- – 1998 Royal Rumble – -
January 18 in San Jose, CA
(Home Video (VG/EX))
Vader vs. Goldust
IC Title Match: The Rock vs. Ken Shamrock- Good match, much better than the one these two had at Wrestlemania 14. Screw-job ending for Shamrock though.
Tag Team Title Match: LOD vs. The New Age Outlaws
Nova, Max Mini, and Mosaic vs. El Torito, Tarantula, and Battalion
Royal Rumble- Stone Cold Steve Austin won the 1998 Royal Rumble, last eliminating The Rock. I was really pulling for The Rock to win this but I knew who was taking this all the way. Good Rumble match with a lot of people in at all times but again, it had a lack of star power.
WWF Title, Casket Match: the Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels- I loved this match, one of my favorites but it had it’s casualties. Shawn Michaels flies out of the ring but his back lands on the casket laying at ringside. That hit almost ended up costing him his career (still lost him 4 1/2 years of his career). Very entertaining match though.
- – 1998 No Way Out – -
February 15 in Houston, TX
(Home Video (VG/EX))
Headbangers vs. Marc Mero and Goldust- Luna and Sable were fighting setting up their mixed tag match at Wrestlemania 14.
Lightweight Title Match: Pantera vs. Taka Michinoku
The Godwinns vs. The Quebecers
Bradshaw vs. Jeff Jarrett
Ken Shamrock, Ahmed Johnson, Chainz, Skull, and 8-Ball vs. Faarooq, Rocky Maivia, Kama Mustafa, Mark Henry, and D’Lo Brown
Kane vs. Vader- Kane hit Vader with a tool wrench causing Vader to be out of action for about 3 months.
Steve Austin, Owen Hart, Cactus Jack, and Chainsaw Charlie vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley, New Age Outlaws, and Savio Vega- Supposed to be Shawn Michaels instead of Savio but HBK’s back was in too bad of shape to make the PPV. Too bad as it would have been an awesome match and preview for WM 14. It still was a pretty entertaining match.
- – 1998 Wrestlemania 14 – -
March 29, 1998 in Boston, MA
(Home Video (VG/EX))
15-Team Battle Royal: Won by LOD 2000.
Lightweight Title Match: Aguila vs. Taka Michinoku
European Title Match: Owen Hart vs. HHH
Marc Mero and Sable vs. Goldust and Luna- Sable’s only watchable match that she ever put on.
IC Title Match: Ken Shamrock vs. The Rock- Not nearly as good as their match from the previous Royal Rumble.
Tag Team Title, Dumpster Match: Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie (Terry Funk) vs. New Age Outlaws- Cool Match.
Undertaker vs. Kane- Pete Rose is tombstoned by Kane. Nice.
WWF Title Match: Steve Austin vs. Shawn Michaels- HBK’s last match. Not a typical HBK match but had he not had his career ending back problems, I know this would have been an excellent match. It still wasn’t too bad. The Stone Cold era had begun.
- – 1998 Unforgiven – -
April 26 in Greensboro, NC
(Home Video (VG/EX))
Midnight Express vs. Rock and Roll Express
Steve Blackman, Ken Shamrock, and Faarooq vs. Rocky Maivia, D-Lo Brown, and Mark Henry
Jeff Jarrett sang with Sawyer Brown- I kind of liked the song even though I don’t like country. JJ was lip-syncing again.
European Title Match: HHH vs. Owen Hart- The European Title around this time was very prestigious.
Evening Gown Match: Sable vs. Luna
Tag Team Title Match: LOD 2000 vs. New Age Outlaws
Inferno Match: Undertaker vs. Kane- The ring is surrounded by fire and the first one to set his opponent on fire wins.
WWF Title Match: Dude Love vs. Steve Austin- Good match as Austin cracks Vince in the head with a chair at the end.
- – 1998 Over The Edge – -
May 31 in Milwaukee, WI
(Home Video (VG/EX) or Live (VG))
LOD 2000 vs. 8-Ball and Skull
Jeff Jarrett vs. Steve Blackman
Marc Mero vs. Sable- Mero acts like he is going to lay down and let Sable win but as she goes for the cover, he rolls her up for the victory and she has to leave the WWF. Obviously, she comes back.
Kaientai vs. Bradshaw and Taka Michinoku- Surprisingly a very good match with some good moves by all 5 wrestlers.
IC Title Match: Faarooq vs. The Rock
Mask vs. Mask Match: Kane vs. Vader
Owen Hart, Kama Mustafa, and D-Lo Brown vs. HHH and New Age Outlaws
WWF Title Match: Dude Love vs. Steve Austin- Dude Love fails again, as he becomes Mankind the next night on Raw.
- – 1998 King Of The Ring – -
June 28 in Pittsburgh, PA
(Home Video (VG/EX) or Live (VG))
Too Much vs. Al Snow and “Head”- The WWF wrestling debut of “Al Snow”.
The Headbangers and Taka Michinoku vs. Shoichi Funaki, Mens Teioh, and Dick Togo
The New Age Outlaws vs. The New Midnight Express- Horrible gimmick for Hardcore Holly and even for Bart Gunn.
X-Pac vs. Owen Hart- Good match.
Ken Shamrock vs. Jeff Jarrett
The Rock vs. Dan Severn
Ken Shamrock vs. The Rock- Maybe not as good as their match at RR ’98 but better than WM 14. Shamrock wins the KOTR Tournament.
Hell in a Cell Match: Mankind vs. The Undertaker- Unbelievable match. It was such an incredible match, it is still talked about on the internet and in the WWF a couple years later. Mick Foley falls off of the cage, onto a table. It first, it looked like an accident but it was planned. Still incredible. I thought the match was over but he came back, fell of the top of the cage, and into the ring. He still gets up and later, slammed twice on thumbtacks. A Must See, 5 star match.
WWF Title, First Blood Match: Kane vs. Steve Austin- Kane’s best match as the Hell in the Cell cage came down and was used. Kane won his first WWF championship here. Very good match making this PPV a must see for all WWF fans.
- – 1998 Fully Loaded – -
July 26 in Fresno, CA
(Home Video (VG/EX))
DOA vs. LOD 2000
Mark Henry vs. Vader- Vader jobs to Mark Henry
Faarooq and Scorpio vs. Bradshaw and Terry Funk
D’Lo Brown vs. X-Pac
Val Venis vs. Jeff Jarrett
Dungeon Match: Ken Shamrock vs. Owen Hart- Good match in the dungeon of Stew Hart’s house.
IC Title Match: HHH vs. The Rock- Good match that led to their match at SummerSlam ’98.
Tag Team Title Match: Steve Austin and The Undertaker vs. Kane and Mankind- UT and Austin win the Tag Team Titles.
- – 1998 SummerSlam – -
August 30 in New York City, NY (MSG)
(Home Video (VG/EX))
European Title Match: Val Venis vs. D’Lo Brown
The Oddities vs. Kaientai
Hair vs. Hair: X-Pac vs. Jeff Jarrett
Sable and Edge vs. Marc Mero and Jacqueline
Lion’s Den Match: Ken Shamrock vs. Owen Hart- Good match with some cool reverses by Shamrock.
Tag Team Title Match: The New Age Outlaws vs. Mankind- Kane was supposed to be Mankind’s tag partner but didn’t show up until the end to beat up on Mankind.
IC Title, Ladder Match: HHH vs. The Rock- Pretty good match. Not as good as the HBK/Razor Ladder matches but still really good. The Rock could have easily won several times but was supposed to wait for HHH to knock him off the ladder. HHH was taking way too much time, making the Rock look bad.
WWF Title Match: The Undertaker vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin- The Undertaker lost to Austin cleanly, which no one at the time thought he would do.
- – 1998 Break Down – -
September 27 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
(Home Video (VG/EX))
Owen Hart vs. Edge- The debut of Christian as he comes down to ringside to watch his “brother” Edge.
Al Snow and Scorpio vs. Too Much
Marc Mero vs. Darren Drozdov
Bradshaw vs. Vader- The jobbing of Vader continues.
D’Lo Brown vs. Gangrel
Steel Cage Match: The Rock vs. Ken Shamrock vs. Mankind- Very good match as the Rock hit both Mankind and Shamrock with a Double People’s Elbow. Shamrock was receiving all kind of boos, leading towards him to turn heel.
Val Venis vs. Dustin Runnels
X-Pac and The New Age Outlaws vs. Jeff Jarrett and Southern Justice
WWF Title Match: The Undertaker vs. Kane vs. Steve Austin- UT and Kane both pinned Austin. Vince took the title away from Austin and we didn’t have a WWF champ for 2 months, until the upcoming Survivor Series.
- – 1998 Judgment Day – -
October 18 in Rosemont, IL
(Home Video (VG/EX) or Live (VG))
Al Snow vs. Marc Mero
LOD 2000 and Droz vs. DOA and Paul Ellering
Lightweight Title Match: Christian vs. Taka Michinoku- Finally there is a new champion after Taka held the belt for almost a year.
Goldust vs. Val Venis- Goldust returns from his “Dustin Runnels” stint.
European Title Match: X-Pac vs. D’Lo Brown
Tag Team Title Match: The Headbangers vs. the New Age Outlaws
IC Title Match: Ken Shamrock vs. Mankind- Shamrock had Mankind in the ankle lock submission. Rather than tapping out, Mankind gave himself the Mandible Claw.
Mark Henry vs. The Rock- Mismatch, right? I’ll give you two guesses to pick who won and it wasn’t the Rock.
WWF Title Match: The Undertaker vs. Kane- Steve Austin was the referee and was supposed to raise the hand of a new champion but declared himself the winner of the match. Vince McMahon came out and publicly “fired” Steve Austin for not crowning a new champion.
- – 1998 Survivor Series – -
November 15 in St. Louis, MO
(Home Video (VG/EX) or Live (G/VG))
WWF Women’s Title Match: Sable vs. Jacqueline
Tag Team Title Match: New Age Outlaws vs. the Headbangers vs. D-Lo Brown and Mark Henry
Al Snow vs. Jeff Jarrett
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Big Boss Man
X-Pac vs. Steven Regal
Ken Shamrock vs. Goldust
Mankind vs. Duane Gill
The Rock vs. Big Boss Man
Second Round:
Undertaker vs. Kane
Mankind vs. Al Snow
The Rock vs. Ken Shamrock
Mankind vs. Steve Austin
The Rock vs. Undertaker
WWF Title Match: The Rock vs. Mankind- The Rock sells out to Vince McMahon to win the World Wrestling Federation Championship for the first time!
- – 1998 Rock Bottom – -
December 13 in Vancouver, British Columbia
(Home Video (VG/EX))
Gangrel, Edge, and Christian vs. Al Snow, Scorpio, and Bob Holly
Steve Blackman vs. Owen Hart
The Headbangers vs. Kurrgan and Golga
D’Lo Brown and Mark Henry vs. Val Venis and the Godfather
Goldust vs. Jeff Jarrett- Shawn Michaels said that Goldust won just so Deborah would have to show her “puppies”. She almost had her bra off when Owen Hart and Jarrett put a jacket over her.
Tag Team Title Match: New Age Outlaws vs. Ken Shamrock and Big Boss Man
WWF Title Match: Mankind vs. The Rock- Mankind had the match won but Vince didn’t let him have the title. Good way for Vince to get people to hate him even more.
Buried Alive Match: Steve Austin vs. The Undertaker- The Undertaker again jobs to Steve Austin.

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