ROH Secrets of the Ring Series

All DVDs are masters.

1. ROH Secrets of the Ring with Jim Cornette DVD

Ring Of Honor Wrestling is proud to introduce its Secrets Of The Ring series. This isn’t your everyday shoot interview!!! ROH will bring you some of the greatest minds in the wrestling industry and have them teach lessons that have never been told on VHS & DVD anywhere before.

This first edition of Secrets Of The Ring features legendary mastermind Jim Cornette. Every fan knows Cornette’s history inside the ring, but behind the scenes Cornette has put together a hall of fame career by running Smoky Mountain Wrestling and having a hand in booking both WCW and WWF. Cornette currently runs WWE developmental territory OVW where he passes his knowledge onto the next generation of superstars. Now you don’t have to be in OVW to learn those lessons.

Cornette is as entertaining and informative as always. He talks about the basics of cutting promos, working as a heel or babyface, working in a tag team, the role of the manager, proper selling and all the subtle things a good worker needs to do in a match that you can’t learn just by reading the internet or newsletters. These are only a few of the topics covered!!!

This is a must for every fan who thinks they know what goes on in the ring and most importantly every aspiring and upcoming wrestler today. Do you know about listening to the crowd or the importance of showing your face?

Cornette not only gives tips and techniques on what to do, but he talks about some of the biggest mistakes he sees made by today’s wrestler. If you truly want to know how to work, this knowledge is a must!

If you want to be educated on the wrestling business you need to know the Secrets Of The Ring as told by Jim Cornette.

Topics Include:
-What everyone should do in a basic promo.
-What makes a good babyface promo.
-What characteristics a babyface should have.
-What makes a good heel promo.
-What characteristics a heel should have.
-Cornette gives advice on how to make a promo feel real.
-What a good “go home” promo should have.
-Working as a babyface.
-Working as a heel.
-How to pace a match.
-Making a crowd go up and down like a yoyo.
-How to build drama in a match.
-How a heel can set the tone of a match.
-How a babyface can set the tone of a match.
-What makes a good tag team.
-Working a tag team match.
-Perfect tag teams in wrestling history.
-Storytelling in a match.
-What mistakes many make in matches today.
-How two babyfaces can work against each other without hurting their standing as a babyface.
-How a heel can command attention from the crowd.
-Showing your face while selling.
-The importance of listening to the crowd.
-Mistakes made in selling.
-The role of the manager/valet/second.
-When the right time is to interfere.
-When a manager should and shouldn’t put attention on him/herself.
-How to do a gimmick match such as a steel cage match.
-Mistakes made in gimmick matches.
-How to make a world title match seem more important.
-How to work a title match compared to a normal match.
-These are only a few of the subjects Cornette talks about. There is no education on the wrestling business like this home release!!!

2. ROH Secrets of the Ring with Dusty Rhodes DVD

Secrets Of The Ring continues to educate you about the business in new and unique ways with this edition featuring “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes. This is not your typical shoot interview as Dusty does something that has never been done before- he takes you inside his personal journal and lets you experience life as Jim Crockett’s National Wrestling Alliance booker in 1987!!!

Secrets Of The Ring with Dusty Rhodes has “The American Dream” open up his hand written journal outlining every NWA show in 1987. You’ll go on tour with Rhodes as he starts at the beginning of the year and takes you all the way through the final show of the year. You’ll actually see the handwritten pages featuring the lineups of some of the most famous cards ever including Starcade ’87!!!

Rhodes explains his booking decisions from turning Nikita Koloff babyface to putting the NWA World Heavyweight Title on Ronnie Garvin. You’ll hear the inside scoop on the Crockett Cup and the entire Great American Bash series. How much were the houses? What matches always drew sellouts? What was it like to book four shows and over 100 guys in a single night? What was his reasoning for putting certain talent on specific parts of the card?

Most of Dusty’s major plans were thrown out the window when Magnum T.A. was injured in a car accident. Find out how Rhodes dealt with this adversity and other controversial issues like the influx of UWF talent and why they weren’t pushed more. What did a typical house show lineup look like? How did he main event two shows in one night? Why did some guys main event in certain regions? What was it like booking one of the greatest promotions ever?

If you want to know what its like to book a promotion this DVD is a must. Rhodes explains how he would peak angles and build cards. Dusty shares all his philosophies from why he wouldn’t push certain guys to positioning himself as a main eventer to making every show different.

If you are a fan of “The American Dream,” NWA in the 80s or think you know anything about booking, you need to see this DVD so you can learn the Secrets Of The Ring with Dusty Rhodes.

Topics Include:
-Magnum TA’s car accident.
-His plans for Magnum in 1987.
-How all those plans needed to be changed.
-Why he wouldn’t put Magnum in front of a crowd while injured besides the Crockett Cup.
-How Magnum was booked to look strong.
-Turning Nikita Koloff babyface.
-The reaction to turning Koloff babyface.
-The first show of 1987.
-The gates and lineups of various house shows.
-Why The Crockett Cup event took place.
-Booking The Crockett Cup.
-Headlining the first night with the Mulkey Brothers.
-Some of his favorite angles.
-Matches that drew good houses.
-Programs that worked at house shows.
-The Great American Bash series.
-Making every show different.
-The influx of UWF talent.
-Why weren’t the UWF talent pushed more.
-Booking four shows in one night with over 100 guys.
-Working the main event in two cities in one night.
-Putting the NWA World Heavyweight title on Ronnie Garvin.
-Why Rhodes feels that Garvin deserved it.
-Why Brad Armstrong headlined a house show vs. Ric Flair.
-Pushing certain guys in various regions.
-His plans for Sting.
-His personal note in the journal after the final show of the year.
-His thoughts on Jim Herd.
-His opinion of Dave Meltzer.
-Why Ric Flair was jealous of him over an airplane.
-How 1988 went.
-Lots of booking philosophies.
-Rhodes explains why a lot of matches and angles happened.
-This is just a small taste of all the things Rhodes discussed!!!

3. ROH Secrets of the Ring with Raven Volume 1 DVD

This is the first edition of Secrets Of The Ring With Raven. Ring Of Honor Wrestling has signed Raven to do a series of home releases including several editions of Secrets Of The Ring. Raven is regarded as one of the best minds in the wrestling business and has been teaching the art of pro wrestling throughout locker rooms for over a decade. Now you don’t have to wrestle on the same card as Raven to get his words of wisdom because Raven teaches all his lessons right here with the Secrets Of The Ring series.

This edition has Raven go into great detail on working as a babyface. Raven covers every aspect of this complex art from selling to body language to transitions to all the little things that should be done in every match. You’ll learn how to structure a match and what every babyface always needs to do. While this interview focuses on working as a babyface, Raven talks about many different aspects of working inside the squared circle.

Raven is completely unselfish in sharing all his experiences and knowledge right here. Normally you would have to drive from town to town with a veteran like Raven to get this information. You can’t learn this stuff by reading the internet or the sheets. This is a must for every aspiring wrestler or anyone who thinks they know what really goes on in the ring.

As always, Raven is entertaining and informative. You will laugh and you will definitely learn something in this edition of Secrets Of The Ring.

4. ROH Secrets of the Ring: Raven Volume 2 DVD

Raven continues his exclusive series with Ring Of Honor with his second edition of Secrets Of The Ring. This isn’t your normal shoot interview. It is an education on the wrestling business and a must for all aspiring wrestlers!!!

In the old school days, veterans would teach upcomers these lessons on endless car rides from town to town. Now you can learn these valuable lessons in the comfort of your own living room. Raven is one of the most influential and respected veterans going today. His passion for the wrestling business shines through in Secrets Of The Ring as he makes sure you learn the correct way to conduct yourself.

Secrets Of The Ring With Raven Vol. 2 focuses on Raven teaching “starpower.” You’ll learn the importance of having starpower, how to get it, what the greats do and all the subtle things that you’ll never learn by just reading the internet or the sheets.

Raven discusses the importance of presence and how to get presence, your ring outfit and how to carry yourself like a star. These are only a few of the invaluable lessons Raven teaches. Raven discusses too many topics to list here!!!

Of course any Raven fan will enjoy this as Raven is his usual funny and entertaining self. Raven is an open book in teaching you about the wrestling business right here in the must see second volume of Secrets Of The Ring.

5. ROH Secrets of the Ring with Raven Volume 3 DVD

Raven is back for Volume Three of his Secrets Of The Ring Series. This is the most entertaining volume yet as Raven covers lots of random subjects that every upcoming wrestler should know. This Secrets Of The Ring is a lot like a shoot interview as Raven uses lots of behind the scenes stories that everyone can learn from. Even if you aren’t an aspiring wrestler you are sure to enjoy this shoot especially if you are a Raven fan.

Raven is as funny as ever as he talks about a number of subjects including locker room etiquette, respect for veterans, the kangaroo court in WWE, taking too many bumps and lots, lots more. Raven brings up never told before stories to illustrate all his points. There is no telling what subject will come up next.

You’ll hear his thoughts on the controversy between Lance Storm, JBL and Bob Holly and who Raven thinks was right and why. There is also a story every young wrestler must hear about Mike Sanders and Triple H. Raven uses stories about some of wrestling’s biggest names like The Rock and Jerry Lawler to teach you valuable lessons about the wrestling business.

Raven also gives a first hand account of a shoot incident between Vordell Walker and Rick Steiner and why Steiner reacted the way that he did. Not only will you hear Raven give the inside scoop, but you will see the incident. At the end of this DVD is a bonus match of Walker & Dustin Rhodes vs. Steiner & Erick Stevens so you will see exactly what Raven is talking about. Raven was with Steiner the entire day of this match and he’ll tell you why things went wrong.

Secrets Of The Ring With Raven Vol. 3 is sure to entertain any wrestling fan while teaching aspiring grapplers. If you are a fan of Raven this edition is a must as Raven covers more topics than we could possibly list here. You are sure to laugh and learn when Raven reveals The Secrets Of The Ring.

6. ROH Secrets of the Ring with Raven Volume 4 DVD

Secrets Of The Ring With Raven Vol. 4 is the one you’ve been waiting for!!! This edition is devoted entirely to working as a heel. That’s right, one of the smartest and best heels in wrestling history gives you all the tricks of the trade on this DVD.

Raven goes into great detail on all aspects of working as a heel. Raven has taught upcoming wrestlers in locker rooms throughout the wrestling world and now he will teach you right here. This isn’t the kind of knowledge you can learn by reading the internet or the sheets. This is the stuff that you can only learn from a true veteran like Raven.

Raven covers all the bases from body language to ring psychology to calling a match to everything in between. Working as a heel is an artform and Raven goes in depth on all aspects of this art right here.

This is a must for every aspiring and upcoming wrestler. If you want to be educated on the right way to do things in the wrestling business, you can now have Raven as your teacher. This isn’t your normal shoot interview, this is a “how to” guide to improve your game. If you are a fan and really want to know the ins and outs of working, this is for you.

Not only is this the most informative way to learn the tricks of the trade, but Raven is as entertaining as ever making this DVD something that all Raven fans will enjoy. Secrets Of The Ring With Raven Vol. 4 will give you a deeper insight on what goes on inside the squared circle.

7. ROH Secrets of the Ring with Raven Volume 5 DVD

Secrets Of The Ring With Raven Vol. 5 sees this well respected veteran give more valuable lessons on the wrestling business. If you are an aspiring wrestler or a fan who wants to know what really goes on in the business, you need to check out Secrets Of The Ring With Raven.

This actually starts out as a Straight Shootin’ With Raven, but soon the former ECW, WWE and WCW star goes off on a tangent and starts teaching some lessons that all upcoming wrestlers need to know. The first part of the DVD is a shoot interview that sees Raven talk about his feud vs. CM Punk in ROH. Raven uses the famous angle he did at “Death Before Dishonor” with CM Punk and Tommy Dreamer as an example of how to execute angles. Raven dissects this angle and tells the importance of every movement and ring positioning.

Raven then discusses some of his favorite angles and why they worked. He includes his favorite angles from Bill Watts UWF as well as a surprising WWE angle from the early 90s. Raven really gives insight on why these storylines worked and how to execute an angle.

From the proper way to feed to the usual stories this is an interview that all Raven fans will enjoy. Secrets Of The Ring With Raven Vol. 5 picks up right where the other ones left off as your education on the wrestling business continues.

8. ROH Secrets of the Ring with Al Snow DVD

Secrets Of The Ring With Al Snow is an absolute must for all aspiring wrestlers and anyone that has even thought about getting into the wrestling business. This is a rare opportunity to learn from the main trainer in WWE’s developmental system. You’ve seen Snow train on MTV’s “Tough Enough” and now he gives the lessons that he couldn’t talk about on cable TV.

If you are a fan, this is still a great DVD for you. Snow teaches what
the wrestling business really means to all those involved. This is a
glimpse of what it is like to be a veteran of the road.

Snow unselfishly shares the lessons he’s learned over the course of
his 24 year career on this DVD. You will understand respect for the
business after this shoot. These are the lessons that only a true
veteran can teach. These are also the traditions and ways of working
that are being lost on the new generation of independent wrestler.

Snow tells the most important parts of wrestling psychology and the
most common mistakes that so many wrestlers today make. These are the little things that separate the good ones from the great ones. You’ll hear the most important purpose of every match, why Snow hates the term “transitions” and the little details that all great heels and babyfaces do. These lessons are invaluable and forgotten or never learned by so many on today’s indies.

You’ll also hear what WWE looks for in developmental wrestlers. Snow has trained many of today’s top superstars and as head trainer in Ohio Valley Wrestling he knows what WWE wants. Snow tells you what you need to know to get a WWE contract right here.

Snow discusses what working for a “pop” really means, the forgotten
reason that shaking hands is such an important part of locker room
etiquette as well as some funny road stories and why he can never sleep on a car ride or airplane trip today. These are only a few of the
subjects that Al Snow teaches in this interview.

The bottom line is that this is an important DVD for all upcoming
wrestlers. You need to learn these lessons. Normally, you would have to be in WWE to get tutelage from someone like Al Snow, but Secrets Of The Ring With Al Snow gives you all the details right here.


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