Sunday Night Heat 1999

All DVDs are in G/VG condition. Unless otherwise noted.

Sunday Night Heat 1/3/1999

New Age Outlaws/Ken Shamrock/The Rock/Test/Big Boss Man Interview

Ken Shamrock/Billy Gunn Brawl

George the Animal Steele/Mosh Int

Mosh vs. George the Animal Steele

Shawn Michaels Int

Triple H vs. Mark Henry

Christian vs. Val Venis- Venis gets a blood bath.

Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett vs. Ken Shamrock and Big Boss Man

Owen Hart/Jeff Jarrett/Debra Int

Road Dogg vs. Test

Sunday Night Heat 1/10/1999 in San Antonio, TX

Vince McMahon/Shane McMahon/Gerald Brisco/Pat Patterson/Jose Lethario Interview- They beat up Jose Lethario.

Al Snow/Blue Meanie Int

Al Snow vs. Christian- Goldust comes out to steal Al Snow’s Head.

Sable Interview

Lion’s Den Match: Owen Hart vs. Steve Blackman- Dan Severn is the special guest referee and he attacks Blackman for some reason?.

Steve Blackman Int

The estrace without a prescription or doctor free prescription estrace free shipping. estrace no prescription worldwide buy discount buy estrace Tag Team Of The Universe Title Match: Head Bangers vs. The Oddities (Golga and Kurrgan)- We have new tag tam of the universe in The Oddities.

Steve Blackman/Dan Severn/Owen Hart Segment

Mankind Video, Vince McMahon/Big Boss Man/Gerald Brisco/Pat Patterson Int

Lion’s Den Match: Triple H vs. Big Boss Man

Sunday Night Heat 1/17/1999

Vince McMahon/The Rock/Shane McMahon Interview

The Rock/Vince McMahon Int

Tiger Ali Singh Int

Tiger Ali Singh vs. Gillberg- Gillberg!! The Man! The Myth! The legend!

Mark Henry Int, Shane McMahon/Luna Segment- We see Shane talking to Luna but we don’t know what’s it’s about.

Mark Henry vs. Scorpio- Chyna comes out and says to Mark Henry that he has 24 hours to make a decision but we don’t know what the question is?

Edge and Gangrel vs. Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart- Road Dogg comes out to get some revenge on Gangrel.

Vince McMahon/Pat Patterson/Gerald Brisco Int/Segment

The Rock/Mankind Video

Vince McMahon/Pat Patterson/Gerald Brisco Int/Segment, Goldust Int- He has painted Al Snow “Head” just like what Goldust look like.

The Godfather vs. Goldust- Al Snow discusses him as one of The Godfather hoes and hides under the ring, when he comes out he takes back his “Head” but Goldust sees it and attacks Snow and steals the “Head” again and runs away.

Vince McMahon/Pat Patterson/Gerald Brisco Int/Segment, Vince McMahon/Shane McMahon Segment- Shane trains Vince for the Royal Rumble.

Shane McMahon/Vince McMahon Int- Shane calls out Luna as it is revealed that he had talked to Luna to replace Vince in the arm wrestling match but when Luna comes out, Sable attacks her from behind.

Arm Wrestling Match: Vince McMahon vs. Chyna- Thanks to the antics of the Stooges, Chyna wins.

Pat Patterson/Gerald Brisco/Chyna Interview

Sunday Night Heat 1/24/1999 in Anaheim, CA – (Royal Rumble preview show)

Steve Austin Int

Vince McMahon Interview- Vince comes out with the “No Chance In Hell” music theme for the first time.

Pat Patterson/Gerald Brisco/Mystery Man Int- The mystery man has a mask on, so you can’t see his face but you can tell that it’s Mabel, who would later be known as Viscera.

The J.O.B. Squad (Bob Holly and Scorpio) vs. Too Much

Undertaker Interview

Mankind Int

Sable/Luna Interview/Brawl

Sable Segment

Vince McMahon/Pat Patterson/Gerald Brisco/Steve Austin Interview/Segment- Vince slaps Austin and Austin snaps and takes it out on the stooges.

The Rock Int

Mankind vs. Mabel

The Rock Int

Vince McMahon/Pat Patterson/Gerald Brisco Int

Sunday Night Heat 1/31/1999

Corporation/Chyna/DX Interview

Jeff Jarrett vs. Big Boss Man

Owen Hart vs. Ken Shamrock

Triple H/Rock/Raw Highlights

Vince McMahon Interview

WWF World Title Empty Arena Match: The Rock vs. Mankind- Fun match with Vince McMahon doing commentary as Mankind wins the WWF Title back “with the aid… of a forklift!”

Sunday Night Heat 2/7/1999

Vince McMahon Interview

Too Much vs. The Oddities (Kurrgan and Golga)- Droz attack Giant Silva backstage. DOA gets innvolved.

Hardcore Match: Al Snow vs… Himself

Val Venis/Ryan Shamrock Segment- They are making out.

Ken Shamrock vs. The Godfather

Ken Shamrock/Val Venis/Ryan Shamrock Segment- Ken Shamrock attacks Venis backstage and Ryan says that she loves Val Venis.

Jacqueline vs. Luna- Sable does commentary.

Elimination 3 Way Tag Team Match: D-Lo Brown and Mark Henry vs. Triple H and X-Pac vs. Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett

Sunday Night Heat 2/14/1999 in Memphis, TN – (St. Valentine’s Day Massacre preview show)

Shane McMahon/Vince McMahon Interview

Kevin Kelly says that due to injury Road Dogg has been striped of the WWF Hardcore Championship and that they will crown a new champion tonight.

Mankind/Dominic DeNucci/Iron Sheik/Bob Backlund Int

Test vs. Viscera

Billy Gunn Int, The Rock Int

Jerry Lawler/Debra/Ivory Interview

Mankind/Dominic DeNucci/Iron Sheik/Bob Backlund Int, Billy Gunn/Ryan Shamrock Int

Tiger Ali Singh Int

Tiger Ali Singh vs. Billy Gunn

Billy Gunn/Val Venis/Ken Shamrock Segment

Mankind/Dominic DeNucci Int, Vince McMahon/Pat Patterson/Gerald Brisco Int

Mankind/Dominic DeNucci/Iron Sheik/Bob Backlund Int- The Rock attacks Mankind.

Vince McMahon/Shawn Michaels/Steve Austin Interview- Michaels makes his first appearance since being attacked a month and a half ago on Raw.

Sunday Night Heat 2/21/1999

Vince McMahon Interview

Shane McMahon/Chyna Int, Mankind Int

Too Much and Disciples Of Apocalypse (Skull and 8-Ball) vs. The Oddities (Kurrgan, Golga, Giant Silva, and George The Animal Steele

Billy Gunn/Ryan Shamrock Segment- It looks like they are a couple now.

The Godfather vs. Ken Shamrock

Shane McMahon Int

WWF Euro Title Match: Shane McMahon vs. Gillberg- Shane retains the title.

X-Pac/Shane McMahon/Chyna Int

Owen Hart/Jeff Jarrett/Debra Int

Al Snow vs. D-Lo Brown

Mankind Int

Mankind Interview- Funny Interview here. He says “I would go to WCW but I don’t think that I am old enough yet” lol.

Big Boss Man vs. Viscera

Undertaker Interview

Sunday Night Heat 2/28/1999

This show had technical difficulties for the first 20 minutes so nothing was shown. After that, they just replayed last week’s show.

Sunday Night Heat 3/7/1999

The Rock Interview

Paul Wight Int

The Acolytes vs. Public Enemy

Paul Wight Int, Mankind’s Beef Raviole Commercial, The Rock/Howard Finkel Int

Jeff Jarrett vs. Road Dogg- One of our earliest shots of Kurt Angle, sitting in the crowd with his wife, Karen. Also D-Lo Brown dressed as The Blue Blazer comes out to get some revenge on Owen Hart and Jarrett and helps Road Dogg win the match.

The Rock Int

Goldust and Ken Shamrock vs. Val Venis and Billy Gunn

Mean Street Posse Promo

Tiger Ali Singh/Kurt Angle Interview/Segment- Tiger calls Kurt into the ring to blow his nose into the American flag. Kurt, completely green in the buisness of course, says no and soon after, Kurt tosses Ali Singh around the ring a little bit.

Big Boss Man vs. Al Snow

Paul Wight/The Rock/Steve Austin Interview/Segment

Sunday Night Heat 3/14/1999 in Bakersfield, CA

Vince McMahon/Paul Wight/Mankind Interview/Brawl

Mankind/Test Segment- Mankind attacks Test.

Test vs. D-Lo Brown

Mankind Int, Vince McMahon/Paul Wight Int

Mankind/Al Snow/Droz Segment- Mankind also attacks Snow and Droz.

Mankind/Vince McMahon/Paul Wight Interview

Hardcore Holly/Val Venis/Mankind Segment- Mankind attacks Holly, while Venis just looks on.

Val Venis and Hardcore Holly vs. New Age Outlaws

New Age Outlaws/Val Venis/Hardcore Holly Int

Mankind/Hardy Boyz Segment- Mankind also attack The Hardyz.

Vince McMahon/Paul Wight Int, Public Enemy Int- The Brood attacks them.

Mankind/Jim Ross Int, The Rock Int, Bart Gunn Video, The Rock Int

Tiger Ali Singh/JR/Steve Williams/Fake JR Interview/Segment

Jim Ross/Steve Williams/Vince McMahon/Paul Wight/The Rock/Mankind/Steve Austin Interview/Brawl- Paul Wight lifts half of the ring.

Sunday Night Heat 3/21/1999

The Rock/Corporation Interview

Al Snow Int, The Rock/Shane McMahon Int

WWF Hardcore Title Match: Billy Gunn vs. Al Snow- Hardcore Holly does guest commentary and gets involved.

The Rock/Test Int, Big Boss Man/Ken Shamrock Int, X-Pac Interview/Highlights, Mean Street Posse Promo

WWF IC. Title Match: Road Dogg vs. Ken Shamrock- Road Dogg retains his title via DQ.

Mankind’s Beef Raviole Commercial, Jim Ross/Steve Williams Int, Bart Gunn Video

2 On 1 Handicap Match: Hardy Boyz vs. Dr. Death Steve Williams

The Godfather vs. Triple H

The Rock vs. Big Boss Man

Sunday Night Heat 3/28/1999 in Philadelphia, PA – (WrestleMania 15 preview show)

Vince McMahon/Paul Wight Interview

Mankind’s Beef Raviole Commercial

Vince McMahon/Paul Wight Int

Jacqueline vs. Ivory

DX Interview

The Rock Int

Tag Team Battle Royal- D-Lo Brown and Test wins the battle royal and they get a tag title shot later tonight at WrestleMania 15.

Big Boss Man/Undertaker Interview- The Brood attack Big Boss Man and Boss Man gets a blood bath.

The Rock/Steve Austin Highlights

Mankind/Big Show Int/Brawl

Sunday Night Heat 4/4/1999

Shane McMahon/Triple H/The Rock/Chyna Interview- Shane McMahon retires the WWF European Championship. Also Triple H says that the DX trademark belongs to him.

Tori vs. Jacqueline

Val Venis/Ryan Shamrock Int

Val Venis vs. Steve Blackman

Mankind’s Beef Raviole Commercial

Jeff Jarrett/Owen Hart/Debra/Kane Interview/Segment

Big Boss Man vs. Droz- Boss Man rips a nose ring out of Droz’s nose.

Droz Segment

Vince McMahon/Stephanie McMahon Int

WWF Tag Team Title Match: Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart vs. Kane- X-Pac comes out to help Kane.

Sunday Night Heat 4/11/1999 in Michigan State University

X-Pac/Kane/Jeff Jarrett/Owen Hart/Debra/New Age Outlaws Interview

Ken Shamrock Segment

Ken Shamrock vs. Mideon

Ken Shamrock Interview

X-Pac/Kane Int, The Rock Int

Jim Ross Int

Mankind Interview- Mankind gives a birth place celebration to Mr. Socko.

The Rock vs. D-Lo Brown

New Age Outlaws Int

Droz vs. Big Boss Man- Some guy comes in from the crowd and attacks Big Boss Man, that guy would later be known as Prince Albert, his WWF debut.

WWF Tag Team Title Match: X-Pac and Kane vs. New Age Outlaws vs. Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart- X-Pac and Kane retains the tag titles.

Sunday Night Heat 4/18/1999

Shane McMahon Interview

2 On 1 Handicap Match: Test and Big Boss Man vs. Ken Shamrock

X-Pac Int, Shane McMahon/Test/Big Boss Man/Pete Gas/Rodney Int

Tiger Ali Singh/Terri Runnels/Jacqueline Interview/Segment- Shawn Stasiak makes his debut as Mean, PMS’ bodyguard.

Jim Ross/The Rock Interview

X-Pac Segment

Mideon and Viscera vs. Gangrel and Christian

Triple H/Chyna Int

Sable Interview- Sable brings in Nicole Bass, her bodyguard.

WWF Tag Team Title, 2 On 1 Handicap Match: X-Pac vs. The Rock and Triple H

Sunday Night Heat 4/25/1999 in Providence, RI – (Backlash preview show)

D-Lo Brown Int

D-Lo Brown and Ivory vs. Val dec 24, 2014 – akron estrace cheap sale online purchase. estrace online best prices. generic free shipping. estrace to buy online uk Venis and Nicole Bass

Nicole Bass Int- She wants Val Venis for thanks for helping him out in the tag match.

X-Pac Int, Triple H/Chyna Int, Undertaker Int, Nicole Bass Segment- She is looking for Val Venis.

Droz and Prince Albert vs. Too Much

Undertaker Interview

Nicole Bass Segment, Val Venis Segment- He runs away from the arena and Nicole Bass.

Big Boss Man vs. Kane

Shane McMahon Int

Big Boss Man/Test Segment

Viscera vs. Test- Viscera wins with the help of Big Boss Man.

The Rock/Steve Austin Highlights

Shane McMahon Interview- He says that tonight’s main event at Backlash will be a No Holds Barred Match and that if Austin lays a hand on him as a referee, Shane will DQ Austin and reward the title to The Rock.

Vince McMahon/Stephanie McMahon Segment- They arrive at the arena.

Sunday Night Heat 5/2/1999 in San Diego, CA

New Age Outlaws vs. Mark Henry and D-Lo Brown- Droz and Prince Albert comes out to brawl against Henry and D-Lo.

Billy Gunn/Road Dogg/X-Pac/Kane Segment/Brawl- Billy turns on his former DX buddies.

The Corporate Ministry Segment- They arrive at the arena.

Shane McMahon Int

Ken Shamrock and Test vs. Acolytes- The Corporate Ministry comes out to destroy Shamrock and Test.

Big Boss Man Int

Big Show Segment- He arrives at the arena.

Boiler Room Brawl Match: Mankind vs. Big Bossman- The Corporate Ministry destroys Mankind until Big Show makes the save.

Big Show Interview- The Corporate Ministry also beat up The Big Show.

Big Show Segment, Shane McMahon Int- Shane calls the cops on The Big Show.

Hardcore Holly/Al Snow Interview

Hardcore Match: Hardcore Holly vs. Al Snow

Big Show Segment

Big Show/Shane McMahon Segment- Big Show gets arrested.

Shane McMahon Interview

Sunday Night Heat 5/9/1999 in Jacksonville, FL

WWF Tag Team Title Match: X-Pac and Kane vs. The Acolytes- Kane gets chased out so Road Dogg comes in to fill his spot.

Billy Gunn vs. Val Venis

Al Snow Int

Hardcore Holly/Al Snow Interview

WWF Hardcore Title Match: Al Snow vs. Head- Hardcore Holly is the special guest referee.

Road Dogg Int

Triple H vs. Road Dogg

Billy Gunn Segment

Mideon vs. Big Show

Big Show/Undertaker Interview

Meat vs. Droz

The Rock/Triple H Interview

Sunday Night Heat 5/16/1999

X-Pac vs. D-Lo Brown

Shane McMahon/Undertaker/Triple H Interview

New Mankind’s Beef Raviole Commercial

Droz and Prince Albert vs. Gangrel and Christian

The Brood/Doc Hendrix/Hardy Boyz Segment- The Brood gets a blood bath.

The Brood/Doc Hendrix/Hardy Boyz Brawl

Hardcore Match: Road Dogg vs. Hardcore Holly

Hardcore Holly/Al Snow Segment- Hardcore Holly destroys Al Snow’s “pet” friend Pierre.

Val Venis Int, Al Snow Int

Val Venis Interview

Steve Blackman Promo

Mark Henry vs. Kane

Too Much and Disciple Of Apocalypse (Skull and 8-Ball) vs. The Union (Mankind, Test, Big Show, and Ken Shamrock)

Sunday Night Heat 5/23/1999 in Kansas City, MO – (Over The Edge preview show)

Shane McMahon Interview

Vince McMahon/Pat Patterson/Gerald Brisco/Howard Finkel Int

Meat vs. Brian Christopher- Hardy Boyz and Michael Hayes comes out to attack Too Much.

Vince McMahon/Shane McMahon Interview

Vince McMahon/Pat Patterson/Gerald Brisco Int

The Rock/Triple H Interview

Michael Hayes/Hardy Boyz Int

Hardy Boyz vs. Goldust and Blue Meanie- Hardy Boyz and Michael Hayes gets a blood bath by The Brood.

Shane McMahon/Mideon Int, Corporate Ministry/The Union Segment- The Corporate Ministry barricades the locker room door in the room that that The Union is in.

Vince McMahon vs. Mideon

Sunday Night Heat 5/30/1999

Owen Hart Tribute Video

Meat and Jacqueline vs. Test and Tori

King Of The Ring Qualifying Match: Jeff Jarrett vs. Ken Shamrock- Shamrock advances.

King Of The Ring Qualifying Match: Hardcore Holly vs. Al Snow- Hardcore Holly advances.

King Of The Ring Qualifying Match: X-Pac vs. Big Boss Man- X-Pac Adances.

Road Dogg Int

King Of The Ring Qualifying Match: Billy Gunn vs. Viscera- Billy Gunn advances.

Acolytes Int- They challenge X-Pac and Kane for the tag titles for tomorrow night on Raw.

Steve Austin/Undertaker Interview

Sunday Night Heat 6/6/1999 in Long Island, NY

King Of The Ring Qualifying Match: Road Dogg vs. Godfather- Road Dogg advances.

Acolytes Interview- The Brood gives The Acolytes a blood bath.

Steve Austin Int

King Of The Ring Qualifying Match: Big Show vs. Droz- Big Show advances.

Steve Austin/Droz/Prince Albert Brawl

WWF IC. Title Match: Jeff Jarrett vs. Mark Henry- Steve Austin comes out to give a stunner to both Henry and D-Lo Brown but Jarrett gets away.

Meat vs. Ken Shamrock- This time Austin gives the stunner to Jeff Jarrett and Meat.

Ken Shamrock Int

King Of The Ring Qualifying Match: Kane vs. Test- Kane advances.

Steve Austin Int

King Of The Ring Qualifying Match: Chyna vs. Val Venis- Chyna wins. Also Stone Cold comes out to give everybody a stunner.

Sunday Night Heat 6/13/1999

3 On 3 Elimination Match: Hardy Boys and Michael Hayes vs. The Brood (Gangrel, Edge, and Christian)- Too Much helps Christian win the match.

D-Lo Brown/Mark Henry Int, Triple H/Billy Gunn/Chyna Int

WWF Tag Team Title Match: The Acolytes vs. Mark Henry and D-Lo Brown

Test/Jeff Jarrett/Debra Int

Jeff Jarrett/Debra/Test Interview

Hardcore Holly/Big Show Int

Too Cool Int- “Too Much is no more!” Too Cool is born.

X-Pac and Kane vs. Hardcore Holly and Big Show

Billy Gunn/Triple H/Chyna Int

Val Venis vs. Droz- Prince Albert and Droz pierces Val Venis’s nose, putting a nose ring on him.

Prince Albert/Droz/Val Venis Int/Brawl

WWF IC. Title Match: Jeff Jarrett vs. Test- Test wins the title but the decision is reversed as Ken Shamrock interfered on Test’s behalf.

Road Dogg and Ken Shamrock vs. Billy Gunn and Chyna

Sunday Night Heat 6/20/1999 in Nashville, TN

Triple H/Chyna Interview- Triple H wants the WWF Championship!.

4 Corners Elimination Match: Kane vs. Big Show vs. Billy Gunn vs. Ken Shamrock

The Rock Beef Raviole Commercial

Undertaker Interview

Triple H/Chyna Int, D-Lo Brown/Mark Henry Int

4 Corners Elimination Match: X-Pac vs. Hardcore Holly vs. Road Dogg vs. Chyna

Val Venis Int

Chyna vs. Billy Gunn

Triple H/Undertaker Brawl

Sunday Night Heat 6/27/1999 in Greensboro, NC – (King Of The Ring preview show)

Vince McMahon/Shane McMahon/Shawn Michaels Interview

The Rock Segment

Vince McMahon/Shane McMahon/Mean Street Posse Int

The Brood (Edge and Christian) vs. Hardy Boyz- The Acolytes comes out to take them all out.

Bradshaw Int- He says to Billy Gunn that tomorrow night he wants his WWF Tag title back.

Shane McMahon/Mean Street Posse Int

The Rock Beef Raviole Commercial

2 On 1 Hanicap Match: Big Boss Man vs. Mideon and Viscera

Road Dogg Interview- Chyna and Triple H comes out to attack Road Dogg but X-Pac zoloft price walmart zoloft generic vs brand name makes the save.

Ken Shamrock vs. Shane McMahon- Steve Blackman comes out to attack Shamrock with a kendo stick again and Shamrock is now hurt bad and bleeding from the mouth.

Ken Shamrock Segment

The Rock/Undertaker Interview

Sunday Night Heat 7/4/1999

Kane and X-Pac vs. Hardy Boys

The Rock Beef Raviole Commercial

Undertaker Interview- He challenges Steve Austin to a first blood match for the WWF Title at Fully Loaded.

Hardcore Holly Segment- He is looking for a fight.

Mideon Int- He has been awarded the WWF European Championship as the belt has come out of retirement.

WWF Euro. Title Match: Mideon vs. Al Snow- Mideon retains the title by DQ as D-Lo Brown interfere.

Stephanie McMahon Int

WWF IC. Title Match: Jeff Jarrett vs. Test

Hardcore Holly Int

Hardcore Holly vs. Viscera

Hardcore Holly/Kane/Big Show/Undertaker Segment

Big Show Int

The Godfather and Val Venis vs. Droz and Prince Albert- First appearance by Lita in the WWF as one of The Godfather Hoos. Also as Droz and Albert lost this match, they now have to be The Godfather Hoos tomorrow night on Raw.

Test Int

Big Show vs. Road Dogg

Sunday Night Heat 7/11/1999 in Indianapolis, In

Big Show Interview

Brood Int

The Brood (Gangrel, Edge, and Christian) vs. The Corporate Ministry (Viscera, Mideon, and Big Boss Man)- Gangrel turns on Edge and Christian.

Al Snow/Max Mini/Mini Nova/El Torito/Batallion Int, The Rock Beef Raviole Commercial

Al Snow Int

4 on 1 Handicap, WWF Hardcore Title Match: Al Snow vs. Max Mini, Mini Nova, El Torito, and Batallion

The Rock Interview- LOL hilarious. The Rock was so classic. Rock talks about a prayer that Billy Gunn had with God.

Billy Gunn/Chyna Int- Chyna admits that it wasn’t her car that got vandalized on Raw, so Road Dogg and X-Pac got arrested for nothing.

Droz/Prince Albert Int

WWF Tag Team Title Match: Hardy Boys vs. Droz and Prince Albert- The Hardy Boyz comes out to their classic theme music for the first time.

Hardy Boyz/Michael Hayes/Godfather/Val Venis Brawl

Mr. Ass Billy Gunn vs. Test- Test comes out to his well known theme music for the first time. Also The Mean Street Posse attacks Test again and The Rock comes out to attack Billy Gunn and Ken Shamrock also comes out and takes out The Mean Street Posse.

No Holds Barred Match: Kane vs. Bradshaw- After the match The Big Show comes out and takes out Kane as he promised.

Sunday Night Heat 7/18/1999

Undertaker Interview

Jeff Jarrett Int

WWF IC. Title Match: Jeff Jarrett vs. Road Dogg

D-Lo Brown Int

D-Lo Brown vs. Gangrel

The Rock Beef Raviole Commercial, Countdown to the “Millenium Promo, Road Dogg Int

Hardcore Holly Int

Hardcore Holly vs. X-Pac

Ken Shamrock Interview

The Acolytes vs. Droz and Prince Albert

Triple H vs. Big Show

Sunday Night Heat 7/25/1999 in Buffalo, NY – (Fully Loaded preview show)

Val Venis Int

Val Venis vs. Joey Abs- Test come down to get him some of The Mean Street Posse.

The Rock Beef Raviole Commercial

DX Highlights, Road Dogg/X-Pac Int, Billy Gunn/Chyna Int, Terrie/Meat Int, Countdown to the “Millenium Promo

Godfather Int

Meat vs. The Godfather

Triple H/The Rock Highlights

Triple H Interview

Christian vs. Viscera- They announce that Edge won the WWF IC Championship last night. Also with the help of Gangrel, we have an upset victory by Christian.

Steve Austin/Undertaker/Vince McMahon Highlights

Steve Austin Int- The Undertaker attacks Austin and Stone Cold is bleeding right before the PPV going into the first blood match.

Sunday Night Heat 8/1/1999

Paul Bearer/Big Show/Undertaker/Acolytes Interview

Hardy Boyz/Michael Hayes Int, The Rock Beef Raviole Commercial, Al Snow Int

Hardy Boyz vs. Papi Chulo and Funaki

Terri/Meat Int

Edge vs. Meat- Jaqculine is upset with the way Terri treats Meat. Also after the match Gangrel and Christian are seen in the crowd together.

Jeff Jarrett/Debra Interview- Jeff Jarrett challenges D-Lo Brown for a title vs title match tomorrow night on Raw is War.

Chaz/Marianna/Prince Albert Int/Brawl, Countdown to the “Millenium Promo

Prince Albert/Chaz/Marianna/Mystery Man Int/Brawl

Prince Albert Int

Steve Blackman/Mideon Segment- Blackman beats up Mideon with his weapons.

D-Lo Brown/Mark Henry Int/Segment

WWF Tag Team Title Match: The Acolytes vs. The Undertaker and Big Show

Undertaker/Big Show/Acolytes/Hardcore Holly Brawl/Segment

Sunday Night Heat 8/8/1999 in Detriot, MI

WWF IC. Title Match: D-Lo Brown vs. Val Venis- Jeff Jarrett does guest commentary and gets involved, causing a DQ, so D-Lo Brown retains the WWF IC. Championship.

The Rock Beef Raviole Commercial

Al Snow/Big Boss Man Interview

Acolytes Int

Tori vs. Scrub- Ivory attacks Tori after the match.

Road Dogg/Acolytes Segment- The Acolytes takes out Road Dogg.

WWF Tag Team Title, 2 On 1 Handicap Match: The Acolytes vs. Kane- Hardcore Holly comes out and gets his ass handed to him.

Terri/Meat Int

Godfather/Prince Albert/Droz/Mystery Man/Val Veins/Chaz Segment

Al Snow Int, Countdown to the “Millenium Promo, Terri/Meat Int, Al Snow/Blue Meanie Int/Brawl

Meat vs. Big Boss Man

Mr. Ass Billy Gunn vs. Undertaker- The Rock does guest commentary.

Sunday Night Heat 8/15/1999

Chyna Interview

The Rock Beef Raviole Commercial, Al Snow Int

Edge/Christian/Hardy Boys/Gangrel Brawl

Blue Meanie Int, Hardy Boys/Gangrel Int- Gangrel says that The Hardyz and him are the new Brood.

Blue Meanie vs. Al Snow- Stevie Richards makes his WWF debut.

Blue Meanie/Stevie Richards Int

Kane vs. Big Show- Hardcore Holly gets involved.

Jeff Jarrett/Debra Int

Hardcore Holly Int

Meat vs. Jeff Jarrett

Debra/Jeff Jarrett Int

Shane McMahon/Test Interview

The Undertaker vs. X-Pac- The Acolytes does guest commentary.

Sunday Night Heat 8/22/1999 in Minneapolis, MN – (SummerSlam preview show)

Jeff Jarrett/Debra Int

Mankind Int

Chris Jericho Int

Test Int- Shane McMahon attacks him.

The Rock Int, Billy Gunn Int

The Rock Int

Steve Austin Int

Triple H/Chyna Int

Sunday Night Heat 8/29/1999

Stephanie McMahon Int

Howard Finkel Int

Al Snow Int

Miss Kitty Int

Shawn Michaels/Triple H/Chyna/Shane McMahon Int

Sunday Night Heat 9/5/1999

Joey Abs vs. Papi Chulo

Terri Int- She is out to find her a new man. Meat and Terri broke up.

Chaz vs. Meat- Marianna comes out with Meat.

Acolytes Int

Stevie Richards and Blue Meanie vs. Dudley Boys- Dudleys debut.

Sunday Night Heat 9/12/1999

Chaz vs. Droz

Terri/Mean Street Posse Int- Terri is now running with The Mean Street Posse.

Shawn Stasiak vs. Joey Abs

Val Venis Int

D-Lo Brown and Val Venis vs. Mark Henry and Steve Blackman

Sunday Night Heat 9/19/1999

Mideon vs. Chaz- Marianna has Chaz arrested and I can only guess it’s because of her black eye.

Droz/Prince Albert Int, Stevie Richards Int

Stevie Richards vs. Droz

The Godfather/Prince Albert Int

The Godfather vs. Prince Albert

Sunday Night Heat 9/26/1999 in Charlotte, NC – (Unforgiven preview show)

Chris Jericho/Curtis Hughes Int

Mankind Int

New Age Outlaws/Edge/Christian Interview/Brawl

Chris Jericho/X-Pac Brawl

Earl Hebner Int, Jim Cordares Int, X-Pac Int, Triple H Int

Ivory/Fabulous Moolah Interview

Steve Austin Int, Mankind Int, Chyna Int, Mankind/Stevie Richards Int

Kane/Big Show Int, The Rock/Mankind Int

Sunday Night Heat 10/3/1999, Night After Rebellion 1999

Chaz vs. Viscera- Even the WWF Referees is against Chaz for what he is accused of doing to Marianna.

WWF Hardcore Title Match: Al Snow vs. Mideon

Gangrel vs. The Godfather

Sunday Night Heat 10/10/1999

R.I.P. Gorilla Monsoon 1937-1999

Godfather Int

Godfather vs. JR Ryder

Steve Blackman vs. Chaz

Thrasher/Chaz/Marinna Segment- Thrasher privates proof that Chaz has not been beating up Marinna through the help of GTV.

Dudley Boyz Int, Chris Jericho Int

Dudley Boys vs. Chris Jericho and Curtis Hughes- Jericho leaves Hughes.

Sunday Night Heat 10/17/1999 in Cleveland, OH – (No Mercy preview show)

Triple H Interview- He hopes that Steve Austin gets himself DQ’d in thier match tonight.

Taka Michinoku vs. Steve Blackman

Triple H/Vince McMahon Int- Vince makes the WWF Championship Match a No Holds Barred Match, which sets off Triple H.

WWF European Title Match: D-Lo Brown vs. Prince online, amoxicillin for sinus infection how long, how much are amoxicillin 500mg worth. Albert

Mankind/Hollys/Val Venis/The Rock Segment

Dudley Boyz Int, Head Bangers Int

Dudley Boyz vs. Head Bangers

Jeff Jarrett/Miss Kitty Int, Steve Austin Int, Terri Runnels Int

Triple H Interview

Sunday Night Heat 10/24/1999

Dudley Boyz/Tori Int

Kane and X-Pac buy online nowzyban sr online, bupropion xl 100mg no prescription, mexican bupropion hcl order online, american bupropion hcl … vs. Head Bangers- The Dudley Boyz gets involved.

Stevie Richards vs. Prince Albert- The Blue Meanie comes out dressed up as Prince Albert and gets involved.

Chyna Video

Chris Jericho/Chyna/Miss Kitty Interview

Chris Jericho/Vince McMahon Int

Gangrel vs. Steve Blackman

WWF European Title Match: D-Lo Brown vs. Chris Jericho

Sunday Night Heat 10/31/1999

Vince McMahon/Hollys Int

Godfather Int

The Godfather vs. Blue Meanie

Mideon vs. Shawn Stasiak

3 On 2 Handicap Match: Mean Street Posse vs. Headbangers

Vince McMahon/Acolytes Int

WWF Tag Team Title, No Holds Barred Match: Hardcore Holly and Crash vs. The Acolytes

Sunday Night Heat 11/7/1999

The Acolytes vs. Mideon and Viscera

Chyna/Chris Jericho History Video

Steve Blackman vs. Julio Fantastico

Dudley Boys Int

Dudley Boys vs. Taka Muchinoku and Funaki

Val Venis vs. Christian

Sunday Night Heat 11/14/1999 in Detroit, MI – (Survivor Series preview show)

X-Pac/Kane History Video, Kane/Tori Int

Chris Jericho Int, Kurt Angle Promo

Big Show/Big Boss Man Highlights, Big Show Int

Jacqueline Int, Luna Int, Debra Int, Fabulous Moolah/Mae Young Int, Terri Int, Ivory Int

Big Boss Man Int, Chyna/Chris Jericho History Highlights, Chris Jericho Int

Vince McMahon/Stephanie McMahon/Shane McMahon/Test Int

Big Show/Kai En Tai/Blue Meanie Segment- Show takes out all of his tag team partners for the elimination match tonight.

Al Snow/Mankind Int

The Rock/Steve Austin/Triple H History Highlights

Triple H/X-Pac/Road Dogg Int

Triple H/The Rock Interview- Leads to a brawl.

Sunday Night Heat 11/21/1999

Kai En Tai/Bradshaw Segment

Head Bangers vs. Val Venis and Shawn Stasiak

Acolytes Int

Steve Blackman vs. Mideon

Acolytes Int

Tracey Smothers vs. Rikishi Fatu

Acolytes Int

D-Von Dudley vs. D-Lo Brown

Acolytes Int

Technical Wrestling Match: The Acolytes vs. Kai En Tai

Sunday Night Heat 11/28/1999

Mark Henry vs. Prince Albert

Hardcore Holly/Crash Holly Int

Gangrel vs. Steve Blackman

Mark Henry Int, Ivory Int

Head Bangers vs. Kai En Tai

Big Show Int, Mankind Int

Dudley Boyz Int

Edge and Christian vs. Dudley Boyz vs. The Acolytes

Sunday Night Heat 12/5/1999

Acolytes/Mean Street Posse Int/Brawl

Val Venis Int

Val Venis vs. Prince Albert

Mark Henry Int

Taka Michinoku vs. Mark Henry

Bradshaw/Mean Street Posse Segment- The Posse takes out Bradshaw.

Godfather Int

The Godfather vs. Big Boss Man

Faarooq/Mean Street Posse Segment- The Posse takes out Faarooq.

Mean Street Posse/Acolyes Int/Brawl

Sunday Night Heat 12/12/1999 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL – (Armageddon preview show)

Al Snow/Mankind History Highlights, Al Snow Int

Kane/Tori Int

Fabulous Moolah/Mae Young/Ivory Int/Segment

Chris Jericho Interview

Big Show/Big Boss Man History Highlights, Big Show Int

Hollys/Viscera/Rikishi Segment

New Age Outlaws/Head Bangers/Too Cool/Acolyes Int/Brawl

The Rock/Mankind Segment, Mankind/The Rock Int

Al Snow vs. Test

Triple H/Vince McMahon/Stephanie McMahon History Highlights

Triple H Interiew

Sunday Night Heat 12/19/1999

WWF Euro. Title Match: Val Venis vs. Steve Blackman- Thanks to Kurt Angle, Val Venis retains the title.

Godfather/Mark Henry Int- Mark wants another chance after turning on The Godfather, So They team up again.

Terri Int

Gangrel and Mideon vs. The Headbangers

Dudley Boyz Int, Mae Young/Godfather Ho’s Int

D-Lo Brown vs. Taka Michinoku

Mae Young/Godfather Ho’s Int

Godfather Int, Mark Henry Int, Dudley Boyz Int

The Godfather and Mark Henry vs. Dudley Boyz- Mae Young gets involved and she and Mark Henry are happy together.

Sunday Night Heat 12/26/1999

Luna/Godfather Ho’s Int

No DQ Match: D-Lo Brown vs. Prince Albert

Too Cool Video, Gangrel/Luna Int- There seems to be problems between these two.

Too Cool vs. Head Bangers

Terri/Santa Clause Int

Godfather Int- Godfather introducers Luna as one of his newest Ho’s.

The Godfather vs. Gangrel- Luna turns on The Godfather.

– My 1999 Sunday Night Heat collection is complete –

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