WWE Total Divas Season 2

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WWE Total Divas 3/16/2014 – (“New Diva On The Block”) – (First Episode of Season 2)

Summer Rae is introduced to the other Divas, which begins a war between her and Nattie, due to the latter’s feelings towards Rae. Eva Marie has difficult time, talking with her parents, about her eloping. Nikki has the possibility of life without her boyfriend, John, who doesn’t want neither marriage nor kids. Eva is forced to hide her boyfriend when her parents visit her, which later makes her feel anxious, so she tells them the truth. Brie is trying to help her cheapest prices pharmacy. generic name for amoxil . next day delivery, canada. sister, who receives a text message from John and the two meet in San Diego.



WWE After Total Divas 3/16/2014



WWE Total Divas 3/23/2014 – (“The Braniel Bus”)

After meeting with her boyfriend, John, Nikki has some mixed feelings about their relationship. Brie makes Bryan rent a tour bus, after Nikki showed John’s bus to her. Nikki’s tooth falls out after a kick from Tamina during a match on Raw. Meanwhile, during a tour with the bus, the tension between Nattie and Summer Rae continues. Ariane gets annoyed because of the way Eva Marie is showing her success so her past is brought up, which brings a confrontation between may 8, 2013 – meist werden nach konsumentengruppierungen operierende klassenmodell einem kader-kapitalismus, der symptome the two. Brie gets retribution, for her sister’s accident, against Tamina and AJ Lee.

WWE After Total Divas 3/23/2014



WWE Total Divas 3/30/2014 – (“On Brie’s Bad Side”)

After her confrontation with Ariane, Eva Marie leaves Bryan’s bus alongside with Summer Rae. Nattie attends a “Make a Wish” event, while Brie witnesses Trinity and Jon having sex at Bryan’s bus. Brie feels that Summer is crossing a line by flirting with Daniel all alone, which leads to a confrontation. Nikki has a meeting with the other girls, and while Brie and Summer finally aplogise to each other, Nattie continues to bash Summer. After a meeting with price advair diskus shipping advair diskus Fandango, Summer’s dance partner, the tension between Nattie and Summer finally boils.

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WWE Total Divas 4/13/2014 – (“Inhale, Exhale”)

Nattie is told that she has to undergo correctional surgery. Nikki feels that John is lying. Trinity shoots a music video.



WWE After Total Divas 4/13/2014



WWE Total Divas 4/20/2014 – (“For Better or For Worse”)

Nikki and Ariane help Nattie get back into dating. Eva has health problems. Trinity discusses getting married.



WWE After Total Divas 4/20/2014



WWE Total Divas 4/27/2014 – (“The House Sitters”)

Ariane ends up losing Nattie’s cat while house sitting. T.J. and Nattie are unable to agree about money. Brie teaches Nikki a lesson.



WWE After Total Divas 4/27/2014

WWE Total Divas 5/4/2014 – (“Flirting With Fandango”)

Trinity continues to discuss the possibility marriage. Eva receives more news regarding her health. Nattie receives assistance from Ariane and Nikki.




WWE After Total Divas 5/4/2014



WWE Total Divas 5/11/2014 – (“Red and Gold”)

Summer and Eva fight outside of the ring. Ariane does some surprising actions for fame.



WWE After Total Divas 5/11/2014



WWE Total Divas 5/18/2014 – (“What Happens In Cabo”)

The group travels to Mexico where Eva has a hard time being sober and Nikki reveals a secret.



WWE After Total Divas 5/18/2014




WWE Total Divas 5/25/2014 – (“Digging A Hole”)

The Bella sisters clash as Brie’s wedding fast approaches and Nikki avoids telling John about her buy , buy fluoxetine, buy fluoxetine australia. cardizem 120 100 mg prozac how much does generic prozac cost without insurance. previous marriage. Meanwhile, the Divas find out who will be competing at WrestleMania.




WWE After Total Divas 5/25/2014




WWE Total Divas 6/1/2014 – (“Wedding Mania”) - (Season Final Of Total Divas Season 2)

WrestleMania 30 arrives. Brie and Bryan get married; Nikki’s secret marriage is finally exposed; WrestleMania.
WWE After Total Divas 6/1/2014

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