WWE Total Divas Season 1

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WWE Total Divas 7/28/2013 – (“Welcome to the WWE”) – (Debut Show Of Total Divas Season 1)

The WWE Divas begin their preparations for WrestleMania 29. Nikki starts to have doubts regarding her relationship with John. Trinity is embarrassed when Ariane’s boyfriend Vincent ends up causing a scene backstage and she’s stuck in the middle.

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Eva plans to achieve a winning rank by creating a scheming plan involving Fandango. Nikki and Brie take some time off and enjoy a vacation with prednisone buy online uk prednisone buy online uk Bryan and John. Ariane and Trinity are shocked when they experience a wardrobe malfunction.

WWE Total Divas 8/11/2013 – (“Planet Funk is Funked Up”)

Trinity and her fiancé Jon struggle with marriage problems. JoJo ends up giving her boyfriend an ultimatum. Nikki disagrees with Brie’s decision to move to Phoenix.

WWE Total Divas 8/18/2013 – (“The Fat Twin”)

Nikki becomes self-conscious about her weight. Ariane considers getting breast implants. Nattie tells her fiancé TJ that she would like more romance.

WWE Total Divas 8/25/2013 – (“Feuding Funkadactyls”)

Trinity and Ariane get into an argument that splits them apart. Brie encourages Nikki to reconcile with premenstrual dysphoric disorder, order no prescription , order prozac online pharmacy uk prozac dosage for anxiety 80g prozac 80 mg once  their father. Nattie and TJ’s relationship is in trouble when TJ’s mother visits.

WWE Total Divas 9/1/2013 – (“Divas Las Vegas”)

The Divas travel to Las Vegas for Nattie’s bachelorette party. JoJo is confused about her relationship with Justin Gabriel. Nattie becomes stressed out when she keeps receiving flirts from her friend Jaret.

WWE Total Divas 9/8/2013 – (“A Leg Up”)

Nikki’s wrestling career is in jeopardy when she suffers an injury. Eva does a photo shoot for Maxim while JoJo becomes jealous. Ariane is worried about taking her relationship with Vincent to the next level.

WWE Total Divas 9/15/2013 – (“No Longer The Bridesmaid”) and (“Total Divas After Party”)

“No Longer The Bridesmaid” – Nattie and TJ’s wedding takes an unexpected turn. John asks Nikki to meet his family. Ariane is rushed to the hospital. Eva and JoJo’s friendship starts to fall apart.

“Total Divas After Party” – The cast comes together in the mid-season reunion to discuss the highs and lows of Season 1 so far.

WWE Total Divas 11/10/2013 – (“Summer Slam”)

Nikki begins to feel threatened when Eva Marie becomes increasingly popular. Ariane has trouble controlling her temper. Nattie blames Trinity for an in-ring incident.

WWE After Total Divas 11/10/2013

WWE Total Divas 11/17/2013 – (“Nurse Nikki”)

Nikki decides to move in with John. Eva considers cheating when she is asked to be an announcer on live television.

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WWE Total Divas 11/24/2013 – (“Seeing online. fastest shipping, order prednisone overnight., no extra fees. cost prednisone walgreens . prednisone is used for treating severe  Red”)

Brie has a difficult time accepting Bryan’s notoriety. Nattie feels that Eva is trying to get too close to TJ. Nikki has to cope with John’s demands. Ariane is fearful about having sex with Vincent.

WWE After Total Divas 11/24/2013

WWE Total Divas 12/1/2013 – (“Get That Chingle Chingle”)

Ariane encourages Vincent to audition for WWE. Nikki has a difficult time getting used to living with
John. Trinity’s relationship with Jon takes a turn when her dad moves in.

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WWE Total Divas 12/8/2013 – (“Saying Goodbye”)

Trinity grows tired of Jon’s jealous ways. Nikki is annoyed when Brie refers to Nikki’s injury as a “vacation”. Nattie and TJ are devastated when they have to euthanize their cat, Gismo.

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WWE Total Divas 12/15/2013 – (“Ready to Ride”) – (Season Final Of Total Divas Season 1)

In the Season 1 finale, Nikki and John’s future begins to look uncertain, Bryan proposes to Brie, and Eva finally introduces her fiancé to her family.

WWE After Total Divas 12/15/2013

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