Raw and SD 99

1/4/99 Raw in Worcester, MA

Corporation/DX/Shawn Michaels Interview- This episode opened with HBK Highlights but Vince McMahon says to “turn that crap off”. DX comes out with Michaels as Michaels says that he couldn’t be fired as WWF Commissioner, thanks to his overpaid lawyers.
Ken Shamrock vs. Steve Blackman
Ken Shamrock/Billy Gunn Backstage Brawl
Mankind/Vince Interview- He said that he finally was able to say “Suck It” without the word “Please” in front of it. One of my favorite lines.
Mark Henry vs. Goldust- Chyna brings out ‘her’ friend, Sammy.
Dennis Knight Segment
Godfather vs. Test
DX/Shawn Michaels Backstage Segment
HHH vs. Mankind- Shane McMahon is the guest referee as the winner is entered into the Royal Rumble. Shane does a quick count on Mankind but Mankind puts a submission hold on Shane, forcing Vince to give him a title shot later in the show against The Rock. HHH gives Shane the Pedigree.
Edge vs. D-Lo Brown- D-Lo accidentally hits Terri Runnels off the steps which later “caused her to lose her baby”.
Kane/Gerald Brisco/Pat Patterson/Shane/Vince Segment
Hardcore Title Match: Al Snow vs. Road Dogg- Even though I never thought Road Dogg was even a decent wrestler, he was good in the hardcore division.
Shawn Michaels/Corporation/DX Segment- Michaels is attacked by the Corporation. He leaves with DX behind him as Shawn Michaels says, “see you guys later” and HHH says, “maybe” and X-Pac says something like “What goes around, comes around”. I never was sure where the WWF was going with this, I guess other than to allow him some time off for back surgery. So did DX plan it? Did they set him up???? We never found out.
WWF Title Match: Mankind vs. The Rock- While DX and The Corporation brawl on the outside, Steve Austin runs out real quick to nail Rock with a chair, allowing Foley to pin The Rock. Mankind wins the WWF championship for the first time right here as he celebrates big time with DX and the crowd was going crazy! Finally Mick Foley received the credit he deserved. This was a damn good Raw is War episode to begin the new year.
1/11/99 Raw in Houston, TX

Mankind/Shane/The Rock/Vince Interview- The Rock tries to do whatever it takes to get a title shot at the Royal Rumble.
New Age Outlaws vs. Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart
Gillberg vs. Luna- The Raw debut of the man they call… Gillberg. He loses to Luna and so far he’s 0-1.
Dennis Knight/Acolytes Segment- Dennis Knight says to Jerry Lawler that “he” is here.
Val Venis/Ken Shamrock/Billy Gunn Brawl- Val sees Shamrock’s “sister” at ringside and Kenny boy doesn’t like it.
European Title Match: Al Snow vs. X-Pac
Vince/Kane Int
WWF Title Match: Kane vs. Mankind- The Rock and Steve Austin come in to cause a brawl with about 4 chair shots and 2 stunners.
HHH vs. Edge- Road Dogg, standing at ringside, gets a blood batch.
Undertaker Interview- Undertaker’s return after a month off. Not nearly as cool of a comeback as the one he had about a year ago at this time. This time, he just sits in his chair and lip syncs his own speech and “sacrifices” Dennis Knight. I never did like this part of the Undertaker and the “Ministry of Darkness”.
D-Lo Brown/Mark Henry/PMS/Chyna/Sammy Segments
Shane/Vince Segment- Shane is training Vince and getting him ready for the Royal Rumble.
Corporate Battle Royal: The Corporation vs. DX- Almost like a mini Royal Rumble but the winner goes in as #30 in the Royal Rumble. We all think that Vince wins but Chyna comes in last to get the number 30 spot.
1/18/99 Raw in Beaumont, TX

Steve Austin Interview- The first time we have heard from Austin in many weeks.
Hardcore Title Match: Gangrel vs. Road Dogg
Billy Gunn vs. Test- Ken Shamrock attacks Billy Gunn.
Jeff Jarrett/Owen Hart/Ken Shamrock/Big Boss Man Int/Brawl
Vince McMahon Segment- Vince trains some more.
Big Boss Man/Mankind Backstage Brawl
Steve Blackman vs. Dan Severn- The huge match with two athletes with un-matchable charisma.
Hardcore Rules: Big Boss Man vs. Mankind- The Rock comes out to Rock Bottom Mankind.
Chyna/Mark Henry Interview/Segments- Chyna forces Mark to say that they never slept together and then she proves that some hoe named “Sammy” was really a “Sam” with a package. In other words, he felt up on some dude. Nasty.
Al Snow vs. Goldust
Pat Patterson/Gerald Brisco Int
Undertaker Interview- Add this to one of his many interviews where you are left thinking to yourself, What was the point of this interview and what did he say?
Chyna vs. Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco- After several low blows, squeezes, stomps, etc, Chyna picks up the win.
The Rock/Vince/Shane Int
The Rock vs. Kane- Steve Austin, Mankind and the Corporation get involved at the end.
1/25/99 Raw in Phoenix, AZ, Night After Royal Rumble

Vince/Steve Austin/Shawn Michaels Interview- Vince gloats about winning the Royal Rumble but Michaels and Steve Austin bait Vince into having a steel match with Vince vs. Austin at the next WWF PPV. Michaels and Austin were in Michaels’ home.
Billy Gunn vs. Goldust- HHH says before the match that he and The Rock have a WWF title match in an “I-Quit” match later in the show. The debut of Bluedust.
The Rock/Mankind Interview- “Quick, somebody give me the number to 911″ – Jerry Lawler. Mankind explains how he lost the title at the Royal Rumble after he stole The Rock’s money that Vince gave him for collecting the bounty on Mankind. Mankind starts tossing the money into the crowd.
Dennis Knight Segment
Droz vs. George the Animal Steel
Ken Shamrock/Big Boss Man/Pat Patterson/Gerald Brisco Int, Debra/Mark Henry Int
Tag Team Title Match: Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart vs. Ken Shamrock and Big Boss Man- Owen and Jeff win the titles
Shane/X-Pac Interview- Shane makes Kane apologize. Then X-Pac comes out and tells Kane to ditch the Corporation and join DX but Kane doesn’t do it. I think it would have been good for DX to have Kane join as the crowd was going crazy at the thought.
D-Lo Brown/PMS Int
Val Venis vs. Test- Before the match, Val shows a clip of his newest film, “Sister Act” starring Shamrock’s “sister”. Ken Shamrock comes out to go after Val but Billy Gunn makes the save. After some miscommunication, Val and Billy go at it.
Hardcore Match: Road Dogg and Al Snow vs. Gangrel and Edge
Ministry of Darkness/Undertaker Segment- Taker has his crew attack Road Dogg and Al Snow backstage.
WWF Title, I Quit Match: HHH vs. The Rock- Chyna joins the Corporation after delivering a low blow to HHH, costing him the title.
2/1/99 Raw in Tucson, AZ

Shane Interview- As Shane is talking, a steel cage lowers and on top of it is X-Pac who goes after Shane. Chyna comes into the ring and racks X-Pac.
Vince/Pat Patterson/Gerald Brisco Segments- Throughout the show, they are searching in Austin, Texas for Steve Austin. These were some pretty funny clips in here
WWF Superbowl Commercial
Billy Gunn vs. Val Venis- Ken Shamrock is on commentary.
Mankind Int, The Rock/Vince Int
Owen Hart/Jeff Jarrett/Mark Henry Brawl
Mankind/Kurrgan Int
D-Lo Brown vs. Big Boss Man
Vince/Stooges Int
Goldust vs. Blue Meanie
D-Lo Brown/Mark Henry Int
Droz vs. Kurrgan
Vince/Stooges Segment- This stuff is hilarious.
Mideon and Viscera vs. The Brood- The Ministry come in to destroy the Brood as Undertaker watches on the stage area.
Mankind/Debra Int- Mankind says that he doesn’t want Debra to get a chest cold so he gives her some money for a jacket.
Mankind/The Rock Interview- The Rock had some sort of cold because he didn’t sound to good during this interview.
Vince/Stooges Int
Hardcore Match: Acolytes vs. Al Snow and Road Dogg- The Brood join the Ministry. Undertaker is expanding his group.
Road Dogg/Al Snow Segment, Steve Austin/Vince Int
Steel Cage Match: HHH vs. Kane- The X-Pac factor helps cancel out the Chyna factor as HHH picks up the win. Chyna challenges HHH for the next ppv.
2/13/99 Raw in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Steve Austin/Mankind/The Rock/Vince Interview
Jeff Jarrett vs. D-Lo Brown- D-Lo brings out Ivory for Mark Henry, making her debut.
Val Venis Segments
Ken Shamrock/Val Venis Brawl
Goldust vs. Gillberg- Bluedust distracts Goldust, allowing Gillberg to pick up the win. Goldust gets a “Blue Bath” after the match.
DX Interview
Mankind vs. Steve Austin- Match never happens. Steve Austin has Vince turn around as Mankind puts Mr. Socko down McMahon’s mouth and it leads to a big brawl. The Rock gets a stunner from Austin.
Vince McMahon Interview
Viscera vs. Godfather
Billy Gunn/Ken Shamrock/Val Venis Backstage Brawl
X-Pac vs. Kane- Chyna causes a DX, prompting HHH to come out.
Road Dogg Segment
Al Snow Segment- Al Snow has a hardcore match with himself until Bob Holly comes out to brawl with him
Droz Int
Steve Blackman vs. The Rock
Gauntlet Match: Steve Austin vs. Ken Shamrock, Test, Big Boss Man, Kane, and Vince McMahon
2/15/99 Raw in Birmingham, AL, Night After St Valentine’s Day Massacre
Shawn Michaels/Steve Austin/Mankind/Vince/The Rock Interview- They announce that later in the show, there will be a rematch for the WWF Title between the Rock and Mankind in a ladder match. This is also the Raw debut of Paul Wight.
Jeff Jarrett and Debra vs. D-Lo Brown and Ivory
Big Show/Stooges Int
DX/Shane Interview
IC Title Match: Billy Gunn vs. Val Venis- Venis dumps Ryan Shamrock after the match.
Ken Shamrock/Billy Gunn Backstage Brawl
Undertaker/Big Boss Man Interview- This was one boring interview. Arghhhh.
European Title Match: Kane and Shane McMahon vs. X-Pac and HHH- Shane wins the European Title.
Shane/Corporation Celebration
Hardcore Title Match: Steve Blackman vs. Bob Holly- Bob Holly issues an open challenge and out comes his former partner, Bart Gunn to accept.
Sable Interview- Sable does a very cocky interview. Tori, “Sable’s big fan”, comes into the ring and Sable tells her off. I do like the outfit Sable is wearing.
Big Boss Man, Ken Shamrock, and Test vs. The Acolytes and Mideon- Undertaker and his group brings out Shane McMahon. Taker tells Shane to give Vince a letter.
The Rock Interview
WWF Title, Ladder Match: The Rock vs. Mankind- Steve Austin does commentary during this as The Rock wins the title for the 3rd time with plenty of Corporation help. The WWF Title has been changing hands too many times lately.
2/22/99 Raw in Chattanooga, TN

Vince/Paul Wight/The Rock/Mankind Interview- Is there a rip in the Corporation? The Rock and Paul Wight exchange a few words.
Corporation/The Rock Segment
Gangrel and Edge vs. Public Enemy- PE’s WWF Raw debut as they get a blood bath.
Undertaker/Brood Segment
Billy Gunn vs. Ken Shamrock- Val Venis does commentary.
The Rock/Vince Int
Sable/Tori/Luna Interview
Paul Wight/Vince Int
D-Lo Brown vs. Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart
Mankind Int
The Rock vs. Paul Wight- Match never happens as they never wanted to fight each other, only to beat up the guest referee, Mankind.
The Rock/Paul Wight Segment
Steve Blackman vs. Droz
Vince/Kane Int, Undertaker Int
Goldust vs. Val Venis
Shane/Chyna Int
Hardcore Title Match: Bart Gunn vs. Bob Holly
Chyna vs. X-Pac- Shane and HHH get involved as HHH Pedigrees Chyna to help X-Pac win.
Inferno Match: Kane vs. Undertaker- Undertaker burns a teddy bear that represented something and brought Vince McMahon to his knees and had him crying.
3/1/99 Raw in Cleveland, OH

Vince/Chyna/Mankind Interview
Steve Austin Int, Billy Gunn Int
IC Title Match: Ken Shamrock vs. Goldust vs. Val Venis- Billy Gunn comes out after Val.
Jim Ross/Bart Gunn Interview- He announces that Bart Gunn will face Butter Bean at Wrestlemania. JR yells at Bart Gunn and then Dr. Death Steve Williams comes in to attack Bart and JR is going crazy. JR makes a weak heel.
Tag Team Title Match: HHH and X-Pac vs. Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart
Jeff Jarrett/Debra Int
Tori/Luna/Sable Brawl
WWF Title Match: Road Dogg vs. The Rock
Al Snow/Road Dogg Segment
Public Enemy/Brood Segment- The Brood hang one of the PE boys later in the show.
Road Dogg/Bob Holly Brawl
Pete Gas/Rodney Interview- They cut a promo about Shane McMahon. Their Raw debut.
Droz vs. Steve Blackman
Road Dogg/Bob Holly/Al Snow Brawl
Undertaker vs. Mankind- Taker goes after Vince McMahon, who was going commentary.
Ivory vs. Debra- Not much of a match really. Little Debbie isn’t a wrestler.
Steve Austin vs. Kane- Chyna and Paul White make their presence felt.
3/8/99 Raw in Pittsburgh, PA

The Rock/Vince/Paul Wight/Mankind/Steve Austin Interview
Undertaker/Ministry Segment, Steve Austin/Mankind Int
Street Fight: Owen Hart vs. D-Lo Brown
Undertaker/Ministry Segment
New Age Outlaws vs. Hardcore Holly and Al Snow- Undertaker and His Ministry come in and take out everyone. The are looking for Big Boss Man.
Jim Ross/Michael Cole Interview- JR puts down Michael Cole. He tries to take his spot back as the announcer next to the King but Vince pulls him away.
Ken Shamrock vs. Goldust
X-Pac vs. Test- Chyna, HHH, and Shane all get involved. HHH wants a piece of them.
Godfather/Stooges Int
Godfather/Steve Blackman/Undertaker/Ministry Segment- The Ministry break up a segment where Godfather is offering Blackman some of his skanks.
HHH/Kane Brawl- Kane went to burn HHH with a ball of fire but hit Chyna instead.
Tori vs. Luna- Sable gets into the ring at the end and does a little grind.
Ministry/Corporation Brawl/Segment- Undertaker tries to hang the Big Boss Man but he escapes and it causes a big brawl.
Steve Austin vs. Mankind- The Rock is on commentary. Paul Wight is the referee and after the match, he chokeslams Mankind while Rock and Austin mix it up.
3/15/99 Raw in San Jose, CA (I was there!)

The Rock/Vince/Paul Wight Interview- Heated words exchanged by all three Corporate members. Vince even calls The Rock, “Dwayne”.
Beaver Cleavage Promo
IC Title Match: Road Dogg vs. Val Venis- Road Dogg wins the title here.
The Rock/Paul Wight Int, DX Celebration
Shane McMahon vs. Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco- While Vince and Shane are walking to the back the titantron shows Undertaker and his crew at at Vince’s house.
Public Emery Int
Public Enemy vs. Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart
Vince/Shane Backstage Segments, Mankind Int
Steel Cage Match: Mideon vs. Big Boss Man- Two jobbers fighting in a cage. WOW! Undertaker blabs about something after the match.
Sable/Jerry The King Lawler Interview/Video- Shows them both at the playboy mansion.
Mean Street Posse Promo
Hardcore Title Match: Billy Gunn vs. Hardcore Holly- Billy Gunn wins the title.
Vince/Shane/Undertaker Segment- Through out the show, they show clips of the Undertaker and the Ministry going to Vince’s house.
HHH/Kane Brawl- Kane was actually Undertaker in disguise as Vince begged him for his help. Well, that was before he knew he was Undertaker.
The Rock and Paul Wight vs. Steve Austin and Mankind- One of those main events with no real ending. I hate those.
3/22/99 Raw in Albany, NY

Vince/Shane/The Rock/Mankind/Steve Austin Interview- While they are taking about Wrestlemania and other things, Steve Austin drives in with a Beer Truck and sprays The McMahons and The Rock with beer. Crowd is going crazy. Another infamous scene from Raw’s history.
Tag Team Title Match: Gangrel and Edge vs. Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett- Debra gets a blood bath.
New Age Outlaws Int, Shane/Vince/Stooges Int
IC and Hardcore Title Match: Road Dogg vs. Billy Gunn- Other wrestlers come in to the ring, allowing both Outlaws to keep their title.
Stooges/LOD Backstage Segment
Blue Meanie/Ken Shamrock/Goldust/Ryan Shamrock Segment
Vince/Shane/Stooges Int
Sable vs. Ivory
Mankind vs. The Rock- Paul Wight gets involved.
Kane vs. Goldust- Match never happens. Goldust comes down to the ring and shoots Kane with a fireball, only to reveal that it was HHH dressed up like Goldust. HHH looks exactly like Goldust here. I have watched this several times and he still looks like Dustin Runnels in the Goldust outfit.
Street Fight: Shane McMahon vs. X-Pac- The Posse help Shane beat up on X-Pac so it was never much of a match.
Vince Interview
Steve Austin vs. Paul Wight- Mankind is the guest referee while The Rock is on commentary.
3/29/99 Raw in East Rutherford, NJ, Night After Wrestlemania 15

Steve Austin/Vince McMahon Interview- Austin gives Vince the title belt but he wants his custom-made “smoking skull” belt back.
Sable and Jacqueline vs. Ivory and Tori
Undertaker/Vince/Shane Segment- Vince goes to the ring after Undertaker has a hold of Sable and comes backstage but his daughter, Stephanie, is missing.
X-Pac Interview
Vince/Undertaker Int
Paul Wight vs. Test
Vince/Ken Shamrock Int- Vince sends Kenny to go find Stephanie.
Hardcore Title Match: Dr. Death Steve Williams vs. Hardcore Holly
Vince/Shane Int
The Rock vs. Billy Gunn- The Rock gets a huge pop and you know he is going to turn face soon.
Ken Shamrock/Vince Int
Ken Shamrock vs. Gangrel- Kenny gets Christian to tell him where Stephanie McMahon is, even though Kenny gets a blood bath.
IC Title Match: Goldust vs. Road Dogg- Goldust wins the IC title.
Ken Shamrock/Stephanie/Vince McMahon Segment- Kenny finds Stephanie.
Tag Team Title Match: Legion of Doom vs. Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart
Vince/Shane/Ken Shamrock Int- Vince begins his face turn as he tells Shane to give Austin his belt and leaves. Shane has other ideas.
X-Pac vs. HHH- Chyna and HHH attack X-Pac which prompts Kane to come down.
Shane/The Rock/Steve Austin Interview- The crowd says what the Rock said and then he said, “don’t do that”. You could hear everyone in the arena laugh. Steve Austin, The Corporation, and Big Show all come out which leads to a huge brawl.
4/5/99 Raw in Long Island, NY

Vince/Stephanie Int
Tag Team Title Match: X-Pac and Kane vs. Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart- X-Pac and Kane tag team for the first time and win the titles which leads to a long tag team term between the two.
Shane/Vince Int, X-Pac Int
Shane/HHH/The Rock/Vince Interview
Ivory Interview- Terri Runnels comes out and Ivory rips off her top!! But we don’t get to see much :-(
Undertaker Interview
Vince/Shane/Stephanie Int
Hardcore Holly vs. Al Snow
Undertaker/Christian Backstage Segment- Taker whips Christian for telling Shamrock where Stephanie was last week.
New Age Outlaws vs. Gangrel and Edge
Steve Austin Int
Ken Shamrock vs. Viscera- The Ministry come in and take Shamrock away.
Shane/Corporation Segment, Ministry/Ken Shamrock Segment
Val Venis vs. Mankind
IC Title Match: Godfather vs. Goldust
Undertaker Interview- Taker Has Ryan Shamrock tied up in black but he calls out for Stephanie.
HHH and The Rock vs. Paul Wight- One of the rare times that these two team up together. “Paul Wight, you bring your…” One of my favorite Rock moments with the crowd playing sing-a-long. Steve Austin comes out and has Paul Wight pull down the Titantron and then Austin rips it up to end the show after the Corporation caused a DQ in the match.
4/12/99 Raw in Detroit, MI

Shane/Vince Interview- Jim Ross finally returns to ringside to do commentary on Raw is War. Shane slaps Vince and then Vince leaves with Ken Shamrock as this turns both of them face. Shane leaves by saying, “you’re not my father anymore”. That’s deep.
Ken Shamrock/Vince Int
Women’s Title Match: Tori vs. Ivory vs. Jackie vs. Sable- Nick Bass gives all the women (except Sable) a chokeslam.
Undertaker Int
Steve Austin/The Rock Interview- The Rock has the smoking skull belt that Austin wants back and is standing near a bridge.
Mankind Int
Paul Wight vs. Christian
Mankind Int, Shane/Mean Street Posse Int,
Billy Gunn vs. Val Venis- Road Dogg, Jeff Jarrett, and Owen Hart get involved in the ring while Debra is flaunting her boobies at Val.
Mankind/Mean Street Posse Backstage Brawl
Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart vs. The Acolytes- Undertaker comes out and sends a message to Vince and Stephanie through Debra but Ken Shamrock comes out to save her.
IC Title Match: Big Boss Man vs. Goldust- Match never happens. The Godfather gives the Boss Man his hoes allowing the next match…
IC Title Match: Godfather vs. Goldust- Godfather wins to become the new IC champion. Now this belt means nothing.
Ken/Ryan Shamrock/Mankind/Undertaker/Ministry Segments
Hardcore Title Match: D-Lo Brown vs. Hardcore Holly
The Rock Int
Ministry/Brood/Mankind Brawl- Undertaker fails at trying to “sacrifice” Ken Shamrock. The Brood leave the Ministry after this when they don’t approve of what Taker is doing.
Tag Team Title Match: HHH and Test vs. Kane and X-Pac
The Rock Int
Ken Shamrock/Undertaker Brawl- Kenny says that he wants “Mark” in the ring but this leads to the Ministry and The Corporation attacking Shamrock.
Rock/Steve Austin Brawl- The Rock “throws” Austin’s belt and Austin into the river in Detroit.
4/19/99 Raw in Grand Rapids, MI

The Rock Interview- The Rock drives to the ring in a hearse and said there will be a funeral for Austin later in the show.
Road Dogg vs. Owen Hart
Undertaker/Acolytes Int, The Rock Int
The Acolytes vs. Gangrel and Edge- Ken Shamrock comes out to raise hell as the match ends in a DQ.
Undertaker Backstage Segments
IC Title Match: Hardcore Holly vs. The Godfather
Undertaker Int, The Rock Int
Ken Shamrock vs. Big Boss Man- After the match, Undertaker has a message for Shamrock.
Mankind vs. HHH- Paul Wight comes down to help out Mankind from a beatdown.
The Rock Int
Billy Gunn vs. Jeff Jarrett- Owen Hart and Road Dogg get involved.
The Rock Int
Paul Wight vs. Viscera- Just as Paul Wight is about to chokeslam Viscera, Undertaker comes out to brawl with Big Show. Mankind comes out to help Big Show get rid of Taker and Viscera.
Vince/Stephanie Interview- The Ministry take Stephanie.
Val Venis/Sable/D-Lo Brawn/Ivory/Nick Bass Segment
The Rock Interview- The Rock gives a funeral speech about the biggest piece of trailer park trash walking God’s green earth but Steve Austin ruins it by running over the Rock’s car and then into the arena and over the hearse. They then brawl to end the show.
4/26/99 Raw in Hartford, CT, Night After Backlash

The Rock/Shane Interview- The Rock’s face turn and long journey to mega-star status begins here. You knew for almost a year now that the Rock would be huge and this began it. The Corporation and HHH beat The Rock down.
Vince/Stooges Int, Shane/Corporation Int
Gangrel and Edge vs. Kane and X-Pac- X-Pac and Kane get a blood bath and then Kane chokeslams X-Pac.
Vince/Undertaker Segment
Steve Austin/Vince Interview- Vince says he needs Austin’s help but Austin tells him to kiss his ass.
Val Venis vs. D-Lo Brown
Big Show/Steve Austin Int, New Age Outlaws Int
HHH vs. Billy Gunn
Shane Int
Mankind and Big Show vs. Test and Big Boss Man- Test and Boss Man shove and brawl after the match
Vince/Steve Austin Backstage Segment, Al Snow/Hardcore Holly Brawl
IC Title Match: Jeff Jarrett vs. The Godfather
Acolytes/Ken Shamrock/Test Brawl
Shane McMahon vs. The Rock- HHH, Chyna, and the Rest of the Corporation beat up on The Rock.
Vince/Undertaker/Ministry/Stephanie Segment
X-Pac/Jeff Jarrett/Owen Hart/Kane Brawl
Undertaker/Stephanie/Steve Austin/Vince Segment- Undertaker is about to sacrifice Stephanie but Steve Austin comes in to make the save. She hugs him and Austin has a weird look on his face.
4/29/99 Smackdown in New Haven, CT, Pilot Episode
Vince/Stephanie/Shane/Undertaker Interview- Shane says that Vince isn’t his father anymore. You already played that card, Shane.
Val Venis vs. Blue Blazer- Jeff Jarrett, The Godfather, and Debra are involved.
The Rock Int, Blue Blazer Int
Paul Wight vs. Test
The Rock/Steve Austin/Shane Interview- Rock and Austin will team up for the first time later on in the show as Shane announces that the Corporation and The Ministry are now together.
X-Pac/Kane Int
Droz vs. D-Lo Brown- Droz and Prince Albert are about to go after D-Lo but Mark Henry runs down to make the save.
New Age Outlaws Int
Tag Team Title Match: New Age Outlaws vs. Kane and X-Pac
Doc Hendrix/Brood Interview- “We are who we are, the unholy trio” – Edge. Doc Hendrix (or Michael Hayes) gets the blood bath.
Ken Shamrock Int
No DQ: Ken Shamrock vs. Bradshaw
Mankind Int
Mankind vs. Big Boss Man- Paul Wight and Test come down to help Mankind.
HHH and Undertaker vs. The Rock and Steve Austin- Vince saves Austin from getting a chair shot from Taker but Taker nails Vince in the dome with a chair. Steve Austin then gives Undertaker and then Shane a Stunner.
5/3/99 Raw in San Diego, CA

Shane/HHH/Undertaker/Mankind Interview- The first interview on Raw by the Corporate Ministry, which was formed during the Pilot Episode of Smackdown. The Union is formed by Mankind, Test, Big Show, and Ken Shamrock.
Billy Gunn vs. X-Pac- Looks like Billy Gunn is out of DX as well as he has turned heel.
Shane/Vince McMahon Interview- Shane says he was behind Stephanie’s abduction by the Undertaker and forces Vince to take his challenge on a match later on in the show.
The McMahon’s Segment
Mean Street Posse vs. Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson
Test vs. Mideon, Viscera, and Big Boss Man- The Union members save Test.
Shane McMahon vs. Vince McMahon- Vince gives Shane a stunner for the win!
Hardcore Match: Mankind vs. The Acolytes
Ken Shamrock vs. HHH
Big Show vs. The Undertaker- Undertaker breaks a bat over the head of The Big Show. Pretty devastating.
Evening Gown Match: Debra vs. Sable- Match never happens :-( Instead, Nick Bass comes to the ring, all for a forfeit.
Lumberjack Match: The Rock vs. Steve Austin- Match never happens as it was just a trap to get the both in the ring for The Ministry. They all brawl and Undertaker and HHH throw them both off of the ramp onto tables.
5/10/99 Raw in Orlando, FL

Kane vs. Billy Gunn
Shawn Michaels Interview- Shawn Michaels makes some of the matches for the show. Not a great return but who cares? It’s HBK! Some of this interview is missing.
Big Show/Paul Bearer/Undertaker Segment- Was supposed to be a match between Paul Bearer and Big Show but ended up being a brawl between The Ministry and The Union.
Women’s Title, Evening Gown Match: Debra vs. Sable- Match never happens but Debra still wins the title when Shawn Michaels says that since Debra stripped, she wins the title and he calls Nick Bass a man.
Test vs. Bis Boss Man
Val Venis Int
Hardcore Match: Mideon and Viscera vs. Cactus Jack
Chyna Int, Steve Blackman Video
Lumberjack Match: Faarooq vs. Bradshaw
Mean Street Posse vs. Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson- The Stooges come out to Hogan’s old music.
Ken Shamrock Int
Val Venis vs. Jeff Jarrett
Beaver Cleavage Promo
Chyna vs. Ken Shamrock- HHH and Chyna push Kenny’s buttons.
HHH, Undertaker, and Shane McMahon vs. The Rock, Steve Austin, and Vince McMahon- Shawn Michaels is the referee. Austin pins Shane after giving him a couple of Stunners.
5/17/99 Raw in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

X-Pac, Road Dogg, and Kane vs. D-Lo Brown, Mark Henry, and Billy Gunn
Shane McMahon Interview
Shane/Vince/Undertaker Backstage Segment
Jeff Jarrett and Blue Blazer vs. Val Venis and The Godfather
Meat vs. Test
Steve Austin/Shane McMahon Interview- Interview ends with a big brawl where Austin stuns Paul Bearer while Undertaker was watching on.
Casket Match: The Rock vs. Undertaker- Pretty much The Rock vs. Undertaker and HHH. They lock the Rock in the casket and HHH pounds on it with a sledge-hammer while the Rock is in the casket. The Rock was shown bleeding after and going into an ambulance.
Michael Hayes and Hardy Boys vs. The Brood- The Hardy Boys are finally on Raw is War and here to stay.
The Rock Backstage Segment
Al Snow Interview
Steve Austin Int- The Union and The Corporate Ministry are fighting in the back.
Big Show vs. Big Boss Man
Beaver Cleavage Promo
HHH vs. Steve Austin- Undertaker tries to sacrifice Austin but Austin gets out of it and flips him off, while pinning Taker to his own symbol.
5/24/99 Raw in St. Louis, MO, ‘Raw is Owen’, Night After Over The Edge

10 Bell Salute for Owen Hart/Owen Hart Video- Pretty much the entire WWF Roster is on the ramp for the Salute for Owen Hart.
Mick Foley Interview on Owen Hart
Bradshaw Interview on Owen Hart
Jeff Jarrett vs. Test
Mark Henry Poem on Owen Hart
Droz Interview on Owen Hart
Kane and X-Pac vs. Gangrel and Edge
HHH and Chyna Interview on Owen Hart
Earl Hebner Interview on Owen Hart
Taka Michinoku and Sho Funaki vs. The Hardy Boys
Bruce Prichard Interview on Owen Hart
Dustin Runnels Interview on Owen Hart
Hardcore Holly vs. Ken Shamrock
Faarooq Interview on Owen Hart
Test Interview on Owen Hart
Billy Gunn vs. Mankind- “If you’re not down with Owen Hart, I’ve got 2 words for ya…S*ck It!” – Billy Gunn.
Jeff Jarrett Interview on Owen Hart
Edge Interview
D-Lo Brown and Mark Henry vs. The Acolytes
Pat Patterson Interview on Owen Hart
Hardcore Holly Interview On Owen Hart
Road Dogg vs. Godfather- Match never happens. They just decide to go in the back and tell some Owen Hart stories.
Paul Bearer Interview on Owen Hart
X-Pac Interview on Owen Hart
Al Snow vs. HHH
Road Dogg Interview on Owen Hart
Gerald Brisco Interview on Owen Hart
Paul Wight vs. Goldust
Debra Interview on Owen Hart
Shane McMahon Interview on Owen Hart
Val Venis vs. The Rock- Quick Match as Venis is beaten quick and the Rock says, “that’s for you Owen”.
Jim Ross/Jerry Lawler Interview- They talk about Owen Hart and then Steve Austin comes down to the ring, calls for two beers, drinks one, and toasts the other one for Owen Hart as the show goes off the air. Very emotional show. I don’t know why Bret Hart hated this show. May Owen Hart Rest In Peace. We’ll miss you Owen.
5/31/99 Raw in Moline, IL

Owen Hart Funeral Video Clips- They show a few clips of wrestlers and Owen’s family at his funeral which was held earlier this day.
Shane/Undertaker/Vince Interview- Steve Austin reveals himself as one of the druids standing in the ring and he and Undertaker brawl. The Union comes out to help Austin.
Big Show vs. Billy Gunn
Beaver Cleavage Int, Vince/Stooges Int
Christian vs. Beaver Cleavage- Remember Mosh of the Headbangers? Mosh is now known as Beaver Cleavage. This is his wrestling debut of this new gimmick as he picks up the win to no surprise. The segment ends when The Brood brawls with The Hardy Boys.
IC Title Match: Jeff Jarrett vs. The Godfather- With the distraction of Debra and get boobs, Jarrett picks up the win.
Vince McMahon vs. Undertaker- Vince wins via DQ.
Steve Austin Int
Mankind Interview- Mankind makes some sexual references about himself and Chyna. Pretty funny. Mankind brawls with Big Boss Man as Boss Man was making his way to he ring.
Road Dogg vs. Big Boss Man
Tag Team Title Match: The Acolytes vs. Kane and X-Pac- The Acolytes win to become the new tag team champions.
Val Venis vs. Ken Shamrock
NO DQ: Mankind vs. HHH- HHH would attack Mankind’s knee which put him out of action for about 3 months. The Rock comes out to get some of HHH but HHH runs off.
WWF Title Match: Steve Austin vs. Undertaker- At the end of the match, “The Higher Power” comes down to the ring while the entire Corporate Ministry are bowing down. He then reveals his face only to Austin who then calls him/her a SOB.
6/7/99 Raw in Boston, MA

Vince/Shane Interview- Vince asks, who is the Higher Power? He mentions names that were running on the internet such as Shawn Michaels and Jake The Snake Roberts.
Undertaker/Vince/Linda McMahon/Steve Austin Interview- The Higher Power reveals himself to be…. Vince McMahon himself. This shocked, pretty much nobody but it restarted the Austin/McMahon feud. Linda then comes out to say that the new CEO is Steve Austin and now he owns half of the company. Austin then makes up matches for tonight and the King Of The Ring.
Steve Austin/Linda/Stephanie Int
Tag Team Title Match: Edge and Gangrel vs. The Acolytes- The Hardy Boys sure love to come down during the Brood’s matches.
The Union Interview- Test calls out Stephanie McMahon and asks her out on a date. She accepts.
Kane and X-Pac vs. Shane McMahon- Mean Street Posse try to help out Shane.
Debra Int
The Rock vs. HHH- Rock has a cast on his arm while Hunter has a cast on his leg. Undertaker causes a DQ when he comes out to chokeslam The Rock. He then gives him a tombstone on a chair.
Bikini Contest: Nick Bass vs. Debra- Guess who wins? Nick Bass gets into it with Val Venis.
The Godfather vs. Billy Gunn
Droz/Prince Albert Backstage Segment
Hardcore Title Match: Droz vs. Al Snow
Vince Int
Lions Den Match: Ken Shamrock vs. Vince McMahon
WWF Title Match: Big Show vs. Undertaker- Big Show chokeslams Undertaker and leaves a huge hole in the ring.
6/14/99 Raw in Worcester, MA

Steve Austin Segment- Austin is going around in charge of the company at the WWF office.
Vince/Shane/Stooges Interview
Steve Austin Segment
Dog Collar Match: Road Dogg vs. Billy Gunn
Ken Shamrock Int
The Rock/Undertaker/Vince/Shane Interview- Too much Vince and Shane lately.
Women’s Title Match: Ivory vs. Debra- Ivory wins.
Steve Austin Segment
Test vs. Big Boss Man
Steve Austin Segment
X-Pac vs. Big Show- Kane comes out and stops the match from happening.
Ken Shamrock vs. Jeff Jarrett- Kenny is wearing a Stray Jacket and cannot use his arms but still wins the match. Vince runs in to take the key to the jacket and runs off to the back.
Billy Gunn Int
Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson vs. Viscera and Mideon
Steve Austin Segment
Kane vs. The Acolytes
Ken Shamrock Segment, Steve Austin Segment
Shane/Vince Interview- They list the stipulations for their match with Steve Austin at KOTR. Ken Shamrock comes out to chase the McMahons to the back.
The Rock vs. Undertaker- HHH gets himself into the match but he and Taker fight and the Rock picks up the win, allowing him a title shot at KOTR.
6/21/99 Raw in Memphis, TN

Vince/Steve Austin/Shawn Michaels Interview- Way too many people in charge around here. Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco dance to Shawn’s music. Funny.
Shawn Michaels/Jeff Jarrett Int, Vince/Shane/Corporation Int
IC Title Match: Ken Shamrock vs. Test vs. Jeff Jarrett- Steve Blackman comes out to go after Shamrock.
The Rock vs. Edge- Undertaker and Rock brawl after the match.
HHH/Vince Int
Mark Henry vs. Viscera
Beaver Cleavage Int
Steve Austin vs. Big Boss Man- Shawn Michaels referees this one while Vince comes down to the commentators booth.
Val Venis vs. Prince Albert
Tag Team Title Match: X-Pac, Kane, and Road Dogg vs. The Acolytes and Billy Gunn- Tag Title Match but not a tag team match. Hmmm.
Hardcore Match: Big Show vs. Hardcore Holly- Big Show pushes a car onto Holly for the win.
Vince and Shane McMahon vs. Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco- The Posse comes out and debuts Joey Abes.
WWF Title Match: HHH vs. Undertaker- The Rock comes in to Rock Bottom Undertaker and after a scuffle with some of Taker’s goons, he puts Paul Bearer on a big Brahma Bull symbol.
6/28/99 Raw in Charlotte, NC, Night After King Of The Ring
Vince/Shane/Steve Austin Interview- Austin booked himself in a match with the Undertaker tonight.
No DQ: Ken Shamrock vs. Steve Blackman
Billy Gunn/HHH Interview- The beginning of the talks about who own the rights to the DX name. The Rock comes out to brawl with HHH.
Meat vs. Chaz
Hardcore Holly vs. Kane
The Rock vs. HHH
Droz/Prince Albert/Val Venis Backstage Brawl
The Godfather vs. Edge
Billy Gunn vs. Bradshaw- Turns into an old DX brawl, minus HHH.
Ivory Interview
Vince Int
IC Title Match: X-Pac vs. Jeff Jarrett- Leads to another former DX brawl minus HHH.
WWF Title Match: Steve Austin vs. Undertaker- Austin wins the title here for the 4th time and the crowd goes crazy. Rare Title change on Raw.
7/5/99 Raw in Fayetteville, NC

Steve Austin/Vince McMahon Interview- They add stipulations for the WWF Title Match at Fully Loaded.
The Rock Int
Tag Team Title Match: The Hardy Boys vs. The Acolytes- The Hardy Boys pull off the upset and win their first tag team championship.
Hardy Boys Int, Droz/Prince Albert Int
Gangrel vs. The Godfather
Test vs. Joey Abes- Shane is holding back Stephanie as Test is getting a beating.
Chyna/HHH Backstage Segment- Chyna says Road Dogg and X-Pac spray painted her car.
Hardcore Title Match: D-Lo Brown vs. Al Snow- Typical Hardcore match, going throughout the arena but a good match with some cool spots.
Road Dogg vs. Val Venis- Road Dogg and X-Pac get arrested while Billy Gunn and Chyna look on.
IC Title Match: Chaz vs. Jeff Jarrett- Thrasher, former tag partner of Chaz when he was Mosh of the Headbangers, comes out to reunite with Chaz.
Edge vs. Big Boss Man- Boss Man lays a beating on Edge while Christian is handcuffed to the ring.
Chyna/HHH Int
Meat vs. Billy Gunn- Meat becomes a jobber already. Chyna and Billy Gunn spray paint DX on the back of a fallen Meat and Jacqueline.
Big Show and Hardcore Holly vs. Kane- Undertaker comes out and delivers an extremely stiff chair shot to Big Show’s face.
Steel Cage Match: HHH vs. The Rock- Good match, especially for Raw. The Rock wins but I miss the old cages with the blue bars. Billy Gunn goes after The Rock.
7/12/99 Raw in Louisville, KY

Steve Austin/Vince Interview- Undertaker comes out and the two brawl.
Steve Austin Segment
Edge vs. Gangrel
X-Pac/Road Dogg Interview- All of the former DX come out and brawl as well as Kane and Undertaker.
Tag Team Title Match: Val Venis and The Godfather vs. The Hardy Boys
HHH/Billy Gunn Int
Jeff Jarrett/Steve Austin/Big Show Interview
HHH, Billy Gunn, and Chyna vs. X-Pac, Road Dogg, and The Rock
Kane/Undertaker Int
Hardcore Evening Gown Match: Droz vs. Al Snow- Yep, you read that correctly.
Mark Henry/D-Lo Brown Int
Acolytes/Hardcore Holly Brawl
Test vs. Mean Street Posse
Ken Shamrock/Steve Blackman Brawl, Undertaker/Kane Int
Undertaker and Kane vs. Big Show and Steve Austin- More of a brawl than a match but a good one.
7/19/99 Raw in Lexington, KY

Vince/Undertaker/HHH/Steve Austin Interview
Vince/Shane Int
Dog Collar Match: Chyna vs. Road Dogg- Billy Gunn assists Chyna in hanging The Roadie over the top rope by the dog collar until X-Pac saves him.
Shane/Joey Abes/Stephanie Interview
The Rock Int
Tag Team Title Match: The Acolytes vs. Val Venis and The Godfather vs. Droz and Prince Albert vs. The Hardy Boys
IC Title Match: Christian vs. Jeff Jarrett- After the match, Jarrett gets the blood bath and then he and Edge fight it out.
HHH/Chyna Int, Jeff Jarrett Int
The Rock vs. Billy Gunn- With the help of Chyna, Billy Gunn picks up the upset.
HHH/Vince Int
Al Snow/Big Boss Man Brawl
Edge and D-Lo Brown vs. Mideon and Gangrel
Test vs. Steve Blackman
Paul Wight and Hardcore Holly vs. X-Pac and Kane- Undertaker comes down and chokeslams X-Pac while attacking Holly and Big Show. Taker is trying to get Kane to join him but Kane changes his mind, chokeslams Taker, and then joins X-Pac instead of Undertaker.
HHH vs. Undertaker- Steve Austin and The Rock all come to the ring to exchange fisticuffs.
7/26/99 Raw in Cleveland, OH, Night After Fully Loaded.
Undertaker/X-Pac/Kane/Big Show Brawl- It seems that Big Show and Big Show are together.
Kane/X-Pac Segment- X-Pac gets carted off after the brawl.
Tag Team Title Match: Edge and Christian vs. The Acolytes- Kane fights everybody off and then announces revenge on Big Show and Undertaker.
Vince McMahon/Steve Austin/Jim Ross Interview
Vince/Howard Finkel Int
The Godfather vs. Albert
The Rock Interview
HHH/Chyna/Billy Gunn/The Rock Interview/Brawl
Undertaker and Big Show vs. Kane- Road Dogg comes out to try and help out Kane but that didn’t go so well.
Jeff Jarrett/Ben Stellar Interview- Ben is attacked by Jarrett and put into a figure four before D-Lo Brown comes in.
Ivory Interview
HHH vs. Ken Shamrock
Undertaker Int, Test/Mean Street Posse Backstage Segment
Billy Gunn and Chyna vs. The Rock- HHH is doing commentary as he talks about how badly he wants to accomplish his goal of becoming the WWF Champion. He then attacks Jim Ross before Steve Austin comes down and the two brawl.
8/2/99 Raw in Columbus, OH

Acolytes/Hardcore Holly Interview/Brawl
Edge Int
Blood Bath Match: Edge vs. Gangrel- Christian turns on Gangrel to join his brother Edge.
Shane/Test Interview
Kane/Road Dogg Int
Undertaker and Big Show vs. Road Dogg and Kane
The Rock Int/Highlights
Billy Gunn/The Rock Interview- Great insults by the Rock.
Mark Henry/D-Lo Brown Int
IC and European Title Match: D-Lo Brown vs. Jeff Jarrett- D-Lo is now the holder of 2 belts.
Steve Austin Interview- Austin is attacked by Undertaker and Big Show.
Hardcore Title Match: Viscera vs. Big Boss Man
Steve Austin Int, HHH Segment
Test vs Rodney
Millennium Countdown
Steve Blackman vs. Val Venis- Ken Shamrock runs out to get some of Blackman.
WWF Title Match: Undertaker vs. Steve Austin- Match never happens as it turns into a brawl involving Austin, Undertaker, HHH, Big Show, Kane, Road Dogg, Acolytes, Hardcore Holly, Billy Gunn, and The Rock. Austin and HHH are left standing as the show ends.
8/9/99 Raw in Chicago, IL

Millennium Countdown
The Rock Interview- The show begins almost the way the last show ended, and that’s with a big brawl. Undertaker and Big Show get it started, followed by X-Pac, Road Dogg, and Kane.
Millennium Countdown, X-Pac Int
Christian vs. Gangrel- Hardy Boys go after Edge, Christian, and Michael Hayes.
Acolytes Int
Jesse Ventura/HHH/Shawn Michaels Interview- Jesse sure is full of himself. He gets on the mic to brag about his accomplishments.
D-Lo Brown/Mark Henry/Jeff Jarrett Segment
IC Title Match: Val Venis vs. Jeff Jarrett
Steve Austin/Shawn Michaels/HHH backstage Segment- Somebody attacked Austin so Austin is out of the main event tonight.
Shawn Michaels/HHH/Chyna Interview- Because Austin is out, Michaels puts Chyna in. HHH isn’t happy about that, saying Chyna is just a girl and that she can get hurt.
Tag Team Title Match: X-Pac and Kane vs. The Acolytes- X-Pac and Kane win the tag titles but their celebration is short-lived when Undertaker and Big Show come out to attack them,
Billy Gunn Segment
Joey Abes and Steve Blackman vs. Test and Ken Shamrock
Billy Gunn Segment, Test Int
Steve Blackman Int- OK, for those of you who are humored by a horrible interview such as myself, I’m sure you have noticed that Blackman is near the top of the “don’t put a mic in his face” list. This is probably his worst (best-worst) interview that he did in his WWF career. I remember watching it live and one of my buddies and I couldn’t stop laughing after. The Red Rooster, I mean Terry Taylor is interviewing Blackman but he (Blackman) is upset with Shamrock and says he will step in the Lion’s Den. The funny thing is he has his side turned to the camera the whole time and it looks like he is yelling at Taylor as he even is pointing to him and then gives a weak little scream at the end. Then real quickly after, he gives a look off to the side like, “yeah, I did it!” The interview took about as long as it took you to read this paragraph, but it was so funny. I know some of you appreciate a good (or bad) interview.
The Rock/Chris Jericho Interview- Jericho’s WWF Debut. Well done interview, probably done to make up for the last Steve Blackman interview.
Hardcore Title Match: Road Dogg vs. Big Boss Man- Al Snow comes out to hit Boss Man with his dog’s cage.
The Rock vs. Big Show- Chris Jericho keeps The Rock from picking up the win while Billy Gunn follows by attacking The Rock.
Undertaker vs. HHH vs. Chyna- Shawn Michaels is the guest referee. Steve Austin comes out to nail HHH with a chair and then pulls Chyna over HHH to pick up the win to become the number one contender to the WWF Title.
8/16/99 Raw in Milwaukee, WI

HHH/Chyna Interview- HHH attempts to suck up to her to get his title shot back.
Road Dogg vs. Al Snow
Chris Jericho Int
Undertaker/Chris Jericho Interview
Chyna vs. HHH- Mankind returns and gets involved.
Mankind/Chyna/Shawn Michaels Interview- Mankind tells Chyna that he feels that there has always been a little vague sexual tension between the two. Mankind wants a match with Chyna for her number one spot but she nails him in the southern region and says no. Michaels comes out and makes the match happen, then is sure to cover his junk in case Chyna decides to go after his manhood.
Steve Blackman/Shane/Ken Shamrock/Test Brawl
Steve Austin Int
Tag Team Title Match: The Acolytes vs. Kane and X-Pac
Hardcore Holly/Crash Interview- Crash’s WWF Debut.
Mankind Int
Mankind vs. Chyna- HHH comes out but Chyna gets distracted, allowing Mankind to win with the Mandible Claw on Chyna. Chyna and HHH brawl with Mankind. Shawn Michaels announces that Mankind is the number one contender but Shane comes out and has Mankind put that number one spot on the line against HHH later tonight.
Hardcore/Crash Holly Brawl
Billy Gunn/The Rock Interview/Brawl
The Rock Int
Falls Count Anywhere Match: Mankind vs. HHH- Match ends in a no contest so both go on to face Steve Austin (who was doing commentary) at SummerSlam in a triple threat match for the WWF Title. Shawn Michaels and Shane McMahon are the guest referees for this one.
8/23/99 Raw in Ames, IA, Night After SummerSlam
HHH/Mankind/Shane Interview- HHH is pissed off about what happened at SummerSlam and threatens to break Jim Ross’s arm unless Mankind gives hims him a title shot later in the show. Mankind accepts the match.
Hardcore Title Match: Road Dogg vs. Al Snow- Big Boss Man take Al Snow’s dog. Chris Jericho gets involved in the match.
Chris Jericho/Road Dogg Backstage Brawl
Tag Team Title Match: The Acolytes vs. Undertaker and The Big Show- Kane and X-Pac are on commentary but get involved.
Blue Meanie Segment
Test/Stephanie/Shane Interview- Test proposes to Stephanie but she says that she needs more time to decide.
Chris Jericho/Howard Finkel Int
Jeff Jarrett Interview- Jeff gives the European Title to Mark Henry and debuts Miss Kitty. D-Lo Brown comes out to brawl with Mark Henry in a match that lasted less than a minute.
The Rock vs. Gangrel
The Rock Interview
Tori Int
Howard Finkel/Road Dogg Interview- Chris Jericho comes out to brawl with Road Dogg.
HHH/Billy Gunn Int, Hardcore Holly Int
Hardcore Match: Crash vs. Hardcore Holly
Mankind Interview
Kane and X-Pac vs. Mideon and Viscera- Undertaker and Big Show are on commentary.
Chris Jericho Int
Billy Gunn/Chyna Interview- Jeff Jarrett comes down and they all decide to break a few guitars over their heads. Chyna goes down first, then Jarrett.
WWF Title Match: HHH vs. Mankind- HHH captures his first WWF Championship here as The Rock does commentary.
8/26/99 Smackdown in Kansas City, MO, Premier Show.
HHH/Chyna/The Rock/Shawn Michaels/Mankind Interview
Jeff Jarrett vs. Billy Gunn
Al Snow Int
Tag Team Title Match: Acolytes vs. X-Pac and Kane vs. Big Show and Undertaker
Big Boss Man/Al Snow Interview
Hardcore Title Match: Big Boss Man vs. Al Snow- Boss Man is the new champ.
Road Dogg vs. Chris Jericho
Chris Jericho/Howard Finkel Int
Chris Jericho/Ken Shamrock/Howard Finkel Segment
Stephanie/Test Interview- Test proposes to her and she agrees.
Shane McMahon vs. Mankind
Steve Austin Interview
Evening Gown Match: Ivory vs. Tori
WWF Title Match: The Rock vs. HHH- Shawn Michaels is the guest referee as he nails The Rock with some Sweet Chin Music. It looked like a reformation of the old DX but it never happened. Damn!
8/30/99 Raw in Boston, MA

The Rock Interview- The Rock walks to the back but gets beaten down by HHH and Chyna until Mankind puts a stop to it.
Shane Interview
Mankind vs. Mean Street Posse- HHH runs in to try and get some cheap shots in but Mankind was ready for him.
Undertaker Interviews
No DQ: The Rock vs. Big Show- Undertaker is on commentary as he gets involved as HHH and Mankind make their way out.
Big Boss Man/Al Snow Interview
X-Pac vs. Taka Michinoku
Edge and Christian vs. The Acolytes vs. The Hardy Boys vs. The Hollys
The Rock/Mankind Interview- Mankind asks to be the Rock’s partner and the Rock agrees. The start of these two teaming together and a great interview, the first of several. Terri Runnels is looking at The Rock so he has some words for her as only the Rock does.
Meat/Chaz/Terri/Marie Anna Brawl
Jeff Jarrett and Mark Henry vs. Billy Gunn and D-Lo Brown
Test/Stooges Int
Ken Shamrock vs. Gangrel- Chris Jericho has some words for Shamrock after the match.
Mankind/The Rock Int
Ivory Interview- Leads to a big brawl with 3 other women.
Tag Team Title Match: Mankind and The Rock vs. Undertaker and Big Show- Undertaker does almost nothing as he and Show lose the tag titles to Mankind and the Rock.
9/2/99 Smackdown in Worcester, MA

Chyna vs. Billy Gunn- Jeff Jarrett is on commentary.
Big Show/Paul Bearer/Undertaker Interview- Big Show was upset but Undertaker calms his ass down. Undertaker doesn’t help Paul Bearer up after Big Show put him down.
Mankind/The Rock/Shane/HHH Interview
Howard Finkel vs. Tony Chimel
Kane/X-Pac Int, Mankind Int, HHH/Chyna Int, Chris Jericho Int
X-Pac vs. Chris Jericho- Big Show and Undertaker go after X-Pac and Kane. Ken Shamrock wants some of Jericho and chases him to the back.
WWF Title Match: Gillberg vs. HHH
Big Boss Man/Al Snow Segment- Boss Man serves Al Snow some food and after Snow eats it, he reveals that he cooked Al Snow’s dog. That’s messed up.
Mankind vs. The Rock- HHH tries to come in but Rock and Mankind fight him off.
Shane Int
Val Venis vs. Ken Shamrock- Chris Jericho comes out to draw Kenny to the back to beat him up.
Shane/Test/Linda Interview
Shane/HHH Int
Tag Team Elimination Match- The Dudley Boys from ECW run in at the end. Their WWF Debut. Hardy Boys, Acolytes, Edge and Christian as well as other teams are involved.
Dudley Boys Int
Tag Team Title Match: HHH and Shane vs. The Rock and Mankind
9/6/99 Raw in Hartford, CT

Tag Team Title Match: X-Pac and Kane vs. The Rock and Mankind- HHH takes X-Pac’s place but nails Kane with a sledgehammer instead of helping him. Undertaker and Big Show come out as it looked like Taker and Show were helping Kane. You really couldn’t tell. Taker looks more like a biker than his usual Dead Man self.
Jacqueline Int
Jacqueline vs. Jeff Jarrett- This pretty much began his stretch as someone who beats up on women. Bad idea but it did get him over with the fans as a heel.
Val Venis Int
Edge and Christian vs. The Acolytes- The Dudley Boys attack the Acolytes after the match and as far as I know, this is their WWF Raw debut.
Shawn Stasiak/Mean Street Posse Segment
Val Venis vs. Big Show- Before the match, both guys are in the bathroom and Val looks at Big Show while he is urinating and asks him, “and they call you the Big Show???” One of the funniest lines on Raw.
Dudley Boyz/Acolytes Int/Brawl
Ken Shamrock/Chris Jericho/Howard Finkel Interview/Segment
HHH/Billy Gunn Interview- Billy’s turning face.
Mean Street Posse vs. Pat Patterson, Gerald Brisco, and Test- The Stooges come out to Hogan’s music again and do their Hogan impersonation. Their stuff never gets old.
Hardy Boys vs. The Hollys- Crash Holly gets a blood bath. Hardcore Holly laughs at him and then they brawl.
Undertaker/Big Show Int- Taker issues a challenge to Rock and Mankind for a tag title match on Smackdown in a buried alive match.
Al Snow Interview- He does the interview, dressed up like his old WWF Avatar character.
The Rock/Mankind Interview
D-Lo Brown vs. Steve Blackman- Mark Henry does commentary and then goes after D-Lo.
Ivory Int
Hardcore Match: Tori vs. Ivory- Crazy hardcore match but really good considering everything.
Chyna Int
WWF Title Match: Billy Gunn vs. HHH- Kane goes after HHH, Chyna, and Shane after the match.
9/9/99 Smackdown in Albany, NY

HHH/Chyna/Undertaker/Big Show/Kane Backstage Segment- Again, it looks like Taker and Show are protecting Kane.
Hardcore Title Match: British Bulldog vs. Big Boss Man- British Bulldog returns to the WWF. Too bad it was short lived. British Bulldog wins the belt but gives it to Al Snow, who is dressed up like his old Leif Cassidy character while the Rockers music plays.
HHH/Kane/Chyna Backstage Brawl
Edge and Christian vs. Hardy Boy- Kane comes out to say he is going to burn the flesh of HHH’s body.
X-Pac/Kane Interview
Chris Jericho Backstage Segment
Hardcore Holly vs. Chyna
The Rock/Mankind Int
Bradshaw vs. Buh Buh Ray Dudley
Big Boss Man Int
Stephanie/Test/Shane Interview
The Rock/Mankind Int
WWF Title Match: Kane vs. HHH- After the match, Undertaker and Big Show come down to make sure HHH doesn’t beat up on Kane some more.
Ken Shamrock/Chris Jericho Interview/Brawl- Jericho puts himself in a small cage in the ring, taunting Shamrock but Shamrock breaks the bars apart, pulling Jericho out and then gets to pound on him a little but Jericho still gets out. Jericho and Fink leave the arena.
Jeff Jarrett/Moolah Interview- Jarrett beats up on Moolah and Mae Young.
Val Venis Int
Buried Alive, Tag Team Title Match: Undertaker and Big Show vs. Mankind and The Rock- Undertaker and Big Show win to become the new tag champs after HHH shovels the dirt onto Mankind, who was knocked out in the grave.
HHH/Steve Austin Segment- The two brawl after the last match when Austin throws HHH into an ambulance and then drives it to the back. Austin then got into a big trailer and then drove it into the ambulance a couple of times.
9/13/99 Raw in Anaheim, CA

Linda McMahon/HHH Interview- Leads to a big Brawl.
Jeff Jarrett Int, The Rock/Mankind Int
Luna vs. Jeff Jarrett- Jarrett puts a figure four on Lilian Garcia.
Chyna Int
D-Von Dudley vs. Faarooq
Undertaker Int
British Bulldog/Big Boss Man/Al Snow Interview
Joey Abes vs. Test- Shane has turned face as he and Test chase after the posse.
HHH/Steve Austin Segment- HHH has Austin arrested.
Godfather vs. Chaz
Steel Cage Match: Chris Jericho vs. “Gotch Gracie”- Ken Shamrock comes out to get some of Jericho but gets attacked by Jericho and “Gracie”, who turns out to be “Mr. Hughes.
Chris Jericho Int
Undertaker vs. Big Show vs. Mankind vs. The Rock vs. Kane- This match leads to a huge WWF Roster brawl as all the referees are taken out.
Val Venis and D-Lo Brown vs. Steve Blackman
HHH/Linda/Vince Interview- HHH puts his hands on Linda and Vince returns to confront HHH and looks to be a good guy now.
WWF Title Match: Steve Austin vs. HHH- Match ends on a DQ and was really just a brawl.
9/16/99 Smackdown in Las Vegas, NV

Steve Austin/HHH Interview
Joey Abs vs. Shane
Ivory/Cindy Margolis/Jeff Jarrett Segment- Ivory baits Cindy into the ring but Jarrett puts the figure four on both of them.
European Title Match: Steve Blackman vs. Mark Henry
Jeff Jarrett/Cindy Margolis/Test Brawl/Int
Chris Jericho Interview
Curtis Hughes vs. Ken Shamrock- Of course, Chris Jericho gets involves as does commentary during this.
Mankind Int
The Rock Interview
Battle Royal: Undertaker vs. The Rock vs. Mankind vs. Kane vs. Big Show
The Hollys vs. Chyna and Billy Gunn- After the match, Jeff Jarrett hit Chyna with a frying pan and puts a dress on her.
Big Boss Man Int
Big Boss Man vs. Al Snow
Chyna/HHH Int
IC Title Match: Test vs. Jeff Jarrett
HHH/Vince Interview
WWF Title Match: Vince vs. HHH- Steve Austin helps Vince win the WWF Title. Stupid… Why do the McMahon’s keep putting belts on themselves?
9/20/99 Raw in Houston, TX

Vince/Steve Austin/HHH/Shane Interview- Steve Austin puts Vince back in charge.
The Rock Interview- Good interview with some old lady backstage.
Mankind/Mideon/Viscera/Big Show/The Rock Brawl
Chris Jericho/Ken Shamrock Highlights
Chris Jericho vs. Billy Gunn
Mankind/The Rock Interview- Another great Interview.
Undertaker Int
Ivory Interview
Ivory vs. Luna
D-Lo Brown/Mark Henry Backstage Int/Brawl, Test/Jeff Jarrett Int
Dudley Boys vs. Hardy Boys
Jeff Jarrett Backstage Segment
Jeff Jarrett and Debra vs. Test and Stephanie- Jarrett puts the figure four on Debra after the match.
Undertaker/Kane Segment
Tag Team Title Match: Mankind and The Rock vs. Viscera, Mideon, and Big Show- Mankind and The Rock win the tag titles for the second time together as Undertaker does commentary and has his goons in their instead of fighting in the match himself.
Chaz Segment
Steve Blackman vs. Shawn Stasiak
Undertaker Interview- He tries to burn Kane (again) after Taker has Big Show, Viscera, and Mideon beat him up. Mankind and The Rock come down to keep it from happening.
Al Snow Segment
Hardcore Match: Hardcore Holly vs. Big Boss Man
Mark Henry/D-Lo Brown Brawl
Chyna/Jeff Jarrett Segment
HHH and Chyna vs. Shane and Test- Vince smacks HHH with a chair to end the show.
9/23/99 Smackdown in Dallas, TX, (G/VG, really small buzz noise, show has a couple of skips)

Vince Interview- Vince is going to put HHH into a series of matches tonight.
HHH vs. Big Show
Chris Jericho Int
X-Pac vs. Mark Henry
Luna Int
Jeff Jarrett/Chyna Interview/Segment
Inferno Match: Kane vs. HHH- Undertaker is on the stage, holding X-Pac.
Undertaker/Vince Int- Vince says that if Undertaker doesn’t participate in his match tonight, then he is out of the ppv. Taker says then maybe he won’t participate “in anything around here”. Taker gets his break to heal up his injuries, which is why he hasn’t been in matches.
The Rock/Mankind/Road Dogg Interview
Tag Team Title Match: New Age Outlaws vs. The Rock and Mankind- Outlaws are back together and win the tag title belts once again.
Vince/Viscera/Mideon Int, HHH/Chyna Int
Viscera and Mideon vs. HHH
Ivory Int
Hardcore Holly vs. Al Snow
Boiler Room Brawl: HHH vs. Mankind
First Blood Match: Mr. Hughes vs. Ken Shamrock- Chris Jericho attacks Shamrock, wearing hockey gear.
British Bulldog/Vince Int
Bullrope Match: HHH vs. Rock
9/27/99 Raw in Greensboro, NC, Night After Unforgiven
HHH/British Bulldog/Vince Interview
Mankind Int, Test/Stephanie Segment
Jeff Jarrett Interview
Big Show vs. Chris Jericho
Mankind/Dude Love Int, Chyna Int
Steve Austin/Vince Interview- Austin gets his title shot against who ever the champion is at the next ppv.
Mean Street Posse/Terri Segment
European Title Match: Steve Blackman vs. D-Lo Brown
Mankind Int
Mankind/The Rock Interview- Rock, “This is your life” Mankind brings out people from the Rock’s past as this was one of the highest, if not the highest rating segment in wrestling TV. Great segment. HHH comes out at the end but by then, this segment was already in the books.
Tag Team Title Match: X-Pac vs. New Age Outlaws- Return of the Outlaws on Raw but ends in a quick DQ.
Moolah/Mae Young Int
Evening Gown Match: Ivory vs. Moolah and Mae Young
Jeff Jarrett/Chyna Interview
Jeff Jarrett and Tom Pritchard vs. Chyna and Debra- Chyna wins after Pritchard hit Chyna over the head with a guitar.
WWF Title Match: The Rock vs. HHH- Steve Austin comes in to brawl with HHH as when it looked like Rock might win the title, British Bulldog runs in to stomp on The Rock to cause a DQ.
9/30/99 Smackdown in Richmond, VA

Road Dogg vs. Chris Jericho- The Hollys put Road Dogg through a table to cause a DQ.
Vince Int
Mankind/Val Venis Interview- Mankind makes a bunch of penis references about wanting Val to reach into his pants and pull out a long white thing but of course he meant, Mr. Socko.
HHH/Vince Int, The Rock Int
Hardy Boys vs. Edge and Christian
British Bulldog Int, Mankind/Rock Int
Big Show vs. D-Lo Brown- Droz and Mark Henry get involved. Mark Henry says after the match that he’s a sex addict.
Kane and X-Pac vs. Acolytes vs. Dudley Boys
Dudleys/Mankind/Stevie Richards Int
Jeff Jarrett vs. A bunch of Women
Rock/Mankind Int
Mankind/Stevie Richards/Val Venis/Dudley Boys Interview/Segment
WWF Title Match: British Bulldog vs. HHH- The Rock is the guest referee and as always, does his thing on the mic and gets involved, physically. After the match, these three brawl in the back and eventually, Steve Austin attacks Hunter.
10/4/99 Raw in East Rutherford, NJ

X-Pac and Kane vs. The Hollys vs. Acolytes vs. New Age Outlaws
British Bulldog Highlights
British Bulldog/Chyna Interview
Mankind/The Rock Interview- Mankind is talking to The Rock while The Rock is on the phone. Funny segment.
Test Int, Moolah/Mae Young/Ivory Brawl, Mankind/Stevie Richards Int
Edge and Christian vs. Hardy Boys
X-Pac Int
HHH/Jim Ross Interview- HHH beats up JR.
Jeff Jarrett/Ivory Int, Mankind Int
Moolah and Mae Young vs. Ivory and Miss Kitty- Jeff Jarrett puts Miss Kitty in a figure four.
Mankind Int, Droz Segment
Mankind/The Rock/Chris Jericho Interview
Mankind/Stevie Richards/Dudley Boys Int/Brawl
British Bulldog vs. Chyna
Dudley Boys Int
Mankind and Stevie Richards vs. Dudley Boys- Richards is dressed up like Dude Love.
Vince/British Bulldog Interview
Chris Jericho vs. The Rock- British Bulldog brawls with The Rock.
10/7/99 Smackdown in Long Island, NY

RIP Gorilla Monsoon
X-Pac and Kane vs. Viscera and Mideon
The Rock Int, Mankind Int
Road Dogg vs. Hardcore Holly
Mark Henry Int, Jeff Jarrett Int, British Bulldog Int
Hardy Boys vs. Edge and Christian
Val Venis Segment- Val pulls a sock out of his pants, calling him Mr. Rocko.
Mud Match: Ivory vs. Miss Kitty- After the match, Jeff Jarrett kicks Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young into the mud. Chyna then comes down and returns the favor on Jarrett.
Shane Int
Mankind vs. British Bulldog
Steve Austin Interview
Big Show vs. Big Boss Man
Val Venis/Mankind/British Bulldog Int/Brawl
The Rock vs. Val Venis- Mankind comes out to smack Venis with a chair but hits Rock instead by accident.
10/11/99 Raw in Atlanta, GA

RIP Gorilla Monsoon- It’s too bad he died at a young 62. Monsoon was a fantastic announcer and his segments with Bobby Heenan on Primetime Wrestling were legendary.
Steve Austin/HHH Interview- HHH pushes Jim Ross again but this time, JR hits HHH back, causing a brawl with he and Austin.
Billy Gunn vs. Crash Holly
Mankind Int
Ivory vs. Mae Young
The Rock Int, British Bulldog Int
Stephanie McMahon interview- She is horrible at interviews. Get the mic away from her.
British Bulldog/Val Venis/Mankind Brawl
Edge and Christian vs. Hardy Boys
The Rock Int
X-Pac vs. Faarooq
Mark Henry Int
Chris Jericho and Curtis Hughes vs. Headbangers- Jericho leaves Hughes.
The Rock/Mankind Int
Godfather vs. Mark Henry- Henry can’t resist the hoes.
Big Boss Man vs. Big Show
Mankind Int
HHH and Chyna vs. Steve Austin and Jim Ross- As JR walks to the ring, The King says “Aw what a suck up, he’s wearing a Stone Cold jersey.” It sounded funny. Not a match at all, just a brawl. Chyna “womanhandles” JR in the ring as HHH and Austin fight on the outside. Jeff Jarrett knocks out Chyna and dumps her in the back in his last WWF Raw is War appearance.
British Bulldog and Val Venis vs. The Rock and Mankind- The Rock hits the Rock Bottom on the Bulldog onto a pile of, as Michael Cole said annoyingly, “Dog poop”.
Steve Austin/HHH Brawl- After the brawl, Triple H stares right at a real rattlesnake as the lights go out and the show closes.
10/14/99 Smackdown in Birmingham, AL

Vince/Mankind Int
New Age Outlaws/HHH Interview- Hunter comes out with a dried up, bloody face. Apparently, he was bit by the snake on Raw.
Kane/X-Pac Int
Kane vs. The Acolytes
Mankind/Stevie Richards Int, Test Int, Mankind/Rock Int
Chris Jericho vs. Mr. Hughes
Big Show Int, Big Boss Man Int, Mark Henry Int
Hardcore Title Match: Big Boss Man vs. Al Snow vs. Big Show
Chyna Int
Val Venis vs. Stevie Richards
British Bulldog Int
Terri/Edge/Christian/Hardy Boys Segment
Jeff Jarrett/Debra Interview
Steve Austin Int
Hardy Boys vs. Edge and Christian
British Bulldog/Stephanie Int
Godfather vs. Mideon
Tag Team Title Match: The Rock and Mankind vs. New Age Outlaws- Rock n Sock connection win the tag titles, even though Rock didn’t want to tag with Mankind anymore.
HHH/Steve Austin/Chyna Int/Brawl
10/18/99 Raw in Columbus, OH, Night After No Mercy

The Rock/Steve Austin/Vince/HHH Interview
X-Pac and Kane vs. Dudley Boys
Acolytes/Mr. Hughes Int, Hollys/Vince Int
Big Boss Man Interview
Moolah/Mae Young Segment, Big Show Int, Mark Henry Segment
Godfather vs. Viscera
Acolytes/Mr. Hughes Int, Mankind/The Rock Int
Chyna/Chris Jericho Interview- Jericho doesn’t like a woman holding the Intercontinental Title.
Test vs. British Bulldog
Acolytes/Mr. Hughes Int
Mankind/Al Snow Int- Al says he found Mankind’s book in the trash. Was it The Rock?
Al Snow vs. Val Venis
The Rock/Mankind Interview- Mankind yells at the Rock because he thought that he threw away his book. Rock doesn’t know what Mankind is talking about.
Hardcore Title match: Big Show vs. Big Boss Man- Match never happens because The Boss Man has someone tell the Big Show that his father has died. Stupid angle that I hope the WWF never does again.
Tag Team Title Match: Acolytes vs. New Age Outlaws- During the match, the top rope busts loose. Howard Finkel plays a part in the Acolytes loss.
Hardy Boys/Edge/Christian/Gangrel Interview- They all turn and attack Gangrel after talking about their classic ladder match from last night.
Big Boss Man Int
Tag Team Title Match: The Hollys vs. The Rock and Mankind- Mankind just sits on the ringside steps as they lose the tag titles. HHH and Steve Austin come in and they all brawl.
10/21/99 Smackdown in Louisville, KY

Mankind/Vince/The Rock/Val Venis Interview
HHH/Al Snow Int, HHH/Vince Int
Edge, Christian, and Test vs. Mean Street Posse
Big Show/Big Boss Man Highlights/Int, HHH/Al Snow Brawl
WWF Title Match: Al Snow vs. HHH
The Rock Interview
The Rock vs. Mankind- Val Venis comes out to do commentary and HHH comes out to lay out the Rock.
Women’s Title Match: Mae Young vs. Fabulous Moolah
Mark Henry/Godfather Int
Hardy Boys vs. The Hollys
Big Boss Man/Big Show Interview/Segment
Godfather and Mark Henry vs. Mideon and Viscera
Steve Austin vs. Val Venis- HHH goes after Austin while The Rock goes after HHH.
10/25/99 Raw in Providence, RI

Vince/HHH/Billy Gunn/Road Dogg Int, Mark Henry/Godfather Int
Godfather vs. Viscera- Mark Henry turns on The Godfather.
The Rock Interview
Tag Team Title Match: Edge and Christian vs. The Hollys- Too Cool returns as they and The Hardy Boys brawl it out at the end.
Women’s Title Match: Ivory vs. Moolah
Prince Albert/Big Show Int
Big Show vs. Prince Albert
Chris Jericho Int
Chyna and D-Lo Brown vs. Chris Jericho and Stevie Richards
Mankind/Vince Int
WWF Title Match: Mankind vs. HHH- Mankind had the Mandible Claw on HHH but Val Venis causes a DQ by attacking Mankind.
Steve Austin Int, Stephanie Int, X-Pac/Kane Int
Buh Buh Ray Dudley vs. Kane
British Bulldog Int
Steel Cage Match: British Bulldog vs. Test- During the match, Shane jumps off the cage onto 2 of the Mean Street Posse guys.
New Age Outlaws/HHH Int
Acolytes Segment- They have a huge bar fight at a local bar. All I was thinking was, Don’t damage the arcade games!!!
New Age Outlaws vs. The Rock and Steve Austin- HHH and X-Pac run out to cause a DQ, as they reform DX.
10/28/99 Smackdown in Springfield, MA

DX/Vince Interview- DX is back and say that they are taking over.
Edge and Christian vs. Too Cool- The Hollys are on commentary.
Big Show Int, Mark Henry Segment
Chris Jericho vs. Stevie Richards- Richards comes out dressed like Chyna but the real Chyna assists in Jericho losing. Chyna then attacks Richards.
The Rock/DX Backstage Segment, DX Int
European Title Match: British Bulldog vs. D-Lo Brown- Mean Street Posse help British Bulldog win the European title belt again.
X-Pac/Kane Int, Road Dogg Int
Kane and X-Pac vs. Dudley Boys- X-Pac and DX stomp on Kane. I always though it would be cool for Kane to be in DX but it never happened. It never happened early last year and it never happened this time.
Mark Henry and Viscera vs. Hardy Boys- Viscera attacks Mark Henry after Henry was distracted by Terri.
DX Int
Al Snow vs. Big Boss Man
Road Dogg/Steve Austin Segment
DX Segment
Big Boss Man/Albert/Big Show/Al Snow Segment- Big Show pushes a dumpster on top of a car that had Albert and Boss Man in it.
Mankind Int, Steve Austin/Billy Gunn Segment
Val Venis vs. Mankind
DX/Steve Austin Segment- Austin has taken apart DX one at a time all night.
HHH/DX/Steve Austin Interview- An injured DX wants Austin to come down to the ring. Austin does but not before Austin drops a net to get the upper hand. The Rock and Kane come out to help Austin beat DX up.
11/1/99 Raw in Washington DC

The Rock Interview
The Rock vs. Road Dogg- DX assault The Rock.
Big Show Interview- Big Boss Man and Prince Albert attack the Big Show by using some sort of gas.
Edge, Christian, and Hardy Boys vs. Too Cool and The Hollys
X-Pac/Tori Int, Al Snow/Mankind Int
Hardcore Match: Prince Albert and Big Boss Man vs. Al Snow and Mankind- During the match, Val Venis is shown, burning Mankind’s books.
Chyna vs. Stevie Richards- Chris Jericho puts Chyna in the Walls of Jericho.
DX Int
Steve Austin vs. Billy Gunn- Austin, with a cut above his eye, holds off DX with a chair in the ring.
Test vs. Val Venis- Stephanie asks Test to marry her.
Kane vs. X-Pac- DX all Attack Kane and there isn’t much of a match.
First Kurt Angle Promo- He mentions all his awards that he has won in the past, as it looks like he will debut as a heel.
DX/Shane/Vince Int/Brawl
Dudley Boyz vs. Headbangers
WWF Title Match: Shane McMahon vs. HHH- The Rock, Steve Austin, and Vince all help to fight off DX.
11/4/99 Smackdown in Philadelphia, PA

DX Interview
Tag Team Title Match: Mankind and Al Snow vs. The Hollys- Snow and Mankind win the tag team titles.
Steve Austin/Jim Ross Int, Mankind/Al Snow Celebration
Test vs. D-Lo Brown
The Rock/Jim Ross Int
Too Cool vs. Hardy Boys
Mankind Int, Kane/Tori/Jim Ross Int, Kurt Angle Promo
European Title Match: Edge vs. British Bulldog
Vince/Jim Ross Int, Mankind Int
DX/Vince Interview
Mankind Int
Godfather vs. Chris Jericho- Stevie Richards superkicks Jericho while dressed up like a hoe.
Steve Richards Int, Vince/Shane Int, Mankind Int
Steve Austin Int, Vince Int, Val Venis/Al Snow Int
Big Show vs. Big Boss Man
Elimination Match: DX vs. Shane, Kane, Steve Austin, and The Rock
11/8/99 Raw in State College, PA

Steve Austin/Vince McMahon/The Rock/HHH Interview- Now Vince wants to be the referee for the main event at Survivor Series.
New Age Outlaws/Mankind/Al Snow Int
Tag Team Title Match: New Age Outlaws vs. Al Snow and Mankind- We have new tag team champions as DX picks up the win. Mankind and Snow should have had the titles longer but oh well.
DX Interview- HHH moons the crowd.
Al Snow/Mankind Int
Val Venis vs. Godfather
Test/Linda/Shane Int
Big Boss Man Interview
Kurt Angle Promo
Edge, Christian, and Headbangers vs. British Bulldog and Mean Street Posse
Vince/Shane Int, Chris Jericho Int
X-Pac vs. The Rock- All of DX come out to attack The Rock. Vince comes out to order HHH to defend the title against Test tonight.
Chyna/Stevie Richards/Chris Jericho Segment/Brawl
Acolytes Int
Mankind/Al Snow Int- Mankind is trying to make Al Snow feel better.
Big Boss Man vs. Kane
Acolytes Int
Too Cool vs. The Hollys
Acolytes Bar Room Brawl
WWF Title Match: Test vs. HHH- The rest of DX takes Stephanie, causing Vince and Shane to go chase after her in the back.
11/11/99 Smackdown in Baltimore, MD

HHH/Vince Interview
Kurt Angle Promo, Vince Int
Edge vs. Hardcore Holly
Vince/Stooges/Arnold Schwarzenegger Int, Big Show Segment
Godfather and D-Lo Brown vs. Dudley Boys
DX Int, Big Show Segment
Val Venis vs. British Bulldog- Turns into a messy brawl with Mark Henry, Gangrel, Mean Street Posse, Steve Blackman and I don’t know, maybe some others.
The Rock/Arnold Schwarzenegger Int
Big Show/Big Boss Man Funeral Segment
Big Boss Man vs. Faarooq- Bradshaw gives Albert a few chair shots.
Chris Jericho Int, Arnold Schwarzenegger Int
Chyna/Miss Kitty Int, Too Cool vs. Hardy Boys
Steve Austin/Arnold Schwarzenegger Int, DX Int
Vince/Arnold Schwarzenegger Interview- Arnold is promoting his movie, End of Days.
DX Backstage Segments
Ivory vs. Tori
DX/Kane/Rock/Shane Backstage Brawl
Elimination Match: DX vs. The Rock, Kane, Test, and Shane- Steve Austin and Arnold Schwarzenegger celebrate in the ring to close the show after Arnold laid in some shots on HHH.
11/15/99 Raw in Pittsburgh, PA, Night After Survivor Series

DX/Vince McMahon Interview- Vince has DX taken to the back to have them question about their involvement in Austin’s rundown last night.
Mankind vs. Val Venis
DX Int, Test/Stephanie/Luna Int
Kurt Angle vs. Godfather- King Kurt’s Raw debut!
Vince Int
Chyna/Miss Kitty Interview
Chris Jericho vs. Gangrel
Vince/Big Show/DX Int, Stooges Int, Acolytes Backstage Int/Brawls
British Bulldog vs. Big Show- Match never happens as he chokeslams the entire Mean Street Posse.
The Rock Int, Jerry Lawler Int
Road Dogg vs. Al Snow
Al Snow/Mankind Interview- Mankind is trying to cheer up Al Snow again.
DX/Kane Segment
Chris Jericho/Chyna Segment- Jericho has Chyna tied up and smashes her thumb with a hammer.
Test vs. Billy Gunn
HHH vs. Kane- Vince does commentary but wants some of HHH.
Big Boss Man vs. The Rock- Boss Man wins? Yikes. What makes it worse it that he is now the number one contender and gets a title shot at the next PPV.
11/18/99 Smackdown in Cincinnati, OH

DX/Vince/Stooges Segment/Brawl
Too Cool vs. Edge and Christian
DX/Vince Int
Kurt Angle vs. Gangrel- Gangrel does the honors of jobbing to Angle on Angle’s first Smackdown match.
DX Int, Test/DX Brawl
European Title Match: Godfather vs. British Bulldog
DX/Vince Int, Kane/Viscera Brawl
Big Show vs. The Hollys
Kane vs. Viscera
DX/Vince/Shane Int
Women Title, Hardcore Match: Luna vs. Ivory
Al Snow/Mick Foley Interview/Segments- Snow and Mankind go to Vegas.
Mark Henry vs. Chris Jericho
Dudley Boys Int, The Rock Int
Tag Team Title Match: Hardy Boys vs. New Age Outlaws
Arnold Schwarzenegger Int
Big Boss Man vs. The Rock- Rock wins this time but the number one contender’s spot wasn’t on the line.
HHH/Vince Interview- During the interview, it appears that the rest of DX pushed Shane, Stephanie, and Test down some steps.
11/22/99 Raw in Syracuse, NY

Mankind and Al Snow vs. The Hollys- Al Snow gets pinned again.
DX Int, Vince/Shane/Test Int
Kurt Angle vs. Mark Henry- Before the match, Angle makes note that he and Henry were in the Olympics together and that Mark Henry didn’t do so well.
Vince/DX Segment, Vince/Shane Int
Godfather vs. Chris Jericho
Vince/HHH Segments
Edge and Christian vs. Dudley Boys
The Rock/Mankind/Al Snow Int- Tells Al Snow to take his “head” and stick it up his ass.
Vince Segment
Stephanie Segment- Stephanie is having her bachelorette shower.
Jeff Hardy vs. X-Pac
Vince Int, Stephanie Bachelorette Shower Segment, Vince Int
WWF Title Match: Kane vs. Big Show- Match ends in a DQ.
HHH/Shane McMahon Interview- Ends in a big brawl.
Val Venis and British Bulldog vs. Too Cool- Mean Street Posse attack Too Cool but Rikishi (announcers were saying ‘Rockishi’) makes the save.
Road Dogg vs. Test
Big Boss Man and Albert vs. The Rock and Mankind
Vince Segment
HHH vs. Acolytes- Vince McMahon comes in at the end and throws HHH off of the stage.
11/25/99 Smackdown in Rochester, NY

DX Int
Big Show/Chris Jericho Interview
WWF Title Match: Chris Jericho vs. Big Show- Chyna gets the assist in Big Show retaining his belt.
DX/Vince/Shane/Test Int, Vince/Shane/Stooges Int
Kurt Angle vs. D-Lo Brown
Mankind/Al Snow Int, DX Int
European Title Match: Val Venis vs. British Bulldog
DX Int
Kane vs. Big Boss Man
New Age Outlaws/X-Pac Segment
Test/Stephanie Highlights
Mankind/The Rock Interview- Rock tells Michael Cole that the first time Cole is ready for poontang pie, that poontang will be ready for him.
The Rock and Mankind vs. The Hollys
New Age Outlaws Int, Fabulous Moolah/Mae Young Int
Rikishi vs. Joey Abes
DX Segments- DX is messing with the homeless people.
Gravy Bowl Match: Jacqueline vs. Ivory
Godfather vs. Al Snow
Tag Team Title, Steel Cage Match: Hardy Boys vs. New Age Outlaws
Triple H and X-Pac vs. Shane and Test- Ends in a huge brawl with all the Thanksgiving food being used, which was sitting at ringside.
11/29/99 Raw in Los Angeles, CA

Big Show and Kane vs. Big Boss Man and Viscera- X-Pac gets himself involved.
Test/Stephanie McMahon Highlights
HHH/Vince Interview- HHH says there will be no wedding tonight. Do you think he is telling the truth?
Matt Hardy vs. Edge- Jeff Hardy and Christian also mix it up.
Stephanie Bachelorette Shower Segment
Chyna/Chris Jericho Interview
Stephanie Bachelorette Shower Segment
Godfather vs. Steve Blackman
Stephanie Bachelorette Shower Segment, Al Snow/Mankind Int
Too Cool vs. The Hollys
Stephanie Bachelorette Shower Segment
HHH vs. Test
Stephanie Bachelorette Shower Segment
BB/Ivory Interview- BB is the hot EMT that has been on WWF TV the last month or so. They finally point her out.
Val Venis vs. Kurt Angle
Al Snow/Mankind/The Rock Int- Snow gets caught saying that he hates The Rock’s guts.
DX vs. Mankind, The Rock, and Kane- Al Snow hits DX with Head, causing a DQ. Rock didn’t like that so he Rock Bottoms Al Snow.
Dudley Boys/Acolytes Int/Brawl
Vince/HHH/Stephanie/Test Wedding Segment- Probably turned out to be the biggest moment of Raw in 1999. It looks like it is going to be the wedding of Test and Stephanie McMahon but half way through it, HHH comes out and shows a video showing that he has already married Stephanie.
12/2/99 Smackdown in Anaheim, CA

Stephanie Interview
Viscera vs. Kane
Mankind/Al Snow Int, Mankind Int
Dudley Boys vs. Edge and Christian
D-Lo Brown vs. British Bulldog
DX Interview- The guys give HHH wedding presents.
The Rock/Mankind/Al Snow Int
Mankind/Chris Jericho Interview
Mankind vs. Chris Jericho
Kurt Angle and Steve Blackman vs. Headbangers
Test/Stephanie Int, Vince/Shane/Stephanie Int
Rikishi vs. Crash Holly
The Rock vs. Al Snow- Snow continues an assault on The Rock after the match along with the New Age Outlaws until Mankind comes out and makes the save.
Hardy Boys and Big Show vs. New Age Outlaws and X-Pac- Kane comes out to go after X-Pac and The Rock and Mankind get some of the Outlaws.
12/6/99 Raw in Worcester, MA

Tag Team Title Match: Too Cool vs. New Age Outlaws
Mankind/Al Snow Interview- Al Snow fully turns heel here even though his heel role never amounted to much.
Vince/Stephanie Int
Hardy Boys vs. Kurt Angle and Steve Blackman- As Blackman comes out, an orange symbol is on the titantron and flashes a few times. This would be the first sign of Taz coming to the WWF.
HHH/X-Pac/Stephanie Int
Val Venis vs. D-Lo Brown- British Bulldog and Mean Street Posse lay out D-Lo and Val.
Godfather vs. Prince Albert
HHH/Vince Interview- Good Interview by HHH.
Vince/Mankind/Stooges Int
Hardcore Holly vs. Rikishi
Moolah/Mae Young Segment
BB/Ivory/Jacqueline/Chyna/Miss Kitty Interview- One of the most famous lines of Raw from Miss Kitty, “I don’t wear underwear”.
Test and Kane vs. X-Pac and HHH
WWF Title Match: Viscera vs. Big Show- Big Show wins with a drop kick from the top rope.
Big Boss Man Int, Big Show Int
Mankind and The Rock vs. Al Snow and Chris Jericho- New Age Outlaws come out to attack the good guys.
12/9/99 Smackdown in Boston, MA

Road Dogg vs. Chris Jericho- Chyna comes out to do commentary and then makes sure that Jericho loses.
Vince/Shane/Test Int, Test/Stephanie/X-Pac Int
Kurt Angle and Steve Blackman vs. Dudley Boys
Too Cool/Rikishi Segment- They go to a club.
European Title Match: Christian vs. British Bulldog
Miss Kitty Int, Too Cool/Rikishi Segment
Hardy Boys vs. Big Boss Man and Prince Albert- Big Show comes out to get some of Boss Man.
Mankind/Al Snow/Rock Highlights
Al Snow vs. Mankind- I never liked Snow’s heel turn. I always thought it kept him from really getting over.
Vince/HHH/Stephanie Interview- Contract signing between Vince and HHH. Turns into a brawl when Hunter nails Shane in the head.
X-Pac vs. Test
Too Cool/Rikishi Segments
The Rock vs. Billy Gunn
HHH vs. Kane
12/13/99 Raw in Tampa, FL, Night After Armageddon
DX/Stephanie Enter Arena
Chris Jericho/X-Pac Interview
IC Title Match: X-Pac vs. Chris Jericho- Chyna hits the referee to cause a DQ and save the IC Title.
HHH/Stephanie/Shane Int
Godfather vs. Mark Henry- Before the match, a video clip is shown of Mark Henry in bed with Mae Young. Gross.
Shane/Vince Segments- Vince is pissed after what happened last night.
Vince/Stephanie/HHH Interview
HHH/Stephanie Segment- Vince and Shane leave so they say they are going to be running things.
The Rock Interview
No DQ: The Rock and Mankind vs. Dudley Boys- Al Snow comes out in a referee outfit but gets beat up.
HHH/Stephanie Segments
Women’s Title Match: Tori vs. Miss Kitty- In pudding???
Mean Street Posse vs. Acolytes
Steel Cage Match: Hardy Boys vs. Edge and Christian- Cool match. Would be a lot better on a PPV with more time.
HHH/Kane Int
New Age Outlaws vs. Kane
HHH/Stephanie Int
Big Show vs. Big Boss Man and Albert
DX Int
Tag Team Title Match: HHH and Test vs. New Age Outlaws- This is just a trap as DX pounds on Test.
12/16/99 Smackdown in Florida State, University

HHH/Stephanie Interview- The McMahon-Helmsley has begun as they speak in front of all the wrestlers in the back.
Albert vs. Chris Jericho
HHH/Stephanie Segments- As would be the case for the next, I don’t know, year or so, they have many many interviews backstage throughout the show.
Kurt Angle vs. Test- DX come out to beat up one of my least favorite wrestlers of all time, Test. Stephanie does commentary.
HHH/Stooges Int
Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy
HHH/Stephanie/Tori/Mean Street Posse Int
X-Pac vs. Tori
Hardcore Match: Mankind vs. Al Snow- Al Snow tries to lure Mankind into the dressing room of DX but it was really The Rock’s room as Mankind picks up the win.
Stooges Int
Edge vs. Christian
Acolytes vs. Mean Street Posse
Jim Ross/HHH Int
Too Cool and Rikishi vs. The Hollys and Viscera
New Age Outlaws Int
Tag Team Title Match: Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco vs. New Age Outlaws
WWF Title, Lumberjack Match: The Rock vs. Big Show- HHH and Stephanie watches from the ramp-way. All the lumberjacks were heels and they would attack Big Show and Rock until Mankind comes out to help fight them all off.
12/20/99 Raw in Houston, TX

Test vs. New Age Outlaws
HHH/Stephanie/Edge/Christian/Hardys/Kurt Angle Int- Stephanie is starting to like Kurt Angle.
Matt Hardy and Edge vs. Jeff Hardy and Christian
HHH/Stephanie/Moolah/Mae Young Int
HHH/Stephanie/Jim Ross/Mankind Interview- Mankind calls Stephanie a hoe.
Kurt Angle vs. Viscera
HHH/Stephanie Int
Moolah and Mae Young vs. Dudley Boys vs. Acolytes- These old ladies are hilarious. Mark Henry comes out to help Mae Young.
HHH/Stephanie Int, Mankind Int
Boiler Room Brawl: Mankind vs. “Santa Clause”- Something like 1 on 6.
HHH/Stephanie/Al Snow Int
IC Title Match: Godfather vs. Chris Jericho- Chyna gets the assist again for Jericho’s win.
HHH/Stephanie Int
Val Venis vs. Hardcore Holly- BB is forced to strip because Venis lost but HHH covers her up so he is the only one who gets to see BB’s goods.
The Rock Interview
Brahma Bull Match: Al Snow vs. The Rock- With help from the New Age Outlaws, Snow picks up the win.
HHH/Stephanie/Tori Int
Mean Street Posse vs. Too Cool and Rikishi
HHH/Stephanie Int
WWF Title, No DQ Match: Kane vs. Big Show- Big Show finally faces some competition for his WWF Title. DX comes in and steals Tori to spend the weekend with X-Pac. HHH and Stephanie watch the match again from the stage area.
12/23/99 Smackdown in Dallas, TX

Mankind/Stephanie Interview
IC Title Match: Hardcore Holly vs. Chris Jericho
HHH/New Age Outlaws Int, Kane/Stephanie Int
Rikishi vs. Viscera
Stephanie/Test Int, The Rock Int
Road Dogg vs. Test
Stephanie/HHH Int
Kurt Angle vs. Edge
Stephanie/Steve Blackman Int, Stephanie/Al Snow/Kane Int
Steel Cage Match: Al Snow vs. The Rock
Women’s Title Match: Ivory vs. Miss Kitty
Mean Street Posse/Kaientai Int
Christian and Jeff Hardy vs. Kaientai
Mankind/Jim Ross Int, DX Int
Kane vs. Billy Gunn
Mark Henry vs. Buh Buh Ray Dudley
WWF Title Match: Mankind vs. Big Show- DX runs in and gets involved as HHH was hanging in a small cage above the ring but got out.
12/27/99 Raw in Greensboro, NC (my DVD is missing the Too Cool vs. New Age Outlaws match)

HHH/Mankind Interview- DX attacks Mankind until The Rock makes the save. After, HHH says that either The Rock or Mankind will be fired tonight.
Chyna vs. Crash
Kane/Tori Int
Godfather and D-Lo Brown vs. Edge and Christian vs. Acolytes vs. Dudley Boys
Kane/Tori Int, HHH/Stephanie/Kane/Tori Int
Kurt Angle vs. Headbangers
Mankind Int
IC Title Match: Al Snow vs. Chris Jericho
Mark Henry Int
Pink Slip on a Pole Match: Mankind vs. The Rock- Good match with Mankind taking a nasty fall to end it and The Rock wins and Mankind is fired by HHH as he gets on the mic after and says his goodbyes.
Mankind Int
Val Venis and The Kat vs. Albert and Ivory vs. Gangrel and Luna vs. Viscera and Jacqueline
Mark Henry/Mae Young/Moolah/Harvey Whippleman Segment, Mankind Int
X-Pac vs. Jeff Hardy
Mark Henry/Mae Young/Moolah/Harvey Whippleman Segment
Kane vs. Test
Mankind Int, DX Int, Big Show Int
WWF Title, No DQ Match: HHH vs. Big Show- Surprisingly, Big Show keeps his title as everyone thought HHH would find some way to win it here as Mankind comes out to hit HHH with a chair.
12/30/99 Smackdown in Richmond, VA

Stephanie/HHH/Kane/Tori Int
Test vs. Albert
Mick Foley Highlights- Various highlights of Foley are shown throughout the show.
HHH/Stephanie/Al Snow Int
Rikishi vs. Kurt Angle
Jeff Hardy vs. Al Snow
The Hollys vs. Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young
Tori/The Rock Int
Kane vs. The Rock
Mick Foley Interview
HHH/X-Pac Int
IC Title Match: Chyna vs. Chris Jericho- Both combatants pin each other and think they won so we have a bunch of referees in the ring, trying to sort it out.
Faarooq vs. Buh Buh Ray Dudley
New Age Outlaws/X-Pac Int
Luna and Gangrel vs. Viscera and Jacqueline
The Rock Int
Big Show vs. DX- Match started off as Big Show vs. X-Pac but as the match was going, HHH turned it into all of DX vs. Big Show.

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