WWE Total Divas 2016

WWE Total Divas 01/19/2016 – (Love Triangle)

In the Season 5 premiere, Nikki wonders whether she should tell John Cena 20mg tablets generic name for prednisone prednisone for allergies prednisone generic and trade name prednisone 9 days side effects about her ex-boyfriend’s, Dolph Ziggler’s advances; Paige considers breaking off her engagement and Brie tries to pave a new career path for Daniel Bryan.



WWE Total Divas 01/26/2016 – (A SummerSlam Engagement)

Nattie’s worst fear comes true when she is left out of SummerSlam; Alicia feels disrespected by her best friend, Paige and John Cena surprises Nikki with his new stance on marriage.



WWE Total Divas 02/02/2016 – (The Truth About Cats and Divas)

Eva Marie returns and shakes things up with the Divas; Nattie throws a surprise party for buy cheap medication online from canadian pharmacy: get before you buy medication, compare the best prices on tabs fromĀ  TJ to cheer him up and the Bellas fight over an endorsement.



WWE Total Divas 02/09/2016 – (Talk of The Town)

Nikki aims to be the next Maria Shriver of motivational speaking but Brie mocks her; Alicia finds out her new boyfriend has been lying to her and Mandy questions her choices about aligning with Eva.



WWE Total Divas 02/16/2016 – (Come Reign or Shine)

Brie challenges Nikki on whether it is worth risking an injury for the dec 11, 2014 – scientists believe that depression can be triggered by a lack of the in 2010, more than 24.4 million prescriptions for generic fluoxetine were filled although antidepressants like prozac are not technically chance to become the longest reigning Divas Champion; Alicia and Rosa argue over their visions for Rosa’s baby shower and Nattie questions whether Mandy has her priorities straight about wrestling.



WWE Total Divas 02/23/2016 – (End of a Friendship)

Brie pushes her prednisolone acetate price prednisolone acetate price sister away when she refuses to enable Nikki’s fear of being alone; Rosa stresses out about her religious mother meeting her atheist boyfriend, musician Bobby Schubenski while Alicia thinks about ending her friendship with Paige.



WWE Total Divas 03/01/2016 – (Hart of the Matter)

Nikki’s championship reign is at risk when she priligy kopen belgie priligy 30 60. recommended dosage of dapoxetine comprar priligy en pharmacy generic priligy usa online 30mg faces an old foe; Nattie is torn between taking TJ’s last name or having him take hers; Paige fights to keep her relationship with Kevin afloat and Brie has a romantic bone to pick with Bryan.



WWE Total Divas 03/08/2016 – (Peace of Cake)

Paige conceals a lie from her mother; Nikki fears for Brie’s safety after a dangerous purchase while Rosa accuses Bobby of food shaming her.



WWE Total Divas 03/15/2016 – (Rocky Road to Recovery)

Nikki mixes business with pleasure when she enlists John to be her rehab coach; Rosa becomes suspicious when Bobby goes to Vegas without her and Nattie struggles to wrangle her family together for a family portrait.



WWE Total Divas 03/22/2016 – (No Retreat)

Paige gets cold feet after agreeing to help a fan come out to his family; Brie is torn between her friends and Bryan; Eva has to form a tag team with her friend and NXT rookie Mandy.



WWE Total Divas 03/29/2016 – (Clothes Quarters)

Brie’s stubbornness forms a roadblock for the Bellas’ new lingerie line; Mandy undertakes a mission to reconnect her parents while on a joint family vacation with the Neidharts while Nattie attempts to suppress her dad’s embarrassing antics.



WWE Total Divas 04/05/2016 – (Baby Talk)

Paige is haunted by a painful memory of her past, as Rosa’s baby shower approaches; Nikki is determined to prove that she can hang with Brie and Bryan in the wilderness and Alicia is anxious to find a way to fix her family’s issues.



WWE Total Divas 04/12/2016 – (C’est La Divas (Part 1)

The Divas set off for Paris where one Diva gets the proposal of a lifetime; relationships start to crumble as the tension between Alicia and Rosa peaks and Eva ditches Mandy to hang out with the Bellas.



WWE Total Divas 04/19/2016 – (C’est La Divas (Part 2)

The Divas’ Paris getaway continues, as the divide between the Divas gets bigger; Rosa finally meets her little bundle of joy and Nikki learns the fate of her in-ring career with WWE.



WWE Total Divas 11/16/2016 – (Total Superstars)

In the Season 6 premiere, Brie’s swan song is ruined when someone from her past reveals a secret. Meanwhile, Lana is tested when making her Wrestlemania debut; Trinity deals with a hair emergency and the WWE make a major announcement regarding the future of the women’s division.



WWE Total Divas 11/23/2016 – (Orlando Strong)

Trinity returns to Orlando to honor the victims of the Pulse Nightclub shooting; Nikki accuses Brie of sweeping Bryan’s depression under the rug and Lana annoys Nattie as she prepares for her championship run.



WWE Total Divas 11/30/2016 – (A Big Flippin’ Deal)

Maryse clashes with Mike after buying a house without consulting him; Nikki is concerned with Brie’s change of attitude on their wild weekend while Trinity is offered a role in The Marine 5: Battleground, but she must overcome her fears first.


WWE Total Divas 12/07/2016 – (Gone Girl)

Eva Marie comes up with a new persona to get her back on television; Renee intervenes after witnessing Paige’s recent reckless behaviors, and Nikki asks Bryan to help with her comeback.


WWE Total Divas 12/14/2016 – (Mother of the Groom)

Maryse and Mike panic when they find their home invaded; Rusev’s cultural differences with his and Lana’s wedding cause arguments over whether they should be married in Malibu or Bulgaria, and Renee deals with house guests in her and Dean’s new Las Vegas home.


WWE Total Divas 12/21/2016 – (Too Many Cooks)

Brie challenges Nikki to an IQ test; Maryse helps Trinity battle her nerves on set; Nattie pushes her sister too hard into a new work venture while Lana and Rusev come up with an iconic engagement photo for their wedding invitations. college helpers

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