ROH Straight Shootin’ Series

All DVDs are masters.

1. ROH Straight Shootin’ with 2 Cold Scorpio 07.30.04 DVD

Ring Of Honor sat down with one of the premier and most influential high-flyers in the business- Too Cold Scorpio. This is the first edition of The Straight Shootin’ Series and the same quality you’ve come to expect from ROH shows will be seen in this interview with high production values.

Scorpio talks about his entire career from his start in the business training at the New Japan Dojo all the way through competing on NOAH’s first Tokyo Dome show. He holds nothing back in talking about who he likes and hates. Scorpio even challenges some people to fights!!! Scorpio puts it all out there from why he was fired from certain promotions, to his drug use to life on the road and inside the locker rooms. This interview is entertaining, funny and most importantly informative. Here are some of the things Scorpio talks about:

-Start in the business.
-New Japan Dojo.
-Working in Mexico.
-The role Vader played in his career.
-How he got into WCW.
-WCW debut at Clash Of Champions.
-Wrestling in New Japan.
-What the WCW locker room was like.
-Politics in the WCW locker room.
-The drug scene in WCW.
-Working big WCW shows like Starcade and Clash Of Champions.
-His famous match vs. Chris Benoit at Superbrawl III.
-Teaming with Marcus Bagwell and why he didn’t like it.
-His infamous backstage fight with Road Warrior Hawk.
-Being the one to break up the Sid/Arn Anderson scissors fight at the hotel in Germany.
-What move wouldn’t Scorpio take from the Nasty Boys.
-Why he hated Ric Flair and thinks Flair got him fired from WCW.
-Going to ECW.
-Working Sabu.
-His thoughts on Paul Heyman.
-The night Sabu broke his neck and he had an impromptu match vs. Benoit.
-Working the AAA “When World’s Collide” PPV.
-Working Shane Douglas.
-Scorpio talks about his most famous opponents over the years in Benoit, Eddy Guerrero and Dean Malenko.
-Working Public Enemy and the hardcore style.
-The drug scene in ECW.
-Scorpio takes you inside the ECW locker room.
-Working Cactus Jack.
-His final night in ECW.
-Going to WWF as Flash Funk.
-His drug addiction in WWF.
-His big matches in WWF.
-Politics in the WWF locker room.
-Competing in Brawl For All.
-Why he wasn’t pushed more in WWF.
-His feelings on going to WWE now.
-Going back to ECW.
-How ECW changed.
-Going to All Japan.
-When All Japan split from NOAH.
-His thoughts on Mrs. Baba.
-Working all the top names in NOAH/All Japan.
-The first NOAH Tokyo Dome show.
-Winning the GHC Tag Titles with Vader.
-This is only a few things Scorpio talks about as he goes into detail on many things over the course of his career!!!

2. ROH Straight Shootin’ Kamala 08.14.04 DVD

Kamala is one of the most famous personalities in modern day wrestling. However, he has always kept the Kamala persona guarded and we’ve never known the man behind the gimmick- until now. Straight Shootin’ With Kamala sees this enigma reveal himself and discuss a number of subjects in an open and entertaining manner.

He covers his entire career from his start up until now including his time in famous territories like UWF and World Class all the way through his runs in WWF. He even talks about his recent returns to WWE.

Kamala holds nothing back when talking about his pay and why he wasn’t paid more. He opens up about racism in the wrestling business by detailing his own experiences. Of course, Kamala talks about all his most famous angles and matches from working the Junkyard Dog in front of rabid Mid-South crowds to Undertaker in the first ever casket match.

Why did he carry a gun to the ring for his matches vs. Andre The Giant? How far did he go to make people believe his gimmick? What does he think of the McMahons? Why did he come and go from WWF so much? Why were his stays so short in NWA and AWA?

You’ll be surprised and shocked about some of the things Kamala discusses including his true feelings about Abdullah The Butcher and much, much more!!! Kamala has finally spoken and you won’t believe what he has to say!!! This heartfelt interview is something you’ll never forget.

Here are just some of the topics Kamala talks about:

-His start in the business.
-Who he learned from.
-The Sugar Bear Harris gimmick he first used.
-Wrestling in Europe.
-Going to work in Memphis.
-Becoming Kamala.
-Who came up with the ideas of the Kamala gimmick.
-His introduction when he came out of the jungle.
-Working for Jerry Jarrett.
-Working Jerry Lawler.
-Why he hated Stan Frazier as Kamala II.
-Going to Mid-South.
-How Bill Watts treated him.
-Working with the Junkyard Dog.
-His feelings about Dog and Watts.
-Working with Andre The Giant.
-Why he carried a gun or knife to the ring in his matches vs. Andre.
-How he liked Skandar Akbar as his manager.
-Kamala discusses racism in wrestling in great detail.
-Some of the greats in Mid-South like Steve Williams, Ted Dibiase, Missing Link and many more.
-Working at the Superdome.
-You won’t believe how far Kamala went to keep his gimmick real outside the ring.
-Wrestling Bruiser Brody.
-Brody’s murder.
-Wrestling Puerto Rico.
-Why he left Mid-South.
-Going to World Class.
-Working for Fritz Von Erich.
-Wrestling all the Von Erichs.
-Leaving World Class.
-Going to AWA and NWA for short periods of time.
-Why his stays in AWA and NWA were so short.
-His feeling on Dusty Rhodes.
-How his match vs. Magnum TA was edited.
-Kamala talks about who he wouldn’t do jobs to.
-Going to WWF.
-His feelings about Vince McMahon.
-The time he ate a live chicken on TV.
-Working Andre The Giant in WWF.
-His feud against Hulk Hogan.
-What Hogan told him about getting paid.
-What Hogan was like outside the ring.
-Vince McMahon’s answers when Kamala asked to be paid more.
-The road schedule in WWF.
-Lots more news and detail about WWF.
-Going back to Memphis for USWA.
-Why McMahon brought him back in 1992.
-His potential lawsuit against WWF.
-His program vs. Ultimate Warrior.
-Working with Undertaker.
-Being in the first casket match.
-The story of how he found out he was paid so much less than Undertaker at Summerslam.
-Turning babyface in WWF.
-Why he didn’t like it.
-The skits were Slick tried to make him more civilized.
-Working top WWF names like Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels and lots more.
-Thoughts on his various managers.
-Going to Japan and why he didn’t like it.
-Why he hates Abdullah The Butcher.
-Going to WCW as a member of the Faces Of Fear.
-His pay in WCW.
-Why he didn’t stay longer.
-Being in the gimmick battle royal at Wrestlemania 17.
-Being part of the Diva Search on Raw.
-How the current WWE locker room reacted to him.
-Some great road and rib stories.
-Kamala goes into great detail on what he was paid in every promotion and his feelings about it.

3. ROH Straight Shootin’ with Christopher Daniels 08.07.04 DVD

Straight Shootin’ With Christopher Daniels sees one of the top independent stars going today talk about his last few and most successful years in the wrestling business. “The Fallen Angel” is always an entertaining and articulate interview and this one delivers as Daniels covers a number of subjects.

Daniels talks about his entire ROH career from the start of the company and his famous match on the first show all the way through his final bout. Daniels holds nothing back in going behind the scenes in ROH. What did he think could have been booked better? Will he ever return to ROH? What would have happened in his CM Punk feud? This interview goes into great detail on Daniels’ reign with The Prophecy in ROH.

Daniels divulges all the info on his stay in NWA TNA from being a part of XXX to the famous cage match vs. AMW to why he signed a contract with TNA. Daniels covers it all right here.

You’ll also learn about life as Curry Man as Daniels takes you to Japan for stories on working all the top juniors in New Japan. You’ll hear about his IWGP Jr. Tag Title run, leaving Michinoku Pro for New Japan and lots more.

Daniels also covers some of his early career including his days in WCW. He also discusses working the independent scene including his victory in the 2004 Super 8. These are only a few of the things Daniels covers in this extensive interview. If you are a fan of Christopher Daniels this is a must for your collection!!!

Topics Include:

Getting started
The Fallen Angel name and gimmick
Summarizes his first couple of years in the business
Going to Japan and where the Curryman gimmick came from
What specific events lef to Daniels getting more noticed by promoters across the United States
Working for WCW
Getting into Ring of Honor
Three way match against Low Ki & American Dragon at the first ROH show
Thoughts on the ROH concept
Reaction to wrestling in the main event on the first ROH show
The angle where he wouldn’t shake hands
Talks about who came up with the name for The Prophecy and the idea behind the gimmick
Thoughts on the idea of going one hour in the four way match at Crowning A Champion
Thoughts on how the match turned out and working in such extreme heat
Teaming with Donovan Morgan and winning the ROH Tag Titles
Wrestling Doug Williams at Glory By Honor and his opinion on the stipulation for the match
Talks about the problems that occured with the finish in the match where Daniels & Xavier lost the tag titles to AJ Styles & The Amazing Red
Round Robin Challenge II matches against Red & Paul London
Why he decided to get color for the first time in ROH teaming with Raven against Punk & Cabana at Wrestlerave
Working with Jim Cornette
Title match against Samoa Joe at Glory By Honor II
Working Muta & Arashi at the Final Battle 2003 show and why he almost didn’t make it to the building in time
The six man tag at Battle Lines Are Drawn that started the angle with The Second City Saints
Taking the Pepsi Plunge thru a table
What direction was the Saints vs. Prophecy feud headed in
TNA’s decision to pull him off ROH shows
Winning the ECWA Super 8 in 2004 and becoming the first two time winner of the tournament
Leaving Michinoku Pro for New Japan
Winning the IWGP Jr. Tag Titles with Bryan Danielson against Jado & Gedo
Dropping the tag titles because of an injury
Thoughts on MLW and Court Bauer
Talks about the booking in MLW and his feud with Sabu
Thoughts on Bauer trying to startup H2 Wrestling
Getting into TNA
Initial thoughts of their business plan to run weekly pay per views
TNA booking
Working with Vince Russo
Thoughts on the Triple X group
Working with the ex-ECW guys like New Jack, Sandman, & Perry Saturn
The Triple X vs. AMW cage match
The Ultimate X concept
The World Cup Series
Deciding factor in signing the TNA contract
Possibility of going to WWE
TNA’s unwritten rule concerning his current indy bookings
Plus much more!!!

4. ROH Straight Shootin’ with Skandar Akbar 08.09.04 DVD

Straight Shootin’ With Skandar Akbar takes you on a journey throughout the career of the legendary manager of Devastation Inc.

Akbar had success in some of the greatest territories with some of wrestling’s most famous feuds. His Devastation Inc. faction waged war with The Von Erichs in World Class and dominated Bill Watts’ UWF. Akbar talks about it all from his start in the 1960s with Lou Thesz all the way up to what he’s doing today.

Akbar goes into detail and talks about all the famous names he’s worked with including Danny Hodge, Ox Baker, Junkyard Dog, Kamala, Missing Link, Hacksaw Duggan, Ted Dibiase, Andre The Giant, Bruiser Brody, Sting, Bradshaw and many more!!!

What did Akbar do to keep his gimmick believable at all times? Why didn’t he ever go to WWF or WCW? What was the business like in the territory days? How did the Arab community feel about his gimmick? How far did fans go to try to hurt him? You’ll learn about it all from booking to managing as Akbar shares wrestling history in this Straight Shoot.

Topics Include:
-His start in the business.
-What Lou Thesz was like and how he helped him.
-What Fritz Von Erich was like.
-The development of the Skandar Akbar name and gimmick.
-Who he learned the most from.
-Working in Australia.
-Tagging with Ox Baker.
-Akbar also talks about other legends and stories from his early days.
-Why he retired and went into managing in 1977.
-Why he had to wear a bullet proof vest at ringside.
-The story on when a woman threw her baby at him.
-Working in Mid-South.
-What Bill Watts was like.
-His feud against Junkyard Dog.
-Akbar talks about all the Mid-South legends including Ernie Ladd, Ted Dibiase, King Kong Bundy, Hacksaw Duggan, Magnum TA, Kamala, Andre The Giant, Missing Link and many more!!!
-Akbar not only talks about what it was like to work the biggest names, but discusses what they are like outside the ring.
-Going to World Class.
-Working with the Von Erichs.
-Working with Bruiser Brody.
-The story of Brody’s death.
-What the Von Erichs were like outside the ring.
-The death of the Von Erichs.
-What killed the World Class territory.
-What Fritz Von Erich was like in world Class.
-Akbar talks about all the legends of World Class including Chris Adams, Geno Hernandez, Iceman King Parsons and more.
-Leaving World Class.
-Going back to Mid-South.
-The fireball angle with Jim Duggan.
-Working with Bill Watts.
-His thoughts on Mid-South turning into UWF and going into syndication.
-Managing One Man Gang vs. Duggan.
-What The Fabulous Freebirds were like.
-What it was like when WWF started raiding talent.
-Akbar also talks about other stars from UWF/Mid-South.
-Why he never went to WWF or NWA.
-Going back to the Dallas territory in 1989.
-Why things weren’t the same.
-How his booking got Eric Embry over.
-What WCCW talent like Cactus Jack and Percy Pringle were like back then.
-What Jeff Jarrett was like.
-Why WCCW failed.
-Working with Great Muta as Black Ninja.
-What he’s up to these days.
-Some stories of various places where Akbar booked.
-The reaction of the Arab community to his gimmick.
-Some crazy fans stories.
-Lots more!!!

5. ROH Straight Shootin’ with Samoa Joe 08.07.04 DVD

Straight Shootin’ With Samoa Joe sees this international star and ROH World Champion give the scoop on his entire career. The always articulate Joe holds nothing back in this entertaining and informative shoot.

Samoa Joe takes you from his start in the business all the way through his most famous ROH World Title defenses. You’ll also see another side of Joe as he talks about training stars like John Cena, Nakamura and others. Joe holds nothing back in talking about who he respects and hates on the independent scene.

Joe dishes out the details on his career in Japan and talks about touring and some of his biggest matches. Why isn’t he in Japan more? What was competing in the Fire Festival like? What is his job in New Japan now?

This interview goes into great detail on Joe’s ROH career from his brutal debut vs. Low Ki to the bloodbath vs. Jay Briscoe to his one hour draw against CM Punk. What were Joe’s favorite matches? What title defense wasn’t he happy with? What does he think of ROH’s overall product? Joe talks openly about it all right here!!!

Joe covers all these subjects and much more on this can’t miss shoot. You’ll laugh and learn about the business from Joe’s unique perspective.

Topics Include:
-Getting started in the wrestling business
-Working for UPW
-Doing hardcore matches
-Wrestling in front of WWE scouts
-Working against Essa Rios for WWE Jakked
-Wrestling against Christopher Daniels in UPW
-Working as a heel
-Getting a job in Zero One
-The first Fire Festival Tournament
-Doing Misawa’s finish while working in the same building where NOAH has their offices
-Thoughts on Hashimoto
-Training wrestlers while in UPW including John Cena, Victoria, Nathan Jones
-Working the 2001 APW King of the Indies against Frankie Kazarian and Low Ki
-Talks about Rick Bassman
-Doing the King Joe gimmick in Zero One
-Getting booked in Ring of Honor
-Initial impressions
-His first ROH match against Low Ki
-The 45 Min. draw at Final Battle 2002
-Wrestling Bryan Danielson
-Thoughts on getting the ROH Title and was he surprised
-Thoughts on his long title reign
-Using the choke as a finish
-Thoughts on wrestling Homicide
-Wrestling Dan Maff the night after his father passed away
-Talks about Paul London’s final match
-Wrestling Christopher Daniels at Glory By Honor II
-His singles feud with Jay Briscoe
-Tag matches against Jay & Mark Briscoe and putting them over
-His title match against AJ Styles
-Wrestling Mark Briscoe for the ROH Title before intermission at Final Battle ’03
-Talks about the All Japan guys and why they decided to work so hard
-Talks about the cage match against Jay Briscoe
-Talks about his the one hour match against CM Punk
-Who came up with the idea to go one hour and what was his initial reaction
-Talks about defending the ROH Title at the New Japan dojo show against Shinya Makabe
-What happened behind the scenes leading into the show surrounding the ROH Title
-Talks about the rumors of working for NWA TNA
-Incident with Low Ki backstage after a recent USA Pro show
-Teddy Hart coming to the New Japan dojo
-Which Ring of Honor match was he disaapointed in
-Working for MLW
-Thoughts on Court Baurer
-Problems working against Mike Awesome
-Talks about Pro Wrestling Guerrilla
-Some great road stories and ribs
-Plus much more!!!.

6. ROH Straight Shootin’ with Mick Foley 08.20.04 (2 DVD Set) – (Time: 5 : 50 hr)

The biggest shoot interview ever is here!!! Straight Shootin’ With Mick Foley is a must for any wrestling fan. Foley gives one of the most insightful and entertaining interviews ever right here on this double tape set.

The interview picks up where Foley’s second book left off as Foley goes into details on all his recent WWE endeavors from being WWE commissioner to his feud vs. Randy Orton. Foley holds nothing back in giving his true feelings about the McMahon family and the writing team. What were some of Foley’s ideas for the Orton feud that weren’t used? What did Foley think of being commissioner? What was the deal when he resigned to Vince on the airplane? Why does he apologize to William Regal?

Foley is open about it all from his thoughts on the WWE vs. Alliance angle to being the ref in the Vince vs. Shane match at Wrestlemania to the ceremony where he was given the hardcore award in Madison Square Garden. This one goes behind the scenes in WWE as Foley takes you inside Vince’s office for some of their heated discussions. You’ve never heard about this side of Foley or WWE before anywhere!!!

Foley talks about it all from Beyond The Mat to his books to wrestling Kawada in Japan to his charity work. This Straight Shoot has the one and only Foley discuss a number of interesting subjects.

This interview is a can’t miss for Foley’s comments on Ric Flair’s book. Foley responds to everything that Flair wrote about him line for line. You won’t believe some of the things Foley has to say about Flair. There has never been anything like this in a shoot style interview before.

Foley proves why he is one of the most intelligent, entertaining and unique individuals of all time right here with this Straight Shoot. This is the crown jewel of ROH’s Straight Shootin’ Series and you’ll know why after watching it.

Here are just a few of the things that Foley discusses:
-His stint as commissioner after Wrestlemania in 2000
-Was it as fun as he hoped it would be.
-His favorite moments as commissioner.
-His opinion of the writing team.
-Who wrote his material.
-His idea for Mideon on his assistant.
-The reaction backstage to naked Mideon.
-What he thought of Debra as his assistant
-The angle where he revealed Rikishi ran over Steve Austin.
-Did he think Rikishi would be a let down.
-The angles with Vince McMahon putting over the dangers of the Hell In The Cell match.
-How he got along with McMahon.
-The office meeting with McMahon that ended up in a yelling fight.
-The angle on Raw where he tore up his resignation.
-His proposed match to William Regal.
-Foley apologizes to Regal.
-Why the street fight with Vince McMahon didn’t happen.
-What he was unhappy with in WWE.
-The angle where he brought Linda McMahon back.
-How much a factor the release of his books had to do with his returns to WWE.
-Reffing the Wrestlemania XVII Shane McMahon vs. Vince McMahon match.
-Does he think Foley vs. Vince would have been better.
-Returning in October 2001 as commissioner.
-The Alliance vs. WWE angle.
-Hosting Survivor Series in a restaurant instead of at the live show.
-How he was getting along with the office at this time.
-The hard feelings between him and Vince.
-His opinion of the creative team at this time.
-The entire story behind when he and Vince McMahon parted ways on Vince’s private plane.
-The match WWE wanted him to do that he turned down.
-The HHH vs. Kevin Nash match.
-Getting the hardcore award at Madison Square Garden.
-The injury he suffered that night when Randy Orton attacked him.
-Why Terry Funk wasn’t there to give him the hardcore award.
-The angle where he returned to replace Steve Austin as co-general manager of Raw.
-Why he returned at this time.
-Foley goes into great detail on his feud vs. Randy Orton from the angle where Orton spit in his face and Foley walked out to the final match at Backlash.
-Who came up with the ideas for the Orton program.
-What Orton was like to work with.
-Orton’s reaction to falling in the thumbtacks.
-The ideas Foley had that weren’t used.
-The Wrestlemania XX match.
-why Foley wasn’t happy with himself in that match.
-Working with Ric Flair.
-How Flair treated him in the locker room.
-Did Flair ever say anything about what Foley wrote about him in his book.
-Working with The Rock again.
-Did The Rock change with movie success?
-The writing team now compared to 2000.
-His thoughts on Orton becoming world champion.
-Will he keep returning to WWE?
-Wrestling Kawada on the Hustle show in Japan.
-Why he did the match even though he was injured from the Orton feud.
-Doing independent shows and conventions.
-What its like seeing the old timers again at the conventions.
-Thoughts on Beyond The Mat.
-Writing a fiction book and being accepted into the literature community.
-Thoughts on his first book.
-Would he go back and change anything in the book.
-What kind of influence WWE had in what he could or couldn’t write in the books.
-Does he regret anything he wrote or anything he cut from the books?
-Today’s hardcore wrestling that is more extreme with glass, light tubes and other weapons.
-The influence he’s had on hardcore wrestling.
-His famous bumps in Hell In The Cell and the influence they’ve had.
-The media.
-Why he wasn’t at the Raw 10th Anniversary Special.
-The Mick Foley DVD that WWE released.
-What changes he would make to the DVD.
-Writing the into to Terry Funk’s upcoming book.
-Attending the recent Democratic National Convention.
-Plans to do a screen play on his first book.
-His celebrity friends.
-Does he follow WWE and independents when he’s not in WWE?
-The final 30-45 minutes is the most unique and entertaining segment in Shoot Interview history!!! Foley holds nothing back in talking about Ric Flair and what Flair wrote about him in his recent book. Foley even goes through what Flair wrote about him line for line and responds!!! You’ve never seen anything like this before. We aren’t going to write it up anymore because we don’t want to spoil anything for you.
-In addition to all this, Foley discusses much more!!!

7. ROH Straight Shootin’ with Ron Killings 08.10.04 DVD

Straight Shootin’ With Ron Killings only deals with “The Truth” as Killings dishes out the details of his career. Killings talks openly about it all including all the inside happenings of NWA TNA. This is the first shoot style interview to really go into detail on TNA.

Killings covers it all from his rap career and start on the independent scene to becoming the first african-american NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Killings goes into full detail of his WWE career including his shocking treatment from WWE management.

Killings takes you from his WWE developmental days to his release from WWE and gives his true feelings on everyone from Jim Ross to Vince McMahon. What was the party scene like in WWE? What does he feel WWE owes him? What WWE stars helped him?

Killings isn’t afraid to talk about all the happenings of his NWA TNA career including his matches vs. AJ Styles, being part of 3 Live Crew, working with Vince Russo and his feelings on if Jeff Jarrett pushes himself too much.

Topics Include:
-His background in music.
-Why he got into wrestling.
-How he broke in.
-What training was like.
-Early indies he worked for including NWA Wildside.
-His early matches vs. AJ Styles.
-Working for Bill Behrens.
-Getting signed by WWE.
-Going to the Memphis WWE developmental territory.
-What the training was like there.
-Working against Jerry Lawler, Bill Dundee and Tracey Smothers.
-What life was like in the Memphis territory.
-The shocking racial comments WWE management made to him.
-How Road Dogg reacted to these comments.
-How WWE management responded to this situation.
-Working dark matches in WWE.
-Being in developmental with guys like Bryan Danielson and Spanky.
-Tagging with Road Dogg.
-Being a part of Survivor Series 2000.
-Working at Armageddon 2000.
-Killings talks about what all the top WWE stars were like inside and outside the ring!!!
-Who came up with the Get Rowdy song.
-What he feels WWE owes him.
-The political scene in the WWE locker room.
-How the WWE locker room treated him.
-His reaction when WWE released Road Dogg.
-Why he disappeared from WWE TV.
-What the writers would tell him.
-The party scene in WWE.
-What the McMahons were like.
-Killings talks about Jim Ross.
-His reaction when WWE bought WCW.
-His thoughts on ECW.
-Going to TNA.
-What promises TNA made him.
-What the Jarretts were like.
-His first impressions of TNA.
-Feuding with race car driver Herme Sadler.
-Changing his name in TNA.
-What he thinks of “The Truth” gimmick.
-Working AJ Styles again in TNA.
-Using racial comments in promos.
-Winning the NWA World Heavyweight Title.
-Killings talks about what all the top stars in TNA are like inside and outside the ring including Ken Shamrock, Jerry Lynn, Low Ki, Raven and many more.
-Working with Curt Hennig and Scott Hall.
-What he thinks of Vince Russo’s booking.
-Does he think Jeff Jarrett pushes himself too much.
-What he thought of the 3 Live Kru gimmick with Road Dogg and Konnan.
-Working Xplosion instead of the PPV.
-Winning the NWA title again.
-What he thought of only having it for two weeks.
-Comparisons between the music and wrestling business.
-P Diddy’s interest in him.
-Plus lots more including his thoughts on all the top names in WWE and TNA!!!

8. ROH Straight Shootin’ with Steve Corino – 08.20.04 DVD

Straight Shootin’ With Steve Corino sees this international star talk about his entire career with many never before heard stories. Corino covers it all from his start in the business all the way up to his present day booking job in Japan’s Zero-One promotion.

Corino holds nothing back in looking at his days in ECW including his true feelings about Tommy Dreamer and his present day relationship with Paul Heyman. Corino even talks about some hilarious road stories. What were some of the things Dreamer said to him backstage? What did he think of his ECW world title reign? What were the final days of ECW like?

Corino goes into detail on his recent indy appearances including his time in Ring Of Honor. What was the idea behind the long ring announcements? What are his thoughts on the Homicide feud? What happened when he lost his hearing? Corino answers these questions and lots more!!!

Corino also talks in detail about Zero-One including how Zero-One will adapt to life without Shinya Hashimoto and some of his booking plans. Corino talks about his favorite matches and worst moments in the ring including an injury suffered at the hands of Masato Tanaka. Corino really talks honestly about Zero-One’s recent business and the Hustle shows.

These are only a few of the subjects covered by Corino who shares more road stories, his feelings on Jeff Jarrett and experiences in NWA TNA, the Fayetteville screw job and more. Corino delivers an interview where you’ll laugh and learn about the wrestling business in this edition of the Straight Shootin’ Series.

Topics Include:
-His start in the business.
-Training and his first matches.
-Who he learned the most from.
-Meeting Jarrett early in his career and how he’s changed over the years.
-Working with Dawn Marie and Simon Diamond early in their careers.
-Working with Billy Kidman.
-Some great road stories.
-Getting into ECW.
-His first impressions of Paul Heyman.
-His current relationship with Heyman and why they made up.
-The party scene in ECW.
-Never before told road stories from ECW.
-Pranks that were played in ECW.
-His surprising feelings about Tommy Dreamer.
-Why he feels Dreamer held him back.
-Corino talks all about his experiences in ECW.
-Winning the ECW world title.
-Working with Dusty Rhodes.
-His favorite ECW matches and angles.
-His true thoughts on the ECW product in its last days.
-How he feels Dreamer tried to turn the locker room on Heyman.
-Things he would have done differently in ECW.
-His experience in NWA TNA.
-Going to Zero-One.
-His favorite matches in Zero-One.
-Lots of behind the scenes news from Zero-One.
-Booking in Japan.
-Road and prank stories from Zero-One.
-Low Ki’s departure from Zero-One.
-Spanky leaving and returning to Zero-One.
-The Hustle shows.
-Getting a concussion from Masato Tanaka.
-His thoughts on Zero-One in the last year.
-Life in Zero-One without Hashimoto.
-His role in booking Zero-One.
-Booking plans in Zero-One.
-Who will get pushed in Zero-One to fill Hashimoto’s shoes.
-His favorite and least favorite moments in the past year in Zero-One.
-His experience running World-1.
-Why World-1 didn’t last.
-His thoughts on World-1′s product.
-His opinion of Teddy Hart.
-The empty arena match he was supposed to have vs. Hart.
-The Homicide feud in ROH including losing his hearing and his famous matches vs. Homicide.
-Working CM Punk in ROH.
-His long ring entrances.
-Corino responds to the criticism of those ring entrances.
-Why he was out of ROH for so long.
-The Fayetteville screw job.
-Corino talks about all this and much, much more in this entertaining and informative shoot!!!

9. ROH Straight Shootin’ with The Fantastics 09.07.04 DVD

Straight Shootin’ With The Fantastics has Tommy Rogers & Bobby Fulton sit down together for the first time to discuss their entire careers. The Fantastics played a major part in revolutionizing tag team wrestling as Rogers & Fulton saw action against all the greats in almost every legendary territory!!!

Rogers & Fulton hold nothing back in discussing their entire careers from starting in the business all the way until present day. The Fantastics had some of the most famous feuds and they talk about them all here. You’ll hear about the first ever barbed wire matches against The Sheepherders and all their classics against The Midnight Express.

Rogers & Fulton’s love for the wrestling business comes through in this interview as these two longtime tag team partners share all the inside scoops on working Mid-South to World Class to NWA to All Japan and everyone in between. You’ll hear it all from shocking stories such as the time Kevin Von Erich almost died in one of their matches to funny memories like road and prank stories from various locker rooms.

What move didn’t Bret Hart want to take when Bobby Fulton was in Calgary? What was Fritz Von Erich’s reaction when Rogers saved Kevin’s life? Why didn’t Rogers like The Fantastics gimmick at first? Why did they walk out of territories several times?

Rogers and Fulton are an open book of wrestling knowledge and history in this one. All the greats are discussed here and you’ll understand what they were like to work with inside and outside the ring. Tag team history is preserved right here in Straight Shootin’ With The Fantastics.

Topics Included:
-Both talk individually about their starts.
-How they learned to wrestle on the job.
-Fulton talks about going to Calgary.
-What move Bret Hart wouldn’t do in Calgary.
-Fights between wrestlers in Calgary.
-Rogers talks about the early territories he worked for.
-Fulton’s early tag team with Terry Taylor and why it didn’t work.
-How they came together with a team.
-Why Rogers didn’t like The Fantastics gimmick at first.
-Working for Bill Watts in Mid-South.
-Reaction of The Rock’n’Roll Express to the similar Fantastics gimmick.
-Wrestling Jim Cornette & The Midnight Express in Mid-South.
-Both talk about all the greats in Mid-South.
-Road and prank stories from Mid-South.
-Leaving Mid-South and going to World Class.
-Working for Fritz Von Erich.
-They discuss possible reasons why so many Von Erichs committed suicide.
-The night Kevin Von Erich almost died in one of their matches.
-Fritz’s reaction to Tommy saving Kevin’s life.
-Kevin killing a cat right in front of them.
-Why they were thankful they never had to work the Von Erichs.
-Their true feelings on the Von Erichs.
-Having to pick up the slack when the Von Erichs no showed house shows.
-Wrestling Jim Cornette & The Midnight Express in World Class
-Memories of Gino Hernandez & Chris Adams.
-Road and prank stories from World Class.
-Leaving World Class and going back to Mid-South.
-Their famous feud vs. The Sheepherders.
-Being in the first barbed wire matches.
-Working at The Crockett Cup.
-Why they never went to WWF or AWA.
-Memories of The Freebirds.
-Working Sting and Eddie Gilbert.
-When they realized UWF wasn’t going to make it.
-Going to NWA.
-Getting pushed immediately into a feud vs. Midnight Express.
-Working Eaton & Condrey or Eaton & Lane.
-The road schedule in NWA.
-Working for Dusty Rhodes as booker.
-Touring All Japan.
-Working the All Japan style and top teams in All Japan.
-Fulton and Rogers share stories about their entire career and discuss all this and much, much more!!!

10. ROH Straight Shootin’ with The One Man Gang 09.04.04 DVD

Straight Shootin’ With The One Man Gang sees this interesting individual open up and discuss his entire career for the first time anywhere!!! One Man Gang has been everywhere and wrestled all the most famous names and he holds nothing back in talking about it all. From legendary territories like Mid-South and World Class to WWF in its heyday in the 80s to WCW in the 90s, Gang tells all the stories about his biggest matches and the top stars.

Gang is an open book as he takes you on a journey from his start working outlaw shows in Tennessee with Randy Savage all the way through his infamous stay in WCW as part of the Dungeon of Doom. Of course, you’ll hear about life as Akeem in WWF. What did he think of the Akeem gimmick? Did he ever enjoy wrestling as Akeem? Why did Vince McMahon want him to be the Akeem character and why did he agree?

From working the Superdome in Mid-South to being UWF Champion to teaming with Big Bossman as the Twin Towers and feuding with Hulk Hogan to ECW, One Man Gang holds nothing back in telling all the in ring and behind the scenes stories!!!

All the legendary names are discussed in this Straight Shoot from Junkyard Dog to Andre The Giant to the Von Erichs to Bruiser Brody to Paul Heyman. This is wrestling history as experienced by The One Man Gang.

How much money did he make in ECW and why wasn’t he featured more? Why did he leave UWF and drop the UWF title suddenly? What are his true feelings about Eric Bischoff? How hard was it to work the Von Erichs? You’ll get the answers to these questions and many more in this informative and revealing edition of the Straight Shootin’ Series!!!

Topics Include:
-Being a wrestling fan growing up.
-His start in the business.
-Being trained on the job.
-Getting a break in Angelo Poffo’s ICW.
-What Randy Savage was like back then.
-Why Jim Cornette didn’t work as his manager.
-Who he learned from.
-Going to Mid-South.
-Why Dusty Rhodes didn’t want to work with him.
-Where The One Man Gang name came from.
-Working for Bill Watts.
-What Jim Ross was like.
-Wrestling in the Superdome.
-Feuding with Junkyard Dog.
-Leaving Mid-South and working other territories.
-Going to Florida.
-Becoming Panama Jack in Florida.
-The angle where Dusty Rhodes broke his leg.
-Going to All Japan.
-Why he didn’t like working in Japan.
-Going to World Class.
-Wrestling on all the big World Class shows.
-Working Bruiser Brody.
-What Fritz Von Erich was like.
-Difficulties in working the Von Erichs.
-Going back to Mid-South.
-Mid-South becoming UWF.
-Feuding with Jim Duggan and Steve Williams.
-Memories of The Freebirds.
-Working with Skandar Akbar.
-Watts plan to go national on TV.
-Winning the UWF title.
-Losing the UWF title and leaving the territory.
-Going to WWF.
-His first impressions of Vince McMahon.
-Working various names in WWF like George Steele, Don Muraco, Ken Patera, Bam Bam Bigelow, Demolition, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels and many others.
-Wrestling Jim Duggan in WWF compared to UWF.
-How Randy Savage changed since the IWC days.
-Having Slick as his manager.
-His WWF feud vs. Savage and Hulk Hogan.
-Why Savage wanted him to be in the angle where Elizabeth was knocked down.
-Teaming with Big Bossman.
-Working big events like Wrestemania and Survivor Series.
-Working with Andre The Giant.
-Splitting up with Bossman.
-Why he became Akeem.
-What he first thought of the Akeem gimmick.
-Why he agreed to become Akeem.
-The locker room’s reaction tot he Akeem gimmick.
-Did he eventually enjoy being Akeem?
-Going to WCW.
-Teaming with Ric Flair in a stretcher match.
-Wrestling with El Gigante.
-Why he left WCW in 1991.
-Returning to WCW in 1995.
-Winning the US Title from Kensuke Sasake.
-Why he title reign was so short.
-Why he didn’t like working Konnan.
-Going to ECW.
-Wrestling Spike Dudley.
-How Rob Van Dam injured him and why he was upset.
-Working Sabu.
-What he got paid in ECW and why he wasn’t featured more.
-Being in the gimmick battle royal at Wrestlemania 17.
-Why he couldn’t be Akeem in the battle royal.
-One Man Gang talks about all this and much, much more!!!

11. ROH Straight Shootin’ with Butch Reed 10.05.04 DVD

Straight Shootin’ With Butch Reed sees this well traveled superstar talk about his entire career. Reed worked just about everywhere in the 1980s and wrestled all the biggest names and he talks about it all with ROH Wrestling.

Whether he was “Hacksaw” in Mid-South or “The Natural” in WWF or one half of Doom in WCW, Simmons had the chance to work with all the top names from Andre The Giant to Bruiser Brody. Reed discusses everything from working Ric Flair and Dory Funk in 60 minute draws to a main event program against Hulk Hogan to drawing record crowds in Mid-South vs. Junkyard Dog.

Reed chronicles his entire time teaming with Ron Simmons as Doom. You’ll hear about their biggest matches and all their opponents including Ric Flair & Arn Anderson, The Steiner Brothers, Sting & Lex Luger and more with all the details on what it was like to work these individuals. Reed even discusses Sting and Luger’s ego problems.

You’ll hear shocking stories of encounters with the KKK and racism inside the locker room including how Reed handled these situations. Reed even names some of the biggest racists in the wrestling business.

Why did he leave WWF? Who did he fight in the Mid-South locker room? How did he earn respect? Why did Doom split up? Why didn’t he want Woman as their manager? These are only a few of the important questions Reed answers. Check out this Straight Shoot to learn about some of wrestling’s most famous territories and biggest names!!!

Topics Include:
-His start in the wrestling business.
-Veterans that he learned the most from.
-First territories.
-Randy Savage.
-Going to Mid-South.
-Working for Bill Watts.
-Being in a locker room fight.
-Negative opinion of Bill Dundee as booker.
-Feuding with Junkyard Dog.
-The angle that got the feud with Junkyard Dog over.
-Teaming with Buddy Landell.
-Why he liked teaming with Landell.
-Turning babyface in 1984.
-Working one hour draws vs. Ric Flair.
-Working at the Superdome.
-Racism in the locker room.
-Who was the most racist.
-Encounters with the KKK.
-Racism with fans.
-How he dealt with racism.
-Working with Dick Murdoch.
-Road stories from Mid-South.
-Leaving Mid-South.
-Bruiser Brody.
-Going to WWF.
-His thoughts on “The Natural” gimmick.
-His feud with “Superstar” Billy Graham.
-Working Wrestlemania III.
-His feud vs. Hulk Hogan.
-Wrestling Andre The Giant.
-Road stories from WWF.
-The drug scene in WWF.
-The WWF road schedule.
-Working Randy Savage in WWF and how it was different than early in his career.
-Slick as his manager.
-Why he left WWE.
-Going to WCW.
-Wresting Junkyard Dog in WCW.
-Working with Sting.
-Sting’s ego.
-Teaming with Ron Simmons as Doom.
-Having Woman as their manager.
-Wrestling under masks.
-Why he didn’t want Woman as their manager.
-The Iron Team Tournament at Starrcade ’89.
-Working the top teams like Road Warriors, Samoans, Steiners, Four Horsemen and others.
-Teddy Long as their manager.
-Why the team split up.
-Working Lex Luger.
-Luger’s ego problems.
-Leaving WCW.
-Why he turned down going to WWF and what his role would have been.
-Reed talks about all this and much, much more!!!

12. ROH Straight Shootin’ with The Midnight Express 10.02.04 DVD

Straight Shootin’ With The Midnight Express of Dennis Condrey and Bobby Eaton has this legendary duo discuss their time as a tag team in some of wrestling’s hottest promotions. Condrey & Eaton brought tag team wrestling into the modern era and they discuss their influential careers here.

This is like two shoot interviews in one as they both discuss their careers before The Midnight Express and the formation of the team under the management of Jim Cornette. Condrey & Eaton talk about it from Mid-South to World Class to NWA.

You’ll hear about what it’s like to work with Jim Cornette and all the top tag teams including their famous feuds with The Rock’n’Roll Express and The Fantastics. Condrey & Eaton take you inside the locker room and behind the scenes of their most famous matches all the way up to the Midnight Express vs. Paul E. Dangerously’s Midnight Express feud. Condrey also explains why he walked out twice.

To make this shoot even better Jim Cornette appears as a special guest to talk about his memories of the Condrey & Eaton duo. Cornette is always informative and entertaining and you are sure to learn something here.

Wrestling history is told by The Midnight Express right here on this Straight Shoot!!!

Topics Include:
-How both men got their start in the business
-Who trained them
-Bobby talks about starting Memphis
-Dennis talks about working for Nick Gulas
-Dennis talks about teaming with Phil Hickerson
-Memories of working singles matches against each other early on
-Talk about the promotion war betwee Jerry Jarrett & Nick Gulas
-Bobby talks about going heel and being managed by Tojo Yamamoto
-Bobby talks about going to Knoxville
-Dennis talks about working for Southeastern Championship Wrestling
-Bobby talks about some of his early tag partners
-How they were actually “traded” from Memphis to Mid-South
-Early memories of Jim Cornette
-How Cornette changed thoughout the years
-Opinion on Bill Watts as a boss
-Their feud with Bill Watts
-Memories of wrestling The Rock N Roll Express
-Thoughts on why they had good chemistry working with Ricky & Robert
-Stories about the Mid-South territory and problems they had with fans
-Road stories from Mid-South
-Did any veterans try and get them to slow down their matches
-Why they left Mid-South for World Class
-Why they spent such a short period of time in Texas
-Their matches against The Fantastics
-Dennis tells a story of a singles match against Kerry Von Erich
-Talk about how the Von Erichs would disappear and miss shows
-Memories of debuting in the NWA
-Their matches with Jimmy Valiant & Ron Garvin
-Feuding with The Rock N Roll Express again
-Working Dusty Rhodes & Magnum TA
-Thoughts on adding Cornette & Baby Doll into the mix
-Memories of Ray Traylor
-Wrestling against The Road Warriors
-How they ended up in scaffold matches against the LOD
-Talk about the actual scaffold matches and different things that happened during them
-What the road schedule was like
-Who was the easiest team they worked against
-Road stories from the NWA
-Thoughts on Dusty Rhodes as a booker
-What was Ric Flair like
-Talk about being offered a deal to go to WWE and why they didn’t go
-Dennis talks for the first time about why he quit & the events surrounding his decision
-Dennis talks about not calling anybody to tell them he wasn’t returning
-Bobby talks about what happened from his perspective when Dennis didn’t show up
-Bobby talks about Stan Lane replacing Dennis
-Dennis talks about returning to wrestling for the AWA
-Dennis talks about teaming with Randy Rose & his thoughts on Paul Heyman as their manager
-Dennis gives his thoughts on Verne Gagne
-Both men talk about the angle where Dennis returned to the NWA & jumped Bobby, Stan, & Cornette at the TBS Studios
-Bobby talks about if there was any resentment towards Dennis for leaving the first time
-Memories of the tag matches with Midnight Express vs. Original Midnight Express
-Why the feud was so short
-Both men talk about their physical condition after all these years
-Talk about teaming up for the first time since 1987 at a recent independent show
-Do they have any regrets about anything in their careers
-Plus more

Special Bonus: Jim Cornette talks about Bobby & Dennis teaming as The Midnight Express
-Early memories of Bobby & Dennis as a team
-How they progressed into such a great team
-How they complimented each other so well
-Memories of the Midnight Express-Rock N Roll Express feud
-Memories of Ray Traylor
-Talks about some of their memorable matches
-Talks about Dennis leaving the group
-What type of influence they had on tag team wrestling
-Tells a classic road story from working in Mid-South

13. ROH Straight Shootin’ with Tom Prichard 10.11.04 DVD

Straight Shootin’ With Tom Prichard is one of the most interesting shoot interviews ever for the variety of topics. This interview was conducted shortly after Prichard was released from his office job in World Wrestling Entertainment. Prichard makes this the first and only shoot to go inside the WWE offices in recent times.

You’ll hear the inside scoop on WWE developmental system, writers meetings, being an agent and working with all the top stars from Steve Austin to The Rock. Prichard discusses politics and the new regime taking over WWE. The WWE office doors have never been opened- until now!!!

Prichard discusses his entire career from his start as a teenager working in legendary promoter Paul Boesch’s office all the way through his time in WWF as a tag team champion. Prichard holds nothing back in telling road stories and all the inside stories of wrestling some of the biggest names in the business.

You’ll hear about life in famous territories like Mid-South, Portland and Continental all the way through his stay in Smoky Mountain Wrestling as half of the Heavenly Bodies. Prichard gives his true feelings on his tenure in WWF as half of the Bodydonnas.

Why wasn’t he in ECW longer? What was it like working underneath Jim Ross? Why was wrestling on the Wrestlemania card disappointing? Why did he lose his office job? How much partying went on in the old territories?

Prichard is an open book in answering all these questions and many more in this unique edition of the Straight Shootin’ Series!!!

Topics Include:
-His start in the wrestling business.
-Why he wanted to be in the business.
-Getting an office job as a teenager for Paul Boesch.
-Who helped him the most.
-Working the Sam Houston Coliseum.
-Wrestling Gino Hernandez and Tully Blanchard.
-Teaming with Chris Adams.
-Going to the Portland territory.
-What he learned in Portland.
-Moving to Mid-South.
-Working for Bill Watts.
-Why he didn’t stay longer.
-Road and prank stories from the territories.
-Going to Continental.
-Eddie Gilbert.
-What happened in the car with Missy Hyatt.
-Some of his favorite matches and angles in Continental.
-Continental going out of business.
-Going to USWA.
-Being on ESPN.
-If he thought USWA could have been bigger with TV exposure on ESPN.
-What he enjoyed and didn’t enjoy in USWA.
-Going to Smoky Mountain Wrestling.
-Working for Jim Cornette.
-Why he liked the idea of SMW.
-Teaming with Stan Lane as the Heavenly Bodies.
-Lane leaving.
-Teaming with Jimmy Del Ray as the Heavenly Bodies.
-Why he liked teaming with Lane better.
-His problems with Del Ray.
-Teaming with Lane vs. teaming with Del Ray.
-Loser leave town match with Rock’n’Roll Express.
-Crashing the WCW Saturday Night program.
-Working on a WCW pay-per-view.
-Wrestling The Fantastics.
-Leaving SMW for WWF.
-Cornette’s reaction to losing the team.
-Why the Bodies weren’t pushed more in WWF.
-Why their Survivor Series match was a disaster
-Returning to SMW.
-Wrestling Chris Jericho & Lance Storm in SMW.
-The night Jericho lost a lot of blood.
-Working the Gangstas of New Jack, Mustafa & D-Lo Brown.
-SMW going out of business.
-The mood in the locker room when things were going downhill.
-The final SMW show.
-When they found out it would be the final show.
-Could Cornette have saved SMW?
-Going to ECW.
-Why things didn’t work out in ECW.
-Working for Paul Heyman.
-His thoughts on ECW’s hardcore style.
-Going back to WWF.
-Shaving his head and being a Bodydonna with Chris Candido and Tammy Sytch.
-Winning the tag titles at Wrestlemania.
-Why it was a disappointment.
-His thoughts on the Bodydonna gimmick.
-Why he left wrestling.
-Getting the WWE office job.
-The various jobs he held in the office.
-Being an agent.
-The role of the agent and why he was uncomfortable with it.
-Working underneath Jim Ross.
-Working for the McMahons.
-Johnny Ace (Laurinaitis) taking over for Ross.
-His relationship with Ace.
-Why he lost his job.
-His thoughts on Tommy Dreamer taking his job.
-Why Ace wanted him out.
-What he disagreed on.
-His thoughts on the developmental system.
-What he would change in the developmental system.
-The future of the developmental system.
-What he thinks of OVW.
-Politics in the WWE office.
-What WWE looks for in wrestlers.
-Prichard gives advice to independent wrestlers on how to get in WWE.
-His hopes on going back to WWE.
-These are only a few of the things that Prichard discusses and reveals in this interview!!!

14. ROH Straight Shootin’ with Mr. Fuji 11.12.04 DVD

Straight Shootin’ With Mr. Fuji will be one of the most outrageous shoot interviews you’ll ever witness. Mr. Fuji has worked with all the greats in legendary promotions and he talks all about it right here including his infamous prank stories.

In fact, it is these prank and other crazy stories that make this one of the most entertaining shoots ever. You won’t believe some of the stunts Fuji used to pull and the lengths he would go to play jokes on some of the most famous wrestlers ever. Mr. Fuji tells a lot of never told before anywhere antidotes that you will never forget.

All of the greats are talked about here including Pat Patterson, Superstar Billy Graham, Dusty Rhodes, Andre The Giant, Masa Saito, Toru Tanaka, Jesse Ventura, Ricky Steamboat, Don Muraco, the McMahons and many, many more. This is a must for any wrestling historian.

Fuji covers his entire career from his early days in Portland to his time in the WWWF to the first Wrestlemania all the way through managing Yokozuna. Mr. Fuji was involved in some of the biggest shows and most memorable feuds and he talks about it all here.

The real reason to buy this shoot is for Fuji’s stories. Who did he rib the most? What does he say about putting drugs in other wrestler’s drinks? What was his involvement with steroids? What are his favorite pranks?

Mr. Fuji tells all in this unforgettable edition of the Straight Shootin’ Series!!!

Topics Include:
-Getting started in the business
-Working in Portland
-Thoughts on Don Owen
-Teaming with Haru Sasaki & Tony Bounrne
-Favorite guys to work in Portland
-Winning the IWA Tag Titles from Mark Lewin & King Curtis Iaukea
-Going to WWWF in 1972?
-Memories of Vince Sr.
-Being paired with Prof. Toru Tanaka
-Memories of the Grand Wizard as a manager
-Winning the tag titles so quickly
-Wrestling Pedro Morales for the WWF Title
-Facing Bruno Sammartino & Morales in at the main event at MSG
-Talks about Bruno
-Wrestling Pat Patterson in San Francisco
-Wrestling Andre the Giant
-Thoughts on Dusty Rhodes
-Vince Jr. getting more involved in the business
-What Bob Backlund was like
-Memories of Superstar Billy Graham
-Teaming with Mr. Saito
-Similarities & differences between Saito & Tanaka
-Lou Albano as a manager
-Beating Rick Martel & Tony Garea for the tag titles
-Feuding against The Strongbows
-Memories of Backlund’s title run
-What the drug scene was like at the time
-Talks about Jesse Ventura
-Memories of when Hogan came in
-Going from wrestler to manager
-Managing George Steele
-Teaming with Steele against Hogan & Gene Okerlund
-Managing Don Muraco
-Working against Ricky Steamboat
-Memories of hearing about the first Wrestlemania
-Talks about the business changing with cartoons and the different gimmicks
-Managing The Moondogs
-Memories of The Junkyard Dog
-Managing Kamala
-Talks about how Hogan changed throughout the years
-Talks about managing teams such as Demolition, Powers of Pain, Orient Express
-Thoughts on when they replaced Akio Saito with Paul Diamond under a mask in the Orient Express
-Memories of managing John Nord (The Bezerker)
-Memories of when Yokozuna first came in
-The angle at Wrestlemania 9 where Yokozuna beat Bret Hart for the WWF Title and then dropped it immediately to Hogan
-Talks about the locker room during the steroid scandal
-The idea of adding Jim Cornette as a co-manager of Yokozuna
-Talks about Lex Luger not getting over in WWE
-Memories of Owen Hart
-Why he left WWF
-Stories about putting drugs in other wrestlers drinks
-Crazy ring rat stories
-Bizarre story about wrestling in Kuwait
-Lots of drug stories
-Shooting up guys with steroids
-Talks about the locker room being ruined in the 90′s
-Tons of rib/prank stories including he who used to prank the most, did anybody get him back, tells stories of some of the best pranks he pulled, & along with many more stories
-What he misses the most about the business
-How the business has changed
-Plus much more

15. ROH Straight Shootin’ with Mike Rotunda 10.13.04 DVD

Straight Shootin’ With Mike Rotunda sees this national star talk openly and honestly about his entire career. Rotunda has been on some of the biggest cards against top superstars in various promotions throughout his 20 plus year career and he gives his unique perspective of it all in this shoot interview.

Rotunda has performed a variety gimmicks from the US Express teaming with Barry Windham to The Varsity Club to IRS to Michael Wallstreet to VK Wallstreet to Capt. Mike to being in the NWO. He talks about them all here including what he enjoyed and what he didn’t. How did he like teaming with Ted Dibiase as Money Inc? What unusual reason made him like the Capt. Mike gimmick? Why didn’t he think Kevin Sullivan fit into the Varsity Club?

Rotunda was part of some of the most historic events in wrestling history and he talks about it all from the mood in the WWF locker room leading up to the first Wrestlemania to wrestling in front of tens of thousands in Miami during the Florida territory days. From being surprised at winning the WWF tag team titles shortly after entering the promotion to working for Dusty Rhodes to being a part of the York Foundation to being in the NWO in New Japan, Rotunda discusses it all.

There hasn’t been many places or people that Rotunda didn’t work throughout his long career and he tells all the in ring and behind the scenes stories right here in this edition of the Straight Shootin’ Series.

Topics Include:
-Going from football to wrestling.
-His time at Syracuse.
-How he broke into wrestling.
-His training.
-What veterans helped him the most.
-Going to Mid-Atlantic.
-His first big program in Mid-Atlanta.
-Moving onto Florida.
-Teaming with Barry Windham.
-Leaving Florida for WWF.
-His opinion of Vince McMahon.
-Winning the tag titles so quickly in WWF.
-Working Adrian Adonis and Dick Murdoch.
-Having Lou Albano as their manager.
-The explosion of WWF to the national spotlight.
-The mood in the locker room before the first Wrestlemania.
-Being on the first Wrestlemania.
-Why they liked Wrestlemania.
-The road schedule.
-Being on Saturday Night’s Main Event.
-Working Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff.
-Losing the tag titles to Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake.
-Why they quit WWF.
-Why he started using Rotunda instead of Rotundo.
-Going back to Florida.
-How Florida was different than his first run there.
-Going to NWA.
-His thoughts on Jim Crockett.
-Turning heel.
-The Varsity Club gimmick.
-Why Syracuse University didn’t like his gimmick.
-The NWA locker room.
-Ric Flair.
-Winning the TV title.
-His TV title reign including matches against Nikita Koloff, Barry Windham, Jimmy Garvin and Sting.
-Being in the Tower Of Doom.
-Dusty Rhodes as a booker.
-Working with Kevin Sullivan.
-Why he didn’t think Sullivan belonged in the Varsity Club.
-Working with Steve Williams.
-Rick Steiner’s babyface turn.
-Wrestling The Road Warriors.
-Splitting up the Varisty Club.
-The road schedule in NWA.
-Ted Turner buys out Jim Crockett.
-Captain Mike Rotunda gimmick.
-Why he liked the gimmick.
-Leaving WCW.
-Going back to WWF.
-The Irwin R. Schyster gimmick.
-Why IRS was an easy gimmick.
-His thoughts on the gimmick.
-Going to the finals of King Of The Ring ’91 vs. Bret Hart.
-Teaming with Ted Dibiase as Money Inc.
-Ultimate Warrior.
-Being in WWE during the steroid controversy.
-What the mood was like in the locker room during the controversy.
-The road schedule.
-Working Hulk Hogan & Brutus Beefcake at Wrestlemania 9.
-His house show run vs. Hogan & Beefcake.
-leaving WWE.
-Going to WCW.
-The VK Wallstreet gimmick.
-Why he didn’t like it.
-Working for Eric Bischoff.
-Going to New Japan.
-Being in the NWO in New Japan.
-Why he stopped going to New Japan.
-His favorite and least favorite guys to work in New Japan.
-The Varsity Club reunion in 2000.
-Vince Russo.
-The end of his WCW run.
-Going to All Japan.
-Rotunda discusses all this and much, much more!!!

16. ROH Straight Shootin’ with Brad Armstrong 10.21.04 DVD

Straight Shootin’ With Brad Armstrong sees one of the most underrated wrestlers of the 80s talk about his entire career from growing up in the wrestling business to being in WCW during its demise. Armstrong was in almost all the top territories and played a number of colorful gimmicks and you’ll hear about them all on this shoot interview!!!

Armstrong starts with his childhood and what it was like to grow up the son of “Bullet” Bob Armstrong. You’ll hear the unique perspective of growing up with a famous father and how it helped and hurt his career. Armstrong also talks about all his famous brothers.

Armstrong discusses life on the road in territories like Continental, Georgia, Mid-South and Smoky Mountain Wrestling. Of course, Armstrong talks in great detail about his NWA and WCW career. Find it what it was like to learn the ropes against legends while teaming with future legends like Magnum T.A. and Shawn Michaels. What did Armstrong think of defeating Ernie Ladd so quickly for the North American Title in Mid-South? When did he finally break free from his father’s shadow? What were the different territories like?

Armstrong talks about his entire stay in NWA from being on Starrcade to the Crocket Cup to what he thought of Dusty Rhodes as booker to teaming with Tim Horner as the Lightning Express. Armstrong was under a mask for a number of gimmicks including Badstreet in The Freebirds, Arachnaman and becoming half of Dos Hombres to take on Steve Austin & Brian Pillman.

You’ll learn all about life in WCW from the Buzzkill gimmick and why it didn’t work to being a member of Master P’s No Limit Soldiers. What was Master P like? Why was his WCW career cut short? Did he like working for Eric Bischoff?

This entertaining and informative Straight Shoot provides you with a look at what its like to come from a wrestling family and perform with some of the most famous names in legendary promotions.

Topics Include:
-Watching his father wrestle while growing up.
-Going into wrestling himself.
-Being trained.
-The advantages of disadvantages of having a famous father.
-Working in Continental in Alabama.
-Who he learned from.
-Teaming with his dad in Continental.
-Going to the Georgia territory.
-What he learned in Georgia.
-The party scene in Georgia.
-Teaming with a young Magnum T.A.
-The road schedule.
-Leaving Georgia and going to Mid-South.
-Working for Bill Watts.
-Armstrong talks about all the big names in Mid-South.
-Beating Ernie Ladd for the North American title.
-Teaming with Shawn Michaels.
-What Michaels was like back then.
-Wrestling Ric Flair in the Omni.
-Going back to Continental.
-Going to All Japan.
-Starting in NWA.
-Working for Jim Crockett.
-How NWA compared to the territories he worked.
-The road schedule in NWA.
-Working Jimmy Garvin at Starrcade 86.
-Teaming with his father in the Crockett Cup.
-The drug scene.
-Teaming with Tim Horner as the Lightning Express.
-Wrestling The Midnight Express.
-When UWF merged with NWA.
-Dusty Rhodes as booker.
-Wrestling Barry Windham at the second Clash Of Champions.
-Wrestling Kevin Nash in his debut.
-Going back to Continental.
-Why things weren’t the same in Alabama.
-The Badstreet gimmick.
-How he liked working with The Freebirds.
-The Arachnaman gimmick and if he liked it.
-Bill Watts coming to WCW.
-Wrestling top stars in WCW like Chris Benoit and Scotty Flamingo among others.
-How he ended up in a legends match at Slamboree and why he thought it was stupid.
-Taking Shane Douglas’ spot and teaming with Ricky Steamboat under a mask.
-Working with Steve Austin & Brian Pillman.
-Going to New Japan.
-Going to Smoky Mountain Wrestling and teaming with Jim Cornette.
-SMW going out of business.
-Going to WCW.
-Locker room politics in WCW.
-Working for Eric Bischoff.
-Being on Nitro.
-Disorganization in WCW.
-Being in Master P’s No Limit Soldiers.
-Master P saying whatever he wanted on promos.
-Teaming with Konnan & Rey Misterio Jr.
-Vince Russo’s booking.
-The Buzzkill gimmick.
-Why his material as Buzzkill was always censored.
-How his WCW career suddenly ended.
-His brothers Brian, Steve and Scott.
-Brad Armstrong talks about all this plus much, much more!!!

17. ROH Straight Shootin’ with Jushin Liger 11.02.04 DVD

Straight Shootin’ With Jushin “Thunder” Liger is sure to go down as one of the most talked about and important shoot interviews yet. This is the first time Liger has given an interview this in depth for distribution in the United States. This shoot was done with a translator so you will get complete answers from Liger. Not only will you see a nearly two hour interview with the legendary Liger, but this edition of the Straight Shootin’ Series contains bonus footage from Liger’s stay at the New Japan LA Dojo including four exhibition matches with Liger as referee and instructor.

This is your chance to see the true personality of one of wrestling’s most influential figures as Liger talks about his entire career all the way from his training up until present day action in NOAH and New Japan. Liger says things that he has never revealed in any interview anywhere before!!! Liger even talks about why New Japan never thought he’d be a success and figured he would just work on the ring crew for his entire career.

Liger starts at the beginning from his days as a fan before talking about being rejected by the New Japan dojo. From there Liger learned his trade in Mexico, before New Japan finally accepted him. You’ll hear all about the pain, struggle and sacrifice that Liger went through to break into the wrestling business. From England to working for Stu Hart and being trained at the infamous Dungeon, Liger covers it all right here.

Liger discusses his thoughts on becoming Jushin “Thunder” Liger including the origins of the gimmick and why he thought the fans would laugh at him. From there Liger talks about all the biggest events of his career including details on the 1994 Super J Cup and how he invented the shooting star press.

Liger gives his thoughts on all the biggest names in Japan and what they are like including Antonio Inoki, Tiger Mask, Shinya Hashimoto, Hiroshi Hase and all the great juniors like The Great Sasuke, El Samurai, Shinjiro Ohtani, Ultimo Dragon, Koji Kanemoto, Hayabusa and many more. Liger also discusses his matches against greats like Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero and many, many others!!! No other shoot interview anywhere gives this unique perspective on these legends.

You’ll hear about it all from Liger’s brain tumor to his advice for upcoming wrestlers to working in World Championship Wrestling to his new C.T.U. faction in New Japan. Liger talks about changing his style over the years. Liger also discusses why he would want to work in WWE. This is a can’t miss for any fan of Japanese wrestling and the legendary Jushin “Thunder” Liger!!!

If that wasn’t enough for you, this home release also contains exclusive training footage from the New Japan LA Dojo with Liger, Samoa Joe, Rocky Romero, Ricky Reyes, Bryan Danielson, CM Punk, Puma and more!!!

This is one edition of the Straight Shootin’ Series where you are sure to learn something you never knew before. Liger innovated much of what you see today and he lets you in on his secrets right here!!!

Topics Include:
-Why he got into wrestling.
-Who he cheered for growing up.
-Being rejected by the New Japan Dojo.
-Going to Mexico.
-Not eating in Mexico.
-Going back to Japan and being accepted in the New Japan Dojo.
-The painful training at the dojo.
-Going to England.
-Working for Stu Hart in Stampede.
-Road stories from Stampede.
-Being stretched by Stu in the infamous Hart Dungeon.
-Winning the Young Lions Cup in 1986.
-Why New Japan didn’t think he would be a success.
-Advice he got from Tiger Mask.
-How he looked at Antonio Inoki.
-The Jushin Liger outfit and gimmick.
-Where the outfit came from.
-Why Liger thought fans would laugh at him.
-Winning the IWGP Jr. Title.
-His matches vs. Naoki Sano.
-His thoughts on Chris Benoit, Owen Hart, Eddie Guerrero, Brian Pillman and many others.
-Going to WCW in 1991.
-His thoughts on WCW.
-Who told him to slow down his style.
-Why he now agrees about slowing down.
-Working Starrcade ’91 vs. Mike Graham.
-Going back to Japan.
-Details on the legendary Super J Cup ’94 tournament.
-What inspired the Super J Cup.
-Why it was easy to put together.
-Liger gives his thoughts on Great Sasuke, Koji Kanemoto, El Samurai, Ultimo Dragon and many more of the all time greats.
-Inventing the shooting star press.
-The match where Great Muta ripped his mask.
-Finding out he had a brain tumor.
-How the brain tumor affected his life.
-Wrestling again after the brain tumor.
-Developing his style.
-Going back to WCW.
-Losing to Juventud Guerrera after being hit with a tequila bottle.
-If he gets along with Hayabusa.
-Thoughts on Shinjiro Ohtani becoming a heavyweight.
-Liger gives the inside scoop on what Shinya Hashimoto, Hiroshi Hase, The Great Muta and many other top Japanese names are really like outside the ring.
-Working for NOAH.
-The top upcoming Japanese juniors.
-The top upcoming American juniors.
-New Japan using shoot fighters.
-Becoming the “black” Liger.
-The C.T.U. faction.
-Why he wants to go to WWE.
-Liger discusses all this and much, much more!!!

18. ROH Straight Shootin’ with Franchine 11.10.04 DVD

Straight Shootin’ With Francine sees “The Queen Of Extreme” open up and discuss her entire career. This is a must for Extreme Championship Wrestling fans as Francine was with the promotion from almost the beginning and was even trained at the first ECW wrestling school. Francine holds nothing back in talking about all her experiences in ECW from her start all the way up until the last show.

This shoot interview also comes from a different perspective as Francine reveals what its like to be a woman in the male dominated wrestling industry. Was she treated differently? Did she have a problem with men coming on to her? Was she ever accepted as one of the boys? Francine tells it like it is on this shoot.

Francine takes you on a journey of ECW’s rise and fall from the perspective of someone who was there for it all. You’ll hear all the inside scoop of ECW’s growth in popularity to the first pay-per-view to going on TNN to when the checks started bouncing. Francine also covers life after ECW including what she is doing now and why she turned down a job in WWE.

Francine worked with all the top names in ECW and was involved in some of the promotions most memorable events. What did she think of being Stevie Richards’ girlfriend and how the angle progressed with Raven? What happened when Bam Bam Bigelow broke her pelvic bone? How did she like working with the other women of ECW like Dawn Marie and Missy Hyatt? What are her thoughts on her famous match vs. Beulah McGuillicutty?

You’ll hear about all the personalities that made ECW special from Paul Heyman to Raven to Tommy Dreamer to Shane Douglas to everyone in between. Francine even talks about how certain people changed over the years from Raven and his drug use to if Heyman suffered from creative burnout.

Francine talks about all this and much, much more. If you are an ECW fan then this edition of the Straight Shootin’ Series is a must!!!

Topics Include:
-Why she got into wrestling.
-Her training with JT Smith.
-Was she treated differently because she was a woman.
-Meeting Tod Gordon.
-Working the indies.
-How she broke into ECW.
-Her first appearance in ECW as Ms. Montgomeryville.
-Did she think ECW would get as big as it got.
-Her role as Stevie Richards’ girlfriend.
-First impressions of Raven.
-Her thoughts on the Raven gimmick.
-Her thoughts on the angle with Beulah McGuillicutty.
-Her match vs. Beulah.
-How she got along with Beulah.
-Managing The Pit Bulls.
-Working in a dog collar match.
-If the guys ever had a problem selling for her.
-Turning on The Pit Bulls
-Working with Shane Douglas.
-Mixed tags with Douglas vs. Beulah & Tommy Dreamer.
-Her thoughts on Dreamer.
-The locker room atmosphere at the first PPV.
-Were Douglas and Pit Bull disappointed in their match?
-Tod Gordon leaving the company.
-When she broke her pelvic bone.
-Why she still worked with the injury.
-Douglas leaving the company.
-Being Dreamer’s valet.
-Thoughts on Dawn Marie.
-Wrestling Steve Corino at Heatwave 99.
-Did Corino have a problem putting her over.
-The TNN deal.
-Raven’s return.
-Siding with Raven over Dreamer.
-What the morale of the locker room was like.
-Heyman going to less and less shows.
-The drug and party scene in ECW throughout its history.
-Bounced checks.
-When it looked like things might end.
-The last PPV.
-The last shows.
-The only thing Heyman did which upset her.
-Being on the first TNA show.
-Why she isn’t in TNA now.
-Her thoughts on MLW and Court Bauer.
-Having breast enhancement surgery.
-Do women need plastic surgery in the wrestling business.
-Shane Douglas saying he won’t work with her now.
-Her thoughts on Jasmin St. Claire.
-All this and much, much more!!!

19. ROH Straight Shootin’ with Marc Mero 10.22.04 DVD

Straight Shootin’ With Marc Mero sees this flamboyant athlete discuss his entire career from his training all the way up until present day. This is a unique shoot interview as Mero achieved immediate success as Johnny B. Badd and was in the middle of all the controversies involving his famous wife Rena Mero (Sable).

You’ll find out about Dusty Rhodes’ role in the development of the character and who tried to beat Mero up and who had words of encouragement for him. Mero talks about how the Johnny B. Badd character got him accepted into the African-American community and his meeting with Michael Jackson. Mero wrestled and learned from some of the most famous names and you’ll get the inside scoop on matches against the likes of Brian Pillman, Scotty Flamingo, Bobby Eaton, Ricky Morton, DDP, Sting and many more. Mero covers his entire WCW career and even talks about working for Bill Watts and Eric Bischoff.

You’ll find out what led Mero to World Wrestling Entertainment and WWE’s huge plans for him that never happened. Mero talks about life on the road in WWE and his “Wildman” character. Find out about what it was like to work with all the biggest names in WWE and for the McMahon family. From Brawl For All to the big PPVs, Mero talks about his entire WWE career here.

This interview also focuses on Mero’s wife from how they met to why she was in WWE to Vince McMahon’s first impression of her to why he left WWE because of her to the end of their relationship. Mero talks about her feud with Tammy Sytch and how she was treated by the locker room and much more that has never been discussed anywhere before.

Mero talks about his career in an entertaining and informative way. If you want to know about life in WCW and WWE from a unique perspective this edition of the Straight Shootin’ Series is for you!!!

Topics Include:
-Being a fan growing up.
-Why he got into wrestling.
-His training.
-Getting into WCW.
-Dusty Rhodes rule in the Johnny B. Badd gimmick.
-His thoughts on the character.
-His father’s reaction to seeing it.
-Who had words of encouragement for him.
-Who tested him.
-Wrestling and learning from Ricky Morton, Bobby Eaton, Brian Pillman and others.
-Working Sting.
-Bill Watts as booker.
-Watts rules.
-Boxing matches vs. Scotty Flamingo (Raven).
-Teaming with Cactus Jack.
-The Arn Anderson/Sid Vicious scissors fight.
-The drug and party scene in WCW.
-Winning the WCW TV title.
-Wrestling Steve Austin.
-Working for Eric Bischoff.
-His series vs. DDP.
-Having Kimberly as his valet.
-Leaving WCW.
-Going to WWE.
-Meeting Rena Mero.
-How he got his wife a job in WWE.
-What WWE’s plans were for him that never happened.
-The “Wildman” character.
-Why things didn’t work out.
-Winning a tournament for the Intercontinental title.
-The Monday Night Wars.
-The fake Razor Ramon and Diesel.
-When Rena started training.
-How the locker room treated his wife.
-Rena’s feud with Tammy Sytch.
-Working HHH.
-If anything with Rena ever went too far.
-Changing from “Wildman” to “Marvelous.”
-Working at Wrestlemania.
-If things ever got too raunchy with his wife.
-His thoughts on her posing in Playboy.
-Brawl For All.
-Thoughts on Vince Russo.
-When he and his wife quit WWE.
-Why he walked out with her and left a lot of guaranteed money behind.
-His wife’s return to WWE and how it surprised him.
-The end of his marriage.
-Going to work in NWA TNA.
-Why he doesn’t do a lot of indies.
-All this and much, much more!!!

20. ROH Straight Shootin’ with Ken Patera 11.20.04 DVD

Straight Shootin’ With Ken Patera sees this Olympic athlete give one of the most controversial and outspoken shoot interviews ever!!! Patera had an all star career as a main eventer in major promotions like WWF and AWA as well as various territories. He holds nothing back in talking about it all here from drug use to steroids to working with all the top names.

You won’t believe some of the stories and things that Patera says. You’ll hear about it all from what a young Vince McMahon was like to steroid use in the 1972 Olympics to drug use in WWF. Patera also lived with a young Ric Flair when Flair was training to be a wrestler and he tells all about the wild, partying lifestyle of Flair as well as the time Flair almost quit the business.

Patera covers his entire career from how he broke into wrestling to training under harsh conditions at Vern Gagne’s camp to learning his trade in territories to being a top heel in WWF and AWA. Patera is an open book in talking about it all from wrestling Dusty Rhodes in a rainstorm at the Orange Bowl to winning the Intercontinental Title from Pat Patterson to selling out Madison Square Garden in a feud against Bruno Sammartino.

Patera tells what all the top stars were like outside the ring and gives his true feelings on the wrestling business. What was Hulk Hogan like in AWA? What did he think of the angle where he cut Andre The Giant’s hair and how did Andre feel about it? What was it like being on the first Survivor Series and Summerslam? How did he manage to get the NWA Missouri title just four days after winning WWF’s IC title?

Some of Patera’s stories are sure to shock you. You’ll hear about his thoughts on turning babyface and feuding with Bobby Heenan after getting out of jail in real life. Patera definitely has some stunning things to say about the final years of his career and surprising advice to young wrestlers. He also has some pointed words for Vince McMahon.

If you are an old school WWF or AWA fan this shoot is a must. This edition of the Straight Shootin’ Series is sure to open your eyes and leave your jaw on the floor!!!

Topics Included:
-His weight lifting background.
-The injury before the 1972 Olympics.
-Winning a medal at the 1972 Olympics.
-Steroid use in the Olympics.
-Breaking into the wrestling business.
-Training at Vern Gagne’s school.
-Training with The Iron Sheik.
-How The Iron Sheik changed over the years.
-Being in the same class as Ric Flair.
-Living with Ric Flair.
-How he got Flair into Gagne’s school.
-Crazy party stories with a young Flair.
-The time Flair almost quit wrestling.
-The swinging full nelson finish.
-His first matches.
-How his Olympic background helped him get pushed.
-Working the territories.
-Wrestling Dusty Rhodes in a rainstorm at the Orange Bowl.
-Feuding with Wahoo McDaniel in the Mid-Atlantic region.
-Learning to be a heel.
-Feuding with Jay Strongbow.
-What Vince McMahon Sr. was like.
-Stories about a young Vince McMahon Jr.
-Feuding with Bruno Sammartino.
-Winning the Intercontinental Title from Pat Patterson.
-What Patterson was like behind the scenes.
-Winning the NWA Missouri title four days after winning the IC title.
-How he was able to work for NWA and WWF at the same time.
-Feuding with Bob Backlund.
-Losing the IC Title to Pedro Morales.
-Going back to AWA.
-What Hulk Hogan was like in AWA.
-Drug use in WWF and drug use by Vince McMahon.
-Being in Bobby Heenan’s stable with Nick Bockwinkel.
-Teaming as half of The Sheiks with Sheik Adnan Al Kassie.
-Going back to WWF.
-Cutting Andre The Giant’s hair.
-What Andre though of the haircut idea.
-What Andre was like to wrestle and like outside the ring.
-Going to jail.
-Why he won’t talk about the night he was arrested.
-Going back to WWF when he got out of jail.
-The skits in WWF where he was in a jail cell.
-Feuding with Bobby Heenan and the Heenan Family.
-The debate angle with Heenan.
-Tagging with Hulk Hogan.
-The beatdown angle from Heenan’s Family.
-Being in the main event of Survivor Series 87.
-Injuries that hurt his momentum as a babyface.
-Wrestling Bad News Brown at the first Summerslam.
-Being in the Wrestlemania IV battle royal.
-Lots of outspoken views on Vince McMahon.
-Drug use in the wrestling business.
-The toll the business takes on you.
-His advice to young wrestlers.
-What Jesse Ventura was like.
-Patera talks about all this and much, much more in this controversial interview!!!

21. ROH Straight Shootin’ with Jim Cornette & Bobby Heenan Volume 1 – 12.03.04 DVD

This is the most unique, informative, entertaining and educational shoot interview ever!!! Straight Shootin’ With Bobby “The Brain” Heenan and Jim Cornette will blow you away. This is not your typical shoot interview as these two managerial legends sit down for an almost three hour conversation with each other. The result was an overload of information and topics that are sure to have you rolling on the floor with laughter while you learn about the wrestling business.

Simply put, this is a must for any wrestling fan as Heenan and Cornette cover way too many topics to list. In fact, these two masterminds talk so much that we don’t even ask any questions. No shoot has ever covered this much material before as these two great storytellers talk about their entire careers and hold nothing back. This is like sitting in on a dinner conversation with Cornette and Heenan.

You’ll hear about it all from riots to their starts in the business to why they never crossed paths in the squared circle. All the old school territories are discussed including major promotions like NWA, WCW, WWF and current day WWE. Every major star in the business from legendary names to current day main eventers are discussed. The topics covered range from hilarious road stories to how unforgiving the wrestling business can be to who they liked and hated over the years. These two hold nothing back!!!

This is a must for any shoot interview, Heenan, Cornette or just plain wrestling fan. This edition of the Straight Shootin’ Series documents wrestling history as told by these influential hall of famers. In other words, no write up can do this shoot justice. You need to see this for yourself.

Some of the topics include:
-Cornette talks about growing up watching Heenan
-Heenan’s experience in Indianapolis
-Heenan in Chicago (fans shooting at wrestlers, what the fans were like, differences in the fans then & now)
-Heenan’s thoughts on Johnny Valentine
-Comisky Park story with Bruiser & Brazil vs. Sheik & Heenan
-Dick the Bruiser getting beat up by the cops
-Tommy Rich getting sick from ether by Cornette
-Discuss other managers
-Cornette’s talks about Heenan’s managerial style
-Heenan story where he went into the bathroom with a live mic
-Pillman story where Heenan swore on live TV
-The night Bischoff spoiled Foley’s title win on Raw
-Random WCW stories by Heenan
-Both men talk about the different territories they worked for
-Ray Stevens stories
-Heenan in WWF
-Is the day of the manager over
-Heenan’s thoughts on indy shows he has worked
-Stories how they got into the wrestling business
-Why it’s hard to get heat now
-Vince Russo
-Random discussion on different wrestlers
-Cornette talks about where the racket gimmick came from
-Talk about blading
-Worst team concept
-Embarrassing moments
-Scripts in wrestling
-Reflecting on the business & the craziness of it
-Rib stories
-What’s missing from wrestling now
-Plus much, much more!!!

22. ROH Straight Shootin’ with Paul Ellering 12.01.04 DVD

Straight Shootin’ With Paul Ellering sees the legendary manager of Hawk & Animal, The Road Warriors, give an open and honest shoot interview about his entire career including life on the road with The Legion Of Doom. Ellering worked in all the major promotions during some of their hottest periods including WWF, NWA and AWA and he discusses it all right here.

Ellering is a unique individual who was part of some of wrestling’s most historic and memorable cards and matches. You’ll hear about his first push feuding with Jesse Ventura to being managed by Jimmy Hart in Memphis as the top heel to suffering injuries that forced him into managing in Georgia. From there you’ll learn about the formation of the original Legion Of Doom.

Ellering tells all about life on the road with Hawk and Animal including how they were first put together on the fly. You’ll learn about what this influential tag team was like outside the ring and who came up with the ideas that made The Road Warriors major attractions. Ellering also became the real life business manager of The Road Warriors and you’ll hear about how he kept Hawk and Animal true independent contractors that worked for AWA, NWA and All Japan at the same time.

You’ll be surprised at what Ellering told The Road Warriors to do in order to get over against veterans like Dick The Bruiser and Crusher. You’ll hear about the title change that never happened and why. Did anyone ever have trouble working with Hawk and Animal? How did they handle being tested in Japan? What made them drop the tag titles to Jimmy Garvin and Steve Regal?

Ellering takes you up and down the roads in NWA from being in the first Wargames to the Night Of The Skywalkers to all the famous feuds against The Russians, The Midnight Express and The Powers Of Pain. Find about why the Road Warriors heel turn didn’t work and what Ellering thought of Dusty Rhodes as booker.

Ellering also goes into detail about life in WWE from Rocco the puppet to why he didn’t go to WWF initially with Hawk & Animal to turning on The Legion Of Doom and feuding with them to Hawk’s alcoholic gimmick including the night he fell of the Titantron. Ellering gives his true thoughts on what life was like in WWE.

You’ll hear about it all from Ellering’s friendship with Hawk and why he wasn’t surprised when he passed away to the glory years of The Road Warriors to why Ellering felt the gimmick had to be protected.

This edition of the Straight Shootin’ Series is a must for fans of The Legion Of Doom and an insightful look into the wrestling business by one of the most famous managers ever.

Topics Include:
-Background as champion weightlifter.
-Going into the wrestling business.
-Training at Vern Gagne’s school.
-Working at various territories including Mid-South, Georgia and Portland.
-Getting injured.
-His first real push vs. Jesse Ventura.
-What Ventura was like back then.
-Going to Memphis.
-Turning heel and being managed by Jimmy Hart.
-Getting Lawler’s crown when Lawler was out with an injury.
-Who he learned the most from.
-Working for Bill Watts.
-Feuding with The Iron Sheik.
-Problems with injuries.
-Going to Georgia.
-What Ole Anderson was like as booker.
-Forming the first Legion Of Doom with Buzz Sawyer, Spoiler, Jake Roberts and King Kong Bundy.
-How he got paired with Animal & Hawk.
-His first thoughts on The Road Warriors.
-Where ideas for the gimmick came from like the haircuts, face paint and theme music.
-The gimmick getting hot.
-Managing Arn Anderson for a shot period of time.
-What Arn was like back then.
-Becoming Hawk and Animal’s business manager.
-What the job entailed.
-Did anyone ever complain about The Road Warriors working too stiff?
-How Ellering negotiated for The Road Warriors to work AWA, NWA and All Japan at the same time.
-The riot in AWA.
-Why they didn’t want to lose the AWA Tag Titles to Stan Lane & Steve Keirn.
-How they made the match where they were supposed to drop the titles a no contest.
-Vern Gagne’s reaction to this backstage.
-Going to All Japan.
-How the Japanese wrestlers tried to test them.
-Going to Giant Baba about being tested.
-Ellering’s plan if any of the Japanese tried to take advantage of them.
-Road stories with Hawk and Animal.
-What Hawk and Animal were like outside the ring and how they changed over the years.
-His friendship with both.
-How he found out Hawk passed away.
-Why he wasn’t surprised that Hawk passed away.
-Working various territories like Memphis and Mid-South.
-How they set their own schedule and wrestled when they wanted to.
-What it took for them to drop the AWA titles to Jimmy Garvin and Steve Regal.
-Wrestling The Freebirds.
-Surprising details on how they made sure that veterans like Dick The Bruiser and Crusher sold for them.
-Going to NWA.
-Dusty Rhodes as booker.
-Feuds with The Russians, Midnight Express and Powers Of Pain.
-Teaming with Dusty Rhodes as six man tag champs.
-The first War Games.
-Being in the Tower Of Doom match.
-The Night Of The Skywalkers.
-Winning the first Crocket Cup.
-Working on AWA’s big WrestleRock show the night after the Crocket Cup.
-Steroid use.
-The Four Horsemen.
-Hawk and Animal’s title matches vs. Ric Flair.
-Thoughts on Demolition.
-Their heel turn vs. Dusty Rhodes and Sting.
-Why the heel turn didn’t work.
-Why Ellering feels The Road Warriors only had three good years.
-Ellering’s philosophy in keeping The Road Warriors fresh.
-Working The Varsity Club.
-Starcade ’89 and why he didn’t like the round robin tournament.
-Hawk and Animal leaving NWA and going to WWE.
-Why Ellering didn’t go with them.
-Why Ellering didn’t manage anyone else.
-Going to WWE and making his debut at Wrestlemania 13.
-The Rocco the puppet idea.
-WWE’s use of Hawk & Animal and why he didn’t like it.
-Turning on Hawk & Animal and joining DOA.
-Working with the Harris Brothers.
-Working Money Inc. in front of 80,000 people in Wembley Stadium.
-Why things didn’t work out in WWE.
-The angle with Hawk as an alcoholic.
-The night Hawk fell off the Titantron.
-Working with Droz.
-His thoughts on Sunny managing Hawk & Animal.
-Vince Russo’s writing.
-His passion of dog sled racing and what he’s about to do that will get national attention.
-Ellering talks about all this and much, much more!!!

23. ROH Straight Shootin Raven & Sandman Volume 1 – 01.27.05 DVD

Straight Shootin’ With Raven & The Sandman will go down as one of the craziest, wildest and most entertaining shoot interviews ever. In fact, you can’t even really call this an interview. This edition of the Straight Shootin’ Series can best be described as two longtime friends hanging out and talking about old times.

Old times for Raven and Sandman mean some of the most insane stories ever told on any shoot. Raven and Sandman hide nothing as they talk about road stories covering everything from drugs to ring rats to rehab to near death experiences. Nothing is off limits when these two colorful characters open up.

Raven and Sandman might have been friends and travel partners on the road, but in the ring they’ll be remembered for their legendary feud in ECW. They give all the scoops on their feud from the involvement of Sandman’s family to the infamous crucifixion angle to the barbed wire match to the ground breaking promos to everything in between. Raven and Sandman also discuss and give their feelings on the continuation of their feud in WCW. You’ll hear them talk about all the most famous names from Paul Heyman to Stevie Richards to all the characters that made ECW special.

This edition of the Straight Shootin’ Series is sure to shock and entertain you as these two outspoken and unique individuals are an open book in talking about their wild lives. From personal stories to their famous feud, Straight Shootin’ With Raven & Sandman covers it all. Be warned because some of this material is graphic and not suitable for all audiences.

Some of the topics discussed & stories told include:
-The beginning of their feud
-Being high and trying to do a promo
-Tyler’s birthday party promo
-Sandman overdosing on the road
-Sandman getting naked in Florida
-The PitBulls
-Steve Richards
-Sandman and his cane shots
-The crucification angle
-Why the didn’t work Taz that much
-Raven’s doctor friend
-Working the same town for 7 years in front of the same people
-Talk about ECW how declined without star power (discuss Justin Credible, Lance Storm, Jerry Lynn, Steve Corino, & Rob Van Dam)
-The dog & pony show finishes
-Trying to keep things fresh
-Raven making Steve Richards & Meanie imitate his favorite tag teams
-Sandman’s fight with The Bruise Brothers
-Working with Terry Gordy
-Working with injuries
-Favorite matches
-Sandman on steroids
-Raven & Missy
-Sandman & Raven talk about playing chess
-Plus much, much more!!!

24. ROH Straight Shootin’ with Jim Cornette & Bobby Heenan Vol. 2 – 02.27.05 DVD

The first Straight Shootin’ With Jim Cornette & Bobby “The Brain” Heenan was so good, so entertaining and so informative that we had to get these managerial legends to sit down again and share more of their stories, thoughts and revelations. The second edition of Straight Shootin’ With Jim Cornette & Bobby “The Brain” Heenan picks up where the first one left off with more incredible antidotes, philosophies and tales from the road.

Just like the first one, this isn’t your typical shoot interview. Instead it is like sitting in on a candid discussion with these two hall of famers. The questions are few and far in between as Heenan and Cornette take you on a journey throughout their careers talking about all the legendary names they’ve encountered. They are both an open book when talking about all the ups and downs of their careers.

You’ll hear about the classic territories, the legendary names and some of the most colorful characters in wrestling history. These are the stories that can only be told by two old school legends like Cornette and Heenan.

As always Heenan and Cornette will have you laughing as they crack jokes and tell stories in their own unique way. You’ll hear it all from traveling with Vince McMahon to working with all the top stars in the industry. If you enjoyed the first Straight Shootin’ with these two managerial icons, this one is a can’t miss. Wrestling history is preserved right here with the second edition of the Straight Shootin’ Series with Jim Cornette and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan.

25. ROH Straight Shootin’ with Samoa Joe and CM Punk – 03.10.05 DVD

Straight Shootin’ With Samoa Joe & CM Punk sees these two great friends sit down and share their stories about life on the independent scene. The result is one of the most entertaining shoot interviews ever that is a must for every fan of independent wrestling.

No other shoot has been this informative about the indies. You’ll hear hilarious stories from the road including pranks and much more. All the top names from AJ Styles to Christopher Daniels to Homicide to Colt Cabana and many others are discussed. Joe and Punk also talk about working for various promotions like IWA Mid-South, PWG, Japan, TNA and more. They tell you what life is like as an independent wrestler.

Punk and Joe talk in depth about their famous trilogy in Ring Of Honor. You’ll hear about everything that went into the hour draws in Dayton and Chicago as well as the third and final match in New Jersey. This is an inside look at some of the most famous matches in ROH history. Of course, Joe and Punk talk in great detail about their time in ROH with lots of inside scoops.

You are sure to laugh, learn and be entertained with this edition of the Straight Shootin’ Series. Joe and Punk hold nothing back in talking about their experiences in the wrestling business. This is one edition of the Straight Shootin’ Series that you’ll never forget!!!

26. ROH Straight Shootin’ with Jim Mitchell 04.12.05 DVD

Straight Shootin’ With Jim Mitchell is one of the most honest, informative and entertaining shoot interviews you’ll ever witness. Mitchell is an open book in talking about life both in and out of the ring. You will definitely hear some eye opening stories in this shoot!

Mitchell goes into detail in discussing everything from his days as Daryl Van Horne in Smoky Mountain Wrestling to his time in WCW to being the Sinister Minister in ECW all the way to working for NWA TNA. Mitchell talks about it all from the top stars he worked with to his controversial promos in SMW to when his hand blew up in ECW to the Blood Runs Cold gimmick in WCW including why it didn’t work.

Why did Jim Cornette blow up at him in SMW? What discouraging thing did Kevin Sullivan first say to him when he entered WCW? What were the final days of ECW like? Why isn’t he still with NWA TNA? Why hasn’t he gone to WWE? Mitchell answers all these questions and much, much more!!!

Even more eye opening than the information on working for some of wrestling’s biggest promotions is the behind the scenes stories Mitchell reveals. You’ll hear all about exploits with female fans, life on the road and of course party stories. Mitchell even talks about one wrestler that used to beat him up and why he pulled a gun on him. We do need to warn you because this material is not for all audiences.

Straight Shootin’ With Jim Mitchell will entertain you from beginning to end. You’ll learn about the wrestling business while hearing some incredible stories from this managerial great.

27. ROH Straight Shootin’ with Terry Funk & Shane Douglas 06.09.05 DVD

Straight Shootin’ With Terry Funk & Shane Douglas is not just a must for ECW fans, but an education for all wrestling fans. You have two ECW legends talking candidly about their history together as well as the entire wrestling business. This is one unique shoot interview!!!

Funk & Douglas cover too many topics to list here. They go into great detail on their feud in ECW including the historic three-way dance with Sabu. Funk and Douglas talk about all the most influential names in ECW from Sabu to Tommy Dreamer. They also discuss Paul Heyman and give their true feelings on him. Both men are an open book when it comes to discussing their time in ECW.

When Terry Funk gives his philosophies on the wrestling business you need to listen. Funk gives an education on the state of the industry. Shane Douglas always has a valuable opinion to share. At times this shoot is like being a fly on the wall while this two great minds have an honest conversation. You are sure to have your eyes opened by what these two have to say.

Funk and Douglas talk about so many things from when they first met to Funk’s famous piledriver angle with Ric Flair to Douglas teaming with Ricky Steamboat. There is no telling what subject will come out next.

Straight Shootin’ With Terry Funk & Shane Douglas is a must see shoot from two wrestling icons. This is one that every wrestling fan needs to see..

28. ROH Straight Shootin’ with Jim Cornette & Bobby Heenan Vol. 3 – 05.12.05 DVD

This is the third and final installment of Straight Shootin’ With Jim Cornette & Bobby “The Brain” Heenan. Not only will you see the most unique edition of the Straight Shootin’ Series ever, but as an added bonus you will get Secrets Of The Ring With Bobby “The Brain” Heenan on this home release. This is like getting two big shoot interviews for the price of one!!!

The Straight Shootin’ portion is something completely different from these two managerial legends. Jim Cornette invites us into his home and walks us through his historic memorabilia collection. The memories come flying back to Cornette and Heenan as they look at old programs, event posters and some unbelievable items.

You will laugh and learn about the wrestling business from these two legends. What were their biggest paydays? What surprise does Heenan have for Cornette? How big is Cornette’s collection? There is no telling what these two will discuss next. This is also a must for fans of wrestling merchandise as you will see many historic posters, programs and other great merchandise.

Secrets Of The Ring With Bobby “The Brain” Heenan sees this hall of famer share his knowledge about the wrestling business. You’ll learn all about the art of managing. These lessons can be applied to seconds, valets and anyone involved in a wrestling match. Heenan also shoots when it comes to promoters and other famous managers.

If you were a fan of the first two Straight Shoots with Cornette & Heenan than you definitely need to check this one out. Once again wrestling history is preserved right here on this entertaining and informative shoot!!!

29. ROH Straight Shootin’ with CM Punk and Colt Cabana 07.01.05 DVD

Straight Shootin’ With CM Punk & Colt Cabana is one of the most entertaining shoot interviews you’ll ever witness. We sat down with these two longtime friends and just listened while they talked about everything from their start in the business together all the way up to their Ring Of Honor days.
Punk and Cabana began their careers together and you’ll hear all the unusual and hilarious strories from throughout their careers. Any description of this shoot can’t do it justice as you just have to watch it for yourself. You’ll hear about how they met, their first impressions of each other, training together and working for various independent groups for little or no money.
The highlights of this shoot are the insane, unbelievable and entertaining road stories. You’ll hear all about the unusual cast of characters they’ve met along the way. They talk about climbing up the indy scene from local indies to IWA Mid-South to Ring Of Honor to every stop in between. This is like being a fly on the wall while these two career long friends talk about their fondest memories.
This is really an informative look at what it is like to be an independent wrestler and climb the ladder of indy wrestling. There is no telling what subject will come up next. CM Punk and Colt Cabana hold nothing back in this edition of the Straight Shootin’ Series!!!

30. ROH Straight Shootin’ with Percy Pringle 09.15.05 DVD

Straight Shootin’ With Percy Pringle sees this entertaining character open up and take you to the old territory days. Pringle grew up in the
business with some of the greats and worked for classic promotions before moving on to WWE and becoming Paul Bearer. This shoot interview covers his almost 15 year career as Percy Pringle.

You will hear all about his start in the business working for outlaw promotions before moving to ICW, Florida and World Class. You’ll hear all about breaking into the business with Michael Hayes including some outrageous stories about The Freebirds. This is a must for all Freebird fans. These are some great and revealing road stories here.

Pringle talks about balancing family life and the wrestling business. You’ll hear about his first trip to Japan that included Dynamite Kid’s first tour. Pringle also managed Lex Luger in his first match and he talks about that experience in addition to managing the men that went on to be Steve Austin and The Undertaker early in their careers. Pringle talks about Undertaker’s first match against Bruiser Brody and Brody’s rough introduction to the business.

The shoot gets emotional when Pringle talks about his World Class
days. He goes into great detail on the Von Erich family including the reasons why the family was faced with so much tragedy. No shoot has ever gone into these details before. Pringle takes you from the glory days of World Class to working with Eric Embry to the demise of the company to Jerry Jarrett buying the promotion.

You’ll hear all about life on the road, in the ring and behind the scenes with stories about Rick Rude, Terry Gordy, Missing Link, how he got into WWE and much, much more. You are sure to learn and laugh when you watch Straight Shootin’ With Percy Pringle.

31. ROH Straight Shootin’ with The Blue Meanie 09.22.05 DVD

Straight Shootin’ With The Blue Meanie is one of the most open and detailed shoot interviews ever. This is one shoot that any ECW, WWE and independent wrestling fan needs to see!!!
This interview focuses on the recent happenings of Meanie’s career and life. Meanie holds nothing in discussing the rise and fall of 3PW, his relationship with Jasmin St. Claire and of course the ECW reunion shows, his altercations with JBL and his return to WWE.
What happened when he met with JBL alone in a closed locker room at Smackdown? Why did 3PW close operations? Where did things go wrong with him and Jasmin? What happened the night in 3PW when the payroll didn’t arrive? What did Vince McMahon say to the ECW crew before the pay-per-view? Why didn’t he sue WWE? You’ll find out the answers to these questions and much, much more right here!!!
Meanie takes you step by step on what it was like behind the scenes and in the ring at the ECW “One Night Stand” pay-per-view including how WWE wrestlers and officials treated the ECW guys, what happened in the ring with JBL and then what happened later in the locker room. Meanie also discusses the famous “Hardcore Homecoming” event a few nights earlier including needing staples in his head after the show. Meanie also goes into great detail on his recent run in WWE when BWO returned to Smackdown.
You’ll hear about making the transition from wrestler to running a wrestling company. Meanie lets you know what it takes to operate a promotion. He takes you from the Philly wrestling wars to working with Tod Gordon to the downfall of 3PW. Meanie talks about working with some of wrestling’s biggest names including Sabu, Terry Funk, The Sandman, Syxx-Pac, Curt Hennig, Jerry Lawler, Dusty Rhodes, Steve Richards, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels and so many more.
Straight Shootin’ With The Blue Meanie is an informative and entertaining shoot that every wrestling fan will enjoy!!!

32. ROH Straight Shootin’ with Jim Cornette & Percy Pringle 10.03.05 DVD

Straight Shootin’ With Jim Cornette & Percy Pringle is a must for all old school and WWE fans. These two long time friends hold nothing back when they get together for this unique shoot interview. This is like being a fly on the wall while these two managerial greats discuss their entire careers.

If like liked the Straight Shootin’ Series with Cornette & Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, you’ll love this one. Cornette & Pringle talk in depth about a number of subjects from the old school territories up to their time in WWE. Of course Pringle experienced it all in WWE as Paul Bearer and he isn’t afraid to talk honestly about it here.

What WWE executive did they both hate and why? What was it like when they worked together managing Undertaker and Yokozuna? What are their favorite old school memories? What was the World Class territory like? You’ll find the answers to these questions and much, much more on this DVD. There are just too many topics to list here!!!

These two are as entertaining as ever. You will laugh and learn about the wrestling business in this special edition of the Straight Shootin’ Series. These two cover all the ups and downs of their careers. Cornette and Pringle are both open books in this shoot. This is one edition of the Straight Shootin’ Series that every fan will enjoy!!!

33. ROH Straight Shootin’ with Jim Cornette & Bill Watts 11.06.05 DVD

Straight Shootin’ With Jim Cornette & Bill Watts features two of wrestling’s greatest minds in a compelling discussion about all aspects of the wrestling business. Cornette acts as a host in this special shoot interview. You have two of the most legendary and outspoken bookers and personalities here giving all their insight on this DVD.

Cornette and Watts take you into the locker room as they go through Watts’ career. You’ll hear about Watts’ start in the business, going to WWWF, working for Vince McMahon Sr. and his big drawing program against Bruno Sammartino.

As always, these two aren’t afraid to get controversial as Watts talks about racially motivated promos and his often misunderstood thoughts on racism. Some of the most entertaining stories on this shoot are about riots that Watts caused.

You will definitely laugh and learn something as they both talk about working for WCW and WWE including some inside the office stories about Vince McMahon. Watts explains why things did and didn’t work including his top rope ban in WCW. You’ll also hear about their booking philosophies and how they have changed throughout the years. What was the one thing that Vince McMahon did that made both Watts and Cornette happy and why?

Watts also talks about talent he was right and wrong on including honest opinions about his own son. This shoot also sees Watts give the details on his infamous fine and bonus system. You’ll hear the inside scoop on locker room fights and why Watts let the boys fight it out, stories about fans attacking wrestlers and much more.

From Bobo Brazil to Ted Turner to all the legendary names of the Mid-South/UWF territory and much more, Watts & Cornette talk openly about it all. Straight Shootin’ With Jim Cornette & Bill Watts doesn’t need any hype, this entertaining and informative shoot is a must for everyone in the business and all wrestling fans.

34. ROH Straight Shootin’ with Percy Pringle Vol. 2 – 10.04.05 DVD

Straight Shootin’ With Percy Pringle Vol. 2 is an uncompromising look at life in WWE. Vol. 1 saw Pringle cover his 15 year career working the territories. This shoot interview picks up where Vol. 1 left off as Pringle enters WWE as Paul Bearer.

Pringle is an open book in talking about his entire career in WWE. He takes you through life as Undertaker’s manager including one of the main reasons he was given that job. Pringle holds nothing back in talking about drug abuse, life on the road, Undertaker’s most memorable matches as well as the ups and downs of being in WWE.

You’ll hear all about the time he was buried in cement, hung from the ceiling of Madison Square Garden in a cage and many more of his most famous angles. Pringle tells you how all the tricks were done. From the ridiculous to the tragic, Pringle gives you all the behind the scenes scoops here.

Pringle hides nothing when talking about some of the low points such as locker room ribbing about his weight, drug use while performing and WWE paydays. You will really learn about the highs and lows of life in WWE with this shoot interview.

What was it like being in the main event the night that Owen Hart passed away? How did WWE help him with surgery that saved his life? What was it like working as an agent and in the guerrilla position and why didn’t he like it? You’ll get the answers to all these questions and much more.

You’ll also hear about all the big names that Pringle has worked with over the years from the McMahon family to Mick Foley to Kane and of course all the details on life on the road with The Undertaker.

This is one shoot interview that every wrestling fan will enjoy. Straight Shootin’ With Percy Pringle Vol. 2 is a unique look at the wrestling business from an individual that has been through it all.

35. ROH Straight Shootin’ with Lance Storm DVD

Straight Shootin’ With Lance Storm is one of the most informative and detailed shoot interviews ever. Storm wrestled everywhere from ECW to WCW to WWE and he is an open book in talking about it all.

You’ll hear about how Chris Jericho kept him from quitting during training to going to Japan to working for Jim Cornette all the way until his time in ECW. Storm really goes into detail on his ECW days including his run with Justin Credible as The Impact Players to all the details on why he left ECW including secret meetings at the WCW offices. Storm was part of the creative team in ECW and he discusses booking shows with Tommy Dreamer and Raven including why Dreamer didn’t like working with him and Raven.

Storm talks a lot about WCW including the locker room scene and politics. The shoot really goes into detail on everything that happened inside and outside the ring. From holding all the titles at the same time to working with Jim Duggan to Johnny Ace pushing him to Vince Russo’s writing to Team Canada, Storm holds nothing back in talking about it all. Storm even talks about the night that WWE bought WCW and being the last one out of the WCW locker room.

Storm then gives you all the inside scoops on his time in WWE from being the first WCW wrestler to invade Raw to winning the IC Title to the Invasion angle to the Unamericans gimmick to working with Hulk Hogan. Storm even talks about the ridiculous gimmicks WWE gave him from having to dance to being boring to the idea behind his team with Val Venis. Storm has some very interesting things to say about the writers and how the system in WWE works.

After leaving his in ring career, Storm headed to Ohio Valley Wrestling as a trainer. You’ll learn all about WWE’s developmental system in OVW including when Storm disagreed with Jim Cornette and the WWE office. You’ll even hear about a main event talent that Storm didn’t think deserved a shot in WWE.

The interview closes out with Storm talking about ECW’s “One Night Stand” and the final match of his career against Chris Jericho, what happened with JBL at Wrestlemania weekend and his future including opening a school in Calgary. Storm talks about all this and much, much more!!!

Straight Shootin’ With Lance Storm really takes you inside ECW, WCW and WWE with detailed accounts of a man who has won titles in every promotion!!!

36. ROH Straight Shootin’ with AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels 02.25.06 DVD

Straight Shootin’ With AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels sees these two in ring rivals and real life friends talk in depth about all their travels and famous matches together. Daniels and Styles have wrestled each other all over the world on everything from small indie shows to pay-per-view main events. They give all the scoops on their matches and life on the road right here in this shoot interview.

This shoot focuses just on AJ and Daniels’ matches together. They have a clear memory of it all and tell lots of inside details on all their most watched matches from ROH, TNA and the indies. You’ll hear about their first match at the NWA convention, the King Of The Indies tournament, their bloody “Road To The Title” match in ROH plus all the scoops on their ROH encounters including what went wrong in a Tag Title match and other funny antidotes.

They go into great detail on their famous TNA feud with the inside story on all the show stealing pay-per-view matches. You’ll hear what its like to be in an Ultimate X match including what makes that type of match so different and difficult. They also talk in depth about their ironman matches and three-ways with Samoa Joe.

Why do they think their “Unbreakable” match of the year could have been better? Have they ever stiffed each other? Is there ever jealousy over their spots? They answer all these questions and much, much more!!!

AJ and Daniels also give some great road stories including what happened when someone tried to rib Samoa Joe in England, gambling and much more. They tell you what its like to work in every major indy from PWG to IWA Mid South to IWC to everywhere in between. There are some great road stories on this one.

Straight Shootin’ With AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels is a must for fans of both men and anyone who has watched any of their matches. You will get a new perspective on both athletes and all their famous bouts after seeing this entertaining and informative shoot!!!

37. ROH Straight Shootin’ with Jimmy Yang 03.10.06 DVD

Straight Shootin’ With Jimmy Yang sees this former Jung Dragon talk about his entire career. For being so young, Yang has wrestled just about everywhere and he talks about it all in this shoot interview.
From Eric Bischoff’s thoughts on the cruiserweights to what the WWE locker room said about his acclaimed matches against Paul London, Yang tells the story of his entire career right here.

You’ll hear about Yang’s days at the infamous WCW Power Plant and what training with Paul Orndorff was like. He discusses basically learning the business while on Nitro and the locker room scene. Yang talks about his ladder matches vs. Three Count, Tank Abbot’s stiff punches, being in “car crashes” and much, much more including the final Nitro and WWE buying WCW. Yang discusses working with everyone from Scott Steiner to The Great Muta.

Yang then gives the details about being sent to WWE’s developmental territory, HWA, along with the other WCW wrestlers. He talks about how they handled going from Nitro to Ohio as well as his thoughts on the invasion angle. You’ll then hear about being released from WWE and traveling to Japan and TNA before going back to WWE.

Yang gives the scoop on his TNA run and why he left the company on bad terms. Yang was in the first match on the first TNA PPV as a Flying Elvis and he gives his opinion of it on this DVD. You’ll also hear about All Japan and no showing his final tour with the company. Yang talks about wrestling all the big names from both companies including his time in TNA’s X Divison and winning a big tag tournament in All Japan.

From there Yang talks about how he got back in WWE including his
return match against Tommy Dreamer. Yang talks about why his new gimmick in WWE didn’t last. He also discusses being a cruiserweight in WWE and if its frustrating being in that division. This shoot has Yang talk about being in the ring with the likes of Rey Misterio, Chavo Guerrero, Tajiri and many others. Did the agents ever tell him to hold back? Did he ever think he’d get a big push? Why wasn’t he more involved in Wrestlemania 20? Was he surprised when he was released? Yang answers all these questions and many others right here in this shoot.

Straight Shootin’ With Jimmy Yang concludes with discussion of ROH including his first match vs. James Gibson. This shoot interview covers a very interesting career of someone you can consider a young veteran of this business.

38. ROH Straight Shootin’ with Raven and The Sandman Volume 2 – 03.23.06 DVD

Ummmm, we aren’t quite sure how to describe Straight Shootin’ With Raven & Sandman Vol. 2. If you saw the first one, you know how wild and crazy it was. Well, this one takes things to a whole new level. In fact, this shoot might have to be rated X. Needless to say, this is for mature audiences only.

If you are looking for insights into the wrestling business, this shoot isn’t for you. If you want wild sex, drug and road stories, you won’t find anything that pushes the limits more than this shoot. We aren’t even going to attempt to list the subjects covered as they include everything from religion to the ECW reunion shows.

Straight Shootin’ With Raven & Sandman Vol. 2 is one the most insane shoots put on DVD. Your jaw will be on the floor as these two longtime friends talk about their wildest times together. This one is graphic so it is not for everyone!!!

39. ROH Straight Shootin’ with Christian Cage 05.11.06 DVD (Time: 3 : 22 hr)

Straight Shootin’ With Christian Cage is one of the biggest and most informative shoot interviews ever conducted by Ring Of Honor. The former WWE and current TNA star holds nothing back in giving all the details of his entire career on this DVD.

Christian talks about growing up with the man now known as Edge and their passion for wrestling at a young age. You’ll hear all about his training, how he broke into the business and signing with WWE. What did the WWE office first think of Christian? What kind of wrestling did Christian and Edge do in high school? What was training like? Was there ever jealousy between him and Edge?

Christian goes into great detail on his entire WWE career. He talks all about first signing with WWE and his first major angles in the company. From winning the light heavyweight title on his first night to forming The Brood to his first matches against The Hardy Boyz, Christian is an open book in this shoot. Christian discusses his famous TLC matches and what the agents thought of them. How were they put together? What role did Michael Hayes play in them? What did the locker room think of the matches? How much of a toll did they take?

From there Christian talks about his famous catch phrases and comedy with Edge. The shoot covers Christian going into singles action as well as his teams with Lance Storm, Chris Jericho and going into the Alliance. What stuff did Christian like and what gimmick couldn’t he get into? What was his relationship with the writers like? What did he think about going into singles action? Where did his famous catch phrases come from?

Christian then goes into his painful injury and missing time before returning as “Captain Charisma.” He gives all the inside scoops on his last run in WWE. Christian answers all the questions you want to know from feuding with John Cena to moving to Smackdown to a complete rundown on why he left WWE. Christian confirms and puts to rest rumors and internet reports right here. He also gives his thoughts on the reaction of the fans towards him and if WWE should have pushed him more.

It is impossible to cover all the subjects that Cage talks about in just a brief write up. This is a must for any Christian fan or anyone who wants to know what goes on in WWE. From The Rock to Vince McMahon to Hulk Hogan to ECW One Night Stand to Trish Stratus to The Dudleys to everything in between, Straight Shootin’ With Christian Cage is a detailed, straight forward and honest look at his entire career.

40. ROH Straight Shootin’ with Jim Cornette & Bill Watts Volume 2 – 04.23.06 DVD

The first Straight Shootin’ With Jim Cornette & Bill Watts was so
informative, so entertaining and so important that we had both back for a second edition. Straight Shootin’ With Jim Cornette & Bill Watts Vol. 2 picks up right where the first one left off with some great stories and philosophies from two of wrestling’s most legendary minds. You’ll see why Watts and Cornette are considered two of wrestling’s most outspoken personalities in this shoot.

This shoot interview focuses more on WCW and WWE than the first one as Watts is not afraid to speak his mind about both companies. Watts had stints running both WWE and WCW and he gladly gives all the details here. Cornette really gets Watts to give the inside scoops. Watts goes into detail on the office happenings of WCW. You’ll hear the complete history of events in WCW with Ted Turner, Eric Bischoff and Dusty Rhodes. Watts then talks about his time in WWF in 1995 including comparing Vince McMahon Jr. to Vince McMahon Sr. You can’t get this kind of information from anyone else other than Bill Watts and Jim Cornette.

Watts and Cornette are considered two of the greatest bookers of all
time and they talk about different booking styles here. Watts goes into great depth when discussing his bookers in Mid-South and their
philosophies. From Ernie Ladd to Dutch Mantel to Buck Robley to Bill Dundee, this is an education in booking and some legendary bookers.

There is no telling what subject will come up with these two hall of
famers. From Ring Of Honor to corruption in athletic commissions to the Louisiana territory to various promoters, Watts & Cornette preserve history on this DVD with their stories and thoughts. Straight Shootin’ With Jim Cornette & Bill Watts is an entertaining education on wrestling history.

41. ROH Straight Shootin’ with The Women Of Honor 06.14.06 DVD

Straight Shootin’ With The Women Of Honor is a unique shoot interview that comes from a different perspective. Allison Danger, Daizee Haze and Lacey sat down together to talk about their entire careers and what life is like for a woman on the independent scene. These three were an open book in discussing everything from ROH to SHIMMER to their thoughts on WWE’s divas and T&A promotions.

Lacey, Haze and Danger talk about their starts in the wrestling business. Lacey discusses being fired by IWA Mid South, her start in ROH as part of Special K and her evolution in Lacey’s Angels. Lacey even talks about what happened when a promoter wanted her to use a X rated object in a match. Daizee Haze goes into detail on traveling to Mexico, working for TNA and joining The Embassy among many other subjects. Allison Danger holds nothing back when talking about being on the first segment ever in ROH, going to Japan, working with Christopher Daniels in The Prophecy, TNA as well as much more.

These three also share stories from the road and their thoughts on various subjects that concern women in wrestling. What are their thoughts on WWE’s version of women’s wrestling? What do they think of the various T&A promotions? Do they think SHIMMER can make an impact?

From Alexis Laree (now Mickie James in WWE) to Jimmy Jacobs’ “Ballad Of Lacey” to their experiences up and down the indy circuit, Straight Shootin’ With The Women Of Honor goes into great detail to give you a different perspective on the wrestling business. This is one shoot that every fan will enjoy!!!

Includes three never before released matches:

Lacey vs. Sumie Sakai- Do or Die V, Morristown, NJ 8/20/05
Lacey & Tiana Ringer vs. Allison Danger & Shantelle Taylor- Detroit, MI 3/30/06
Lacey, Rain, & Cheerleader Melissa vs. Allison Danger, MsChif, & Daizee Haze- Chicago Ridge, IL 4/1/06

42. ROH Straight Shootin’ with Jim Cornette & JJ Dillon 07.16.06 DVD

Straight Shootin’ With Jim Cornette & JJ Dillon sees these two managerial legends sit down for an open, honest and informative shoot interview. This shoot features Cornette interviewing Dillon about his entire career from his start to early territories to The Four Horsemen to WWE and WCW. You’ll get all the inside scoops in this one.

Wrestling history is preserved on this DVD as Dillon starts out talking about how The Original Sheik gave him his first break in Detroit. From there Dillon goes into detail about working in Florida, Texas, Australia and Canada. Cornette is great at getting Dillon to really go into detail on every subject.

This shoot also focuses on Dillon’s time in the NWA working for the Crocketts. You’ll hear all about The Four Horsemen years as Cornette gets Dillon to really give all the inside information. From working with Ric Flair to leaving NWA, Dillon holds nothing back.

Cornette then gets Dillon to give all the scoops on being part of Vince McMahon’s inner circle in WWE. Dillon gives his honest thoughts on Vince, Shane McMahon, Pat Patterson and the other higher ups in WWE. The conversation then turns to Dillon’s WCW years. Dillon explains what went wrong with WCW and holds nothing back when it comes to the infamous Jim Herd.

If you are a fan of either Cornette or Dillon then this shoot is a must for you. This is one interview that all fans should watch as you will learn about the business and live through wrestling history. Straight Shootin’ With Jim Cornette & JJ Dillon is the only place to see two of wrestling’s greatest minds talk openly about the industry.

43. ROH Straight Shootin’ with Bruno Sammartino 06.14.06 DVD

Straight Shootin’ With Bruno Sammartino sees one of wrestling’s biggest legends and greatest world champions open up and talk about the highlights of his career. Jim Cornette conducts this shoot
interview and gets Sammartino to give all the inside details and thoughts in this informative shoot. If you grew up a Bruno fan or want
to know about wrestling history this shoot is a must.

Sammartino talks about it all including personal stuff like coming to
the United States, getting involved in bodybuilding and pro wrestling
as well as his first match and first run at Madison Square Garden.
Cornette, a student of the wrestling business, gets Sammartino to talk about things he never has before. Cornette gets all the inside scoops from Sammartino including when he was blacklisted by Vince McMahon Sr. and his problems with Buddy Rogers.

Sammartino gives the inside info on all his most famous opponents from Billy Graham to Gorilla Monsoon to Bill Watts to The Original Sheik. He recounts losing the title to Ivan Koloff and then working the
territories. Cornette then gets Sammartino to talk about his second run as WWWF Champion. This shoot also covers the most famous happenings of Bruno’s career. You’ll hear all about Stan Hansen breaking his neck and the feud against Larry Zbyszko. Sammartino discusses his famous matches at Shea Stadium against Hansen, Zbyszko and Pedro Morales.

Sammartino and Cornette are both wrestling traditionalists so of course the conversation turns to what Vince McMahon Jr. has done with the business. They give their feelings on the WWE Hall Of Fame and the modern era of wrestling. Bruno goes into detail on his falling out with Vince Jr in this incredible shoot interview.

Straight Shootin’ With Bruno Sammartino captures wrestling history with two of the most outspoken personalities today. This is your education on one of the most important figures to ever step foot into the squared circle.

44. ROH Straight Shootin’ with Konnan 11.05.06 DVD

Straight Shootin’ With Konnan sees this outspoken legend of lucha libre hold nothing back in giving his thoughts and stories on a number of subjects. Jim Cornette conducts this shoot interview and gets all the inside info out of Konnan. The unlikely combination of Cornette and Konnan provides a spirited discussion that includes WCW, ECW, WWE, TNA and of course wrestling in Mexico.

You’ll hear about Konnan’s early days in the business including his training with Rey Misterio under Rey’s uncle, going to WWE as Max Moon and working for Ole Anderson in WCW. Konnan gives the scoop on Vince McMahon and who buried him in WWE.

This is a must for lucha libre fans as Konnan talks about EMLL, starting AAA with Antonio Pena and his break up with Pena. You’ll get the inside scoop on the famous “When World’s Collide” pay-per-view and his relationship with WCW. Konnan then takes you to his time in ECW and explains how Paul Heyman influenced him.

Konnan was a mainstay in WCW during its glory years. He gives his feelings on Eric Bischoff, the NWO and why he didn’t go to WWE after WCW was sold. He found himself in a tough situation as he could not go back to Mexico and he talks all about being blackballed in this shoot.

Cornette questions Konnan about the early days of TNA as well as the LAX angle. The shoot interview also sees Konnan detail his reconciliation with Pena, his thoughts on Pena’s death and what Pena meant to him.

These are only a few topics discussed in Straight Shootin’ With Konnan. See what happens when you get two of the most knowledgeable, passionate and outspoken personalities in one room for an in depth shoot interview.
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