WWE United Kingdom PPVs

- – 1997 One Night Only – -
September 20, 1997 in Birmingham, England
(24/7, (VG/EX))
HHH vs. Dude Love- Match was dominated by Dude Love but won by HHH, with help of Chyna of course.
Tiger Ali Singh vs. Leif Cassidy
Tag Team Title Match: Savio Vega and Miguel vs. Head Bangers
Shawn Michaels/Sunny Int
Flash Funk vs. The Patriot
Legion of Doom Int
Godwinns vs. Legion of Doom
Ken Shamrock/Rockabilly Brawl
Bret Hart Int
Vader vs. Owen Hart- Pretty good match. Vader hits a splash on Owen from the second rope where I thought it was going to be over.
Undertaker Int
WWF Title Match: Undertaker vs. Bret Hart
European Title Match: Shawn Michaels vs. The British Bulldog- The Bulldog is home and recieves a huge ovation from the fans. HBK goes through his antics, like usual, and wins the title with help from DX. Too bad for the Bulldog. How many times did he lose to HBK in his career?
- – 1998 Capital Carnage – -
December 6 in London, England
(live, (G/VG))
Gangrel vs. Al Snow
Mankind Int
Head Bangers vs. Droz and Animal
Undertaker Int
Goldust vs. Val Venis
Vince/Shane/Stooges Interview
Edge vs. Tiger Ali Singh
Vinnie Jones Interview
Marc Mero and Jacqueline vs. Christian and Sable
Ken Shamrock vs. Steve Blackman
The Rock Int
HHH vs. Chyna
Tag Team Title Match: Mark Henry and D-Lo Brown vs. New Age Outlaws
WWF Title Match: X-Pac vs. The Rock
Steve Austin vs. Undertaker vs. Kane vs. Mankind
- – 1999 No Mercy (UK) – -
May 16 in Manchester, England
(live, (G/VG))
Shane Interview
Tiger Ali Singh vs. Gillberg
Acolytes and Viscera vs. The Brood
Droz vs. Steve Blackman
Mankind Interview
Kane vs. Road Dogg
Sable/Nicole Bass/Tori Segment
European Title Match: X-Pac vs. Shane
Mankind/Undertaker Backstage Segment
Billy Gunn vs. Mankind
WWF Title, No DQ Match: Triple H vs. Undertaker vs. Steve Austin
- – 1999 Rebillion – -
October 2 in Birmingham, England
(live, (G))
IC Title Match: D-Lo Brown vs. Jeff Jarrett
Godfather vs. Gangrel
Chyna/British Bulldog Int
Val Venis vs. Mark Henry
Women’s Title Match: Luna vs. Jacqueline vs. Tori vs. Ivory
Chris Jericho vs. Road Dogg
Chyna vs. Jeff Jarrett
Big Show vs. Kane
Triple H Int
X-Pac vs. British Bulldog
Edge and Christian vs. The Hollys vs. The Acolytes
WWF Title, Steel Cage Match: The Rock vs. Triple H- British Bulldog interfers in another match, helping Triple H retain.
- – 2000 Insurrextion – -
May 6 in London, England
(live, (G/VG))
Saturn and Dean Malenko vs. Too Cool
Mae Young/The Kat Int
Vince McMahon Interview
Kane vs. Bull Buchanan
Triple H/Stephanie Int
Road Dogg vs. Bradshaw
Arm Wrestling Match: Terri Runnels vs. The Kat
Dudley Boys vs. Big Show and Rikishi
Chris Benoit Int
Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle
Hardcore Title Match: British Bulldog vs. Crash Holly
Edge/Christian Segment
Hardy Boys vs. Edge and Christian
European Title Match: Chris Jericho vs. Eddie Guerrero
Shane/Triple H Int, The Rock Int
WWF Title Match: Shane vs. Triple H vs. The Rock
- – 2000 Rebillion – -
December 2 in Sheffield, England
(live, (G))
Mick Foley/Kurt Angle Interview
Elimination Tables Match: TnA vs. Edge and Christian vs. Dudley Boys
Women’s Title Match: Lita vs. Ivory
The Rock Interview
Hardcore Title Match: Saturn vs. Steve Blackman
William Regal Int
European Title Match: Crash Holly vs. William Regal
Kurt Angle/Chris Benoit Int
Chyna and Billy Gunn vs. Dean Malenko and Eddie Guerrero
Chris Jericho vs. Kane
Tag Team Title Match: Hardy Boys vs. Bull Buchanan and The Goodfather
Kurt Angle/Edge/Christian Int, Radicals/Undertaker Backstage Segment
Chris Benoit vs. Undertaker
WWF Title Match: Rikishi vs. Steve Austin vs. The Rock vs. Kurt Angle
- – 2001 Insurrextion – -
May 5 in London, England
Vince/Linda McMahon/William Regal Int
Scotty Too Hotty vs. Eddie Guerrero
Triple H/Stephanie Int
The Hollys vs. Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko
Bradshawn vs. Big Show
Steve Austin Int
Elimination Match: X-Pac and Justin Credible vs. Edge and Christian vs. Dudley Boys vs. Hardy Boys
Kurt Angle Int
RTC/Jacqueline/Trish Stratus/Lita Segment
2 out of 3 Falls: Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit
Triple H/Stephanie/Steve Austin/Debra Int
William Regal vs. Chris Jericho
Undertaker vs. Triple H and Steve Austin
- – 2001 Rebillion – -
November 3 in Manchester, England
IC Title, Steel Cage Match: Christian vs. Edge
Bill Demott/Trish Stratus/Chavo Guerrero Int
Scott Too Hotty vs. The Hurrican
Chavo Guerrero/Bill Demott/Lita Segment, DDP Int
Big Show vs. DDP
Chavo Guerrero/Bill Demott/Molly Int, Steve Austin/Kurt Angle/Shane Int
WCW Tag Team Title Match: Hardy Boys vs. The Acolytes vs. Dudley Boys
Vince McMahon/The Rock/Chris Jericho Int
William Regal vs. Tajiri
Kurt Angle Int
WCW Title Match: Kurt Angle vs. Chris Jericho
The Rock Int
Torrie Wilson and Lita vs. Molly Holly and Stacy Keibler
WWF Title Match: The Rock vs. Steve Austin- Kurt Angle comes out to get involved.
- – 2002 Insurrextion – -
May 4 in London, England
(Home Video, (VG/EX))
Rob Van Dam vs. Eddie Guerrero
Molly/Jazz Int
Molly Holly and Jazz vs. Jacqueline and Trish Stratus
Scott Hall/X-Pac Int
X-Pac vs. Bradshaw
Undertaker Int
Hardcore Title Match: Booker T vs. Stevie Richards
Paul Heyman/Brock Lesnar/Shawn Stasiak Int
Brock Lesnar and Shawn Stasiak vs. The Hardy Boys
William Regal Int
European Title Match: William Regal vs. Spike Dudley
Big Show vs. Steve Austin- Ric Flair was the guest referee on the outside as he and Austin share a beer after the match but then Austin gives Flair the Stunner.
Undertaker vs. Triple H
- – 2002 Global Warning Tour – -
August 10 in Melbourne, Australia
(Home Video, (VG/EX))
Kiss My Ass Match: Rikishi vs. Rico
Jamie Noble/Nidia Segment
Cruiserweight Title Match: Jamie Noble vs. The Hurricane
Kurt Angle/Christian/Lance Storm Segment
Tag Team Title Match: Lance Storm and Christian vs. Billy Kidman and Rey Mysterio
Billy Kidman/Torrie Wilson Segment
Chris Jericho vs. Edge
Bra and Panties Match: Stacey Keibler vs. Torrie Wilson
WWE Title Match: The Rock vs. Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar
- – 2002 Rebillion – -
October 26 in Birmingham, England
(Home Video, (VG/EX))
Matt Hardy vs. Booker T
Stephanie/Paul Heyman Int
Billy Kidman and Torrie Wilson vs. John Cena and Dawn Marie
Edge Int
Crash Holly vs. Funaki
Jamie Noble/Nidia Int
Cruiserweight Title Match: Rey Mysterio vs. Tajiri vs. Jamie Noble
Chris Benoit/Kurt Angle Int
Chuck Palumbo and Val Venis vs. D-Von and Ron Simmons
Eddie/Chavo Guerrero Int
Rikishi vs. Albert
Tag Team Title Match: Eddie and Chavo Guerrero vs. Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit
Brock Lesnar/Paul Heyman Int
WWE Title Match: Edge vs. Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman
- – 2003 Insurrextion – -
June 7 in New Castle, England
(live, (G/VG))
Women’s Title Match: Trish Stratus vs. Jazz
IC Title Match: Booker T vs. Christian
Steve Austin/Teddy Long/Kane Int
Tag Team Title Match: La RĂ©sistance vs. Rob Van Dam and Kane
Goldust Int
Goldust vs. Rico
Highlight Reel with Steve Austin/Eric Bischoff
Triple H/Ric Flair Int
Dudley Boys vs. Rodney Mack, Christopher Nowinski and Theodore Long
Test vs. Scott Steiner- Val Venis is the guest referee.
World Heavyweight Title Match: Kevin Nash vs. Triple H- Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair get involved at ringside.

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