Sunday Night Heat 1998

All DVDs are in G/VG condition. Unless otherwise noted.

Sunday Night Heat 8/2/1998, Premier Show

Vince McMahon/Shane McMahon Int/Segment

Edge vs. Double J Jeff Jarrett

Triple H/X-Pac/Chyna Interview

Droz Segment

Kai En Tai vs. Darren Drozdov and Head Bangers- Val Venis and Mrs. Yamaguchi-San comes out on the stage and watches the match together.

Val Venis/Mario Lopez/Amy Hunter Cornelius Segment- Lopez takes down Venis.

WWF Euro. Title Match: D-Lo Brown vs. Ken Shamrock- Dan Severn gets Ken Shamrock DQ’d, so D-Lo Brown retains his title via DQ.

Paul Bearer/Kane/Mankind Int, Bart Gunn/Shanna Moaker Int, Steve Austin Segment

The Rock and Owen Hart vs. Kane and Mankind- Rock and Owen wins by count out and they get the tag titles shot tomorrow night on Raw is War.

Steve Austin Int

Sunday Night Heat 8/9/1998

Mankind Interview

Vader vs. Mark Henry

Head Bangers vs. Southern Justice

X-Pac vs. Taka Michinoku

Dustin Rhodes vs. Bradshaw

Double J Jeff Jarrett vs. Droz- After the match, Jarrett and Southern Justice attacks Tennesse Lee.

HHH/Chyna/Amy Hunter Cornelius/Shanna Moaker Int

Kane/Mankind Segment- Kane attacks Mankind but when Kane’s mask comes off, The Undertaker is revealed.

Sunday Night Heat 8/16/1998

WWF Tag Team Title Match: Kane and Mankind vs. Road Warrior Animal and Droz

Jacqueline/Marc Mero/Sable Interview

Edge vs. Brian Christopher

Bart Gunn vs. Vader

Gangrel vs. Scott Taylor- Gangrel’s WWF debut.

Tiger Ali Singh Interview- An American man eats a night crawler for 500 dollars.

HHH and X-Pac vs. Southern Justice

The Undertaker Interview- Steve Austin come down to attack Taker but Kane shows up and Austin is trapped as the show ends.

Sunday Night Heat 8/23/1998

Southern Justice vs. The Oddities (Kurrgan and Golga)

Animal/Hawk/D-Lo Brown/Mark Henry/Droz Segment

Head Bangers vs. Owen Hart and Dan Severn

The Rock Interview- The Rock Challenges Triple H to a ladder match at SummerSlam.

Taka Michinoku vs. Scorpio

Val Venis Int

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Steve Austin/Undertaker/Raw Highlights

Jeff Jarrett vs. Droz

Sunday Night Heat 8/30/1998 in New York City, NY (MSG) – (SummerSlam preview show)

Shawn Michaels Segment- Michaels comes out to do commentary.

Legion of Doom vs. Too Much (Brian Christopher and Scott Taylor)

Shawn Michaels/Sable Interview

Dustin Rhodes vs. Gangrel


Vince McMahon Int

Jeff Jarrett/Southern Justice/Howard Finkel Segment- Their cut the rest of The Fink’s hair.

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Steve Austin/Gerald Brisco/Pat Patterson/Commissioner Slaughter Int, Vince McMahon/Gerald Brisco/Pat Patterson/Commissioner Slaughter Int

Disciples of Apocalypse (Skull and 8-Ball) vs. Vader and Bradshaw

Steve Austin/Vince McMahon/Gerald Brisco/Pat Patterson/Commissioner Slaughter Int

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Nation/DX Brawl- The Rock takes out HHH’s right knee.

Steve Austin Segment

Sunday Night Heat 9/6/1998

Gangrel vs. Dick Togo

Marc Mero/Jacqueline Video

Ken Shamrock vs. Bradshaw

Road Dogg vs. Dennis Knight

The Undertaker and Kane vs. Droz and Animal

Edge vs. Taka Michinoku

Undertaker/Kane/Pat Patterson/Gerald Brisco Segment- Patterson and Brisco gets beat up because Vince McMahon didn’t reveal his master plan.

WWF Euro. Title Match: D-Lo Brown vs. Val Venis- I believe that this is Val Venis first loss.

Vince McMahon/Undertaker/Kane/Steve Austin Interview/Segment- Vince revaels lioresal price , , buy lioresal, order baclofen , baclofen online , generic baclofen , baclofen price . his master plan and that is that Austin must defend his WWF Championship against both The Undertaker and Kane in a triple threat match at In Your House 24 – Breakdown 1998.

Sunday Night Heat 9/13/1998

Ken Shamrock vs. Vader

Ken Shamrock Int- He challenges Steve Austin for the WWF World Title.

Sable Segment/Int- She challenges Jacqueline to an evening gown match.

Val Venis vs. Marc Mero- Dustin Runnels attacks Val Venis after the match.

Jacqueline/Marc Mero Int- She accepts Sable’s evening gown challenge.

Taka Michinoku vs. Gangrel

Jeff Jarrett Int

Kane vs. D-Lo Brown

Lumberjack Match: X-Pac vs. Jeff Jarrett

Steve Austin Interview

Sunday Night Heat 9/20/1998

Mankind vs. Dustin Rhodes- Val Venis comes out to show Dustin a porno movie that he made with his wife Terri Runnels.

Undertaker/Kane Int- A brawl breaks out when Mankind, The Rock and Ken Shamrock shows up.

Mankind/Vince McMahon Int

Jacqueline vs. Luna

Sable/Jacqueline Int

HHH, Billy Gunn, and X-Pac vs. D-Lo Brown, Jeff Jarrett, and Owen Hart

Al Snow Int

Edge vs. Taka Michinoku- Kai En Tai attacks Edge after the match but Gangrel makes the save.

Commissioner Slaughter/Al Snow Interview

Kane and The Undertaker vs. Disciples of Apocalypse (Skull and 8-Ball)

Sunday Night Heat 9/27/1998 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada- (Breakdown preview show)

Vince McMahon Interview

Golga vs. Mosh

DX Segment- HHH has been attacked backstage.

Mark Henry/Vince McMahon Interview

Hardy Boyz vs. Kai En Tai (Funaki and Teioh)

2 On 1 Handicap Match: Billy Gunn vs. Disciples of Apocalypse (Skull and 8-Ball)

Chyna/Mark Henry Segment- Chyna attacks Henry.

Vince McMahon/Steve Austin Segment- Vince tries to lock himself into the steel cage but Austin dresses up like he’s part of the tech crew and gets to Vince.

Vince McMahon Int

Sunday Night Heat 10/4/1998

X-Pac vs. Owen Hart


Vince McMahon Int

Matt Hardy vs. Funaki

The Oddities (Kurrgan and Golga) vs. Head Bangers

Steven Regal Promo

Mankind and Ken Shamrock vs. Disciples of Apocalypse (Skull and 8-Ball)

Steve Austin Interview

The Rock vs. Jeff Jarrett

Sunday Night Heat 10/11/1998 – VQ – G

WWF Women’s Title Match: Jacqueline vs. Starla Saxton- Jacqueline retains the Women’s title. Also Jacqueline comes out with Sable’s hair attach to her hair, the hair that Jacqueline cut off of Sable this week on Raw. btw Starla Saxton would later be known as Molly Holly.

Hardy Boyz and Too Much vs. Kai En Tai

Vader vs. Edge

Al Snow vs. Ken Shamrock

Road Dogg Int

Steven Regal Promo

Road Dogg vs. Jeff Jarrett

D-Lo Brown vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

Sunday Night Heat 10/18/1998 in Chicago, IL – (Judgment Day preview show)

Steve Blackman vs. Bradshaw- The Blue Blazer makes an appearance.

The Oddities (Kurrgan, Golga, and Giant Silva) vs. Los Boriquas (Miguel, Jesus, and Jose)

Godfather vs. Faarooq- D-Lo Brown and Mark Henry attacks Godfather after the match and The Rock comes out to chase them off. Seems like The Nation is having big problems.

Paul Bearer Int

Jeff Jarrett vs. Scorpio- Val Venis is doing guest commentary and he recieves a gold cup for his nuts by Goldust lol. Also Al Snow costs Jarrett the match.

Steve Austin/Commissioner Sgt. Slaughter/Pat Patterson/Gerald Brisco Int

Ken Shamrock/Triple H/Commisioner Sgt. Slaughter/Pat Patterson/Gerald Brisco Interview- Due to injury, the IC title belt was taken away from Triple H and given to this weeks Raw IC tournament Finals winner Ken Shamrock.

Ken Shamrock/Triple H Segment- Triple H talks trash to Shamrock and Shamrock slams the car door into Triple H’s injured leg many times.

Vince McMahon Interview

Sunday Night Heat 10/25/1998

WWF Light Heavyweight Title Match: Christian vs. Brian Christopher- Christian retains his title.

ICP/Oddities Int

Jeff Jarrett vs. Golga

Head Bangers Int

Disciples of Apocalypse (Skull and 8-Ball) vs. Head Bangers

Montley Crew Preformance- Test makes an appearance as the body guard for Montley Crew.

Vince McMahon Interview on the phone

Scorpio/Blue Blazer Segment, Ken Shamrock/D-Lo Brown Int

Mankind/X-Pac Int

Ken Shamrock and D-Lo Brown vs. Mankind and X-Pac

Sunday Night Heat 11/1/1998 in Austin, TX

Legion Of Doom (Animal and Droz) vs. Hardy Boyz

Hawk Int- He challenges Droz to a match tomorrow night on Raw.

Steven Regal Promo

Steven Regal Int

Steven Regal vs. Bradshaw

The Oddities vs. The Brood

Steve Blackman Int

Steve Blackman vs. D-Lo Brown

Val Venis vs. Jeff Jarrett- Terri Runnels tells Venis that she is pregnant but Venis wants nothing to do with her now.

Dan Severn Int

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Godfather vs. The Undertaker

Sunday Night Heat 11/8/1998

Al Snow Int- He introduces the J.O.B. Squad. The WWF Debut of the group.

Too Much vs. J.O.B. Squad (Bob Holly and Scorpio)- Mankind’s Mr. Socko that he was looking on Raw, it turns out that Al Snow has it.

Val Venis Int- He says that he has had a vasectomy years ago, so he can’t be the father of Terri Runnels Child. So who is the father then?

X-Pac/Undertaker/Paul Bearer Interview/Brawl

Vince McMahon/Pat Patterson/Gerald Brisco/Commisioner Slaughter/Big Boss Man Int

Marc Mero vs. Godfather

Sable Video

X-Pac Int

New Age Outlaws/Vince McMahon Interview

Droz vs. Jeff Jarrett- Animal turns on Hawk.

The Rock/Vince McMahon Interview- Vince says that Rock must pin or make Mark Henry submit tomorrow night on Raw to get in the WWF Title tournament at Survivor Series but if he loses to Henry, The Rock will be fired.

Sunday Night Heat 11/15/1998 in St. Louis, MO – (Survivor Series preview show, Low sound)

Legion Of Doom (Animal and Droz) vs. J.O.B. Squad (Scorpio and Bob Holly)

Steve Austin/Pat Patterson/Gerald Brisco/Commissioner Sgt. Slaughter Int

Tiger Ali Singh vs. Val Venis

Faarooq/Bradshaw/DOA/Paul Ellering Segment- Bradshaw and Faarooq that has The Acolytes pants on and a simpol on their chest, take out DOA and DOA’s manager Paul Ellering, one of their first signs of forming together as The Acolytes.

New Age Outlaws Int- Head Bangers attack The Outlaws and Mark Henry and D-Lo Brown joins the brawl.

Sable/Marc Mero Interview- Jacqueline attacks Sable from behind.

Sable Int

Gangrel vs. Steve Blackman

The Blue Blazer/Steve Blackman Segment

The Rock/Pat Patterson/Gerald Brisco/Commissioner Sgt. Slaughter Int

Vince McMahon Interview- Leads to a huge brawl as the show closes and goes into the Survivor Series.

Sunday Night Heat 11/22/1998

Vince McMahon Interview- Vince McMahon says that all Steve Austin has to do to qualify for the 1999 Royal Rumble match, is to beat The Undertaker in a Buried Alive Match at the Rock Bottom PPV.

Hardy Boys vs. Too Much- The Jackyl who is on commentary introduces Faarooq and Bradshaw as The Acolytes who comes out to attack all 4 men.

Pat Patterson/Gerald Brisco/Sgt. Slaughter/Vince McMahon/Shane McMahon/Big Boss Man Int

Gangrel vs. Al Snow- Ends in a J.O.B. Squad and The Brood brawl.

Droz/Animal Int

Big Boss Man vs. Marc Mero

Marc Mero/Jacqueline Int- Mero dumps Jacqueline.

Mankind Int

Mankind/Vince McMahon Interview

Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurrgan- Sable does guest commentary.

Val Venis Int

WWE IC. Title Match: Ken Shamrock vs. Val Venis- Mankind comes out only to get beating up by Shamrock and Big Boss Man.

Sunday Night Heat 11/29/1998 in Philadelphia, PA

WWF Light Heavyweight Title Match: Duane Gill vs. Christian- The Blue Meanie makes his WWF Debut.

D-Lo Brown vs. Steve Blackman

Vince McMahon/Shane McMahon/Pat Patterson/Gerald Brisco/Sgt. Slaughter Int

Oddities Int

Godfather and Val Venis vs. Head Bangers

New Age Outlaws/Vince McMahon/Shane McMahon Segment

WWE European Title Match: X-Pac vs. Mark Henry- Before the match Mark Henry says a poem for Chyna.

X-Pac Int

Steve Austin Int, Undertaker/Paul Bearer Int, Jeff Jarrett Promo

Jeff Jarrett vs. Kane- Jarrett smashes a guitar on Kane’s head and Kane did even move! Kane didn’t feel a thing! funny spot! lol.

Ken Shamrock and Big Boss Man vs. Mankind and Al Snow- The Rock comes out to do commentary.

Sunday Night Heat 12/6/1998

Kai En Tai Int

WWF Light Heavyweight Title Match: Duane Gill vs. Taka Michinoku- Acolytes run in to make their mark.

Too Much vs. Legion Of Doom (Droz and Animal)

Steve Austin Int, Too Much Segment

Owen Hart Interview- Owen says that he is coming out of retirement to fight Steve Blackman at In Your Huse 26 Rock Bottom.

The Brood vs. The Rock, Big Bossman, and Ken Shamrock

Jeff Jarrett vs. Mark Henry- Goldust comes out to challenge Jarrett.

Babu vs. Luna- Babu is Tiger Ali Singh’s Guy

Mankind vs. The Undertaker

Sunday Night Heat 12/13/1998 in Vancouver, British Columbia – (Rock Bottom preview show)

Vince McMahon Interview

Debra/Jeff Jarrett Int

WWF Light Heavyweight Title Match: Duane Gill vs. Matt Hardy- The Blue Meanie strike again, this time costing Matt Hardy the victory.

The Rock Interview- Mankind attacks The Rock.- From earlier today.

The Rock/Vince Int

Mankind Interview

The Rock/Gerald Brisco/Pat Patterson/Sgt. Slaughter Int

Brian Christopher vs. Kenneth Quinn

Triple H vs. Droz

Commissioner Shawn Michaels/DX Interview

Vince McMahon Int

Jeff Jarrett/Debra Interview

New Age Outlaws vs. Acolytes

Undertaker Interview

Sunday Night Heat 12/20/1998

X-Pac vs. Tiger Ali Singh

Brian Christopher and Kenneth Quinn vs. Hardy Boyz

Mankind Int

Al Snow vs. Droz- Hawk cost Droz the match.

Hawk Int- Tomorrow night on Raw Hawks says that he will reveal Droz’s and he’s deep dark secret.

The Oddities (Kurrgan and Golga) vs. Head Bangers- George The Animal Steele is now with The Oddities.

DX/The Rock/Test Interview- Test has joined The Corporation.

New Age Outlaws vs. Disciples of Apocalypse (Skull and 8-Ball)- DOA beat up their Manager Paul Ellering.

Mankind Int

3 On 1 Handicap Match: The Rock, Ken Shamrock, and Big Boss Man vs. Mankind

Sunday Night Heat 12/27/1998

Vince McMahon/Kane Interview

Vince McMahon/Pat Patterson/Gerald Brisco/Kane Int

Golga vs. Mosh


Pat Patterson/Gerald Brisco/Kane Int

Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart vs. Godfather and Val Venis

WWF Tag Team Title Match: Ken Shamrock and Big Boss Man vs. Hardy Boyz- After the match The Acolytes comes out to attack Big Boss Man and Shamrock.

WWF 1998 Highlights

X-Pac vs. Kane

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