UFC 1: The Beginning – Date: November 12, 1993

Alternate bout: Jason DeLucia vs. Trent Jenkins

Quarter-Finals: Gerard Gordeau vs. Teila Tuli

Quarter-Finals: Kevin Rosier vs. Zane Frazier

Quarter-Finals: Royce Gracie vs. Art Jimmerson

Quarter-Finals: Ken Shamrock vs. Patrick Smith

Semi-Finals: Gerard Gordeau vs. Kevin Rosier

Semi-Finals: Royce Gracie vs. Ken Shamrock

Final: Royce Gracie vs. Gerard Gordeau

UFC 2: No Way Out – Date: March 11, 1994

Opening Round: Royce Gracie vs. Minoki Ichihara

Opening Round: Jason DeLucia vs. Scott Baker

Opening Round: Remco Pardoel vs. Alberto Cerro Leon

Opening Round: Orlando Wiet vs. Robert Lucarelli

Opening Round: Frank Hamaker vs. Thaddeus Luster

Opening Round: Johnny Rhodes vs. David Levicki

Opening Round: Patrick Smith vs. Ray Wizard

Opening Round: Scott Morris vs. Sean Daugherty

Quarterfinals: Royce Gracie vs. Jason DeLucia

Quarterfinals: Remco Pardoel vs. Orlando Wiet

Quarterfinals: Johnny Rhodes vs. Fred Ettish – Frank Hamaker was forced to withdraw due to injury. He was replaced by Fred Ettish.

Quarterfinals: Patrick Smith vs. Scott Morris

Semifinals: Royce Gracie vs. Remco Pardoel

Semifinals: Patrick Smith vs. Johnny Rhodes

Final: Royce Gracie vs. Patrick Smith

UFC 3: The American Dream – Date: September 9, 1994

Quarterfinals: Royce Gracie vs. Kimo Leopoldo- Due to fatigue sustained during the fight, Gracie was unable to continue in the tournament.

Quarterfinals: Harold Howard vs. Roland Payne

Quarterfinals: Ken Shamrock vs. Christophe Leininger

Quarterfinals: Keith Hackney vs. Emmanuel Yarborough

Semifinals: Ken Shamrock vs. Felix Mitchell- Keith Hackney was forced to withdraw due to injury. He was replaced by Felix Mitchell.

Final: Steve Jennum vs. Harold Howard- Jennum was a replacement for Ken Shamrock who withdrew due to injury.

UFC 4: Revenge of the Warriors – Date: December 16, 1994

Alternate bout: Guy Mezger vs. Jason Fairn

Alternate bout: Marcus Bossett vs. Eldo Dias Xavier

Alternate bout: Joe Charles vs. Kevin Rosier

Quarterfinals: Dan Severn vs. Anthony Macias

Quarterfinals: Steve Jennum vs. Melton Bowen

Quarterfinals: Keith Hackney vs. Joe Son

Quarterfinals: Royce Gracie vs. Ron van Clief

Semifinals: Dan Severn vs. Marcus Bossett- Steve Jennum was forced to withdraw due to injury. He was replaced by Marcus Bossett.

Semifinals: Royce Gracie vs. Keith Hackney

Final: Royce Gracie vs. Dan Severn

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