Raw 98

1/5/98 Raw in New Haven, CT

Steve Austin Int- Austin says he strikes first against everybody who is in the Royal Rumble match.
Ken Shamrock vs. Faarooq- Steve Austin comes in the give the stunner to Shamrock and The Rock.
Jeff Jarrett vs. Barry Windham- Jim Cornette brings out the NWA Heavyweight Belt to try and bring back wrestling. Steve Austin comes out to Stun Jarrett.
Ken Shamrock Int
Sniper and Recon vs. Skull and 8 Ball
HHH/Owen Hart Interview- Shawn Michaels is looking at Chyna’s new breasts.
Owen Hart vs. Savio Vega- DX watches on the stage area. Los Boricuas beat up on Owen Hart and bring Owen up to HHH for Hunter to mock him some.
Paul Bearer Interview- Paul says that he can’t find Kane anywhere.
Steve Austin/Mark Henry Segment- Austin Stuns Henry in the back.
Marc Mero vs. Tom Brandi- Steve Austin stuns Mero as Sable is smiling at Austin.
Goldust vs. Flask Funk- Vader helps Flash Funk out.
Steve Blackman Highlights
New Age Outlaws vs. Headbangers- Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie come out at the end.
Don King Interview- Don King says that Mike Tyson will be at Wrestlemania 14 in some way.
Hell In A Cell Highlights- Highlights from the Shawn Michaels/Undertaker match at In Your House Badd Blood a few months ago.
Shawn Michaels Interview- Michaels calls out Undertaker as Taker pulls Michaels into the casket to close the show.
1/12/98 Raw in State College, PA

DX Int
Truth Commission vs. Godwinns vs. Headbangers vs. New Age Outlaws
Legion of Doom Highlights
Steve Austin Interview- Austin draws a target on himself.
Kurrgan vs. Jimmy Cicero and Lance Diamond
DX/Owen Hart Backstage Segment- Owen Hart attacks DX in their limo.
Marc Mero vs. Vader- Goldust comes out dressed like Sable.
DX Backstage Segment, Vader/Steve Austin Backstage Segment
Rocky Maivia and D-Lo Brown vs. Ken Shamrock and Mark Henry- Mark Henry turns heel here and joins The Nation.
Rocky Maivia Int
DX/Owen Hart Interview
DOA vs. Rock and Roll Express
Cactus Jack Interview
Goldust vs. Mankind- Goldust comes out dressed up like Dude Love. Steve Austin comes out and Stuns both of them.
Vince McMahon Int
Savio Vega and Jesus vs. Taka Michinoku and Scott Taylor- Owen Hart gets some revenge on Los Boricuas.
DX Interview- I love when DX made fun of Michael Cole. Michaels keeps turning his head, smacking Cole in the face with his braided hair and says that Kane is now a member of DX but Undertaker comes out instead, only to get superkicked. Kane makes the save.
Royal Rumble Drawing- Turns into a big brawl in the ring, mainly everybody attacking Steve Austin.
1/19/98 Raw in Fresno, CA, Night After Royal Rumble
Paul Bearer Interview- Paul Bearer is pleased of the results from last night.
DX Interview
DOA vs. Faarooq, D-Lo Brown, and Kama- All hell breaks loose when Ken Shamrock and Ahmed Johnson come in to brawl/
Tom Brandi vs. Marc Mero
DX Backstage Segment, Mike Tyson Arrives
Chainsaw Charlie and Cactus Jack vs. The Quebecers.
DX Backstage Segment
Jeff Jarrett vs. Bradshaw- The heel turn heard around the world that would effect us all for year and year to come. Barry Windham turns on Bradshaw.
DX Interview- It looked like it was the Undertaker coming down from the sky but it was good ol’ HBK.
Mike Tyson/Sunny/Legion of Doom Int
Los Boricuas vs. Headbangers, Taka Michinoku, and Owen Hart
Nation/Mike Tyson Int
Rocky Maivia vs. Ahmed Johnson- Ken Shamrock comes in to run the Nation off.
Mike Tyson/DX Int
Tag Team Title Match: Godwinns vs. New Age Outlaws
Vince McMahon/Mike Tyson/Steve Austin Interview- They are about to announce something for Wrestlemania but Steve Austin comes in to tell Tyson off. He then flips him off which leads to a huge brawl in the ring which received plenty of media attention.
1/26/98 Raw in Davis, CA

Ken Shamrock vs. Mark Henry
Undertaker/Kane History Highlights
Jeff Jarrett and Barry Windham vs. Legion of Doom
DX Interview- Shawn Michaels wants to referee a match instead of defending his title at Wrestlemania.
Goldust vs. Vader- Goldust comes out dressed up like Vader. Kane comes in to chokeslam Vader.
Cactus Jack/Chainsaw Charlie Int
New Age Outlaws vs. Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie
Pantera vs. Brian Christopher
DX/Cactus Jack/Chainsaw Charlie/New Age Outlaws Backstage Segment/Brawl
Headbangers vs. The Quebecers
European Title Match: Owen Hart vs. HHH- Goldust comes out dressed up like HHH, “Hunter Dust”. Goldust loses the match so Commissioner Slaughter rules that HHH loses his title to Owen.
Don King Int
Steve Austin Interview
2/2/98 Raw in Indianapolis, IN

DX State of the Union Interview- Infamous interview where DX says that they have been getting in trouble for what they have been doing so they run down a list of what they can and can’t do with a bunch of words being beeped out.
DX/Steve Austin Interview- DX campaign to try and get Steve Austin and Mike Tyson fight. “Let them fight!”. Steve Austin breaks up their fun.
Hardcore Match: Chainsaw Charlie vs. Cactus Jack- Another famous scene where The New Age Outlaws push Foley and Funk, who are in a dumpster, off of the stage.
DX/New Age Outlaws Segment- DX tells the Outlaws that they did a great job after a very dramatic scene.
European Title Match: Billy Gunn vs. Owen Hart- HHH comes out to Pedigree Owen on the stage ramp. Outlaws and DX were going to throw Owen off the stage but officials made the save.
Mosh vs. Marc Mero- After Sable takes off Mero’s robe, Mero tells her to go to the back.
Barry Windham/Bradshaw Int, Tiger Ali Singh Int
Faarooq vs. Chainz
Barry Windham and Jeff Jarrett vs. Bradshaw and Flash Funk- Rock N Roll Express come in to help their heel buddies beat up on the faces.
Kane/Vader Interview/Brawl- Vader puts Kane’s fire out (pun intended) with a fire extinguisher.
Road Dogg vs. Steve Austin- Billy Gunn tries his hand at speaking during their ring entrance. Shawn Michaels and HHH come out to tie Austin in the ropes. Michaels tells Austin that’s he isn’t getting the title and puts the title into his face. Chainsaw Charlie and Cactus Jack come run and ruin the entire night by having us think that they were really injured.
2/9/98 Raw in Evansville, IN

Sunny Segment- Sunny dresses up like Marilyn Monroe and sings Happy Birthday to Freddie Blassie.
Steve Austin/DX Interview- Steve Austin stole Michaels’ WWF Title and tells him to come get it back.
Legion of Doom vs. Jeff Jarrett and Barry Windham- Sunny does the ring announcing for this, dressed up in a sexy pink dress.
Henry Godwinn vs. Pierre
Chyna/Boricuas Int- Chyna is looking for Austin and breaks out her Spanish to see if they will help.
Brain Christopher and Pantera vs. Taka Michinoku and Aguila
Kane/Paul Bearer Interview
Ken Shamrock and Chainz vs. Faarooq and The Rock
Wrestlemania Press Conference- Clips were shown involving Mike Tyson, Steve Austin, and Shawn Michaels. Tyson tells Austin to try being nice to people.
Chyna Backstage Segment
Steve Blackman vs. Recon- Jackyl comes down and cuts and interview that doesn’t make much sense. “Intellectual Intercourse”
New Age Outlaws Interview- They make fun of what they did last week with the dumpster. JR said this isn’t a way to get them over. It sure as hell did get them over though.
Chyna/Boricuas/Steve Austin Backstage Segment
Thrasher vs. “Marilyn Dust” (Goldust)- Luna and Sable begin slapping at each other at ringside.
DX Interview- Steve Austin comes into the ring as DX and The New Age Outlaws surround the ring. Chainsaw Charlie, Cactus Jack, and Owen Hart hit the ring as well but Shawn Michaels gets his belt back.
2/16/98 Raw in Dallas, TX, Night After No Way Out
Legion of Doom vs. Quebecers
Chyna Video
Ken Shamrock vs. Sniper
Truth Commission Int
Marc Mero/Sable Interview- Somebody sent Sable flowers. Who??
Jim Cornette Interview- He tries to tell us how great his NWA is.
NWA Tag Team Title Match: Headbangers vs. Rock n Roll Express
Steve Austin Interview
European Title Match: Jeff Jarrett vs. Owen Hart- Owen puts the Sharp Shooter on Jim Cornette.
Michael PS Hayes/Kane Segment
Brain Christopher and Pirata Morgan vs. Taka Michinoku and Aguila
The Rock Interview- The Rock gives Faarooq a poster of himself yet he gives the rest of The Nation gold Rolex watches.
Faarooq vs. Steve Blackman
D-Lo Brown Int
Marc Mero and Goldust vs. Chainsaw Charlie and Cactus Jack
2/23/98 Raw in Waco, TX

Tag Team Title Match: Legion of Doom vs. New Age Outlaws- LOD fight after the match as it looks like the end might be nearing.
Ken Shamrock vs. Jeff Jarrett
LOD Backstage Brawl
DOA vs. The Truth Commission and Kurrgan
DX Interview- They conduct the interview from Shawn Michaels’ home.
Taka Michinoku vs. Barry Windham- After Taka is laid out in the ring, Kane with Paul Bearer comes to the ring to give Taka a chokeslam and then a tombstone before Bearer cuts a promo.
New Age Outlaws/Cactus Jack/Chainsaw Charlie Backstage Segment
“Dusty Dust” vs. Bradshaw- Goldust dresses up like his father, Dusty Rhodes. He was pretty funny doing this impersonation.
Steve Blackman vs. The Rock
Luna Int
NWA Tag Team Title Match: Headbangers vs. Rock n Roll Express
Steve Austin Video/Highlights
European Title Match: Marc Mero vs. Owen Hart- Sable and Luna brawl to end the show.
3/2/98 Raw in Cleveland, OH

DX/Steve Austin Interview
Mike Tyson Arrives
New Age Outlaws vs. DOA- Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie come out of the dumpster that was sitting at ringside.
Tom Brandi vs. Marc Mero- Mero/Sable/Goldust/Luna brawl afterwards.
European Title Match: Mark Henry vs. Owen Hart- Chyna causes a DQ.
Rock n Roll Express and Barry Windham vs. Headbangers and Taka Michinoku
Vince/Mike Tyson/DX Interview- Is Shawn Michaels and Mike Tyson going to fight? No. Michaels rips off Tyson’s shirt and reveals a DX shirt underneath. Mike Tyson is now part of DX.
DX Backstage Celebration
Steve Blackman vs. Kama- The Nation, including The Rock comes in to jump Blackman at the end. Ken Shamrock comes in to make the save.
Jeff Jarrett vs. Flash Funk- The return of the Double J gimmick as he leaves his horrible NWA gimmick. He also has a new promoter, Tennessee Lee.
DX/Mike Tyson Int
LOD History Video
Kane vs. Steve Austin- Match never happens. As Austin comes to the ring, he is superkicked by Shawn Michaels. I loved it.
Kane/Paul Bearer Interview- The awesome return of the Undertaker. Well Done. Undertaker will be facing his brother at WM.
3/9/98 Raw in Wheeling, WV

Faarooq and The Rock vs. Ken Shamrock and Steve Blackman
DX Interview
European Title Match: Barry Windham vs. Owen Hart- HHH commentates at ringside.
Paul Bearer/Kane Int
Aguila vs. Brian Christopher
Steve Austin Interview- Austin calls out Vince McMahon in a very long interview but one of Austin’s better ones. I really want to knock Austin for wearing a Fanny Pack but he is a redneck so I guess I’ll let it slide.
Quebecers vs. Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie- After the match, Road Dogg distracts the Hardcore duo while Billy Gunn nails Terry Funk with a chair.
Kane/Paul Bearer Interview- Undertaker plays mind games with Kane as he appears and then disappears.
Goldust vs. Marc Mero- Sable and Luna are tied to the ringpost but Goldust frees Luna, allowing Luna to attack Sable. Jerry Lawler, while on commentary, said that his hormones are jumping in his pants.
Goldust/Luna Int- They challenge Sable and Marc Mero to a match at Wrestlemania.
Mike Tyson Highlights/Interview- “You gotta get wit da program, man”.
Savio Vega vs. HHH- Match never happens. Steve Austin interferes right away to get a piece of HHH, only to turn around and receive more Sweet Chin Music, courtesy of Shawn Michaels.
3/16/98 Raw in Phoenix, AZ

Ken Shamrock/The Rock Interview
Ken Shamrock vs. D-Lo Brown- The Rock comes in and absolutely nails Shamrock with a chair, one of the sickest chair shots that I have ever seen.
Ken Shamrock Backstage Segment
Sable Int, Phoenix Suns Gorilla Segment
Tom Brandi vs. Double J
The Rock Int
Shawn Michaels Highlights Video- A video of his recent past couple of years. I loved this video as it showed many of his superkick highlights and various appearance on a variety of TV shows.
Kane/Phoenix Gorilla Segment- Kane chokeslams The Phoenix Gorilla
Headbangers vs. Rock n Roll Express- After the match, Jim Cornette debuts his New Midnight Express, made up of “Bombastic Bob” and “Bodacious Bart”. In English, that’s Bob Holly and Bart Gunn. After Cornette’s speech, they attack the Rock n Roll Express.
Chainsaw Charlie vs. Billy Gunn- Funk and Cactus Jack hang Road Dogg by his feet, who was talking on a live mic during the match.
Luna Int
Vince McMahon Interview- “Do you want Austin as the WWF champion?” Vince says, “It’s not just a no but a OH HELL NO!!!”
Mike Tyson Video- X-Pac’s music came from Mike Tyson’s video.
Steve Austin Video- Another good video hyping up the main event at Wrestlemania.
European Title Match: HHH vs. Owen Hart- Not even supposed to be a match and wasn’t much of one either. HHH challenges Owen who is injured to a title match and takes the title very quickly.
Sable/Luna Brawl- Kane comes to the ring where Sable is all alone but the Undertaker distracts him.
3/23/98 Raw in Tuscon, AZ

Steve Austin Interview- Austin stuns Commissioner Slaughter.
Quebecers vs. Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie- The New Age Outlaws are having a tea party or something on the stage during the match but then come in to brawl after.
Double J vs. Steve Blackman- Blackman loses for the first time in the WWF
DX/Mike Tyson Int, Undertaker Int
Kane/Paul Bearer Interview- Kane sets things on fire in the arena. Pretty cool segment, although gimmicky. He also a camera man on fire.
DOA vs. New Midnight Express- Many WWF teams come to ringside and eventually fill up the ring to a huge brawl.
DX Interview- Little did we know, this was HBK’s last Raw is War as an active wrestler. Your usual interview before a PPV by DX. “You will Heart Break, I will Heart Break.” – Mike Tyson
Faarooq vs. Chainz- The Rock nails Faarooq with a chair.
Barry Windham vs. Bradshaw- Bradshaw finally gets his hands on Windham. Rock n Roll Express are sitting at ringside. The New Midnight Express lay a beatdown on Bradshaw after his victory.
Sable Interview- Vince Russo makes an appearance. Luna comes in and “crashes” the party. Marc Mero actually shows some concern for Sable,
The Rock vs. Steve Austin- Preview of the main event for next years Wrestlemania. DX is in the back, watching the match. After Austin picks up the win, Shawn Michaels says he is going to turn out Austin’s lights, “for the last time”. He then acts like he is going to go after Austin but doesn’t.
3/30/98 Raw in Albany, NY, Night After Wrestlemania 14
Vince/Steve Austin Interview- Vince tries to talk to Austin about “molding” him into a respectable champion. Vince receives the Stunner for his efforts.
Legion of Doom vs. Jose and Jesus- LOD are back, so give them jobbers to fight to make them look tough. Sunny finally has a real role as LOD’s manager.
Kurrgan vs. Chainz- Kurrgan has his death grip locked in and drags Chainz all the way to the back.
Vince backstage Segment- Vince calls the police on Austin.
Double J vs. Aguila
Vince/Steve Austin Segment- Vince has Steve Austin arrested.
Vince Int, HHH Int, The Rock Int
The Rock and Faarooq vs. Ken Shamrock and Steve Blackman- The Rock has the Nation turn on Faarooq with just the raise of his eyebrow.
HHH Interview- HHH talks about how Shawn Michaels dropped the ball. He debuts a new DX. The re-debut of Sean Walkman, once known as 1-2-3 Kid. Good interview, one of my personal favorite moments of all time.
Val Venis Promo- The first video clip for the arrival of Val Venis, the porn star.
Luna Interview- Luna challenges Sable at Unforgiven in a Bra and Panties match.
Taka Michinoku vs. Marc Mero- Three guys attack Taka from the crowd.
NWA Tag Team Title Match: New Midnight Express vs. Headbangers- Jim Cornette brings in Dan Severn to the mix.
Steve Austin Phone Int
Paul Bearer/Kane Interview- They want a rematch with Taker.
Tag Team Title, Steel Cage Match: New Age Outlaws vs. Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie- HHH, X-Pac, and Chyna come out and help the Outlaws win the titles as they are now part of the new DX. Big night.
4/6/98 Raw in Syracuse, NY

Vince Interview
Dan Severn vs. Flash Funk- Dan Severn’s WWF wrestling debut. They should have called him Dan “No Charisma” Severn.
DX Interview- After this, they are shown in the back spray painting DX on garbage cans. Did anyone notice that a year and half later, you would still see those trash cans in the back?
Brian Christopher vs. Steve Blackman- Double J smacks a guitar against the head of Blackman.
DX Segment- DX is shown in the back pissing on DOA’s bikes.
Cactus Jack Interview- He said it would be a long time before you saw Cactus Jack in the ring again.
IC Title Match: Owen Hart vs. The Rock- Before the match, The Nation is shown throwing around Faarooq in the back. During the match, Chyna hits Owen with a bat, causing a DQ.
Vince/Steve Austin Interview- Steve Austin comes out in a suit, looking like he had been transformed. Austin rips off the suit to prove Vince McMahon wrong. This is the segment where Austin and Vince had their picture taken together.
DOA Interview- They challenge DX.
Luna vs. Matt Knowles- Goldust gets involved to help Luna win.
Val Venis Promo- “Ladies, when I get up for a role, I never come down”- Venis.
Marc Mero vs. Ken Shamrock- Mero sends Sable to the back again. The Rock leads The Nation to attack Shamrock.
Undertaker/Paul Bearer Interview- Kane and Paul Bearer are shown burning Taker/Kane’s parent’s grave. Later on, Paul Bearer shows that he is the father of Kane. I don’t get it.
HHH, Road Dogg, and Billy Gunn vs. DOA- Ends in a huge brawl.
4/13/98 Raw in Philadelphia, PA

Steve Austin/Vince Interview
Chain Match: Boricuas vs. DOA- DX comes in and takes out everyone.
Vince Interview
Undertaker Interview- Taker interrupts a lightweight match to send a message to Kane.
Jim Ross/Vince Backstage Segment
Double J vs. Taka Michinoku
Steve Austin Int
Vince/Gerald Brisco/Pat Patterson Backstage Segment- Brisco and Patterson are showing Vince what to do in case Vince attacks him. Hilarious.
Faarooq/The Rock Interview- Ends in a Nation/Faarooq/Shamrock/Steve Blackman Brawl.
Terry Funk and Too Cold Scorpio vs. Quebecers- Scorpio ditches his Flash Funk gimmick and goes back to his roots.
Luna Interview- Luna calls out Sable but out comes Goldust dressed up like Sable and Luna beats him up. Funny. Then the real Sable comes in to attack Luna.
Ken Shamrock and Steve Blackman vs. New Midnight Express
Vince Int
Undertaker/Headbangers Brawl- Taker comes out to attack The Headbangers until Kane and Paul Bearer appear on stage to challenge Taker to fight Kane in the cemetery on the grave of their parents.
Val Venis Promo
DX Interview
Billy Gunn vs. Owen Hart- The rest of DX is on commentary while Legion of Doom and Sunny watch at ringside.
WWF Title Match: Vince McMahon vs. Steve Austin- Match never happens other than one slap by Vince. Dude Love comes in and puts the mandible claw on Austin.
4/20/98 Raw in Long Island, NY

Dude Love Interview
Street Fight: Kama vs. Faarooq
DX Int, Double J/Sawyer Brown Segment
DX/Legion of Doom/Commissioner Slaughter Interview- HHH shows everyone his bazooka. His water gun of course.
Dan Severn vs. Mosh
Undertaker Int, Luna Int
Goldust vs. Bradshaw
Steve Austin Interview
Terry Funk and Too Cold Scorpio vs. New Midnight Express- Dan Severn attacks Scorpio after the match.
Val Venis Promo
Sable Interview
Vince Int
HHH, Billy Gunn, and Road Dogg vs. Legion of Doom and Owen Hart
Kane/Paul Bearer Interview- They bring the caskets of their parents in the arena and burn one of them, while Kane chokeslams Undertaker into the other.
Steve Blackman vs. Dude Love- Dude Love and Steve Austin brawl. Austin tuns Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco but Vince McMahon is able to escape.
4/27/98 Raw in Hampton, VA, Night after Unforgiven

DX “Army” Segment- HHH talks to the rest of DX as they are about to “attack” WCW, who was in the same city that night. Very funny as this is one of the funniest things that DX ever did, as this turned them big time faces.
Ken Shamrock and Owen Hart vs. The Rock and Mark Henry- Match never happens. Owen attacks Shamrock from behind and turns heel again, joining The Nation.
Dude Love Interview- Done in the “Love Shack” with two fine blondes. I was never a fan of the Dude Love character.
DX Segments- They are driving their “tank” and “fire” the first shot at WCW. They then walk to the building where WCW is. Funny.
Headbangers vs. Terry Funk and Scorpio- During the end of the match, they show more clips of DX at the doorway and say what’s up to Scott Hall and Kevin Nash and label them P.O.W.C.W (prisoners of WCW).
Vince McMahon Interview
DX Segment- DX tries to go into the building that WCW is in through the back but the door closes.
Double J vs. Bradshaw
Dude Love/Vince Int
New Age Outlaws vs. DOA- The debut of HHH’s Michael Buff impersonation. The Outlaws come down in little scooters, mocking DOA.
Undertaker vs. Barry Windham- 2 punches, 1 chokeslam, and 1 tombstone wins it for the Undertaker. Poor Barry Windham never could get going in the WWF.
Undertaker/Paul Bearer/Kane Interview- Paul Bearer says that he is Kane’s father. Lame.
Goldust/Dude Love Int/Brawl
HHH Interview- Ends with Dan Severn assaulting Jim Cornette.
Steve Austin Int, Val Venis Promo
Sable/Marc Mero Interview- She challenges him to a match in 2 weeks.
Vince Int
WWF Title Match: Goldust vs. Steve Austin- Good match as Vince McMahon is attempting to screw Austin from the title again. Dude Love attempts to get involved.
5/4/98 Raw in Richmond, VA

Mick Foley/Vince McMahon/Steve Austin Interview
The Rock and Owen Hart vs. Steve Blackman and Faarooq
Gerald Brisco Segment
Edge Promo- Edge is coming! Edge’s first promo.
DX/Legion of Doom Interview
Dan Severn vs. Savio Vega
Paul Bearer/Jerry Lawler Int- The camera “accidentally” catches Bearer talking to Lawler about how he slept with Taker’s mother “right there on the kitchen floor”. He says little Taker came down the stairs one time but Bearer stopped him and it was a good thing he did because if Taker took 2 more steps, “he would have seen his mamma’s feet, one foot in New York and the other in LA”.
Jerry Lawler Apology, Sable Training Video
Marc Mero vs. Double J- Match never happens because Steve Blackman comes out to attack Double J.
Legion of Doom and DOA vs. Road Dogg, Billy Gunn, HHH, and Chyna- Chyna’s WWF wrestling debut.
Legion of Doom/DOA Brawl
Goldust vs. Kane- Undertaker comes out to attack Paul Bearer, then Kane.
Mick Foley/Terry Funk/Highlights- Good Highlights.
Val Venis/Jenna Jameson Porno Errr Promo
Hardcore Match: Terry Funk vs. Mick Foley- Steve Austin is doing commentary during the match. He was very entertaining as was the match that went all throughout the arena. At the end, Vince McMahon comes out with the “Dudettes” and starts dancing. Funny. I got two words for those two blondes that Vince came out with. “NICE ASSES”!
5/11/98 Raw in Baltimore, MD

Vince McMahon/Dude Love Interview- Vince brings out a “Corporate” Dude Love and says that he (Vince) will be the referee at the next PPV.
DX Segment- DX goes to the WCW building in Atlanta, Ga. Their funny attacks and shots at WCW continues.
Al Snow Segment- Al makes it to the WWF.
Vader vs. Barry Windham- Vader’s return after missing 3 months
Steve Austin Int
Hawk vs. Skull
DX Segment- They enter the CNN Building.
Edge Promo, Taka Michinoku/Bradshaw/Kaientai Segment
Double J vs. Faarooq
Steve Austin/Vince McMahon Interview- “You can cover up your eyes, your ears, and your mouth, but you can’t cover up your ass!” – Steve Austin.
Val Venis Promo
Sable vs. Marc Mero- Sable kicks him in the nuts and then does a “Sable Bomb” for the win.
Undertaker/Paul Bearer Interview- Taker comes out from the crowd to attack Jerry Lawler and just before he was going to give him the tombstone, Bearer with Kane comes out to cut a promo. After the promo, Taker still gives Lawler his finisher.
DX Interview- Owen Hart and the Nation come down to the ring leading to…
Owen Hart vs. HHH- DX and The Nation brawl.
Dustin Rhodes Interview- Dustin “burns” his Goldust character, saying there will never be the Goldust character again.
Terry Funk and Too Cold Scorpio vs. Kaientai- Bradshaw and Taka Michinoku help fend off Kaientai.
Vince Int, Al Snow Int, The Rock Int
The Rock and D-Lo Brown vs. Steve Austin and Vince McMahon- Vince just stands on the ring apron and never helps Steve Austin out. Dude Love comes out to attack Austin which would lead to a big brawl.
5/18/98 Raw in Nashville, TN

Vince/Dude Love/Dustin Runnels Interview
Jerry Lawler Segment
Too Cold Scorpio vs. Val Venis- The WWF debut of Val Venis
Steve Austin Segment
Steve Austin/Vince/Gerald Brisco/Pat Patterson Interview
Edge Promo
Sable/Marc Mero Interview
Marc Mero vs. Terry Funk
Jerry Lawler Segment
Chainz and Skull vs. Legion of Doom
Jerry Lawler/Al Snow Segment
Dustin Runnels vs. Dude Love
Steve Austin/Vince Segments- Austin is once again arrested. How many times did he get arrested in 1998?
Headbangers vs. Kaientai
Paul Bearer/Kane Segment
DX Interview
Tag Team Title Match: The Rock and Owen Hart vs. New Age Outlaws
Steve Austin Int
Paul Bearer/Kane Segment- Paul Bearer proves that Kane is his son. Undertaker comes out but gets beat up until Vader comes out to make the save.
Street Fight: Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson vs. Steve Austin- Dude Love and Vince McMahon come in to beat up on Austin.
5/25/98 Raw in Chattanooga, TN

Vince/Steve Austin Interview- Vince McMahon has his cops with him again but slips when he says he ‘assaulted’ Austin. Austin says because he was assaulted, Vince should be arrested so Vince’s cops arrests Vince and the Stooges.
DOA vs. Legion of Doom and Darren Drozdov- LOD debut “Puke” Darren Drozdov.
Vince/Steve Austin Segment
Owen Hart vs. Dan Severn- The Nation, including The Rock, attack Dan Severn.
Golga vs. Thrasher- Jackyl debuts The Oddities.
Vince/Steve Austin Segment
Double J vs. Vader- Kane comes out to brawl with Vader.
Vince/Steve Austin Segment- Vince apologizes to Austin. Austin says he accepts it and pats Vince on the head saying that he’s a good kid. Funny.
Vince Interview
DX Segment- DX is shown taking off in an airplane. Later in the show, it shows HHH leaving smoke signs in the air over a WCW building.
Al Snow/Jerry Lawler Segment
Dick Togo vs. Taka Michinoku
DX Segment
Marc Mero vs. Faarooq- After the match, Mero makes a deal with Sable to free her if Mero loses to whom ever she picks to face him at Over The Edge. If Mero wins, she has to leave the WWF.
The Rock vs. HHH
Undertaker vs. Steve Austin- Match never happens. Taker chokeslams Vince McMahon then Kane runs down and the two brawl. Austin slams a chair into the face of Dude Love
6/1/98 Raw in Chicago, IL

Mick Foley/Vince McMahon Interview- Foley gives a face interview. “The only reason I haven’t fired Steve Austin is because he makes me richer”! Classic line from Vince. Vince “fires” Dude Love.
Street Fight: Legion of Doom vs. DOA- The brawl takes place in the back but ends when Undertaker says it does.
Val Venis vs. Papi Chulo
Undertaker/Vince McMahon Interview- Taker says it’s about time he gets a WWF Title shot as he is dressed in sweats. Vince makes a number one contender’s match for tonight with Taker going against Kane.
DX/Super Soaker Segment
KOTR Qualifying Match: Steve Blackman vs. Marc Mero- Mero debuts Jacqueline.
Steve Austin Highlights, Edge Promo
Elimination Match: HHH and New Age Outlaws vs. Owen Hart, The Rock, and D-Lo Brown- Ken Shamrock returns to attack Owen Hart.
KOTR Qualifying Match: Faarooq vs. Jeff Jarrett- The debut of Southern Justice, (or the return of the repackaged Godwinns.
Vince McMahon Video
Taka Michinoku vs. Funaki
Paul Bearer/Kane Int
KOTR Qualifying Match: Mark Henry vs. Terry Funk
Kane vs. Undertaker- Kane wins to become the number one contender to the WWF Title, with the help of the returning, Mankind. Mankind and Undertaker brawl. Vince McMahon and Steve Austin are on commentary during this.
6/8/98 Raw in Rockford, IL

RIP Junkyard Dog
Vince McMahon Interview
KOTR Qualifying Match: Ken Shamrock vs. Kama- Dan Severn comes out to help Shamrock fend off the Nation again.
DX in New York Segment
Marc Mero and Double J vs. Faarooq and Steve Blackman
DX in New York Segment
KOTR Qualifying Match: Owen Hart vs. Too Cold Scorpio
Darren Drozdov vs. Chainz- Undertaker comes out in a “foul” mood and puts an end to this match.
DX/Legion of Doom/DOA/Commissioner Slaughter Interview
Undertaker Backstage Segment, Edge Promo
Vader vs. Mark Henry- Undertaker puts an end to this match as well.
KOTR Qualifying Match: D-Lo Brown vs. Dan Severn
Sable Music Video
Dustin Runnels vs. Val Venis- And… Undertaker puts an end to this match too.
DX Super Soaker Segment
Tag Team Title Match: DOA vs. Legion of Doom vs. New Age Outlaws.
Al Snow/Jerry Lawler Segment
Vince McMahon Segment- He is presented the Humanitarian of the Year Award. Mankind and Kane come out and attack Steve Austin from behind.
6/15/98 Raw in San Antonio, TX

Sable/Vince McMahon/Steve Austin/Undertaker/Paul Bearer Interview- Didn’t Sable get a going away video last week?
KOTR Qualifying Match: Vader vs. The Rock
DX “Dropping Knowledge” Segments
Edge Promo
Double J vs. Darren Drozdov
DX Segment
Val Venis vs. Chainz
Undertaker Int- Kevin Kelly asks Taker how can he trust Austin. “How can you trust anybody that lives by the theory, ‘you can’t trust anybody’”? Good point.
DX Int
Marc Mero vs. Dustin Runnels- Double J does commentary.
DX Int, Dustin Rhodes Int
KOTR Qualifying Match: X-Pac vs. HHH- Owen Hart gets involved.
Jerry Lawler/Al Snow Interview
Steve Austin Int
Ken Shamrock and Dan Severn vs. Owen Hart and Mark Henry- Ends with a brawl involving DX, The Nation, The Rock, and Vader.
Tag Team Royal Rumble Match- Mankind and Kane win giving them the number one contender spot for the tag titles.
Hell in a Cell: Mankind and Kane vs. Steve Austin and Undertaker- Match really never happens but a brawl breaks out and Undertaker is beating the hell out of Paul Bearer.
6/22/98 Raw in Austin, TX

Vince/Kane Interview- Kane speaks for the first time “in some twenty years”. He uses one of those fancy voice box thingies.
KOTR Quarter Finals Match: Ken Shamrock vs. Mark Henry- Edge is in the crowd, looking on and is shown throughout the show.
DX Super Soaker Commercial
Dustin Runnels vs. X-Pac- Hey Dustin, go back to Goldust. You’re a boring character and have no charisma! … Or was that the point?
Paul Bearer Int
Jerry Lawler/Al Snow Interview
KOTR Quarter Finals Match: Marc Mero vs. Double J- Sable comes out just long enough to distract Mero.
Road Dogg vs. Kane- Like Kane is going to lose this match, right before he main events a PPV.
Paul Bearer/Undertaker Segment
Jose Estrada vs. Edge- Edge’s WWF Wrestling debut. Edge does a somersault out of the ring onto Jose and legitimately injures him. What a black eye on what should have been an impressive debut.
Kane/Mankind Segment
KOTR Quarter Finals Match: Owen Hart vs. Dan Severn- X-Pac nails Owen with a chair and it would lead to a big brawl with DX and The Nation.
KOTR Quarter Finals Match: The Rock vs. HHH
Mankind/Kane Segment
Mankind vs. Billy Gunn
Steve Austin/Kane Interview- Kane drops what is supposed to be blood from the ceiling on top of Austin to set up their First Blood Match at King Of The Ring.
6/29/98 Raw in Cleveland, OH, Night After King Of The Ring

Vince/Kane/Steve Austin Interview- Kane gives Austin a rematch for the WWF title later in the show.
Steven Regal vs. Darren Drozdov- Regal’s WWF debut. Sable does commentary.
Ken Shamrock/Owen Hart/HHH Interview- An interview with 3 of the last 5 King of the Ring winners.
Brawl For All: Marc Mero vs. Steve Blackman- I thought Marc Mero would do well in this. This was the first match of the controversial Brawl for All tournament. The first several weeks were legit matches where the wrestlers weren’t faking anything. It didn’t end that way sadly though.
Kane/Paul Bearer Int
Val Venis vs. Dick Togo- Dustin Runnels does commentary while after the match, Venis sees an Asian girl and starts making moves on her. Edge is looking on again. Don’t hurt anybody this week, Edge! oh wait, too soon?
HHH vs. Owen Hart vs. Ken Shamrock- “King of Kings” match as they called it. The Rock hits HHH with a title belt while Owen has the figure four around the ringpost ala Bret Hart on Shamrock.
Undertaker/Vince Interview- Undertaker says he helped out Kane win the title at KOTR because he didn’t want Kane to set himself on fire.
Brawl For All: Mark Canterbury vs. Bradshaw
Legion of Doom/Paul Ellering Interview- LOD bring out their old manager, Paul Ellering but Ellering turns on LOD and is teaming up with DOA.
Undertaker Int
WWF Title Match: Steve Austin vs. Kane- So Kane, how does it feel to be the champion for only 24 hours? All because you were stupid enough to give Austin a rematch. After the match, Undertaker enters the ring but gets Stunned by Austin.
7/6/98 Raw in State College, PA

Undertaker/Steve Austin/Vince Interview- Undertaker calls out Austin for a WWF Title match. Vince of course doesn’t allow it to happen.
Brawl For All: Brakkus vs. Savio Vega- Savio landed all sorts of punches as Brakkus looked horrible.
Double J vs. Ken Shamrock- King Mable jumps Shamrock during the match. Where did this scrub come from?
Ken Shamrock Int
Vader vs. Bradshaw- Kane and Mankind interrupt the match and attack Vader and Bradshaw.
Terry Funk vs. D-Lo Brown- Undertaker comes out to chokeslam D-Lo, Kama, and Terry Funk.
Vince Interview- Announces to Kane, Undertaker, and Mankind that the number one contender for the WWF title would be the winner of the triple threat match later in the show.
Brawl For All: Hawk vs. Droz
Jacqueline/Sable Interview- They exchange some words and lay out a challenge for a bikini contest at Fully Loaded. Sable uses one of the worst lines she has ever said and one that I will never forget. “Buy how many times have you rented it out!”
Dustin Runnels vs. Val Venis- Kaientai, with that hot Asian chick from last weeks come out to attack Venis.
DX Segment- The infamous scene where DX dresses up like The Nation and impersonates them. This is one of the best skits that DX has ever done. A must see segment.
Mable vs. Ken Shamrock- Shamrock wins proving that he is the King of Kings.
Undertaker vs. Kane vs. Mankind- Undertaker never comes to the ring. Kane turns on Mankind and wins the match but he pulls off his mask and it’s the Undertaker, so Taker is now the number one contender to Austin’s title as they meet at SummerSlam. Steve Austin and Vince McMahon is on commentary.
7/13/98 Raw in East Rutherford, NJ

Shawn Michaels Segment- Shawn returns after being off TV for over 3 months since Wrestlemania 14 and does commentary for the rest of the show.
Undertaker vs. Vader- Mankind was going to hit Undertaker with a chair but Kane stops him. What does this mean???
Brawl For All: Bart Gunn vs. Bob Holly
Jason Sensation/Owen Hart/Jerry Lawler/The Rock Segment- Jason does impersonations of some wrestlers which were down right awesome. They were perfect: Bret Hart, HBK, Undertaker, Austin, and of course, the great Owen Hart. The Nation then tells how they felt about DX’s impersonation of them from last week. Jason doesn’t stop so Owen Hart comes out to put the Sharp Shooter on him, which would lead to a big DX/Nation brawl.
The Rock and Owen Hart vs. HHH and X-Pac
Marc Mero vs. Steve Blackman- Sable is on commentary.
Tag Team Title Match: Kane and Mankind vs. New Age Outlaws- D-Lo Brown assists Kane and Mankind to help them win the tag titles.
DX/Vince Int
Too Much and Taka Michinoku vs. Kaientai- Val Venis showed some of his latest video, that had Yamaguchi Son’s wife with Val in bed.
Vince McMahon/Undertaker/Steve Austin/HHH Interview- HHH wants the Outlaws to get their rematch.
Brawl For All: Dan Severn vs. The Godfather- Edge is still lurking in the crowd.
Tag Team Title Match: New Age Outlaws vs. Kane and Mankind- A rematch in the same show, showed the lack of depth in the WWF roster at this time. Steve Austin and Undertaker are at ringside and take everybody out. My DVD cuts off as they are laying everybody out.
7/20/98 Raw in Binghamton, NY

Vince McMahon/Undertaker Interview- Vince gets in the face of the Undertaker and tells him to go to hell. What do you think happens?
European Title Match: D-Lo Brown vs. HHH- D-Lo Brown wins with help from Mark Henry and The Rock. Very surprising but it was well deserved.
Nation Segment, DX Int
Brawl For All: Pierre vs. Dr. Death Steve Williams
Yamaguchi Son Interview- Kaientai is about to “punish” Yamaguchi Son’s wife when Val Venis makes the save.
DOA/Legion of Doom Brawl
Double J vs. Steve Blackman- Owen Hart comes out and attacks Shamrock.
Undertaker Segment
Vince McMahon/Steve Austin Interview
Owen Hart vs. Faarooq- Ken Shamrock comes out and Owen bails through the crowd.
Paul Bearer/Mankind Int
Jacqueline Interview- I always thought it was funny when she made fun of Sable. Sable comes out with an ugly dress on, only to get ripped off of course. Edge comes from the crowd to make a sneak attack on Mero.
Shawn Michaels Segment- Michaels comes back to commentate for the rest of the show.
The Rock Int
IC Title Match: X-Pac vs. The Rock- Good action packed match. HHH gets a “fan” to flash everyone. It was censored out, of course but Michaels loved it!
Kane and Mankind vs. Steve Austin
7/27/98 Raw in Anaheim, CA, Night After Fully Loaded

Undertaker/Vince/Steve Austin Interview
D-Lo Brown vs. Vader
Droz Segment
Brawl For All: Dr. Death vs. Bart Gunn- Huge upset considered by many. Bart Gunn’s knock out of Steve Williams was legit.
Owen Hart Interview- Owen makes a challenge to anyone and out comes Jason Sensation. He is dressed Like Owen and he sounds like him too. Then Dan Severn comes out to really answer the challenge.
Owen Hart vs. Dan Severn- Match was short and interrupted by Ken Shamrock.
Ken Shamrock Int
Faarooq and Too Cold Scorpio vs. DOA- Bradshaw is on commentary but starts mixing it up with DOA.
The Rock Int
IC Title Match: X-Pac vs. HHH vs. The Rock- Usually a situation like this has the face being by himself. Strange.
New Age Outlaws Int
Brakkus vs. Jesus
Val Venis vs. Brian Christopher- Yamaguchi Son says that next week, he’s gonna ‘Choppy Choppy Val’s Pee Pee’. Hmmm Sounds painful.
Legion of Doom Int
Godfather and Mark Henry vs. Legion of Doom- Hawk is playing a drunk angle while Godfather brings out some hoes.
Sable/Jacqueline/Jerry Lawler/Vince Interview- Lawler gives Jackie her trophy for winning the bikini contest at Fully Loaded. Vince McMahon comes out and rips on Sable so Sable flips him off when he turns around.
Tag Team Title Match: New Age Outlaws vs. Undertaker and Steve Austin- Undertaker and Austin retain their titles to keep them together at least for a little while longer. Austin tosses Taker a beer after the match and right at the end, Mankind and Kane attack Austin.
8/3/98 Raw in San Diego, CA

The Rock/Owen Hart Interview- Rock calls out Austin so Steve Austin and Undertaker come out to brawl. Taker instead decides to walk to the back but Mankind attacks him.
Marc Mero vs. Golga- Sable introduces Kurrgan as he sings Miss America and Luna comes out.
Brawl For All: Godfather vs. Too Cold Scorpio- Godfather offers his hoes but Scorpio says no.
New Age Outlaws Int
New Age Outlaws vs. Kane and Mankind
Legion of Doom Int- Hawk apologizes for the way he acted last week.
Double J vs. Hawk- Southern Justice attack LOD as Droz comes out to help LOD.
Vince McMahon/Undertaker/Steve Austin Interview
The Rock/Owen Hart Int
X-Pac vs. HHH- Chyna helps HHH win to get another IC title shot at SummerSlam
Val Venis and Taka Michinoku vs. Kaientai- Taka joins Kaientai. I didn’t see that one coming (sarcasm). They drag Venis to the back.
European Title Match: Dan Severn vs. D-Lo Brown- Ken Shamrock, Mark Henry, and Steve Blackman get involved. Even Edge comes out to get a shot as D-Lo is leaving up the ramp-way
Tag Team Title Match: The Rock and Owen Hart vs. Undertaker and Steve Austin- Mankind, Kane, and The New Age Outlaws all come in at the end.
Val Venis/Kaientai Segment- Cameras break into a room in the back as we see Val Venis tied up and naked (blurred out) as Kaientai is about to castrate him. Really really low. The things the WWF did to get ratings were just about anything as this proved it.
8/10/98 Raw in Omaha, NE

Mankind/Vince/Paul Bearer Interview- Undertaker appears, Kane disappears, and then Undertaker and chases Vince to the back.
Undertaker Segment
Luna vs. Jacqueline- Sable introduces The Oddities.
Brawl For All: Savio Vega vs. Droz
Chyna Int
Legion of Doom vs. Southern Justice- Match never happens. As LOD come to the ring, Hawk stumbles and falls off the walk way, drunk again. Double J comes out and breaks his guitar over the head of Droz, then cuts off some of his hair.
DX Interview- DX all come to the ring separately. They all call each other “Jack Offs”. Chyna then decides to “split” DX up by mooning the crowd. After a quick tease, they stay together.
Steve Austin Int
Godfather vs. Vader- Again, match never happens as the Godfather offers his hoes to Vader. Vader takes ‘em. Smart man, just be sure to avoid the herpes and crabs. Bart Gunn picks a fight with Vader and Godfather.
Dustin Rhodes Int
Val Venis/John Bobbitt Interview- Val dumps Yamaguchi Son’s wife.
Brawl For All: Marc Mero vs. Bradshaw
Undertaker Int
Tag Team Title Match: New Age Outlaws vs. The Rock and D-Lo Brown vs. Kane and Mankind vs. Undertaker and Steve Austin- All the champions in one match. Good match as Kane pins Undertaker so Kane and Mankind become the new champs.
8/17/98 Raw in Des Moines, IA

Steve Austin Interview- Austin drives in the arena in a hearse. Austin tells Vince McMahon to stay out of his way.
Ken Shamrock vs. Dan Severn vs. Owen Hart
Brawl For All: Godfather vs. Bart Gunn- Bart knocked out his opponent again. Crowd was into this match.
Steve Blackman/Ken Shamrock Backstage Segment
Gangrel vs. Brian Christopher- Gangrel’s Raw debut.
Steve Blackman/Ken Shamrock Int, DX/Nation Brawl
DOA vs. Faarooq and Too Cold Scorpio- “Bill Clinton” is on the phone and says something like the more sex he gets, the better he does his job. DX and The Nation are brawling in the back during the match.
Street Fight: DX vs. The Nation- Good match. HHH is left in the ring by himself as the Rock is ripping him apart.
Arm Wrestling Match: Jacqueline vs. Sable- It ends like all arm wrestling matches do.
Val Venis Int, Droz Segment
Brawl For All: Droz vs. Bradshaw
Al Snow Segment- Al Snow and Head are in a bar and Head is on the ground. Snow calls the head drunk. Funny.
Val Venis vs. Kaientai
Kane/Undertaker/Steve Austin Segment- Kane dresses up like the Undertaker and Steve Austin throws Kane into a hearse. Undertaker then drives off with Kane in the back. Good ending to promote SummerSlam
8/24/98 Raw in Philadelphia, PA, Best Raw of 1998 in my opinion

Vince/Undertaker/Kane/Paul Bearer/Steve Austin Interview- Undertaker and Kane are now officially united. They beat up Paul Bearer and Kane turns against Mankind.
Mankind Segment
Ken Shamrock vs. Dan Severn- Owen Hart and Steve Blackman get involved.
Mankind Segment
Mankind Interview- Mankind turns face. Good interview.
Kurrgan vs. Marc Mero
X-Pac Segment- X-Pac pees in Double J’s boots.
Southern Justice vs. The New Age Outlaws- Double J isn’t happy so he shaves the hair of one of the camera guys for putting the camera on Jarrett’s feet/boots.
Hell In A Cell: Kane vs. Mankind- A Hell In A Cell Match isn’t going to get any better than this one did on a TV show for free. Really good match as these two went all over the Cell. Steve Austin also takes out Kane as he was hiding under the ring and Taker couldn’t get in.
Undertaker Interview
The Rock Interview- Chyna calls out the Rock and he comes out with the rest of The Nation. Right when the Rock is about to have Mark Henry kiss her, Shawn Michaels comes in and cleans out the ring and saves her, then jumps on the announce table again. He does commentary for the rest of the show.
DX Segment
Taka Michinoku vs. Val Venis- HHH interrupts and tell the Rock that he is going to be HHH’s BITCH.
Highway To Hell SummerSlam video- Mainly hyping the Austin/Undertaker match.
Gangrel vs. X-Pac- Double J breaks his guitar over X-Pac’s head. After the match, Edge comes out to attack Gangrel. Such Rage!
Brawl For All Finals: Bradshaw vs. Bart Gunn- This one looked fixed. Could there be a big push ahead for Bart Gunn?
Vince Int
Undertaker/Vince Interview- Steve Austin and Kane fight, closing in my mind, the best Raw is War episode of 1998.
9/5/98 Raw in New Haven, CT, Show After SummerSlam

Vince Interview- Undertaker and Kane chase Vince off.
DOA vs. Ken Shamrock and Steve Blackman- Undertaker and Kane clean out the ring.
Val Venis vs. Vader- Undertaker and Kane get involved again.
The Rock Int
Tag Team Title Match: The Rock and Mark Henry vs. The New Age Outlaws
Tiger Ali Singh Segment- Undertaker and Kane take him out.
Southern Justice vs. Headbangers
European Title Match: X-Pac vs. D-Lo Brown- The Rock tries to stand up for D-Lo but Undertaker and Kane attack the Rock.
Marc Mero vs. Edge- Gangrel attacks Edge while Undertaker and Kane attack Mero on the ramp-way
Al Snow Interview
Oddities vs. Animal and Droz- Hawk continues to play the drunk role.
Undertaker/Kane Backstage Segment
Too Much vs. Jose and Miguel
Too Cold Scorpio vs. Jeff Jarrett- Jeff now wrestles with short hair and gets attacked by X-Pac. Undertaker and Kane come in again and go after Scorpio to end the show.
9/12/98 Raw in Lowell, MA

Jeff Jarrett vs. Edge- Jeff Jarrett nails Edge with a hard guitar shot to the head.
Bradshaw vs. Droz
Marc Mero vs. Miguel Perez
Oddities Segment, Paul Ellering/DOQ Segment
Oddities vs. DOA
The Rock Interview
Lion’s Den Match: Owen Hart vs. Ken Shamrock- This match took place at SummerSlam
Too Much vs. Southern Justice
Dustin Runnels vs. Vader- Dustin wears a shirt that says “He is coming back” on it.
Sable Highlights
Al Snow Interview
Headbangers Int
D-Lo Brown and Mark Henry vs. Headbangers
DX vs. Kaientai- HHH gets some female “fan” to moon the camera. It was censored though as the show ends.
9/14/98 Raw in San Jose, CA

Vince/Steve Austin Interview- Vince talks about that at the upcoming ppv, Breakdown, there will be a triple threat match with Austin, Undertaker, and Kane.
Steve Austin Backstage Segment
Road Dogg vs. Jeff Jarrett- Road Dogg gets a chair shot from Double J.
New Age Outlaws Segment
Kane vs. The Rock- Mankind helps the Rock defeat Kane while Undertaker attacks The Rock. Undertaker wants Mankind tonight.
Mankind Int
Dustin Runnels/Val Venis Interview- Val Venis shows Dustin his newest film, “The Preacher’s Wife” starring Marlena!
Steven Regal Promo
IC Title Match: Owen Hart vs. HHH
No DQ: Mankind vs. The Undertaker
Gangrel vs. Edge
X-Pac and Chyna vs. Mark Henry- Mark Henry defeats both in a handicapped match.
Evening Gown Match: Jacqueline vs. Sable- Sable wins but still takes off the dress.
Ken Shamrock Int
WWF Title Match: Ken Shamrock vs. Steve Austin- Undertaker and Kane interfere in the match causing a DQ. The Rock and Mankind come out to brawl with the brothers.
9/21/98 Raw in Sacramento, CA. I was there!!
Vince McMahon Interview- Vince speaks while The Rock, Mankind, Ken Shamrock, Undertaker, and Kane are listening.
Billy Gunn vs. Jeff Jarrett- Billy Gunn comes out and says Road Dogg’s entrance lines.
Vince Int
Steve Austin Interview
Headbangers/Oddities Segment- The Headbangers turn on the Oddities.
Undertaker Int
Women’s Title Match: Sable vs. Jacqueline- The women’s title is brought back and Jackie comes out the winner. Marc Mero wants to go to Disney World.
Undertaker and Kane vs. Steve Austin and Billy Gunn
DOA vs. Southern Justice
Vince Int, Steven Regal Promo
No DQ: Sgt. Slaughter vs. Al Snow- Al Snow wins allowing him to stay in the WWF.
Val Venis Int, The Rock Int
Val Venis vs. Owen Hart- Val Venis shows his newest film, “There’s something about Terri”, while Dustin Rhodes is on commentary during the match.
European Title Match: X-Pac vs. D-Lo Brown- X-Pac captures his first WWF gold since returning to the WWF.
Mankind Int
Ken Shamrock vs. Mankind vs. The Rock- Undertaker and Kane come in and the match is thrown out. Steve Austin jumps Vince McMahon.
9/28/98 Raw in Detroit, MI, Night After Breakdown

Vince Interview- Vince brags about Steve Austin losing the title last night at Breakdown. He also says there will be no rematch.
Tag Team Title Match: Southern Justice vs. New Age Outlaws- Billy Gunn argues with the rest of DX.
Dan Severn vs. Owen Hart- Owen gives Severn a piledriver and everyone acts like Severn had a broken neck, which was really a way to try and get Dan Severn over with the fans by making us feel sorry for him. That never worked.
Vader vs. Al Snow
Edge vs. D-Lo Brown vs. Gangrel vs. Marc Mero vs. Droz vs. Jeff Jarrett- D-Lo Brown wins to become the number one contender for the European Title. Gangrel comes out to distract Edge, and brings that other guy with him, who we would later know to be Christian.
Vince/Undertaker/Kane Interview- Steve Austin drives a zamboni to the ring and jumps over everyone to get to Vince. Austin is arrested and Vince says that at Unforgiven, it will be Undertaker vs. Kane for the WWF title. Vince flips off UT and He and Kane beat up Vince. Good segment actually.
Vince Backstage Segment
Faarooq vs. Mark Henry- Chyna is the guest referee.
Vince Segment, Ken Shamrock Int, Steven Regal Int
Headbangers vs. Golga and Kurrgan
The Rock Int
European Title Match: Val Venis vs. X-Pac- After, the music of Goldust plays as he says that “He” was going to return.
Mankind Int
Ken Shamrock, The Rock, and Mankind vs. Undertaker and Kane- Weird match as Shamrock is pretty much fighting off everyone.
10/5/98 Raw in East Lansing, MI

European Title Match: D-Lo Brown vs. X-Pac- That was a quick 2 week title reign for X-Pac.
Vince Segment, Oddities Segment
Headbangers vs. Insane Clown Posse- Not really much of a match, not much of anything. ICP get laid out.
Mankind/Vince Interview/Segment- Once of the most memorable segments ever on Raw as Mankind visits Vince in the hospital and brings in a clown. Classic Foley moment as he debuts “Mr. Socko”. Vince gets really pissed off like usual and has him leave.
Vader vs. Marc Mero- Sable does commentary.
Steven Regal int
Owen Hart Interview- He says that he is sorry for the piledriver that he gave Dan Severn and that he is going to retire. I wish he really did retire so he would still be alive right now.
Kane vs. Ken Shamrock
Val Venis/Terri Runnels Int
Val Venis vs. Gangrel- Edge comes out but gets attacked by Gangrel and Christian.
Vince Int
Al Snow vs. Jeff Jarrett- Al Snow is already getting a huge pop from the crowd.
Road Dogg vs. Mark Henry- Road Dogg brings out a doll of Billy Gunn. Will Billy Gunn leave DX? We find out that Mark Henry is suing Chyna for sexual harassment.
Steve Austin/Vince Segment- Austin attacks Vince in his hospital bed. Funny moment when Austin hits Vince over the head with a bed pan. Classic Austin/Vince scene.
The Rock vs. Undertaker- Good match. The Rock would have actually pulled off the upset victory over Undertaker but the referee was out, like usual.
10/12/98 Raw in Uniondale, NY

New Age Outlaws vs. LOD 2000
Vince Backstage Segment
Ken Shamrock vs. Steve Blackman
Vince Backstage Segment, Goldust Highlights
Val Venis vs. Marc Mero
Sable/Jacqueline Int/Brawl
Mankind Int
Mankind vs. Marc Henry- Mick Foley should be in the WWF title hunt, not the IC title.
Steve Austin Backstage Segment
X-Pac vs. Jeff Jarrett
Steve Austin Segment- Austin pours cement on Vince McMahon’s Corvette. This was pretty awesome when I saw it at the time.
Steve Austin/Vince McMahon Interview- I think this was the debut of the “balls the size of grapefruits” line by Vince. I also think this was the debut of the “asshole” chants by the fans toward Vince.
Ken Shamrock vs. Val Venis- The re-debut of Goldust. He also debuts the “Shattered Dreams”.
Mankind/Vince Int
The Rock Int- The Rock basically tells The Nation members to get lost.
X-Pac vs. Mankind- Ken Shamrock comes out to get involved and as soon as this match ends, Shamrock makes the next match begin.
IC Title Match: X-Pac vs. Ken Shamrock- Kenny (I like to call him Kenny) finally wins the IC title here by beating X-Pac. HHH does commentary and was forced to hand his belt over due to injury (not yet given to Kenny). Kenny turns heel officially during this.
The Rock and Steve Austin vs. Kane and Undertaker- Match goes to the usual no contest. Big Boss Man also makes his return to the WWF, coming in to attack Austin.
10/19/98 Raw in Milwaukee, WI, Night After Judgment Day

Vince McMahon Interviews- Vince tells the entire WWF roster that none of them are bigger than he is. On the titantron, Steve Austin who was “fired” yesterday at Judgment Day, was shown with a hunting rifle and through out the show, Vince is in the back, trying to keep himself protected.
X-Pac vs. Ken Shamrock
Chyna Segment, Steve Austin Int
LOD 2000 vs. Headbangers
Vince/Mankind Int
Undertaker/Paul Bearer/Kane Interview- Taker says that there will be a “Ministry Of Darkness”. Oh Joy! Undertaker also admits that he set the fire that disfigured his “brother”, Kane. Taker is back with Paul Bearer (this time, willingly).
Vince/Mankind Backstage Segments
Steve Blackman vs. Jeff Jarrett- The debut of Debra McMichael as The Blue Blazer comes out to double team Blackman.
Vince/Steve Austin Segments- Vince tries to make a “wheel” for it (run for it but he was in a wheelchair. Sorry, bad attempt at humor) to his limo but Steve Austin was inside of it.
The Rock vs. D-Lo Brown- The Rock comes out to some new weak music. Good thing it only lasted for one week.
Steve Austin/Vince Backstage Segments
Tiger Ali Singh Interview- He pays a fan $500 to swallow a hot dog whole, only to find out that it was one of The Godfather’s hoes.
Vince/Steve Austin Backstage Segments
Mankind vs. Val Venis- Terri Runnels whispered something to Val and he looked shocked and walked away from her. Goldust cuts another promo on the titantron.
Vince/Steve Austin Backstage Segments
Casket Match: Kane vs. The Undertaker- Unfortunately, this match wasn’t as good as I thought it could be. The casket gets destroyed quickly and that was it.
Vince/Steve Austin Backstage Segment
Steve Austin Interview- Austin wheels Vince to the ring. He put a gun to Vince’s head and it had a flag saying, “Bang 3:16″. “Austin 3:16 says Vince just pissed his pants”.
10/26/98 Raw in Madison, WI

Vince McMahon Interviews
European Title Match: X-Pac vs. Steve Blackman- Steven Regal, the Real Man’s Man, comes out to get him some of X-Pac.
Vince Backstage Segments
Droz vs. The Rock
Steve Austin Int
Motley Crew Performance- I never was a huge Motley Crew fan. DX was right there with them as they played.
Kane vs. Gangrel- Edge attacks Kane and joins the team of Gangrel and Christian. I never understood why around this time in the WWF, a faction would beat up on a wrestler for a while and then eventually, that wrestler would just “give up” and join the faction. Edge joining Gangrel and Christian is one example but how about Last year, Ahmed Johnson joined the Nation after going against them for a good solid year. Or Taka Michinoku with Kaientai earlier this year.
Steve Austin/Vince/Shane Interview- Vince admits that Steve Austin is again employed by the WWF and Shane says that, “it was me, it was me dad that hired Austin back, it was me”.
Vince Int
Godfather vs. Tiger Ali Singh
Kaientai vs. ICP, Golga, and Kurrgan
Vince Backstage Segment, Ken Shamrock Int
Marc Mero vs. Goldust- Sable comes out to challenge Jacqueline for Survivor Series.
Mankind/Al Snow Int
Tag Team Title Match: Al Snow and Mankind vs. New Age Outlaws
I Quit Match: Ken Shamrock vs. Steve Austin- With the help of Mankind, Shamrock is knocked out and Steve Austin waives his hand to make it look like Kenny tapped out. Austin Stuns Commissioner Slaughter and Pat Patterson.
11/2/98 Raw in Houston, TX

Shane/Steve Austin/Vince Interview- Vince was so funny as a heel at this time, so completely over the top with the things he would say sometimes. “When I die, I want to go straight to hell.”
DX vs. The Brood- Kane is on the loose and gives some of the guys chokeslams at the end.
Vince Int
Droz vs. Hawk
Vince/Jim Cornette/Big Boss Man Int- Vince tells Cornette to stop with the silly jackets and his “1980s Wrasslin Crap”.
Al Snow/Mankind Int
Golga and Kurrgan vs. Mankind and Al Snow
Vince/Shaquille O’Neal Backstage Segment- Vince tells Shaq who is sitting in the back to leave. Shaq looks into the camera and lips out “asshole”.
Steven Regal vs. Goldust- Terri Runnels comes down to the ring in a gold outfit, like when she was Marlena back in the day. Kane comes out to do some more damage.
Vince McMahon/Mankind Segment- Vince gives Mankind the Hardcore Title. This was it’s debut as Mankind was it’s first champion.
IC Title match: The Rock vs. Ken Shamrock- Vince says before the match that since he has a problem with the people, he has a problem with the People’s Champion.
The Rock Int
Val Venis vs. Jeff Jarrett
Headbangers vs. D-Lo Brown and Mark Henry- Headbangers mock the New Age Outlaws during their ring entrance. Kane comes out again and does his thing.
The Rock Backstage Segments- Vince has The Rock arrested.
Owen Hart/Dan Severn Interview
Blue Blazer/Steve Blackman/Owen Hart Backstage Brawl
Big Boss Man/Pat Patterson/Gerald Brisco/Vince Brawl- This is my idea of a main event, in a steel cage too! Shane McMahon/Steve Austin/Undertaker/Kane all get involved and Kane sets the cage on fire. My God, what powers by Kane!!!
11/9/98 Raw in Dallas, TX

X-Pac vs. Undertaker- I was actually looking forward to this match but it never amounts to much as Kane interferes and attempts to hit the Undertaker with a flame but hits X-Pac instead. Undertaker is coming out to different music.
Vince/Mankind Int
Val Venis vs. Steve Blackman- Owen Hart and The Blue Blazer come out to attack Blackman.
Mankind Backstage Segment- Mankind is getting his hair did.
New Age Outlaws vs. D-Lo Brown and Mark Henry vs. Headbangers
Jeff Jarrett/Debra Int, Mankind Int
Goldust vs. Jeff Jarrett- Before the match, Goldust tells Marlena that it’s time that she forgets that she ever heard the name of Goldust and for her to get out of his life. Debra distracts Goldust and receives a guitar shot from Jarrett for his troubles.
The Rock Int, Goldust/Jeff Jarrett/Blue Blazer Backstage Brawl
Hardcore Title Match: Ken Shamrock vs. Mankind
Steve Austin/Big Boss Man Interview
The Rock Backstage Segment, Vince Int
Tiger Ali Singh vs. Al Snow
Sable Training Video, Vince/The Rock Backstage Segment
Edge vs. Kane- Kane tried to throw Edge onto Gangrel on the outside but Gangrel didn’t catch him so he landed on the floor. Ouch. Kane then dumps gasoline onto the Brood and attempts to burn them but doesn’t. Then he chokeslams a “fan”. Action packed segment.
Vince/Shane McMahon Interview- They are in Dallas, Texas and he puts down the Dallas Cowboys. Very Funny (at least to me any ways). Vince wants Big Boss Man to take out Shane but Steve Austin makes the save.
Mark Henry vs. The Rock- If the Rock loses, he is fired. Guess who wins? After, The Rock delivers a Rock Bottom and the Peoples Elbow to Vince McMahon.
11/16/98 Raw in Lexington, KY, Night After Survivor Series

Vince/Shane/The Rock/Steve Austin Interview- The beginning of The Corporation! The Rock comes out to HUGE heel heat here after he “sold out” to Vince and became champion one night ago at Survivor Series.
New Age Outlaws vs. The Oddities
Vince Int
Ken Shamrock Interview
Val Venis vs. Mark Henry- Chyna returns and distracts Henry. Mark reads her a poem and asks her to go on a date with him.
Vince/Shane Int
Goldust and Steve Blackman vs. The Blue Blazer and Jeff Jarrett- Blackman tries to take the mask off of the Blue Blazer but Owen Hart comes out to put a stop to that.
Corporation Backstage Segment- They go in the boiler room to look for Mankind.
Steven Regal vs. The Godfather- Godfather offers Regal the hoes and he accepts.
Vince/Shane/Big Boss Man Int
IC Title Match: Big Boss Man vs. Ken Shamrock- Vince comes out and talks Shamrock into joining the Corporation.
Kane Backstage Segment
Edge and Gangrel vs. Animal and Droz- Droz “pushes” Hawk off the top of the Titantron. He was either pushes or just kinda fell.
Sable/Shane McMahon Interview- Bad, pointless interview.
Stooges/Mankind Segment/Brawl- Well, they found him.
WWF Title Match: Steve Austin vs. The Rock- The crowd was loud for this. After, the Undertaker comes down and nails Austin with a shovel. Pretty good shovel shot. it’s hard to hit somebody with something like that and make it believable.
11/23/98 Raw in Columbus, OH

Vince McMahon/Shawn Michaels Interview- Vince names Shawn as the new WWF commissioner. If he wasn’t going to wrestle, this was fine with the fans.
Oddities/Luna Int
Headbangers vs. Olga and Kurrgan- Insane Clown Posse join the Headbangers after they “show their true colors”.
Blue Blazer vs. Steve Blackman- Blackman tries to unmask the Blue Blazer but again, Owen Hart stops it.
Steve Austin Segment
Gangrel and Edge vs. Mark Henry and D-Lo Brown- Chyna accepts Mark’s offer to go out together on a date.
Steve Austin Int, DX/Shawn Michaels Int
Goldust vs. Marc Mero- Jackie and Terri Runnels team up by racking both men.
Steve Austin Int
Hardcore Title Match: Big Boss Man vs. Ken Shamrock vs. Mankind
Undertaker/Steve Austin/Paul Bearer Segment
Lightweight Title Match: Dwayne Gill vs. Christian- ??? Christian loses???
Undertaker/Steve Austin/Paul Bearer Segment
Tiger Ali Singh/Godfather/Steven Regal/Val Venis Interview/Segment
Shawn Michaels Backstage Segments
New Age Outlaws vs. Bob Holly and Too Cold Scorpio- Mankind comes in to hit Billy Gunn with a leaf blower. It looks like the Outlaws are fighting with Big Boss Man and Ken Shamrock.
Undertaker/Steve Austin/Paul Bearer Segments- Undertaker and Paul Bearer are shown throughout the show taking Steve Austin out of the hospital, to a cemetery, and then to a funeral home to have him embalmed. This whole time, there was a camera following them around too. Interesting. Kane comes in to make the save.
WWF Title Match: X-Pac vs. The Rock- Shawn Michaels hits X-Pac with a chair, costing him his WWF title shot and joining the Corporation. Now it looks like The Corporation members are going after the New Age Outlaws.
11/30/98 Raw in Baltimore, MD

Headbangers and ICP vs. ?- Steve Austin wouldn’t let us find out who as he comes in and cleans them all out and does an interview.
D-Lo Brown/Mark Henry Segment- Henry gets ready for his date with Chyna.
Steve Austin Int- Austin is looking for Undertaker. He asks a random woman if she has seen him. I swear, that’s Stephanie McMahon.
Gangrel and Edge vs. New Age Outlaws- After the match, the Outlaws leave with the Corporation. Have they gone Corporate?
Steve Austin/Undertaker Backstage Segment- Taker and Paul Bearer lock Steve Austin up in a refrigerator.
Mark Henry/D-Lo Brown/Chyna Segments- Mark gives D-Lo a hat. D-Lo asks, what is this? Henry wants D-Lo to be his limo driver.
X-Pac/Shawn Michaels Interview
Mark Henry/D-Lo Brown/Chyna Segments
Goldust vs. Jeff Jarrett- Owen Hart jumps Goldust and in comes the Blue Blazer. Owen celebrates with him but the Blazer beats him up. The Blazer was Steve Blackman.
Hardcore Title, Ladder Match: Big Boss Man vs. Mankind- Shawn Michaels does commentary as Mankind gets screwed out of the Hardcore title. The Rock helps beat up on Mankind after the match as well.
Undertaker/Kane Backstage/Steve Austin Brawl
Marc Mero vs. Dwayne Gill- Marc Mero’s last match as he states before the match that if he can’t beat that Jobber, Dwayne Gill, that this would be the last time we would ever see him again.
Mark Henry/Chyna Segment
European Title Match: Ken Shamrock vs. X-Pac- Shawn Michaels is on commentary. During the match, Shamrock has a hold on X-Pac and Jim Ross says that X-Pac’s arms are going limp. Michaels asks if he should make a comment about that but says never mind. HHH returns to save X-Pac from a Big Boss Man beatdown. Crowd goes nuts!
Paul Bearer/Kane/Undertaker Segment, Mark Henry/Chyna Segment
Tiger Ali Singh vs. Val Venis- The Jackyl brings out The Acolytes to attack Tiger Ali Singh. I think this is the Raw debut of the Acolytes, which is made up of Bradshaw and Faarooq.
Shane/Sable Segment
WWF Title Match: Al Snow vs. The Rock- The Rock comes out to that terrible music again. He only had it for one week several months ago and now he uses it again. Mankind comes out and brawls with Ken Shamrock and Big Boss Man, then goes after The Rock.
Steve Austin/Kane/Paul Bearer Segments- With Undertaker locked up in the back, Austin and Kane have their way with Paul Bearer as they drag him to the back and put him in a manhole.
12/7/98 Raw in New Haven, CT

New Age Outlaws/DX/Shawn Michaels Interview- Good interview as Michaels and HHH talk about their old DX days. It also looks like The New Age Outlaws have gone “Corporate”. The New Corporate Outlaws.
HHH/X-Pac Int
Jeff Jarrett vs. D-Lo Brown- Goldust comes out to ‘flash’ Debra. Interesting point here. You can clearly see Jim Ross with the King at ringside doing commentary but yet, it is the King and Michael Cole’s voice you hear doing commentary during the show.
Steve Austin Int
Headbangers vs. Edge and Gangrel
Mankind Int, Vince/Paul Bearer Int
Owen Hart vs. Goldust- Debra tries to distract Goldust but Owen gets caught wondering what was going on and gets pinned. Owen finally returns to the ring.
WWF In London Highlights
Godfather/Val Venis Interview- The Godfather gives his hoes to a “fan”.
Godfather and Val Venis vs. The Acolytes- Not much of a match.
Steve Austin/Undertaker Interview
Mankind Int
Steve Blackman vs. Tiger Ali Singh- The Blue Blazer and Owen Hart go after Blackman again. Hard to believe that Owen started the year, almost at the main event level when he was going after DX and now he is picking fights with Steve Blackman.
Mark Henry vs. Droz- Chyna chooses to hit Droz instead of Mark Henry.
HHH and X-Pac vs. Ken Shamrock and Big Boss Man- The New Age Outlaws help DX win as they show that they did not join the Corporation and are still with DX. Shawn Michaels is going crazy outside the ring, I thought he was going to hurt his back again.
DX Backstage Segment, Steve Austin/Mankind Segment
The Rock and Undertaker vs. Mankind and Steve Austin- Undertaker has Steve Austin hung up on his symbol after the match.
12/14/98 Raw in Tacoma, WA, Night After Rock Bottom

DX/Corporation/Shawn Michaels/The Rock Interview- DX does their impersonation of the Corporation as Jason Sensation impersonates Shawn Michaels. The Rock does his parody of quotes from former WWF wrestlers now in WCW. It was also sweet to see Shawn Michaels and The Rock standing together as well.
Vince Int
Godfather and Val Venis vs. Edge and Christian
Steve Blackman Int
Blue Blazer vs. Goldust- Steve Blackman pulls off the Blazer’s mask to reveal that it was Owen Hart.
DX/Corporation Backstage Segment
D-Lo and Mark Henry vs. Hardcore Holly and Too Cold Scorpio
Tag Team Title Match: Ken Shamrock and Big Boss Man vs. New Age Outlaws- The Corporation wins the tag team gold with help from Shawn Michaels.
Vince/Shane/Mankind Interview- Vince draws numbers to see when he and Austin will enter the Royal Rumble. He draws #1 for Austin and draws #30 for himself. Mankind challenges Vince for tonight.
Jeff Jarrett vs. Steve Blackman
Vince/Shane Int
Tiger Ali Singh/Brood Segment- Tiger receives the first blood bath, thanks to The Brood.
No DQ: Mankind vs. Kane- Kane is taken out by the Corporation.
Street Fight: Vince McMahon vs. Mankind- The Rock gives Mankind the Rock Bottom on a car.
WWF Title Match: HHH vs. The Rock- The debut of Test as helps the Rock retain the WWF Title.
12/21/98 Raw in Spokane, WA

Vince/Shane Int- Vince is leaving for the evening and leaving Shane in charge.
Corporation/Shawn Michaels/DX/Mankind Interview
Gangrel vs. Al Snow- Blood bath for Al Snow.
Billy Gunn vs. Ken Shamrock- Billy Gunn wins, thinking he won the IC Title but Shawn Michaels comes out, saying that the belt was never on the line.
Hawk/Droz Segment/Brawl- I was never sure where the WWF was going with this angle but it never went anywhere.
Mark Henry/D-Lo Brown/PMS Segment
Steve Blackman vs. The Blue Blazer- Owen Hart comes out to do commentary, then attack Blackman. Goldust comes out to help Blackman reveal this Blue Blazer to be Jeff Jarrett.
PMS/Mark Henry Segment
Hardcore Title Match: Road Dogg vs. Big Boss Man- Road Dogg becomes the new hardcore champion.
PMS/Mark Henry Segment, Jeff Jarrett Int
Shane/Stooges Int, PMS/Mark Henry Segment
Acolytes vs. Scorpio and Bob Holly
Mankind vs. Shane McMahon- Mankind is ripping Shane McMahon apart as Shawn Michaels for some reason is holding back the Corporation. Ends with DX all coming out.
D-Lo Brown vs. Headbangers- Mark Henry was a no show for the match.
Vince/Stooges Int
HHH and X-Pac vs. The Rock and Test- Kane comes in as he is one of the many superstars who have joined the Corporation.
12/28/98 Raw in Albany, NY

Corporation/Kane/Mankind Backstage Brawl
Hardcore Title Match: Val Venis vs. Road Dogg- Ends with DX all coming out as Vince McMahon announces that tonight, Shawn Michaels will be fired.
Kane/Vince Int
Al Snow vs. Edge- Ends with a Brood/Job Squad brawl.
Women’s Title Match: Spider Lady vs. Sable- Spider Lady is Luna. Also, a “fan” gives Sable a flower, and that fan turns out to be Tori.
European Title Match: Big Boss Man vs. X-Pac- Test and Val Venis brawl.
Shane/Vince Segment- Shane is training Vince and getting him ready for the Royal Rumble.
Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett vs. Goldust and Steve Blackman
Faarooq/Dennis Knight Segment
IC Title Match: HHH vs. Ken Shamrock- A big brawl breaks out between DX and the Corporation.
Billy Gunn/Ken Shamrock Int
D-Lo Brown/Mark Henry/PMS Interview- Chyna comes down and tells Jackie to stay away from her man, Mark Henry.
WWF 1998 Highlights
Billy Gunn vs. Kane- Give the assist to Ken Shamrock, who puts his ankle lock submission on Billy Gunn on the outside.
Hardcore Title Match: Mankind vs. Road Dogg- The Rock does commentary and then gives Mankind the Rock Bottom on the concrete floor.
Vince McMahon Interview- Vince calls out Shawn Michaels and tries to fire him as the WWF Commissioner. Michaels answers him with some sweet chin music and runs away. I missed that superkick.

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