Superstars 97

1/5/97 Superstars, (G)

Doug Furnas and Phil LaPhon vs. Pierroth and Cibernetico
Flash Funk vs. Salvator Sincere
The Sultan vs. Matt Hardy
Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Freddie Joe Floyd
Shawn Michaels/Bret Hart Interview- From Raw.
Undertaker vs. The Goon- Jim Cornette was where he shouldn’t be and gets a Tombstone Piledriver from the Undertaker.
1/12/97 Superstars, (G)

Goldust vs. Executioner
Hector Garza vs. TJ Hopper
The Sultan Int
Ahmed Johnson Interview
Rocky Maivia vs. Dr. X
Bret Hart vs. The Sultan- Steve Austin comes out after the match to attack Bret Hart’s ankle.
1/19/97 Superstars, (G)

Royal Rumble Preview Show
Shawn Michaels Interview
Bret Hart Interview
Sycho Sid Interview
Steve Austin Interview
Sycho Sid Interview
1/26/97 Superstars, (G/VG)

Doug Furnas and Phil LaPhon vs. British Bulldog and Owen Hart vs. The Godwinns vs. Faarooq and Crush- HHH and Ahmed Johnson cuts a promo during the match.
Bret Hart Interview
HHH vs. Ahmed Johnson- Goldust brawls with HHH after the match.
2/2/97 Superstars, (VG)

Vader vs. Ced Mann
Paul Bearer/Vader Interview
Savio Vega vs. Jesse James- From Shotgun.
Perro Aguayo Jr. vs. Abismo Negro
Shawn Michaels/Undertaker/Bret Hart/Steve Austin Raw Highlights
Marc Mero Int, Undertaker Int
Undertaker vs. Marc Mero
2/9/97 Superstars, (G/VG)

Goldust vs. The Sultan
Hector Garza and Octagon vs. Heavy Metal and Fuerza Guerrera
Shawn Michaels Interview
Steve Austin/MTV Segment
Faarooq vs. Ken Reha- Steve Austin cuts a promo during the match.
Steve Austin vs. Vader- Bret Hart is on commentary.
2/16/97 Superstars, (G/VG)

Shawn Michaels Interview- From Raw.
Steve Austin Interview
Steve Austin vs. Sycho Sid- From Raw.
Vader Interview
Jesse James Int, Godwinns Int
Undertaker Interview
2/23/97 Superstars, (G/VG)

TL Hopper vs. Goldust
Headbangers vs. Godwinns
Headbangers vs. New Blackjacks
Sycho Sid/Bret Hart Raw Highlights
Sycho Sid Interview
Owen Hart/British Bulldog Int
British Bulldog vs. Crush- Bulldog fires Clearance Mason.
3/2/97 Superstars, (G/VG)

TL Hopper vs. Bart Gunn
Henry Godwinn vs. Blackjack Bradshaw
Legion of Doom Int
Headbangers vs. Barry Horowitz and Freddie Joe Floydd
Undertaker Interview
Crush and Savio Vega vs. Miquel Perez and Goldust
3/9/97 Superstars, (G/VG)

Alex Porteau vs. Salvatore Sincere
Doug Furnas and Phil LaFon vs. Bob Holly and Aldo Montoya
European Title Match: Owen Hart vs. British Bulldog- From Raw.
Ahmed Johnson vs. Leif Cassidy
3/16/97 Superstars – 12/28/97 Superstars (G/VG)

Highlights shows, sometimes containing various interviews. Update foxconn denied that a strike or workplace stoppage had taken place, conceding that two fights had broken out but claiming that they were quickly addressed by management

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