nation because he is black. Well, I guess he said what we were all thinking. This interview leads to a brawl between Crush’s new group, Disciples of Apocalypse, and Nation.
Legion of Doom Int
Ken Shamrock vs. Rock-a-Billy- Dan Severn is on commentary as he and Shamrock aren’t vegetarians… Because they got beef!!
Godwinns Int
Godwinns vs. Legion of Doom- Hart Foundation jump the Legion of Doom.
Undertaker/Paul Bearer Int, Owen Hart Int, Flash Funk Int
Flash Funk vs. Sabu- This match goes to the extreme. Paul Heyman is on commentary.
British Bulldog vs. Mankind
Owen Hart Int
IC Title Match: Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Goldust vs. Owen Hart
Bret Hart/Jim Neidhart/Tommy Hearns Interview
Nation/Savio Vega Backstage Brawl
Scott Taylor vs. Brian Christopher- The match between two future tag team partners.
Undertaker and Vader vs. Faarooq and D-Lo Brown- Taker walks out on Vader and Paul Bearer so Bearer says that next week, he is going to reveal the big secret.
6/30/97 Raw in Des Moines, IA

Ken Shamrock vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley
Ahmed Johnson Highlights/Int
Legion of Doom Int- Michael Cole makes his debut.
Faarooq and D-Lo Brown vs. Legion of Doom- Huge brawl breaks out with DOA and Los Boricuas.
Nation/Savio Vega Int- Debut of Los Boricuas. We all know what an impact they made on the WWF.
Brian Christopher vs. Scott Putski- Jerry Lawler joins in to help out his son his good friend.
Undertaker Int, Brian Pillman Int
Mankind vs. Brian Pillman- Steve Austin cuts an interview during this.
Paul Bearer Interview- He says that the Undertaker killed his parents. He also mentions the Undertaker’s “brother”, Kane.
Headbangers vs. Owen Hart and British Bulldog- After the match, Jim Cornette returns and brings in the Squat Team, some 400 pound fat dudes.
Undertaker Interview- He gives his side to the story that Paul Bearer told.
Vader vs. Rock-a-Billy- Undertaker comes out to confront Paul Bearer. “He’s alive Undertaker! Your brother’s alive!”
Jim Neidhart vs. Steve Austin- Mankind and The Hart Foundation all come out to brawl. Bret Hart puts the ringpost, figure four on Steve Austin.
7/7/97 Raw in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Night After Canadian Stampede.

Bret Hart Interview- Bret Had the Canadian Nation Anthem playing but Steve Austin came up from behind to hit him and the other Hart Foundation members with a chair.
Taka Michinoku vs. Great Sasuke- Each one missed one of their air moves. “How is a Japanese wrestler named Taco?” – Jerry Lawler. “That’s Taka” – Vince.
DOA vs. Los Boricuas
Paul Bearer Interview- Talks about Kane.
Faarooq and D-Lo Brown vs. Owen Hart and British Bulldog
Steve Austin Int
Steve Austin vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley- Mankind comes out to receive a hug from Austin, and also the stunner.
Brian Christopher vs. Eric Shelley
Steve Austin Interview- “I’ll kiss his ass, if I can’t kick it, and that’s the way it’s gonna be.” Austin will kiss Owen Hart’s ass if he loses to him at SummerSlam.
Goldust Int
Goldust vs. Bret Hart
7/14/97 Raw in San Antonio, TX

Hart Foundation Interview- The Harts challenge Steve Austin to a tag team title match but who is his partner? Austin stands on the ramp and several faces join him, including Sycho Sid and Shawn Michaels.
Jerry The King Lawler and Brian Christopher vs. Scott and Ivan Putski- “Polish Powah!”
Paul Bearer Int
Tajiri vs. Taka Michinoku
Ken Shamrock Int, Los Boricuas Segment
Headbangers vs. Los Boricuas
The Patriot Int
Shawn Michaels Interview- Michaels will be a part of SummerSlam… Somehow.
Los Boricuas/DOA Brawl
Jim Neidhart vs. Ken Shamrock- After British Bulldog helps Neidhart give Shamrock a spike piledriver, The Patriot runs down to help him chase off the heels.
Legion of Doom vs. Blackjacks- Match never happens as LOD is attacked by The Godwinns from behind as they were making their way to the ring.
Flash Funk vs. Vader
Steve Austin Int
Tag Team Title Match: British Bulldog and Owen hart vs. Steve Austin and ????- So who is going to help Austin defend the tag titles? The debut of Mick Foley’s Dude Love character.
7/21/97 Raw in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Vader vs. Ken Shamrock
Brakkus Promo
Hart Foundation/Steve Austin Interview- Bret Hart says that America is in the shape of a toilet bowl because they are full of crap. Funny stuff. I mean… err.. no it’s not.
Brian Walsh vs. Brian Christopher
Mick Foley Interview- Highlights shown from Mick Foley’s past.
Steve Austin Int, Legion of Doom Int, Blackjacks Int, Headbangers Int
Godwinns vs. New Blackjacks vs. Headbangers
Shawn Michaels Interview- Michaels says he is going to be the guest referee in the main event at SummerSlam
HHH vs. The Patriot- Bret Hart comes out and goes straight to Vince McMahon and asks why Michaels is the referee for his title match at SummerSlam Bret starts to get too aggressive and has to be pulled back by the other Hart Foundation members. Patriot then mixes it up with Bret but after Bret takes care of Patriot, HHH starts stomping on Patriot. Not much of a much with all this going on.
Paul Bearer Interview
Goldust Int
Faarooq vs. Goldust
Shawn Michaels Backstage Segment- Somebody beat up Shawn backstage.
Flag Match: Owen Hart, British Bulldog, and Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin, Dude Love, and Undertaker- All the champions at this time in one match.
7/28/97 Raw in Pittsburgh, PA

Bret Hart Interview- “Last week I said that they United States was one big giant toilet bowl. if you were gonna give the United States of America an enema, you’d stick the hose right here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania”- Bret. Quite possibly my favorite line ever in wrestling. It’s certainly right up there with The Rock when in 2003, he said that he would be back (to Sacramento) when the Lakers beat the Kings in May.
Savio Vega and Perez vs. Legion of Doom
HHH Interview- He tells Vader it’s Jenny Craig time.
HHH vs. Vader- Never happens. Mankind comes in and attacks HHH and Chyna.
Flash Funk, Bob Holly, and Jesse James vs. The Truth Commission- Truth Commission’s WWF Raw debut. Yeh!!
The Patriot Int
Crush vs. Faarooq- Los Boricuas come out to get involved.
Tag Team Title Match: The Godwinns vs. Dude Love and Steve Austin- Owen Hart and British Bulldog are on commentary. These two are always fun to listen to live because their mic work is so bad. Legion of Doom also get involved.
Ace Darling vs. Devon Storm
Sunny Segment
Arm Wrestling Match: Ken Shamrock vs. British Bulldog- It ends the same way these matches always do.
Goldust vs. Rockabilly- Michael Moore, sitting at ringside, knocks out Billy Gunn. Meanwhile, Brian Pillman comes out to attack Goldust until Marlena jumps on his back to save him.
Undertaker Highlights
Shawn Michaels Interview
The Patriot vs. Bret Hart- With help from Shawn Michaels who is on commentary for this match, The Patriot beats Bret Hart. Shawn Michaels then stands on the commentators table and taunts Bret.
8/4/97 Raw in Bethlehem, PA, Night After SummerSlam

Hart Foundation/Sgt. Slaughter/Steve Austin Interview- Sgt. Slaughter is named the new commissioner of the WWF.
Faarooq/Ahmed Johnson Int
Ken Shamrock vs. Kama
Brakkus Promo
Taka Michinoku vs. Brian Christopher
Commissioner Slaughter/Brian Pillman Int, Paul Bearer Int
HHH vs. Vader- Chyna dropkicks Paul Bearer.
Patriot Interview
The Sultan vs. The Patriot- Bret Hart gets into a brawl with the Patriot after the match.
Shawn Michaels Interview- Just for hitting the Undertaker in the head with a chair one night ago at SummerSlam, he draws some MAD heel heat from the crowd. HBK puts down the crowd as well, not helping the cause. Obviously, Michaels turns heel here.
Undertaker/Paul Bearer Interview
Ahmed Johnson vs. Chains- The Nation turn on Ahmed Johnson.
Headbangers vs. Godwinns
Bob Holly vs. Brian Pillman- Brian is forced to wear a dress due to his loss at SummerSlam to Goldust, who sits at ringside during the match.
Dude Love vs. Owen Hart- Bret Hart is on commentary during this. The end of this match is cut off.
8/11/97 Raw in Biloxi, MS

Shawn Michaels/Commissioner Slaughter Interview- Michaels is just too funny to watch sometimes. This is his first of many times, trying to avoid the spit flying from Slaughter’s mouth when he talks. Crowd chants Shawn is Gay. Shawn says, “why don’t you ask your sister and your momma how gay Shawn is?”
Legion of Doom vs. Godwinns
Brian Pillman/Commissioner Slaughter Int
Tony Williams vs. Scott Putski- Goldust comes out to do commentary during the match while they are watching a monitor of Brian Pillman backstage, who is reluctant to put another dress on.
Undertaker Int
Flash Funk vs. Brian Pillman- After the match, Goldust taunts Pillman.
Dude Love/Shawn Michaels Interview
British Bulldog and Owen Hart vs. The Patriot and Ken Shamrock
Bret Hart Highlights/Interview- They show interviews from Canadian fans and Jason Sensation was one of them.
Patriot/Bret Hart Backstage Segment
Faarooq vs. Chains- Huge moment here in the WWF history. Rocky Maivia comes from the crowd and gives Chains the Rock Bottom as he turns heel here and joins the Nation. The Rock in the Nation is what got him over BIG TIME and made him a mega star.
Nation/DOA Backstage Segment
Patriot/Hart Foundation Brawl
Mankind Int, Brakkus Int
Shawn Michaels vs. Mankind- Damn good match for a Raw is War. I wish we could have seen these two draw out a feud for a long time. It would have been special. Michaels wins as Rick Rude, HHH, and Chyna come to ringside. It looks like Rick Rude is the insurance policy that Michaels mentioned earlier.
8/18/97 Raw in Atlantic City, NJ

Rick Rude Interview- A boring interview actually.
British Bulldog/Owen Hart Int
Legion of Doom vs. British Bulldog and Owen Hart
Shawn Michaels Int- Michaels doesn’t like the fact that he has to team up with HHH.
Brian Christopher vs. Flash Funk
Undertaker Int
The Sultan vs. Ken Shamrock
Faarooq/Rocky Maivia/DOA Interview- Rocky’s first interview as a heel in the Nation.
HHH Int- HHH doesn’t want to team up with Michaels.
DOA/Nation Backstage Brawl
Jesse James vs. Brian Pillman
Goldust/Brian Pillman/Marlena Interview- Pillman says that Goldust’s child is really Pillman’s love child.
Vader vs. The Patriot- Bret Hart comes down with him Canadian Flag. Vader grabs it and breaks it and a big brawl breaks out.
Bret Hart Int
Steve Austin Interview
HHH and Shawn Michaels vs. Mankind and Undertaker- Where DX all began. Good match as Michaels and Hunter looked good as a tag team. In probably the sickest chair shot I have seen, Michaels smacks Undertaker with a chair, “busting the Undertaker wide open”.
8/29/97 Friday Night’s Main Event in Chicago, IL

Shawn Michaels Interview- He talks about what happened at SummerSlam and The Undertaker.
WWF Title Match: Vader vs. Bret Hart
The Patriot Int, Sunny Int
Goldust/Brian Pillman Highlights- From last Raw.
Goldust vs. Salvatore Sincere- Brian Pillman taunts Goldust from up in the crowd.
Brian Pillman Int, Steve Austin Int
Dude Love vs. Billy Gunn
Dude Love Int- “Steve Austin’s like cheap toilet paper. He don’t take crap off nobody” – Foley.
Sunny/Owen Hart Int
Undertaker Interview
Hawk vs. British Bulldog
Sunny/Los Boricuas Int
Rocky Maivia and Faarooq vs. Crush and Chains
Jerry Lynn vs. Taka Michinoku
Truth Commission Int
Headbangers vs. Recon and Sniper- Wow, what a great main event.
9/5/97 Friday Night’s Main Event in Chicago, IL

The Patriot vs. Owen Hart- Hart Foundation go after The Patriot but Vader comes out to attack Bret Hart.
Commissioner Slaughter Int- He is forcing Austin to hand over his half of the tag team championship.
Steve Austin Int
Steve Austin Interview
British Bulldog vs. Dude Love- More Hart Foundation involved but Legion of Doom also come out.
Goldust/Brian Pillman Highlights, Brian Pillman Int
Bret Hart Interview
Rick Rude/Sunny Int- Horny old man is trying to pick up on Sunny.
HHH vs. Undertaker- Undertaker starts to go after Rick Rude until Shawn Michaels runs out to attack Undertaker. Taker gets the best of him here as Michaels runs off.
Shawn Michaels Int
Legion of Doom vs. Jesus and Jose- DOA/Boricuas brawl breaks out.
Patriot Video
Ken Shamrock vs. Salvatore Sincere
Steve Casey vs. Scott Putski
Paul Bearer Int
Interrogator vs. Sonny Rogers and Jerry Fox- An even better main event!
9/8/97 Raw in Cincinnati, OH, Night After Ground Zero, (G)

Commissioner Slaughter/Steve Austin Interview- Austin throws a couple of good lines at Slaughter and then stuns him. My tape has been chewed up a little here during this segment so a couple of minutes acts up with tracking lines, etc.
Steve Austin Backstage Segment
NO DQ: Bret Hart vs. Vader- Match ends with a big brawl after Steve Austin comes out.
Godwinns vs. Headbangers- Godwinns bring out Uncle Cletus.
Sunny/Dude Love/Goldust/Brian Pillman Interview- Debut of the XXX files involving Pillman and Marlena.
Piratita Morgan vs. Max Mini
Undertaker/Shawn Michaels Interview
Owen Hart Int
Owen Hart vs. Goldust- Hart Foundation come out to attack Goldust until Steve Austin makes the save.
Brian Pillman Int
Hart Foundation Interview
Shawn Michaels/HHH/British Bulldog Segment- Hunter and Shawn attack Davey Boy as he is on his way to the ring.
Savio Vega vs. The Patriot vs. HHH- Shawn Michaels comes out to do commentary.
9/15/97 Raw in Muncie, IN (G)

Ken Shamrock vs. Faarooq
Steve Austin Int
Pantera vs. Taka Michinoku
Truth Commission Int
Truth Commission vs. Legion of Doom
Max Mini and Mr. Lucky vs. Piratita Morgan and El Torito
Brian Pillman/Goldust Highlights
Dude Love vs. Brian Pillman- Goldust comes out to chase off Pillman.
Steve Austin/Bret Hart Interview- Jerry Lawler tries to read some papers from over Austin’s shoulder so Austin stuns him. You could just see it coming too.
The Patriot vs. Owen Hart- Steve Austin comes out to rip up the restraining order that Owen gave him.
Shawn Michaels/Undertaker Interview- Says he wants to be the European champion and become the first man in the WWF history to ever hold all 4 titles.
Tag Team Title Match: Bret Hart and British Bulldog vs. Headbangers- No Tag Title change here as Vader and The Patriot come out to get some of the Hart Foundation.
9/22/97 Raw in New York City, NY, Show Following One Night Only

Rocky Maivia vs. Ahmed Johnson
Steve Austin Int
One Night Only Highlights
Undertaker/Shawn Michaels Interview
Legion of Doom vs. Faarooq and Kama
Brian Pillman Interview
Owen Hart vs. Brian Pillman- It started out as a comedy match but the two end up brawling and having a “real match”, if you want to call any match in wrestling real..
Steve Austin/Vince McMahon Interview- Vince tells Austin that he can’t wrestle and Steve stuns Vince for the first time and gets taken to the back in handcuffs by the police. I guess this kind of started their long feud together.
Dude Love/Mankind/Cactus Jack Interview- The WWF debut and return of Cactus Jack.
NO DQ: HHH vs. Cactus Jack- Cactus Jack wins in a crazy one!
Shawn Michaels Interview- Undertaker comes down the ramp but gets attacked by Michaels, HHH, Rick Rude, and Chyna.
Bret Hart vs. Goldust- Shawn Michaels, HHH, Rick Rude, Owen Hart, Bulldog Bulldog, Jim Neidhart, Ken Shamrock, and Undertaker all get involved. Taker double chokeslams Michaels and Bret to close the show.
9/29/97 Raw in Albany, NY

Rick Rude/Shawn Michaels/HHH/Commissioner Slaughter/Bret Hart Interview- Michaels and HHH’s first “degenerate” interview together. Hunter says he isn’t waiting for a break anymore and he is taking things into his own hands. Really funny Interview. HBK and HHH try to avoid the spit from Slaughter.
One Night Only Highlights- Highlights from the Bulldog/Michaels match.
British Bulldog vs. Vader- Hart Foundation and The Patriot come out to brawl as Bret Hart puts the figure four around the ringpost on Vader.
Faarooq Highlights/Int
Faarooq vs. Ahmed Johnson- Ahmed comes down to the ring with Ken Shamrock and Legion of Doom.
Brian Pillman’s XXX Files Interview
The Sultan vs. Goldust- Dude Love does commentary.
Steve Austin/Vince McMahon Interview
Tag Team Title Match: Jesus and Jose vs. Headbangers
Owen Hart Interview- Steve Austin comes in to give Owen Hart the Stone Cold Stunner.
Hell in a Cell Segment- The first Hell in a Cell gets a preview of the cage being made.
HHH vs. Undertaker- Poor Taker! He gets attacked by Bret Hart and British Bulldog as he makes his entrance but Vader and The Patriot chase them off. Then HHH and Shawn Michaels continue the beatdown and stomp on him some more. At the end, they attempt to put him in a body bag but Taker gets away and then chases Michaels up the titantron, but not before giving Hunter a Tombstone Piledriver on the ramp-way.
10/6/97 Raw in Kansas City, MO, Night After Badd Blood.

10 Bell Salute For Brian Pillman
Shawn Michaels/HHH/Bret Hart Interview- Michaels and Hunter push around Michael Cole in the ring as he tries to do an interview. They show the famous “Curtain Call” scene from MSG in May 1996 with Michaels, HHH, Diesel, and Razor Ramon hugging in the middle of the ring.
Lumberjack Match: Headbangers vs. Godwinns- Jerry Lawler tells Vince McMahon to go on a firing spree and start with Jim Ross. Funny. Ring ends with about 30 wrestlers in the ring as the crowd goes nuts!
Miguel Perez vs. Marc Mero- Marc Mero returns with his head shaved after a long time out with an injury and finishes off Miguel Perez with his new move, the TKO. Nice finisher.
Jim Cornette Interview- Tells us his view on where wrestling is these days and talks about the nWo.
Rocky Maivia vs. British Bulldog- Led to a Nation/Hart Foundation brawl.
Steve Austin/Faarooq Interview
Hawk Int
IC Title Match: Hawk vs. Owen Hart
Vince McMahon/Melanie Pillman- This interview should not have taken place. Brian Pillman’s wife does an interview the day after her husband’s death.
Brian Pillman Video
Kane/Hardy Boys Segment- Kane makes his Raw debut by attacking the Hardys.
Paul Bearer Interview
Bret Hart vs. HHH- Tasteless but funny, Shawn Michaels comes down and picks his nose with the Canadian flag. Michaels nails Bret Hart with a superkick as Michaels, HHH, and Chyna run away from The Hart Foundation.
10/13/97 Raw in Topeka, KS

Hart Foundation/Shawn Michaels/HHH Interview- Michaels says that their faction will be known as Degeneration-X. They both make fun of Bret Hart.
Owen Hart vs. Kama- DX comes to down for commentary. The Nation attacks Bret Hart and then Shawn Michaels runs up to watch very closely and softly hits Bret with banana a couple of times. Funny, funny stuff. Michaels is playing his degenerate role perfectly.
Godwinns Int
Max Mini and Nova vs. Mosaic and Tarantula
Kane/Flash Funk/Paul Bearer/Shawn Michaels Segment- Kane attacks Flash Funk before his match, which leads to a Paul Bearer Interview. After the interview, Flash Funk is still in the ring. Michaels pins him for an easy 1-2-3 and acts as if it was a tough match.
Recon and Sniper vs. Skull and 8 Ball
Steve Austin/Faarooq Interview- Steve Austin is going to return to the ring at the Survivor Series. Faarooq comes out and talks about a fence?? Steve Austins says, I don’t understand a word you said.
Legion of Doom Int
Tajiri vs. Brain Christopher
Jim Cornette Interview- More shoot comments by Cornette, this time, he rips on Phil Mushnick. Really powerful, strong interview.
Goldust vs. Savio Vega
Shawn Michaels/HHH/Commissioner Slaughter Interview- Ahmed Johnson comes down to the ring but The Nation attacks him. DX runs up the stage ramp and act like they are at the movies with popcorn and soda. Funny scene. This was probably the funniest wrestling show I have ever seen and by far DX’s funniest show.
Tag Team Title Match: Legion of Doom vs. The Godwinns- LOD win the tag titles here finally as the Godwinns attack Uncle Cletus.
10/20/97 Raw in Oklahoma City, OK

Ken Shamrock and Ahmed Johnson vs. Rocky Maivia and Kama- DX decides to watch the match on the ramp.
Faarooq vs. Bret Hart- Things are getting heated between the Hart Foundation and The Nation of Domination, which is strange because both factions are heels. Steve Austin runs in to Stun Faarooq.
Jeff Jarrett Interview- A “shoot” interview by Jeff as he returns to the WWF after his first stint in WCW. Pretty interesting interview as he talks to Vince McMahon about how Vince tried to ruin him when Vince was running the “Double J Exposed” segments last year. He also talks about Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, and Steve Austin.
Brian Christopher vs. Marc Mero- More heel vs. heel stuff here. WWF is doing a lot of heel vs. heel stuff right now.
IC and European Title Match: Owen Hart vs. Shawn Michaels- Title for Title Match. Good match with a lot of action from others coming in and interfering. Match goes to a no contest. Again, more heel vs. heel.
Undertaker Int- “I will never fight my own flesh and blood. I will never fight Kane”. **Sob Sob** That’s so sweet.
Dude Love/Kane Brawl
Headbangers vs. Billy Gunn and Jesse James- During their ring entrance, Jesse James says that Billy Gunn is the original bad ass in wrestling, and calls him Bad Ass Billy Gunn, and then calls himself the Road Dogg Jesse James. No entrance music yet.
Bret Hart on Mad TV Highlights
Tajiri vs. Taka Michinoku- Good match.
Jim Cornette Interview
Godwinns/DOA/Truth Commission Brawl
Mankind Int- Strange way to end a show. Mankind says he will fight Kane if Undertaker won’t. “Kane, you will be mine. Mine. ALL Mine! Have a nice day!”
10/27/97 Raw in Tulsa, OK

Faarooq/Rocky Maivia/Bret Hart/DX Interview- Bret Hart says to the Nation, “First of all, brothers!” The Race angle is in full effect.
Goldust vs. HHH- Shawn Michaels is commentating at ringside as DX does their thing after the match. Michaels stands on the announce table (he sure loves to do that) and says “Vince McMahon, Jim Ross, and the rest of the World Wrestling Federation. Shawn Michaels and Degeneration X wants you to Suck It!”
Jim Cornette Int- Jim puts down some stars who claim to be the icon of wrestling, including Hogan, Savage, Piper, and others.
IC Title Match: Ahmed Johnson vs. Owen Hart- Steve Austin costs Ahmed a chance at the IC title.
Mankind/Commissioner Slaughter Interview- Foley goes back to using his Mankind character and gives The Commish the Mandible Claw.
WWF Title Match: Ken Shamrock vs. Bret Hart- Bret Hart is tapping out from the angle lock submission but the referee was out. Match ends with a big Shawn Michaels/Bret Hart/Ken Shamrock Brawl.
Bret Hart Int
Blackjacks vs. Billy Gunn and Jesse James- After the match, Billy Gunn punches a hole in one of the Blackjacks’ hat.
Paul Bearer/Kane Interview
DX Interview- Shawn Michaels moons the camera which has Jim Ross asking “what has happened to us?” Chyna is trying to peek at Michaels’ booty.
Marc Mero vs. Flash Funk- Mero is going back to his boxing roots. I love his TKO move.
Jeff Jarrett Interview- He explains how his persona was in his early WWF days and talks about WCW. A “shoot” interview.
Savio Vega and Perez vs. Legion of Doom- With main events like this, no wonder their ratings were in the tank. Jesse James and Billy Gunn come out to put LOD’s Spike Shoulder Pads on and run off to the back.
Ahmed Johnson Int
11/3/97 Raw in Hershey, PA

Steve Austin/Ahmed Johnson Interview- Jim Ross calls Ahmed “315 pounds of bad attitude” but Ahmed is wearing a fanny pack. A bit counter productive.
Light Heavyweight Title Tournament Quarter Finals: Aguila vs. Super Loco
Goldust/Marlena Interview- Marlena is going off about how great her personal life is going but then Dustin Runnels says he “can’t do this anymore” and that it all “makes him sick”. After question himself and Marlena, he walks out on Marlena and effectively turns heel.
Bret Hart/Shawn Michaels Highlights
Ahmed Johnson/Kane/Mankind Brawl
Steve Austin Interview- Austin was supposed to wrestle Ahmed Johnson but since Kane put a stop to that, Austin says he is ready to fight anybody. The Nation come out to brawl with Austin and Kama receives the Stone Cold Stunner.
DX Interview- Without a doubt, one of their best and funniest skits/interviews that they have ever done. To try and avoid the spit from Commissioner Slobber, Michaels and Hunter put on helmets with windshield wipers. I love it.
Savio Vega vs. Marc Mero- Michael Cole tries to interview Sable after the match but Mero cuts it off saying that if Cole wants to interview somebody, then interview him.
Dog Collar Match: Vader vs. British Bulldog- A fan from the crowd comes in to help out Vader. It’s… It’s… It’s Steve Blackman!!! Steve’s grand WWF debut.
Jose and Jesus vs. Road Dogg and Billy Gunn
Ken Shamrock vs. Shawn Michaels- Good match. Ends in the obvious DQ as Michaels taps out to the angle lock submission but the referee is distracted. The rest of DX comes in to attack Shamrock as HHH gives Shamrock the Pedigree on top of Rick Rude’s briefcase.
11/10/97 Raw in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Night After Survivor Series.

DX/Ken Shamrock/Commissioner Slaughter Interview- The next night after Bret Hart’s screw-job at Survivor Series ’97, this is the debut of DX’s music. Your usual funny DX interview.
Marc Mero vs. Ahmed Johnson
Light Heavyweight Title Tournament Quarter Finals: Taka Michinoku vs. Devon Storm
Goldust/Vader Interview
Headbangers vs. Recon and Sniper- The Jackyl does commentary during the match.
Steve Austin/Rocky Maivia Interview- Rocky challenges Austin in the feud that really put Rocky on the map.
Boricuas/Steve Blackman Brawl- A brawl in a weak attempt to get Blackman over. Obviously it didn’t work.
Road Dogg Int
No DQ: Road Dogg and Billy Gunn vs. Blackjack Bradshaw
Jeff Jarrett Interview- Another one of his “shoot” interviews.
Butterbean/Marc Mero Interview
Kama vs. Undertaker- After the match, Paul Bearer with Kane cuts a promo on Undertaker, telling Taker to face his younger brother.
Ken Shamrock vs. HHH- Once again, an important match ends in a DQ with the rest of DX at ringside.
11/17/97 Raw in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada

Steve Austin Interview- Rocky Maivia comes out and steals the IC Title belt when Austin was distracted by the other members of The Nation.
Marc Mero vs. Jerry Lawler- Brian Christopher is trying to hit on Sable.
Vince McMahon Interview- Part 1 of his interview with Jim Ross on why he did what he did to Bret Hart at the Survivor Series.
Savio Vega and Miguel Perez vs. Road Dogg and Billy Gunn- Road Dogg and Billy Gunn still have no entrance music.
Ken Shamrock Highlights
Max Mini, Nova, and Taurus vs. El Torito, Battalion, and Tarantula- Match ends when Kane comes down to beat everybody up.
DX/Commissioner Slaughter Interview- DX attacks Commissioner Slaughter.
Light Heavyweight Title Tournament Quarter Finals: Scott Taylor vs. Eric Shelly
Marc Mero Interview- It turns into a Marc Mero/Butterbean Brawl.
Vince McMahon Interview- Part 2 of his interview about Bret Hart.
Vader/Goldust Interview
Commissioner Slaughter Interview- Announces to HHH that they are going to wrestle at the next PPV, Degeneration-X.
Rocky Maivia vs. Dude Love- Rocky cuts a promo before the match with Austin’s IC Title belt over his shoulder. Steve Austin comes out but Rocky leaves before Austin can get his belt back.
11/24/97 Raw in Fayetteville, NC

DX Interview- Shawn Michaels says that he and Bret Hart will be in the same ring together later in the show. Harvey Whippleman came out before the rest of DX, posing as Rick Rude, who took off for Dubbya See Dubbya.
Tag Team Title Match: New Age Outlaws vs. Legion of Doom- The Outlaws win the tag titles for the first time together as they finally get entrance music.
Goldust/Vader Interview- Ends up being another brawl as Goldust brings back the weird Luna.
HHH/Slaughter Highlights
Sgt. Slaughter Interview
Light Heavyweight Title Tournament Quarter Finals: Brian Christopher vs. Flanagan
DX/Jim Neidhart Interview- Shawn Michaels brings out a Bret Hart Midget and not the real thing. Jim Neidhart tells us why the rest of the Hart Foundation isn’t with him. Michaels gives Neidhart the chance to join DX. Neidhart ponders it as he goes to the back.
Butterbean Highlights
Savio Vega vs. Ken Shamrock
Rocky Maivia/Steve Austin Interview- Austin is doing his interview on the Titantron but then Rocky’s beeper goes off saying 3:16. Rocky turns around and Austin is right there. The rest of The Nation attacks Austin so Rocky is able to get away with Austin’s belt again.
Jeff Jarrett Int
Kane/Crush Brawl- Watching Kane beat everyone up is starting to get a little old.
Vader vs. Shawn Michaels- Jim Neidhart agrees to join DX but DX beat him up instead.
12/1/97 Raw in Roanoke, VA

New Age Outlaws/Legion of Doom Interview- The New Age Outlaws really start to pick up heel heat around this time.
Light Heavyweight Title Tournament Semi Finals: Aguila vs. Taka Michinoku- Sunny does her usual guest ring announcer thing here as she is wearing a sassy pink dress.
Luna/Goldust Interview
Elimination Match: Chains vs. D-Lo Brown vs. Perez vs. Recon- Huge Brawl breaks out between all 4 factions.
DX Interview- Shawn Michaels sits in a wheel chair as HHH twists his ankle about 10 times to show that Michaels is ready for Ken Shamrock’s submission.
Rocky Maivia vs. Vader- Steve Austin drives his truck through the crowd and has a few beers.
Ken Shamrock Highlights
Light Heavyweight Title Tournament Semi Finals: Scott Taylor vs. Brian Christopher- Match never happens as Kane with Paul Bearer comes down to attack Scott Taylor. Bearer does another interview after the attack.
Jeff Jarrett/Ahmed Johnson/Commissioner Slaughter Interview- Jarrett doesn’t want to wrestle Ahmed because he believes that Ahmed is below him so Slaughter comes out and says that on Sunday, Jarrett will face The Undertaker.
Headbangers vs. New Age Outlaws- Legion of Doom come out and cause this to be a short match. LOD and Headbangers argue.
Marc Mero Interview- Crowd is chanting “Sable Sable” almost the entire time as he is bashing her for “making her a star”. There were actually 4 things that made Sable a star; her face, her body, and her big….
HHH vs. Jim Neidhart- Neidhart jobs to HHH to get his WWF release and join Bret Hart and The Bulldog in WCW. Ken Shamrock comes down and has Michaels (still sucking on his sucker) tapping out to the ankle lock submission while Commissioner Slaughter has HHH in his Cobra Clutch.
12/8/97 Raw in Portland, ME, Night After IYH Degeneration X

Vince McMahon/Steve Austin Interview- Vince wants Austin to tone down his language.
Legion of Doom vs. Godwinns- Kane gives his Piledriver to Hawk and leaves. The New Age Outlaws come out to attack LOD some more.
New Age Outlaws Interview
Billy Gunn vs. Dude Love- This started Mick Foley’s feud with the Outlaws.
Rocky Maivia Int
Taka Michinoku/Jerry Lawler Interview- Jerry Lawler and Brian Christopher jump Taka in the ring.
Flash Funk vs. Kurrgan- Jackyl does commentary again.
Ken Shamrock Int
DX Interview- Shawn Michaels mentions that Owen Hart is a tiny nugget that will never flush down. The beginning of his nugget chants. DX plays strip poker outside the ring, even during the next match which is…
Boricuas vs. DOA- The Headbangers come in to break up DX’s party but get beat up until Owen Hart comes in as well.
Jeff Jarrett vs. Vader- Match never happens as Goldust comes out to “flash” Vader. Vader chases Goldust to the back.
Butterbean Int
Salvatore Sincere vs. Marc Mero- Mero has Sable come out in a potato sack. Sable takes it off to reveal a little-to-the-imagination attire as Mero gets counted out, trying to cover Sable up while taking her to the back. Jim Ross said that it took the referee 30 seconds to execute his 10 count.
IC Title Match: Rocky Maivia vs. Steve Austin- Steve Austin forfeits the IC title to Rocky, saying that he wants to go after bigger fish, like the WWF Title. Well, handing over a title kind of cheapens the belt, doesn’t it? After Austin gives The Rock the belt, Austin stuns him.
12/15/97 Raw in Durham, NH

Undertaker/Paul Bearer Interview- Undertaker is going to wrestle Shawn Michaels again at the 1998 Royal Rumble in a casket Match (one of my favorite matches).
Jerry Lawler vs. Taka Michinoku
Legion of Doom Int
Rocky Maivia/Steve Austin Interview- The Rock needs to stop wearing that dumb Fanny pack!
Dude Love vs. Road Dogg- After the match, Billy Gunn and Road Dogg attack Dude Love up the ramp. They throw a referee into Foley, knocking him off the stage area and he lands, going through a table.
Mark Henry vs. Brooklyn Brawler- Mark Henry makes his wrestling debut and wins with a Bear Hug.
Vince/Owen Hart Interview- Owen returns to Raw and is receiving some good face reaction from the crowd.
Tom Brandi vs. The Sultan- Marc Mero comes out to attack Brandi.
Rocky Maivia/Steve Austin Interview- Famous scene where Austin throws the IC Title belt into a river.
Vince McMahon Interview- Vince says no more “Good guys vs. Bad guys” and that Raw is the Cure for the Common Show. He says parents may need to watch Raw with their kids due to his “live nature” but Livewire and Superstars on weekend mornings don’t need supervision.
Steve Blackman vs. Jose- Los Boricuas come out to their entrance rap song. All I remember was, “Something something something… Hands up high! Something something something. Touch the Sky!”
Shawn Michaels/HHH Int- So how do they decide who is going to go after Owen Hart and try to put him out of the WWF like the rest of the Hart Foundation members? By the same way they do on every other big decision they have to make during their career. “Rock, Paper, Scissors?” You bet! HHH wins.
Shawn Michaels and HHH vs. Legion of Doom- DX and the New Age Outlaws all jump LOD at the end.
12/22/97 Raw in Lowell, MA

DX/Commissioner Interview- DX comes out in their robes, wearing mistletoe on their shorts. Slaughter says that Michaels hasn’t defended his European title in over 60 says (well who’s fault is that Slaughter, you make the matches!) so he has Michaels and HHH face each other later in the show.
Headbangers vs. Godwinns
Mankind/New Age Outlaws Highlights
Mankind Int
Steve Austin Interview- Austin stuns a fake Santa Clause and luckily not the real one. Phew.
Rocky Maivia vs. Undertaker- Kane comes out to punk Undertaker since Taker won’t fight back.
Owen Hart/HHH/Shawn Michaels Segment- Owen Hart attacks HHH as Hunter was making his way to the ring.
New Age Outlaws Backstage Segment
Scott Taylor vs. Marc Mero- Mero has Sable dressed in a reindeer outfit.
HHH/Chyna Int
Kurrgan vs. 8 Ball
New Age Outlaws Backstage Segment
Ken Shamrock vs. D-Lo Brown- Rocky Maivia comes out at the end and challenges Ken Shamrock to an IC Title Match at the Royal Rumble.
Shawn Michaels/Chyna Int
New Age Outlaws/Mankind Brawl
Goldust/Luna Interview- Vader comes in to stop The Gold One’s nonsense.
European Title Match: HHH vs. Shawn Michaels- Not really a match. HHH just bounces from rope to rope as Shawn “gives” HHH his European Title, killing a tease of a DX split.
12/29/97 Raw in Long Island, NY, Tracking line at the bottom of this Raw Episode

Goldust/Steve Austin Interview- Steve Austin calls Goldust a piece of crap so he throws him in “Crapper 3:16″.
Los Boricuas vs. DOA- These guys must fight almost every show.
DX/Commission Slaughter Interview- Shawn Michaels comes down in a casket as he and HHH crack some jokes about Chyna’s new breasts. I miss this DX!!! They continue to make fun of Slaughter.
Kama vs. Ken Shamrock- After Shamrock wins, Rocky Maivia comes out and says that next week, Shamrock will face Faarooq. Faarooq wasn’t too happy about that. “Kama… D-Lo. Know your role. Faarooq. Let’s go”.
Vince McMahon Int
Jerry Lawler and Brian Christopher vs. Taka Michinoku and George “the animal” Steele- The dude who eats turnbuckles.
New Age Outlaws/Dude Love/Mankind/Cactus Jack Interview- Cactus Jack is back.
Cactus Jack vs. New Age Outlaws- The debut of Chainsaw Charlie AKA Terry Funk as he becomes Cactus Jack’s tag team partner.
Sable/Marc Mero Interview- Tom Brandi tries to help Sable but Mero beats him up.
DOA/Kane/Undertaker Brawl- Chainz calls out Kane because his gang and a few others are tired of getting beat up by him every weeks. Kane comes down and then Undertaker helps Kane fight them off. Are they together now?
New Age Outlaws/Chainsaw Charlie Segment
Jim Cornette Interview- “Where’s the Wrestling?”
WWF Title Match: Owen Hart vs. Shawn Michaels- A rarity at this time, a WWF Title Match. It ends when HHH breaks his crutch on Owen Hart, who had Michaels in the Sharp Shooter. But over my seven years teaching online, i’ve found innovative https://www.order-essay-online.net/ ways to connect with my students, including live synchronous classroom sessions

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